US Army Manual: FEMA Concentration Camps

My fellow Americans will find it hard to believe, but for many years our government has been “practicing” how to corral, incarcerate & punish thousands, if not millions of unruly citizens during periods of civil unrest.

It’s almost mind-numbing to think that as a 20 year old United States Marine, I was responsible for developing standard operating procedures for handling & transportation of “sensitive”, aviation deployed Nuclear, Bio, and Chemical weaponry.  It’s well documented, and if anyone wishes to verify my credentials, I can provide reams of paper.

At 20 years old, I was too naive to envision what the United States would be like if the US government would ever have to implement my documented procedures in an emergency.  As I recall, I smirked as I typed detailed instructions for FEMA on how military personnel could safely transport sophisticated, top secret weapons to and from military installations during times of extreme civil unrest.  My comments to myself: “…wow, this place would be really f–’d up if anyone ever had to read & execute this [classified] document…”

I vividly recall reading other sections of the classified FEMA manual that “dissenting citizens” would be placed in camps until the emergency conditions were under control.  Essentially, people fighting for their lives for food, shelter, and the safety of their families would have to be contained in concentration camps.

The document attached to this post is proof that these facilities exist, and that the government has been “practicing” since the early eighties how to indoctrinate & work with civilian prisoners.  Believe me when I tell you that our government has been planning for the coming days for many, many years, and is prepared to exist at all costs, including turning on it’s own citizens.

Freedom is only intended for the compliant.

If necessary for the government’s survival, you and your family will be placed in a labor camp like the one described in the attached manual.  Military personnel have been “practicing” how to deal with the unruly for quite some time.  Hopefully their training will never pay off.

You don’t need to believe me. You simply need to open your eyes and find out for yourself.  You may be a doctor, a lawyer, a plumber, a garbage man, etc. -no social class will be excluded from the reality of our time.  Please be alert, and hope that everything I’ve learned about our government will never come true.

Please don’t be naive. Read. Learn. Prepare for what they can’t & won’t tell you on the evening news.



  1. I recently mentioned these concentration camps on one of my podcasts when I talked about CCMRF’s domestic deployment. It seems to be building, every few years a new cog adds into the oppressive machine! It’s disturbing on a massive level how they keep progressing towards this bastardization of democracy in the name of safety and protection! It’s time to wake up people, this is not a drill!!

  2. Reverend Richie says:

    The bad thing about this total program, it will be Obama that will be the tool that implement this action. People need to awaken to this horror.

  3. It could happen, but the document you provided is only talking about prisoners already in federal prison, not civilians walking the streets.

  4. No surprise to me at all…

    And this is why the fact that my boyfriend can hunt (very well), use a gun and essentially survive in the wilderness is a huge, huge selling point.

    Thanks for sharing this – really…

  5. lifemare says:

    the bad thing will be you getting stripped of everything that makes you human, while you watch all your family and friends be beaten into submission and herded like cattle under the NWO flag. Fuck Obama! That is the most retarded comment i’ve read lately! Open your damn eyes and get off the bullshit diet. He’s either a pawn or a part of the problem. Playing the race card at this time was so fucking brilliant i can’t even decide wether to laugh or cry. People are so unbelievably stupid i actually think we deserve what’s ahead…….


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