Episode #310 – Veterans Today Reporter Caught In Psy-Op; James Fetzer Involved In Massive 9-11 Coverup For Years

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Saturday January 5, 2012
On Saturday January 5, 2012, this episode was broadcast and is a culmination of events after an investigation and research into the what I now believe is unlawful and treasonous practices of James Fetzer, former United States Marine Officer, Veterans Today writer, and founder of Scholars for 911 Truth. As I learned about such 911 evidence as the existence and concealment of Hurricane Erin, as well as strong indications of the possibility that Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (L.E.N.R. – improperly coined Cold Fusion by Steven Jones; the person likely charged with concealing 9-11 evidence & free energy on behalf of big-oil & electrical utilities) was employed to turn the towers into dust in mid-air, I understood the magnitude & significance of the evidence contained in the book Where Did The Towers Go!
If the world population sees all of the evidence I have personally observed and read, we would understand that on 911 a free energy technology was employed that would shut down the oil and electrical power industries.

Once I learned about all of the shocking evidence and understood the implications, I became very upset that for over 10 years I, along with millions of Americans have been intentionally misled. Intentionally distracted, manipulated, brainwashed and deceived by thousands of scientists and scholars who I now consider to be complicit in the cover-up of this evidence; the largest cover-up in the history of the world; and I also believe that based on a preponderance of evidence; that individuals like James Fetzer have committed treason against our nation.
Over the past several months I have spoken to individuals who have personally been exposed to Mr. Fetzer’s covert methods and tactics including threats, intimidation, subliminal communication, hypnosis, unsolicited & intrusive infiltration into people’s lives with the sole purpose of obstructing justice and propagandizing. Based on the information made available to me over the past month, I have learned that Mr. Fetzer is a textbook “Psy-Operative”. Upon conducting my research into Mr. Fetzer’s past, I was provided a link to Fetzer’s Amazon.com review of Where Did The Towers Co?  and immediately began engaging in conversation in the comment thread. Within moments of my original posting, I was literally attacked by several cronies and minions of Fetzer, and it was clearly established over an almost 2 week period that the entire review and thread was setup to “bait” supporters of the movement to expose evidence concealed from the public and cataloged in Dr. Judy Wood’s textbook & investigation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tactics in the Amazon.com thread were disturbing, but certainly right in line with what I suspected of Fetzer. I invited him to come on the show; he accepted, and most importantly, Fetzer was informed that the topic of conversation during his appearance would be the FACTS listed on pages 480-483 (Attached), and he acknowledged receipt of my message. Attached is a PDF of the 43 facts which James Fetzer has been suppressing or distorting for years, and in this episode, despite having weeks to prepare to address these questions, he could not even get past the first item on the list; Hurricane Erin. As you listen to this episode, ask yourself, “what is he afraid to disclose, and why does he want to control the minds of the listeners with his spin on the FACTS?”


Although the episode is uncomfortable to listen to at times, please understand that my primary objectives were to (a)discuss the 43 FACTS and give him the opportunity to address each item in true/false, yes/no fashion and (b) To expose him if he attempted to employ any form of blatant or subtle mind control. There are many instances whereby I stopped Mr. Fetzer in his tracks, and it is strictly based on my understanding of the techniques he employs on the unknowing listener. He is a skilled auditory hypnotist and/or mind controller who speaks out of 5 sides of his mouth. This episode is a clear demonstration of Mr. Fetzer’s unsuccessful attempt, and my relentless quashing of high level psy-op mind control. Listen to the entire episode and decide for yourself. Although in the intense battle with Mr. Fetzer I may have stumbled or made mistakes, I feel confident that I was able to expose his tactics for the world to see.
Due to Mr. Fetzer’s embarrassing performance in this public exposure, I would consider it highly complimentary that he reciprocate immediately with a point-by-point rebuttal and reverse psychological accusation that I am “co-intel-pro”. Mr. Fetzer has employed this tactic several times in the past when he has been backed into a corner; he’s on the record immediately with his minions attacking the people merely wanting him to answer their questions, and I fully expect that this episode was so successful in exposing his obsolete 1980’s cold-war-style mind control techniques, that he will assemble large groups of “trolls” to assist with damage control.

The attached 43 FACTS are for all the world to see; 43 facts that Mr. Fetzer is committed to making sure you will never know.

Until now, he has succeeded. From now on, nothing or nobody will deter us from bringing these important facts to the people. No threats or obstacles will ever deter us. Semper Fi
43 9/11 Facts – Where Did The Towers Go?
Online Journal – Wikipedia as a 9/11 disinformation op (by Jim Fetzer)


Collection of Notes and Questions for Steven E Jones, Richard Gage and Supporters and Promoters


The Vancouver 911 “Hearings” – Encouraging Conjecture, Discouraging Certainty, Obscuring Known Truth

What Really Happened On 9-11


[Warning: The audio is unedited for the purposes of displaying Mr. Fetzer’s conduct during the commercial breaks. Please be advised that Mr. Fetzer uses expletives & parental discretion is strongly advised]

BONUS:  AFTERSHOW AUDIO: Dr. Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson, Mel Fabregas


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