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February 2, 2013

Today on The Pete Santilli Show: Pete Santilli – Susannah Cole – Susanne Posel

The first Hour:

Pete Santilli and Cohost Susannah Cole cover the news, take calls and give commentary

Show Chronology provided by Jana Murray: http://jana-murray.com/

11:00am – 11:20am – Saturday Edition Feb 2, 2013

11:05 Chaos Show Tonight, in SecondLife.com

11:06 Susannah, laid back Saturday, Pete: Biblical proportion war, Isreal about to be nuked, Armegeddon Card

11:07 Recovering Roman Catholic

11:08 Adomo Dean

11:09 Zionism , Military Industrial Machine, deeply embedded in the media.

11:10 Christians would love to see everything amp up, ruling the world.

11:11 Story out of the UN, gun control, now they are starting to talk about Freedom of Speech

11:13 Adama Dean summit; “outlawing certain types of speech, need more clarity on encitement”

11:14 Certain keywords you will not be able to use, and the context as well from the UN News Center

11:15 Freedom Frank – Banking is the underlying cause of it all, coming after the money.

Pete – Breaking News Report: Cybergeddon Eminent, can take the world out by shutting down the system.

11::17 Be prepared for cyberattack within the next 6 months.

> 11:20am-11:40am

11:34 Get your money out of the bank.

11:35 ATM machines will go down, accounts wiped out.

11:36 Hackers will steal money incrementally.

11:37 They are skimming right now, imagine over night they take 30-50% overnight.

11:38 IRS wants to enforce Obamacare, hide your money.

> 11:40-12:00pm

11:44 NoMessiah is family, hosting Chaos Show on Saturday Night.

11:45 Diesel at work, you must have get pay stubs on computer, multiple layers and barriers to get pay check.

11:46 No pay raise in 7 years. Going backwards w/ no pay increases.

11:47 If you have Direct Deposit withdraw everything.

11:48 You are going to have to prove what you have in your account, they will take 50 percent.

11:49 Call trolls, little bunnies.

11:50 Wesley- Sovereignty Guys in Texas. The only reason the bankers are taking from us is because we are not complaining.

11:51 If you pull the money out of your bank, guarantee you will know what you have. If you leave it in the bank all bets are off.

11:53 Every major source of news, has to be resourced and re-analyzed.

11:54 Banksters say don’t worry about it, trust us. (They will require proof if you trust them)

11:55 A lot of rhetoric coming out of Homeland Security about Cybersecurity.

> 12:00- 12:20 pm – Bunker News Break with OccupyCorporatism.com

12:03 Alternative media has turned this into a fiasco, Obama said yes we do skeet shooting all the time.

12:04 Whitehouse released a picture of him Skeet Shooting, picture is not allowed to be manipulated.

12:05 The spin is “Obama is one of us, he understands the 2nd Amendment”

12:06 Nudity Ban in San Francisco, nudist beaches are usually ugly old people.

12:07 Beauty is in the eye of the fashion industry. Pictures of Hitler with babies too, propagandist dictators.

12:08 AIPAC Supporters in Congress Attack Defense Secretary Nominee Chuck Hagel, Senate Arms Services, Questioning why Iran supports him, like Senator Jim Anophy, christin Gillibrant, all get kick back from AIPAC http://occupycorporatism.com/aipac-supporters-in-congress-attack-defense-secretary-nominee-chuck-hagel/

12:16 Race Specific Bioweapons- Study: Chinese Genetics Cause Them to Become Susceptible to Swine Flu

12:10 AIPAC works with Pentagon regularly. Believes that governments should do what they want to do.

12:11 Very rare when a Republican Christian does not “support Isreal”

12:12 Obama positioning himself with Iran, they all want to position themselves with the NWO. Buddying up with the BRIC nations.

12:13 Hagel against Isreal, “what better way to punch the Zionist in the balls”, worried about the over-reaching goal.

12:14 Coming Bank Virus/Bank Holiday: Credit Union not immune to this, no better than megabanks.

> 12:20pm-12:40pm

12:23 Love Mail, feel free to send, will read on air.

12:25 Jay from Jay’s Jerkey letter, Started new concept for my new company, “Project Good Neighbor”

12:26 “We will be founding fathers of our Restored Republic”.

12:27 “You have proven your community loyalty, living integrity, core priniciples will never be broken”.

12:29 “The 9/11 situation really did destroy what our nation was founded, we don’t really understand the magnitude of what happened that day, the first casualty of war is the truth”.

12:30 You must support this type of business owner, Support Jay’s Jerkey!

12:31 The Pete Santilli Show has done a great service to our country.

12:33 Just keep enough money in the bank to pay your bills, you need to have access and availability to your capital.

12:34 This situation is worse than we could have ever imagined, more sneaky and deadly to everyone around the world.

12:36 Wants to read your mail online- Subject Line: “Listener Mail”

12:37 CNBC, Drudge front page, we are in a state of denial (DOW being @14,000 an exciting thing). We are going to because of the world depending on our success we are going to take the entire world down with us.

> 12:40pm – 1:00pm

12:44 Saturdays 6pm pst, 9pm est SecondLife.com, Nomessiah Chaos Show

12:46 Comments about protecting Isreal and the Military Industrial Complex

Bank of America widespread outages, internal banking malfunction.

12:47 Mobile Apps access temporarily out of order. Corporate pukes have your account and money at their mercy.

Convert your digital money into hard cash.

12:48 Douglas- We don’t really have to protect Isreal.

12:50 BOA- lady tried to buy ammo with card, BOA policy starting, the “credit” option will not allow transaction to go through.

12:52 Purchase Ammo with cash, BOA will never know.

12:54 We are a nation in denial, we are paralyzed.

>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:02 Inaugural Preview of the Rocket Show on Guerilla Media Network – Monday Feb 4, 2013

1:04 Twitter Hacked, just customers emails were affected.

Twitter used to launch revolutions in the Middle East by the Government

1:05 They wanted to analyze how people communicate in order to shut down the internet (martial law).

1:07 Twitter is a CIA run operation.

1:08 Java vulnerability, disable unless absolutely necessary. NY Times

1:10 Hillary stepped down from her job, may run for President. CNN Donna Brazile, her energy, and sincerity for Obama’s campaign. http://www.edition.cnn.com/2013/02/01/opinion/brazile-hillary-clinton/index.html

1:13 Hillary Clinton pedophile drug running disgusting individual. Wake of murders in the Clinton’s..

1:14 Eric Holder (scumbag criminal) related to explosives and FBI involvement in Oklahoma City Bombing.

1:15 Holder needs to be sent to a concentration camp, on behalf of all mankind.

1:16 Ed Koch adored himself.

1:17 The World is a better place without Ed Koch

>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:22 Alex Jones you are a bold faced stinking rotten little coward liar.

1:23 Duncan Santilli was like Barney.

1:24 Pete: I am a dog lover, Barney was more bene

ficial to the world than his owner George Bush.

1:25 Doctor forced to hand over drinking habits and waist sizes, recording and putting into a database.

New agricultural rules, schools lunch lines will be replacing fatty foods with baked chips lowfat burgers diet soda, limited portions.

1:27 CocaCola ONLY cares about selling more than they did last year. At your expense. (pumping poisonous fluoridated into your water system)

1:28 Cavities decrease when fluoridation is decreased.

1:29 Prior years sales is the only thing that matter. Aspertame turns into formaldehyde at room temperature, this is a fact. CocaCola will hide the data that will show you.

1:33 What is wrong with our society is what they are doing when no one is watching.

1:35 Anonymous needs to come out in the open, use your real name.

1:36 “Going to record all of my telephone calls, people will screw your royally.. ”

1:38 It’s the dark shit that is killing us, everything they have done in secret is killing us.

>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm

1:44 Tommy Trainwreck is on a boat. Mentioning Lyndon Larouche, he doesn’t too many mistakes.

1:47 Isreal News: Mock raids over Lebanon. Anti Zionist. Sending tax payer money to Isreal is participating in Zionism.

1:48 Israeli soldiers evicting Palestinians in West Bank territories. 50 billion dollar lopsided war.

1:50 Is that going to create peace, so much like the USA to fund both sides of the war.

1:51 President is trafficking herion secretly, secret operation trafficking drugs that we the American people have created. The people funding this are not conducting themselves any better.

1:53 Maybe you are at work stealing, maybe you are an executive so you lay off a hundred people. You care about your own job.

1:54 There are about 4 people that I trust, everyone else, I record.

1:55 Let’s operate out in the open, be the same person you are in public that you are in private.


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