Episode #357 – Law Enforcement Not Enforcing Law; Military Not Defending USA

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KEYWORDS: Morningland Farm, CIA, Bob Woodward, FDA, Syrian Rebles, Propaganda, The Pope, Obama, Sequester

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Friday, March 02, 2013 


Todays Featured Guest:

Denise Dixon

Morningland became an instant enemy of the state after federal and foreign officials illegally raided a private, California-based food cooperative back in 2010 that carried some of the farm’s products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and later the Missouri Milk Board, falsely accused Morningland of selling tainted raw milk cheese, and several years later, forcibly stole and discarded nearly 20 tons of this perfectly good cheese without legitimate cause.

Inspector Don Falls, executive secretary Gene Wiseman, and Howell County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Al Jones all directly responsible for illegally destroying family farm

The Dixons name names, too, identifying Don Falls, an inspector for the Missouri Milk Board who altered batch numbers of Morningland cheese samples and lied about the safety of Morningland’s cheese, and Gene Wiseman, executive secretary of the Missouri Milk Board, who duly refused to acknowledge the farm’s clean test results for the cheese and instead chose to brutally persecute the Dixons. These two men, as well as the handful of mindless minions who helped them fully execute their criminal oppression against the Dixons on January 25, 2013, are all responsible for the unjustified and illegal destruction of Morningland’s entire inventory of cheese.


Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break


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>11:00am – 11:20am Friday, March 1, 2013


11:08 Nemo – King George III – Scumbag of the Day, 1775, parliament report


11:10 Explains how a report was given to King George about the colonies in the United States.

11:13 Pete- Active duty military will be on our side, the enlisted side, shall rule the house.

11:14 Nemo- 1775, report talks about colonies are building armies, basic English,

11:15 This is when they implemented the New World Order, King George III have 15 children with one woman

11:16 Conquering all the seas, the “mad king”, guarantee he wrote the New World Order..

Pete: Everyday I am listening and learning.  It started with that guy.

11:18 JFK’s family, a bunch of Libtards


> 11:20am-11:40am We like to schedule our guests during this segment


11:26 Things have happened recently, a lot of people were impacted, destroyed their careers.

11:27 Listeners are coming in 5,000 to 10,000 listeners a day.

11:28 Guerilla Media Network is here to stay.

11:29 Susannah Cole soundclip. Like any socialist tyranny and elitism, decided that Pete Santilli is guilty as charged.

11:30 Welcome to the New World Order.  Convicted and tried in their court..

11:31 Created a piece of propaganda, does this not represent everything we abhor?

*Vinny Eastwood, Susanne Posel, David Posel, Danny Romero..  Semper Phi Mother Fuckers!

11:32 We shall move forward as a group of individuals who are free thinking, and will grow to a point that no one will be able to stop.

11:35 Only one way for people to rise up, they can’t do it sound asleep.  I was upset with God. We have evil people running the planet… No God can and eliminate evil doers and resolve these problems.

11:36 Unless people are wide awake to it, nothing will change, it will be backfilled. Guerilla Media Network, the goal is to awaken person a day.

11:37 Everything around us is fake at a disgusting level..  Very sad how every aspect of our lives is propagandized.

11:38 Susannah – people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, everywhere you turn.

11:39 Infowars.com Harlem Shake, everyone is talking about and is capitalize to get clicks to a website, a means to exploit to the minds of the mindless.

11:40 Educate listeners to be awake and to be suspicious and cautious. George Soros is sending you to websites, molding and shaping your mind.


> 11:40-12:00pm Guest second segment


11:45 Obama said I am not a Dictator, I’m a President, on Drudge.  It’s the exact opposite, for your enslavement.

11:46 We need to go take all the Queens crap and redistribute the wealth, seize her ill-gotten assets.

*11:47 Rev Kevin Annett We The Jury, will be simulcast third hour of tomorrow’s show.

Siezure of assets, crimes against humanity,  the Pope will be held accountable.   March 4th broadcast.

11:48 Very hard hitting, people need to hear it.

11:49 We are going to rise up together to awaken, people just want to site there, they want someone else to make their prosperity.

11:50 Rev Kevin Annette very diligent with our legal system, so the Queen the Pope who have acquired wealth at our expense.

11:51 On behalf of everyone else, we will stand and defend our rights.

11:52 If we lay down the rest of the world is in trouble.

Susannah: We have lost a great deal of respect from the Europeans.

11:53 They pay attention to the media to form an opinion of us, think we are bloodthirsty, not true.

11:54 Who are the dictator police? Who are supposed to stop the dictator?  The people backed by militia.

11:55 Need to be very careful when we talk about revolution.  NRA news: Female gun ownership is up 77%

11:56 Women are tired of being perceived as weak, especially in America.  Women won’t lead a peaceful revolution.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm PATRICK HENNINGSEN: The Bunker News Break Sponsered by,  Beforeitsnews.com; 21stcenturywire.com


12:01 Major announcements: Washington Post Syrian,US announces pledging food and medicine


12:03 There in no national security interest to supoort Al-Qaeda..

12:04 Shooting people door to door.. Libya

12:05 Sequester diversion.  Queen and pope found guilty, first common law court.

Challenging the power structure in public. People taking action, bold move.


12:06 Child trafficking a very lucrative business for the Vatican, hopefully seizure of assets will be enforced.

12:07 Criminal charges will be more difficult to enforce.

12:08 Global Research.ca Screen Propaganda Hollywood and CIA,  details about Bin Laden raid and Zero Dark Thirty

12:09 “Hollywood History Trend”  They need to quit shady accounting purpose and mind their own business.

Given perks for lines in screenplays.

12:10 Corporate side, product placement in Hollywood’s propaganda machine.

12:11 BOB WOODWARD: A ‘Very Senior’ White House Person Warned Me I’d ‘Regret’ What I’m Doing


They just about own MSNBC, Communism and propagandism  to the highest order.

12:12 Bradley Manning admits he’s leaking, everyone already new. Rerun stuff, a stepping stool for whistle blower legislation.

12:13 Chicago Mafia Style, should be promoting whistle blowing..

12:14 Bradley Manning was the real whistle blower not Assange

12:15 People are so fatigued, incrementally,  we cannot recognized the stranglehold on our people.

12:16 This is not the news of a free country.  Press freedom used to be non-negotiable.

12:17 Sequester, Barack Obama with debt ceiling timeline, we have no choice, force legislators forced to re-negotiate.

Treasonous Sabotage to finish off the United Stated of America.


> 12:20pm-1:00pm   2nd Guest segment or Pete’s rant


12:22 Inquisitor,  Mountain View Missouri, Selling raw cheese to health conscious customers


12:23 Government is to determine consumer choices.

12:24 Denise Dixon, destroyed her cheese, came to pick it up.  They wore regular clothing.

12:25  Supposed contamination, had protection from police and sheriff, didn’t need any protection from “contamination”

Lack of integrity, they knew there was nothing wrong with the cheese.

12:26 Pasteurization is what has made our food unhealthy, kills beneficial bacteria. Food is becoming more “sanitized”

12:27 We asked, Please test our product, never a proper sampling testing done.  Any court orders, yes..

12:28 Were you allowed to sell cheese, no, forced us to recall…  no complaints or illnesses.

Destroyed 36,000 pounds of cheese.  We were already down and out. Obviously lost a lot of money.

12:29 People need to complain to governors office in their own states, as well as representatives.

12:30 Zero tolerance for certain bacteria, even though the are ubiquitous, they give no chance to exonerate rest of products.

12:31 They have broad powers.  The laws are configured in their favor.

12:32 Government with the power to cover up nuclear contamination of public yet come after cheese…

“For our Benefit”, still fighting.

12:33 Northern Missouri, Heritage Farm  associated with illness, did proper sampling and testing, they exonerated the cheese and are back in business in 3 weeks. Handled their case much better..

12:35 Hold them accountable for destroying $250,000 of healthy cheese.

12:36 Disgusting portion of our U.S. Government.

12:37 Denny Ottawa Canada- really appreciate what you do.

12:38 Point out to listeners, only one not badgering for donations, says a lot for the character of the show.

12:39 We are going to have a different marketing strategy, does cost money to acquire new listeners.

12:40 Cliff Locker – who is the person that we talk to, to get these corrupt politicians thrown in jail?

12:41 Nobody is willing to make move, cowardly law enforcement, the answer is the military and law enforcement.

The people will only rise up when it’s too late.

12:42 Sad that it comes down to them coming  after us and us not going after them.

12:43 All those in a position of power need to be pulled out of those positions.

12:44 $20,000/year to be enforced by the IRS for health care.

12:45 We need to ask our local sheriffs if they are Constitutional, they need to understand what the consequences are when the SHTF.

12:46 NoMessiah, Lynx and Mikesch from bunker in Canada.

Saturdays, 6pm PST, 9pm EST Chaos show, BYOB

12:47 Saying hi. At least 45,000 views on Youtube Channel..



12:48 Started Banksters Video

12:50 In two weeks people are not going to be getting their checks.  All the politicians will not suffer.

Burden is on the people who just accept it.

12:51 It’s too late to stop the suffering.  Boiling frog syndrome.  Keep tight and get a plan.

12:52 Everyone that is in power needs to lose their status.   Dr. Ben Carson speech.


12:54 The American would demand to bring to troops home, and aggressive military acts around the globe we would have so much money.  Military gets a carte blanche.

12:56 Listen to David Koresh from Wako (recording) set aside the religious part.

12:58 Janet Reno torched him for protecting his family.

12:59 You are not going to go into a bunker or benefit financially due to your inaction.

1:00 The day that it comes is the day that their fired! Nomessiah: No magic man from any where is going to come and fix this stuff, get together and throw down that Declaration. Law enforcement if you do the right thing you will pass our test.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm


1:03 Psycho Dark-  We need to share your information, share your thoughts. It’s about the people who are going to be in charge after the collapse.

1:04 The law enforcement will not be in charge if they don’t protect the public.

1:05 Listen to the story of Denise Dixon and the all encompassing power of the government.

Take your mayor or sheriff who fails to take action, let them know very clearly the result of their inaction.

1:06 Not anti law enforcement…  Get us all to be leaders, not whiney..

1:08 Law enforcement, if we suffer as a result of your inaction, then boom, the gun rights are going right in the back of your head.

1:10 The reason why it’s not getting fixed is because they are positioning and preparing to take care of their families NOT YOURS..

1:12 Dr. Bob- Great White North, the thing that people are missing is the chemtrails with viruses.  All they have to do is turn the power and water off, concentration camps will be waiting.

1:13 Steve- sharpening up the scissors, ready to cut some balls off.

1:14 We now have gotten to a point where it’s going to be worse than it would have been in 2008.

1:15 Steve – Set a date and not be late! Politicians are set they have a place to go.  Ashamed to be veteran, they look down at me.

1:16 We don’t demonize our veterans, we encourage people like you to speak out, you are the type of person we respect.

1:18 If everyone wants to wait for the collapse, we need to make sure that everyone in charge, they are fucking fired.

1:19 They are not going to a bunker.

1:20 Steve: “We Eat Those Kind of People”


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm


1:23 Make a list of unconstitutional sheriffs and put them on notice!

1:24 Call my local law enforcement.  Do you want to enforce the law, sign a declaration, hold them accountable.

1:25 How about you do your job NOW, bring it across the country.

1:26 Enforce the freaking law!  What kind of country is that?

1:27 Will – Dr. Benjamin Carson Feb 7, 2013 great speech.


1:29 What do we have to do? How can we get more people involved than this, shake the hand of every sheriff in the country..  Create a document..

1:30 DO YOUR FREAKING JOB TOUR. If you think that is threatening then you don’t want to do your job.

1:31  Larry- Those are the people that we are going to stick their faces in the pavement.

1:32 They have no accountability making $150,000, failing to act at  a time we need them most.

1:33 Larry – They want oppression, tyrannical government year after year.  They are not doing their job.

1:34 Silence is your acquiescence.  Larry will be in charge of the Sheriffs department.

1:35 Larry- Good bankster information, Operation Stormcell

1:36 We want good things for our people.  Tommy- playing by their rules, is being a domestic terrorist.

1:37 Start helping us fix this or you’re going to lose your job on that day.

1:39 Need to cut off their ill gotten gains. We have no bunker it’s time to fight.

1:40 Bastard John McCain, going shove your fucking face in the pavement! Supply Al-Qaeda/ Syrian Rebels!?


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 



1:45 I promote a revolutionary band called NoMessiah.

1:47 Susannah: We are meant to be free, We are a terrorist state.  President is able to bypass your Congress, they are your voice, and they go there and stand down.  You need to say something!

1:48 If you are not pissed off right now you are not paying attention.

1:49 Put the pressure on the people who are currently in charge, you have a job, you are not doing, you will be fired.

What happened to the teaparty, did they get co-opted?

1:50 You get people who pretend that they are right there beside you, only to screw you in the end.

1:51 Nomessiah set up a pledge.

1:52 218-862-9829  Leave a message, I am the Guerilla Media Network, about your local sheriff..

1:54 Secret Service said they would protect Putin if he were in the Oval Office.

Going to arrest you when the system collapses.  The people in your neighborhood need to take back your neighborhood.

This is an international movement.

1:56 Lexi Chief – Agenda 21 coming to  Australia. Mandatory “Smart” Meters.

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