Episode #367 – South Dakota Teachers To Be Armed

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Tuesday March 12, 2013

Todays Featured Guest: Scott Craig

Pasted Graphic.tiff Representative Scott Craig, a freshman Republican in the South Dakota House who sponsored the bill that gives school faculty members across the state legal right to carry a concealed weapon said, he hoped the measure would shift the country’s discourse on school safety.

“Given the national attention to safety in schools, specifically in response to tragedies like in Connecticut, this is huge,” he said. He added that, hopefully, “dominoes will start to fall, people will see it’s reasonable, it’s safer than they think, it’s proactive and it’s preventive.”

The law leaves it up to school districts to decide whether to allow armed teachers. It remains to be seen, however, if many schools will permit guns in classrooms and whether the measure will reverberate nationwide. Mr. Daugaard, a Republican, said he did not think that many schools would take advantage of the option, but that it was important for them to have the choice available.

While many gun control advocates are horrified by the notion of guns in schools, Laura Cutilletta, a senior staff lawyer with the San Francisco-based Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said that what South Dakota did would not spark a national trend. “For South Dakota to do this is less of a concern than if we saw it in Colorado or somewhere else like that,” she said, referring to states that have advocated for gun-control legislation.




Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break








Show Chronology provided by: Jana Murray

>11:00am – 11:20am Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11:02  Give it all you got! UStream, Spreaker, Blog Talk Radio. One hour run-up with Pre Show.1

11:04 Oracle Broadcasting Network starting, taking calls.

11:05 Scott Craig  joining us today, South Dakota, representative brought legislation forward for taking care of schools gun free zones.

11:06 Nobody calling out for all out revolution.

11:07 Calling for a national strike, do this peacefully.

11:08 Banking system is broken, corporations are broken, it’s a Ponzi Scheme

11:09 CocaCola, Home Depot selling nails made by slave labor. Political system is absolutely broken.

11:10 We need to stop giving them our money, we are nothing but slaves..  Can’t even have our kids visit our White House.  No White House tours.

11:11 Donald Trump has offered to pay for tours, Don Trumps did that for one reason, clicks.

If you are going to do something good, than just do it.

11:12 Acquired the education and knowledge, screw the other guy, “Art of the Deal”

11:13 Going to do something philanthropic, just do it, without expecting something in return.

11:14 Donald Trump should be calling for Revolution, why doesn’t he do it? Because he’s benefitting from it.

No doubt about it.  They will bunker up, you and me will be on the outside.  Only the strong will survive.

11:15 Get right with God, Inventory to locate your gear, check ammo supply, get tactical gear, learn to shoot the weapons in your possession, as if you are firing an appendage.

11:16 Make sure you have a face mask, consider purchasing body armor,  object, operational security.  Trust absolutely no one.

11:17 We can preemptively cut them off, we don’t have to kill them.  Your money is going to kill you.  Kill or be killed.


> 11:20am-11:40am Guest: Rep. Scott Craig  of South Dakota


11:23 South Dakota governor signs bill allowing armed teachers in the classroom


11:25 Rural school districts don’t have the money to hire full time guards.

11:26 Applaud and congratulate you Rev and Rep Scott Craig.  Calling for all out peaceful revolution.

Appreciate the encouragement. Pertinent commentary and encouragement.   Return this country back to what it was.

11:27 We are now going to call a Gun Free Zone a potential hazard.

Alan Combs last night, what a contrast.  They are looking for a soft target, prefer to present a hard target for an active shooter.

11:28 Armed Marshall Program,  Passage of  Bill 1087


11:29 Schools are not going to be targets.  Who ever came up with Gun Free Zone is insane.

11:30 Began working on this with a US Marshall in November. Began drafting bill, then here comes Connecticut,

11:31 Began working on the bill on election night, we know staplers and scissors are not enough..

11:32  Do wish you would have had a gun to stop gunman

11:33 Totally their right, and redefined the gun law, made legislation that you get to decide who is authorized to carry gun.

11:34 Moved from Hawaii, many people like us in S. Dakota.

11:35  Barnstorming houses in California, mental health of some of citizens is changing dramatically,  causing these whack jobs, the only way to exit this world.

11:36 Need to arm ourselves in the event of someone snapping this way.

2700 Vehicles purchased by Homeland Defense, Obama wants to finish the job, disarm the people.

11:37 Frightening days, people need to arm themselves.

11:38 “Keep your guns and buy more guns”.  Get armed. Yes, that is why they gave us 2nd Amendment Rights.

11:39 Distribute the arms, we are the standing army, we are Homeland Defense.


> 11:40-12:00pm 

11:43 Teachers have Option to carry a gun in South Dakota: God gave them a right to do that,

11:45 Spending trillions of dollars, The US Government is the biggest prepper on the planet

When they see us arm up, what do they do.  In South Dakota, well armed, but we can’t buy ammo.

11:46 There’s a sign, disarmament is linked to the judgement of God.


11:47 When the majority of the populace caught up in sensuality.  God can’t tell who is wrong.

We are going to have to rebuild from the ashes.

11:48 If you were given trillions of dollars, wouldn’t you put that money to good use…

They have focused on busting up the family, create prosperity in a ponzi scheme.

11:49 An awakening that is taking place, Ponzi Scheme, is Communism, doesn’t include us.

11:50 Telling the people the truth, they have been lied to. What can they do to get prepared?

Opt Out of the System.  As a pastor God is not a Myth, always thought of us

11:51 Jesus sums it up when speaks about freedom, God made us with certain unalienable rights.

11:52 Freedom is not free, God watches how we respond, when he sees honesty in financial dealings,

building each other up.

11:53 The Truth shall set you free.  The creation of time and chance, evolutionist thought they were fulfilling their Darwinian mandate.   Truth that we were created equally.

11:54 Conspiracy facts, they are arming up, buying bullets, they know the truth.  Calling for a peaceful revolution.

Shut down the Federal Reserve, Government, and DHS.  Volatility in favor of our people.

11:55 Volatile Transition, For the People and of the People, In Our Favor.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/ & http://beforeitsnews.com/

12:02 See through the matrix and get out of the matrix.

See the playbook read the Bible. BeforeItsNews.com  Obama’s Last Supper


12:03 Obama to visit Israel on March 20th, the Anti Christ will be entering Jerusalem, on the 20th

Persian New Year.  Big dinner planned on  March 14th with McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc..

12:05 Kuran, the Dajjal, AntiChrist.  One eyed Anti Christ.


Washing Post , Chuck Hagel to downgrade medal for drone jockeys.


12:07 They don’t want face to face combat.  The elite evaluate potential psychopath to determine who is heartless enough to murder Pakistani families.

12:08 Carl Levin and James Inhoff, shouldn’t be asking him to downgrade but to scrap the medals.

12:09 Last Supper on the March 14th, go in and arrest them.

12:10 These are inhumane individual, profits in arm sales.   Theater in combat, equivalent of facing a firing squad of ballerinas.

12:11 Economic Collapse Blog.  Media and Government lying about unemployment numbers.


12:12 Long term unemployed are not part of the unemployment statistics. I don’t care the number that are unemployed but the quality of life for the people employed.

12:13 NY CBS.com TSA Agent smuggle fake bomb;

Undercover TSA Agent Smuggled Fake Bomb Past Security Screeners At Newark Airport


12:14 Traveler looking for a collectors gun, just added it to his carry on, TSA is a joke.

12:16 Film evidence to test the TSA system, separate screening, stood there and raised both middle fingers up.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm 

12:23 Alex Jones doesn’t want to talk about the Jesuits or Dr. Judy Wood, never trust, read and research, your obligation.

12:26 Patrick Henningsen, the stories that you covering aren’t even being covered by InfoWars.

12:27 Not even producing news stories, go to the UK Times, they are not producing content.

Since the body scanner were produced, I opt out.   Not going to let these people determine where I travel

12:28 Great technique, speed up process with TSA, don’t enjoy it when you are down in that area.

If you are going to grope, give me a kiss.

12:35 No penalty for lying to people, (Politician, Corporations, Media)

12:36 George- wanted to see, Patrick, familiar with Reclamation Act?


12:38 Well over 5000 farmers involved in lawsuit.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 

12:45 Its not by the People, that’s an Illusion.  Of the Rich and Elite by the people who create the illusion by corporations.

12:46 I am calling it at Tyranny.  Ruckus do you agree with me?  Is it radical?

12:47 Not at all, why would you need to buy billions of bullet to prepare against people who are pissed off.

Jays Jerky, fine quality products, small business owner and United States Marine. http://jaysjerkyandgoodies.auctivacommerce.com/Santillian_Specials-W1.aspx

12:49 Solution for all of our problems on Jays Jerky, selling trillion dollar bills.. Only 80 Trillion left.

12:50 At the Guerilla Media Network, we are fighting as family/community.

The word of the day is Community, joint ownership and participation. Highly recommend it, we discuss solutions.

12:51 Tools are available to all of us. Thanks for your service.

12:52 Nemo’s Scumbag of the Day: Ben  Maisani, Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend.  Cheating on Anderson.

12:53 Supervise CNN, are you following Anderson at CNN, didn’t know he was gay.

12:54 What’s really cool about it, that you don’t know that he’s gay.  Don’t need to air personal relationships.

12:55 Susannah: I think it’s important because of how distracting it is. The idea of him co-opting our brains..

12:56 Reynolds Reveal coming up right after the show.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:01 Anti Rome Drone: The List goes on and on, when is enough enough? 50+ soldiers a day are supposedly killing themselves.

1:02  Absolutely ridiculous.  When are we going to stand up and do something.  Calling for all out Revolution.

1:03  Collapse the System and then use bullets to calm us.  Cut of money supply to the elite.

Remove the politicians, expose the truth about free energy technology, cut off  supplies to the elite.

1:04 We need people in national leadership to help.  Put our leaders on notice.  4 Star General needs to step forward.

1:05 Everybody is bought off.  Need to spread this message, and strength in numbers.  All a bunch of lip service.

1:06 People jumping out of the towers, very emotional show. We can through word of mouth, calling for all out revolution that is peaceful.

1:07 Nobody should be in power, the American citizens should be, our solution is less volatile than what they have planned for us.

1:08 The economy is so much worse that what people realize, it’s only getting worse. Know the truth and seek the truth.

1:09 Miztir-E has some exciting news for us.  Welcome back for the revolutionary artist of the week.

1:10 This week’s Revolutionary Artist  is PsychoDark (one very creative, wide awake artist)

1:11 Psycho Dark Sound-clip https://www.facebook.com/pages/Psychodark/148558271823698?id=148558271823698&sk=app_2405167945

1:15 Volatile,  if that stuff is running around in your soul, the world is really messed up.

1:16 How the hell do you produce that stuff?  I love the pick, it was worth wait.

1:17 Call the Pete Santilli, fastest growing show on the planet.  Want to thank the listener for making that happen for us.


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:22 Great pick Miztir-E  Everything is a game….  Going to put a page up on Guerilla Media Network.


1:23 Very humble but VERY Mighty. We do appreciate your stuff.

1:24 Extend a thank you for everyone in the community.  Glad to help out.

1:25 Hasn’t been a self promoter, listened to his stuff, creative aspects are unbelievable.

Susannah, because it is dark, it’s very BAD ASS, people not used to hearing that, and is associated with evil.

1:26 What you really need to do is go back and listen again.   That is running around in everybody’s soul.

1:27  Closed Eye of Horace, everything but darkness.   People react to different things.

1:28 Free mind, people know about their politics and contributions to society, because they open themselves up to it.

1:29 His music is wonderful, it makes you think, its all by scratch.  Spent 3 weeks on that track.

ReverbNation  http://www.reverbnation.com/psychodarkhttp://guerillamedianetwork.com/artists/

1:32 Larry:  on the other side people are open to Satanic beats, anything but wholesome.

1:33 Larry: The Stone Voice (Poem Reading)  Timely Message, and all out uprising.


1:35 Everyone wants a less volatile solution that is favor of humanity.  We will solve things for themselves.

Operation Storm-cell Live Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEasBVAJEVs&list=UUi2mglI10TfwRtuBND0YS6Q

1:36 Taking poets too, every form of art.

1:37 Torn and Tattered-  Poem Read by Larry  Operation Storm-cell



>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 

1:44 Erin Brockovich’s LA Sinkhole Salt Dome Collapse S.O.S. Draws National Attention

http://beforeitsnews.com/gulf-oil-spill/2013/03/erin-brockovichs-la-sinkhole-salt-dome-collapse-s-o-s-draws-national-attention-2441084.html  Was involved with 33 million dollar lawsuit with CocaCola

1:45 Erin Brockovich, This is dangerous, they need to get out.  There is serious gas pressure there.

Residents should GET OUT and SUE.

1:46 Susannah, just last week a man in Florida fell into…


Mark Mihal from Missouri, on Fairway near Waterloo, felt ground start to collapse.

Seemed like he was falling for a long time, rescued by golfing partner.  Whole episode lasted for 20 mins.


1:48 Lousiana collapsing salt dome collapsing on top of natural gas layer.  Nobody has warned the people.

1:49 The Daily Caller  Rand Paul, Infowars.com promoting as well, a bunch of out of control mafia scumbag, supporting efforts of Peter Thiel, Bilderberg Steering Committee



1:50 Alex Jones makes a living on things I have to expose. Jesse Benton is now on the team of the guy in Kentucky.

1:51 The other congressman in Kentucky, Rand Paul’s arch nemesis…  now they’re buddies, big incestuous cluster.

All political posturing.  Round them up and stick them in a cage.

1:52 If you support Rand Paul  you are a freaking idiot, Mitch McDonnell and Rand Paul, new age stuff .

These guys are worst politicians ever.

1:53 Background Obama is passing executive, while Rand Paul is filibustering. Want to know what you’re going to get, look at his dad who fell on his face, with Bilderberger supporting his campaign.

1:54 Marines told to preserve ammo and gasoline because of spending cuts James Amos video.. get the most bang for the buck.   Sequestration — “This is no time to do business as usual.” Gen. James Amos


1:55 Marines poorly funded in the Middle East, permanently borrow, don’t have enough to defend themselves.

Don’t fear the tools of a Marine but fear the MF’er behind them.

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