EPISODE #376 Petrus Romanus Found and Week In Review

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Saturday March 24, 2013

Today on The Pete Santilli Show, Pete and Susannah Cole discuss and review the entire week’s interviews & news.

This is a light and loose format. Pete takes listener calls; some of which are hilarious.


11:00am – 11:20am Saturday, March 23, 2013


11:01 George Soros flunkie says it’s a Conspiracy theory that we are fighting the NWO in FEMA Bunker in Region 9


11:03 TalkStreamLive.com, Oracle Broadcasting, join us in the Chat Room.


11:04 We love the new Ustream listeners, inviting Susannah Cole, Cost of War since $1,676,000,000.00 since Thursday.


11:05 Thank God for the Christians…


11:06 Jerky Jay Update, first shout out to Ashley, she took great action and overcame nervousness when dialing a local


police official.


11:08 Ruckus is taking charge and doing a lot of great things. Specifically social interaction and social media, personal


media touch. Contact me and we’ll co-ordinate it.


11:10 Gunz – on the listen line.


11:11 On Saturdays do a brief recap of major events and news articles plus a preview of next week.


11:15 Beautiful streaking across the sky “meteor”, we don’t know what that is.




11:17 The God’s Must Be Crazy, movie reference.




> 11:20am-11:40am


11:23 Miztir E – Stormy in Florida, sometimes it impacts the Internet. Tell everyone what happened on Monday.


11:24 Brought British Wrapper LowKey, going through his tracks. Took a hiatus from music.




11:25 Can’t find anything on him. He has decided to go back to studies, track Obama Nation, sound clip.


11:27 Miztir E seeks these artist, disappointed that he walked away from the industry.


11:28 Lyrics stolen from London police, MI5, arrested him, doing time for lyrics.


11:29 People come on Spreaker all the time to drop links, if you have a great show, Blog Talk Radio sucks.


Spreaker.com has a much better interface. Start a show.


11:30 Before you start dropping links, ask us first, like walking in my fridge and grabbing a beer, we want to be very


generous.. We actually do some vetting.


11:31 You want to hear Ruckus, is a like minded individual.


11:32 I know how to sniff you out, encourage everyone to start your own show.


11:33 Miztir E was the first artist we pulled in, found on Planet InfoWars. He’s got a powerful message and voice.


11:34 Susannah was the first person to point out that their are so many revolutionary artists out there.


11:35 Lynx from NoMessiah – let every 6pm PST, 9pm EST got the Chaos Show, bringing a lot of crazy times,


not listening tonight, going to miss out.


11:36 You were kind of rude you bastard, going to use your music whether you like it or not… lol


11:37 Very strong part of our community of music lovers from the Great White North of Canada, defending our Constitution.


Worldwide Problem


11:38 They run the Chaos Show, marathon session, broad genre, byob.






> 11:40-12:00pm


11:43 Do we promote the artists associated with us, absolutely, we are not the Illuminati, don’t have access to the billions of


dollars, our community has embraced them


11:45 We prefer to promote them, we don’t have access to that scam.


Virginia Rapper To Be Charged With Attempting To Sacrifice Friend To The Illuminati




11:46 Here we just do the good work of the people, they use Sandy Hook.


11:48 Came out of Richmond Times Dispatch. Monday the 18th Episode #371, some of these episodes are out of the freaking


park. Guest named Bill Still.




11:49 I had never heard of the Tally Stick, was a successful currency. Bill Still taught us in Money Masters.


Bill Still promoted his newest move The Jekyll Island Movie


11:50 How did that interview go, he is such a commanding person, he is in all kinds of stuff.


He’s just all around full of information.


11:51 First time I heard the Federal Reserve had nothing to do with our government. Having him on the show was thrilling


actually. It was one of the better interviews that you have ever done.


11:52 If you think I sucked anytime this week give me a call..


Heather – I just didn’t want to hear about how hot I am, do you have a complex.


11:53 Heather you’ve got to hold your own, and be yourself.


Do you remember the call I made to the IMF lady and spoke to some French lady, you’re a fucking thief.


11:54 Secretary of Treasurer, passing laws left and right, for 2013, gave securities and exchange commission to give loans to


banks in Paris while they screw us all over, on behalf of all CPA


11:55 I would rather harass them, instead of talking about boring bean counting shit.




> 12:00- 12:20 pm


12:00 Trying to get Patrick to report from Cyprus for The Pete Santilli Show


12:01 Important info about CPAs and tax codes. Here’s the problem, they all cuss behind closed doors.


12:02 That would not be a good show, those auditors, they are all cheating on their wives, behind closed doors


12:03 Go back to US Treasury Secretary, calling about, what can we do to get him arrested.


Could try to pick up dirt on him. What is doing to violate the law.


12:04 Is he stealing money from the American taxpayer, absolutely. Big boys going to Paris, to congratulate each other.


12:05 Wow indeed.. Heather is a CPA, she doesn’t bore me, behind closed doors they are doing nasty stuff.


You never wanted to talk about this: American businessmen and corporations, gets pretty disgusting behind closed doors.


12:06 These are the nations greatest leaders in business and the participate in pedophilia, and worse. It’s hard to wrap your mind around it.


12:07 Jeff from Camp Jejune – how are you doing, and called BOA, called about getting a hold of my Sheriff.


12:09 Cyprus thing started hitting on Monday, call to Bank of America (soundclip)


12:14 Demonstrates the lunacy of our system, pass concerns to her “media department”


12:15 Can we borrow this, instead of just raiding everyone’s saving account.


12:16 Jeff: NC Sheriff, very few on that list, had a large Ron Paul following. Craven County, NC.


Jerry Monette http://www.cravencounty.com/sheriff/index.cfm


12:22 Jeff from Camp LeJeune – Dedicated a large part of show in support of Ron Paul, still in the studying phase of Rand




Paul, not going to tare the guy down.


12:23 Let’s balance this out.


12:24 Does that sound like a fair deal, so disgruntled by the Ron Paul campaign being supported by Peter Thiel


12:24 Calling Sheriff: Craven Co, Sheriff’s office.


12:25 Hung up on me, try one more time. If it goes through, it will be well worth. Listen to the options..


12:27 Had a discussion with him, he agreed with Constitutional Sheriff’s his name just doesn’t appear, limited


representation from North Carolina. Getting pressure from the state for funding?


12:29 No reason why his name is not on that list. Getting heat from the Federal level


12:30 BIN, Obama is going to go on a campaign with his anti gun rhetoric.


12:31 Going to relay the message and replay that call. Love your show!


Epic moments in each and every episode


12:32 #372 Kevin Annett on the show holding the Pope accountable with Common Law Court,




Nothing will ever come from it, that is a very sad statement, without a shadow of a doubt, the Queen and the Popes have


been convicted of crimes against humanity.


12:33 It’s relevant what Kevin Annett is doing.


12:34 Completely and totally ignore the psyops, It’s the EVIDENCE, not the distraction.


Cointel Pro Psyops, Kevin Annett I stand right beside you.


12:35 Episode #373 Tim Faucett came on and he is making domestic drones counter measures llc.




12:36 His company is developing technology to incapacitate drones, unable to complete their missions.


12:37 People out there with innovative ideas that are saying we can counter measure this


Thomas Young, dying veteran, wrote a letter to Dick Cheney and Bush, Rocket riding shotgun, got emotional for a good


reason. Thomas Young will on the show Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 11:20.






> 12:40pm – 1:00pm


12:43 Get up, wake up, rise up! Episode #374 Thursday, Nemo mentioned he found an outfit from DC, social media team, on


behalf of Barack Obama


12:44 Tell me about experience Nemo, scoped out the area,


12:45 found the office, security guard asking if he can help me, sounds like a goober. Here for an interview.


Finally explain more detail, at first they didn’t want to tell me anything, didn’t understand how he found out.


12:46 Two chicks surrounded me and questioning.


12:47 When I was young , I was in Sales cold calling, Scumbag of the Day: Peter Hans Kolvenbach


Superior General of the Society of Jesus, the largest male Catholic religious order




12:48 AntiRomeDrone, Saint Malachy prophecy, leader of the Jesuits, richest man the world.




Born in the Netherlands, stationed in the Middle East to open up portal.


12:50 This guy is like Peter whatever 29th superior General of the Society of Jesus, ahead of Adolfo Nicol·s


12:51 AntiRomeDrone said, I’ve been telling you this! You GOT ME Nemo.


12:52 Literally the richest man in the world, worried about his Satans Army.


People like Alex Jones don’t want to talk about the Jesuits


12:53 You know how freaked out I am about this Pope thing, just snuck in under me.


12:54 Glassman: the new pope took the ring of ST PETER…..MAKING HIM PETER THE ROMAN






>1:00 pm – 1:20pm


1:00 Daniel from Quebec – Doing great, Dr. Pete, Surgeon of the Mind. What a title.


1:01 Angel of the Day: Nicola Tesla, eating human flesh, censorship, programmed obsolescence, concept applies really well


to lighting.


1:02 Lamps last for a really long time, endogrow lamps, excellent tool for growing foods, http://energyfountains.com/


1:04 If were put on the back burner email with headline “Sponsorship Request”


Bring a very positive message to our listnership.


1:05 Health is more important than gold or silver, grow your own food, with these lamps major increase in yields, last 10


years, compared to regular grow lamps, product from California.


1:06 Cannabis plants, I am a firm believer, send sponsorship requests to Pete@thepetesantillishow.com


1:07 This is a survival item to enhance growth of their own gardens.


AntiRomeDrone – give me your punch in the teeth. New Pope being a High Jesuit, it will blow you away.


1:08 This is fact, not a conspiracy. All the facts are right there, it’s all in plain sight. Free Masonry is recruiting tool. Wealth


of information out there.


1:11 Ruckus – we have the most awesome personalities, but we are just average, meat and potatoes Americans.


1:13 American society “duality” double standard. Whipped up a radio show on Spreaker, going to start doing a podcast.


1:14 Like to give the whole half hour to community chat members, 3 hour show, because we have to cram everything in.


1:15 The content of the message your conveying is most important, Guerilla Media Network is set up.


Use our phone lines, our messaging board, it’s an expansion of what we are doing on the Pete Santilli Show


1:16 We have Kevin Annet, Morgan Reynolds




>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm Susann Posel http://susannposel.com/


1:21 I had to change the name of the Overthrow Show to the Pete Santilli Show – community of free thinking individuals.


1:24 Closer to Susanne Posel than with my own family,asked myself what just happened, did we get infiltrated, floored by what she did to us.


1:25 Spent 3 hours a day with this girl.. Did we stay out of the fray.


1:26 Alex Jones you need to sue Susanne Posel because of her investigation, has access to FBI investigation records.


1:27 If we make a mistake, I totally trusted that woman, I apologize for betraying my listenership


1:28 Sometimes I am naive, and you are impacted, Buddhist Communist, living on a Commune.


1:29 I liked Susanne, totally trusted her, used her information to bring news to people.


1:30 There were instances that she told me not to cover Dr. Judy Wood, I made a critical mistake


Based on that report, I have to apologize to everybody for screwing up.


1:31 I thought that woman was the real deal, I backed her up, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.


A whole list of people that she has done illegal investigations on, I brought you a woman and a man Dave Posel, who are


convicted criminals.


1:32 XYZ person, endorsing people, don’t believe anything you haven’t researched yourself.


1:33 Came into the show, and I can say I loved her like a sister. I was so emotionally wrapped up, that is where I come in


releasing this report. Look in to this report, known documented Communist, manager of an


Eco-Village (Commune).


1:35 As a matter of public interest, that even me, investigative journalist, and you guys were betrayed by me.


1:36 We live and learn. Don’t trust anybody. She sucked us dry, I would much rather deal with someone who admits she is a


Socialists, opposite ends of the spectrum, Cindy Sheehan, not hiding covertly.


1:37 Please accept my humblest apology. Susannah, It’s not so much the infiltration, I considered her a friend.


When I first the video hit piece, it broke my heart, I just couldn’t believe the foul vulgar things she said about me.




>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm


1:41 This is not going to happen to anybody else. I put my name behind somebody, I didn’t do the due diligence.


1:43 Literally just stuck the Communist. I have never called a woman a cunt with such sincerity.


1:44 Any good attorney a hit piece out about you would not be very smart.


To drag me Susannah, Ashley, Dr. Judy Wood, NoMessiah, Rocket into it, clear case of defemation of character.


1:46 She literally made up a bunch of stuff. Because I didn’t respond, she drags everyone else into it.


You abandoned Geurilla Media like you abandoned your child.


1:47 NoMessiah stood up and stuck with our community. Moral of the story, go look at the report.


Bottom line: Pete Santilli Screwed Up. Did not do his due diligence.


1:48 She was acting like a Conservative infiltrating the Pete Santilli Show.


1:49 Former FOX New, Reagan supporting Nazi, young Republican.


When I decided to leave Alex Jones, did she follow along to spy for Alex Jones?


1:50 People saying they were getting emails from her, vindictiveness and anger. Hard to see the things that were being said.


1:51 She is the manager of a commune, aligned with Vinny Eastwood, he is just as stupid as I was.


Danny Romero, Gordon Duff, Pete Santilli was going to finance AFR, cut me to the curb.


1:52 Connie Barrie telling me I need to stop talking about Communism.


1:53 ColinInColorado – what’s on your mind. Reminding of Jim Carrey in Liar Liar, you are too hard on yourself.


1:54 Anyone who has listened to your show, knows you are on the up and up. Keep your group tight.


1:55 Terry Hinkle, advocate for foreclosure, bigwig in helping homeowners in foreclosure.


Has been quite successful, against Merz, she would be a great person.


Great guy written about the Vatican Intel, Eric Jon Phelps’ Vatican Assassins




1:56 Brother Nathanael, exposes the Jewish propoganda, nails Feinstein based in Colorado.




1:58 Everyone that has been around knows that the Pete Santilli Show would not be the show without her.


Proper upbringing by her family, that has helped me.


William Coopers book, Behold the Pale Horse, put the book away, but the truth will set you free.




1:59 Left wing George Soros Media Matters actually complimented me…


The late William Cooper, I am almost grateful that he’s not around to see what we have become, we are so much worse off now. I am sure he’s in a better place.


2:01 I would love to dismantle all those11:00am – 11:20am Saturday, March 23, 2013

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