Blacks and Whites Are Now Uniting Against System of Enslavement

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 EPISODE #421 – Blacks and Whites Now Uniting Against “The Man”



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Wednesday May 15, 2013
ET Williams will be joining the Guerilla Media Network line up soon. If you have never heard ET Williams be sure to listen to this episode.
ET Williams is a Patriot who says he only fears God. ET says that he is not perfect nor will he win a contest for being the smartest or most articulate person in the room. However when he is right about something and when he speaks on a subject that he is passionate about he can be like a Pit-bull aka the Junk Yard Dog. “The Dr. of Common Sense” as many know him by, says he has became increasingly pissed off at the lack of leadership we see displayed in the country. He states that yes the liberals are mostly Socialist and Communist. But he says he also has a disdain for the Republicans because they are cowards who are afraid to defend that which is right. ET is a private man nonetheless you won’t get that from the boldness of how he speaks. He says things that many are thinking but will not say. He touches on any and every subject. The Doctor believes if you are not making people mad and provoking dialogue then you are not waking the people up.
***Warning ET can be addictive but if you are with the Politically Correct speech then The Dr. of Common Sense is not for you.***

The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen  Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.


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>11:00am – 11:30am   Wednesday, May 15, 2013

11:03 Trolls out in full force, new troll of the week.  Complimentary for a while., article Steve Pieczenik Assassinated   ìCharacter Assassinated

11:05 He put it like it’s a necessary evil in government. We believe he should be held accountable.

11:06 In 1982 Pieczenik that was the deal, Ollie North method.  Can you imagine what would happen if he was assassinated.

11:07 Let’s just stick to the Constitution and do what we are supposed to do. Arrest his ass. 

11:08 His wife is the one who has big feet, size 12, pink palm style.  She’s got some big feet, horse teeth.  Tax payer money buying designer dresses.

11:09 When the phones rings, this is episode #421 Wednesday, May 15th.  

11:10 You can actually join us in the chat room.  What’s up FarmBoy.  Guerilla Girl Ashes. Just Passin Through

11:11 Getting a prank phone call too.  Very few people who would want to do that.  Suzanne Posel!

11:15 They use multiple accounts, Troll of the week, later in the show.

11:16 Gordon Duff’s little Spetznatz,  when somebody arrives, look at all these negative comments from people…  (not people)

Network of Communist pukes, send networks into comment threads.

11:17 Wallowing in the pig pen, kind of sad, people so innocent and unaware.  They are in there to specifically change their mind.

11:19 Their objective to create such a firestorm.  “What is this all about Peter, someone said you’re a shill”

11:20 Three quarters of the people you are talking to are fake.

11:21 Cosmic’s Corner was on yesterday, about Dave Moss Electronic Frontiers Foundation

11:22 Cosmic has a great format.  Rocket also has a great show.  Hump/day, live every Wednesday and Friday.

11:25 Junk Yard Dog, Dr. of Common Sense found him through Patrick Henningsen. Famous you-tuber.

11:25 He is bad ass. 

11:26 Rocket on at 8pm PST, tonight.

11:27 Patrick Henningsen is going to be doing a show, he is in Lebanon right now. Going to be covering the Bilderberg meeting for us.

11:28 Guerilla Media, not Alternative Media.  


> 11:30am-12:00am -  ET Williams

11:35 Jah Jah did a great play-list today.  She threw in some Ill Bill. Pre show brought to you by Jah Jah.

11:36 This man was brought to us in the news-break. This guy is a patriot. He only fears God. He is not perfect, not the most articulate guy. Not the smartest, meat and potatoes people.

11:37 He call himself the Junkyard Dog.  ET Williams, Doctor of Common Sense. 

11:38 Telling the truth whether you like it or not.   I like that, absolutely right.

Started listening to politicians, watching the way that our country is going.  

11:39 Can’t run my household like they run theirs.  These bastards are no damn good. Obama in office again, shows we have no backbone.  

11:40 The way they spend money make me sick.  Hell no I am not going to calm down, I am pissed off.

11:41 We have people that are awakened, only one color in Marine Corp. camouflage.  

11:42 If  they are stupid enough to stay with a black man who is driving you off a cliff.  You voted for him because he is black. He is not even black.  He has a good tan..

11:44 Stop lying to yourself, give a list of 5 things that he did.  He did not even kill Osama Bin Laden.

11:45 Street Pimp, we don’t mind being pimped by Barack Obama.  

Pete: reason you are on here, FOX news grabs token black person.  

11:46 How could you be so wide awake, how could they be so clueless?  

ET: I used to be a Liberal, I don’t like things that don’t make any sense. 

11:47 They generalize that all white people are bad.  Indoctrinated them with the same racist crap.

Hate when FOX brings on some token black..  Told that whitey is bad always, if they did a little history research.

11:49 Sometimes grownups are worse than kids.  I don’t care if you don’t like me.  You don’t pay my bills. 

11:50 Because of that indoctrination, white people are indoctrinated too, inbred racism.  Not a truly deep rooted racism.

All in the same system of Enslavement.  Now we are all Slaves.

11:51 Deal with racists on from all cultures.  Absolutely asinine to hate someone you don’t even know.

11:52 You name it, they call me it.  If I am not pissing you off, then I am doing something wrong.  

I want the guilty party.  Listening to FOX, I used to like Allen West, found out he has info about Obama that he is holding out.

11:54 NDAA Basketball dribbling in the White House. Can you imagine, I would not be getting the education that I am getting from somebody like you.


> 12:00-12:30pm E.T. Williams

12:00 Statistic, right now, EBT users, were the black people.  White people are just as much offenders of the welfare system.

12:01 Black vs White statistics. Lot of racist people. They have babies for Obama.  White people were on social programs a lot more.

Only 1 percent difference in being Socialized. 37% White 36% Black 

12:02 E.T. We are going to create a page for you on GMN.   

12:03 That is incorrect, offenders on the payroll.  Too many people. Socialism. Vote for me I’ll give you free stuff.

12:04 Stop government assistance, stop having babies.  Supposedly disabled, out there shopping, camping..  SSI

A lot of people abusing the system. 

12:05 We need to take that stuff away. Need to transition them from that system we cannot afford. Teach people to start being self sufficient.

12:06 American companies cannot even operate over here. What would happen to all the businesses back. They could not operate over here.

12:07 We can drill for our own oil..  Tree huggers, who cares where you drill for the oil.  These people are so stupid.

12:08 Tree huggers, metro sexual,  they don’t say anything about the lead in the water in China.  

I don’t want the government telling me what to do.  Couldn’t tell China, they would tell you to go to hell.  You can’t tell me what to do.

12:09 Politicians dial in to PC Correct people. Why should I apologize.  Back to the word Indoctrination.

Don’t want the government doing this or that.  

12:10 Indoctrinated to rely on that system of enslavement.  Need to break away from it. 

12:11 Elitist tell you how to give your money up. They want you to pay more taxes. The rules don’t apply to them.

Obama phone program is huge dude.  

12:12 Give the programs for the votes.  None of these programs benefit the people. They only get worse the longer they are in place.

Full blown corruption.  

12:13 Once you give them your money they aren’t to give it back.  Applies to Educational system.

Told everyone getting freebies that they are going to get a bill at the end.  Served right back to them.

12:14 Bama!  Everybody in Cleveland got a phone, you get it all, in the end you get the bill.  Later on when the politicians are gone, you are left with the bill.

12:15 Nothing is given away for free.  You have got to pay for this fricking crap.  Black people think the white people running around with guns are wrong..

12:16 The most indoctrinating place is the public school system.  They don’t teach history in school. 

12:17 My 7 year old, don’t talk to my kids about politics,  I don’t want them indoctrinating my kids.

U.S. Constitution, someone opposes me, You have certain rights.  

12:18 The minute somebody say the Constitution is a living breathing document.  I don’t want anybody violating or tampering with that document.  I am willing to die for that for document.  

12:19 You are absolutely right.  Even the Obama phone lady is coming around.  Politicians are bad, we have one thing, the ability to keep guns in every house.  People can resist tyranny with those guns.

12:20 No where in the Constitutions amendment that says you cannot own any type of guns.

12:21 All the FBI guys are running around with 30 round clips, we can only have 10, they win.

They are not following the same laws that we have to, they want to take your rights.   

12:22 The minute we are changing around what the Constitution says, we are on slippery ground.  

No way this is going to be his first and only visit, at minimum I want you on every two weeks.

12:23 One of the best guests I ever had.  No. 1 thing: 

12:24 People blindly willing to give up God given freedoms, just because a politician says..

You still have the right to own guns, no one has the right to violate the Constitution.

12:25 Gun Control has not worked anyway. Look at Chicago, toughest gun laws in the country.

12:26 Same with Chris Christie, NJ,  Headed for a race war.  I do have some kind of hope.

Barack Obama wants, Chris Matthews.  MSNBC is disgusting.  Always advocating racism. 

12:27 Just do the right thing, it’s so simple.  Realize how we have been indoctrinated to keep us separate.

12:28 If I say something that offends you that is the truth, why would I apologize, stupid

Let’s come together and go against the man!  Powerful movement, now officially a member of the Guerilla Media Network.


> 12:30- 1:00 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen

12:37  Common Sense Nation 


12:39 You are man too deserving of the title the Junk Yard Dog.  You are a great American Patriot.  One of our nations future leaders.

12:40 This is how we are going to get away from this mess.  We are going to hang tight.  

12:41 Patrick Heningsen – Need to listen to the last half hour.  We crossed all boundaries.  Used the term Indoctrination, conditioned to hate each other, voting for Obama, environmentalism, poisoned China, not drilling oil in the US to save the environment.

12:43 He has a lot to say and he is very articulate.   Very well said.

Very real, raw and AWAKE.  Applies to all races, creeds, and colors.

12:44 Russia, Washington Post, Moskow kicked our Ryan C. Fogle accused of espionage.  U.S. Media “Soviet Style Episode” The United States does a lot of spying.  

12:45 Soviet Style episodes…  Dr. Anne Hendershott believes that she has been one of the IRS’ targets.  

12:46 IRS is running around with guns, antiquated tax system.  Take our money by force.  Legally set up small business. Little as possible goes to the government.  Tax write offs.  Then use the money to defend 2nd Amendment.

12:47 We live in a country that we thought was free.  New headlines almost Soviet Style.

12:48 William Dobson, Dictators Learning Curve.  says Dictators of old have matured, and have learned new techniques to stay in power.  Use the tax collector, banana republic dictators.

12:49 Take appropriate legal write offs, as little money as possible goes to the U.S. Government.

At least in the Soviet Union they called themselves as such.  Here it is more dangerous than it ever was.  Communist dictatorship under slavery.

12:50 Benghazi, AP Story, Could have a chilling effect on journalism.  

12:51 White House has detached from the AP Story.  Phone records and taps on a 2 month period, very specific target. Isolate those date, process of elimination, look for files.  FBI is going to “investigate” it.

12:52 Patrick Henningsen reporting to us from Beirut Lebanon

12:53 Cut off the internet to Syria.  

12:54 Larry McDonald has made prediction that have come true today. Laurence McDonald, foresaw the glottalization

12:55 21st Century Wire.  Visionary to say the least, counsel member for the John Birch Society.

“Commie” Mack Berrie

12:56 We have been compromised as far as infiltration, recognized and was able to recover.  Told not to discuss anything “Bircher”

12:57 Like everything else, go to FOX, CNN, don’t be stupid.  You know what the truth is.  

12:58 is crafted to use truth to use it against the United States. Told to embrace the Russians.

Big middle fingers up to Rachel Lea Hunter, and Connie Mack Berry.

12:59 Larry McDonald spoke of defending the United States Constitution.

1963 Communist Manifesto, 1963 was presented to Congress.  Communism has been disguised as Democracy.


> 1:00pm-1:30pm   Jason Liosatos

1:06 Why would law enforcement oppose killing Communists?  If you oppose that then your are a commie.

1:09 Communism has infiltrated our country.   What part of the Communist Manifesto has not been installed?

Not one element of Communism that has not been installed.

1:10 Not the country that I have sworn an oath to defend. Pretending to be something that it is not.

1:11 I am a United States Marine. I am not going to be a diplomat.  Anyone who claims that I am threatening them will have to admit they are a Communist.

1:12 Jason Liosatos-  been listening, really enjoying it.

1:13 Provide clarification, used term, Kill a Commie for you Mommie.  That is how I was trained. 

Man of Peace? Absolutely..   We went through the Communist Manifesto, that is exactly what we have become.

1:14 Jason Liosatos – Talk about the emergency transformation of human kind.  Stuck in a illusion, based on fantasy. We must transform ourselves, our thinking, if we are ever to get better.  

1:15 Absolutely embrace, your book.  Tell us about your book.

1:16 There is an emergency transformation.  Wrote to help people find peace within themselves.  

1:17 The bad place we are in that is serving as the smelling salts. programmed into the system.  The very thing that is killing us, is the very reason we are waking up.

1:18 Told illusionary thing, exactly the opposite. We can transform.  

1:19 Jason: It is a force to awaken in. Recovery is a good word.  Recovery to the system that suppressed us.  

Recovery is an inner development thing, Initiation by our own madness, ironically we must look at our own madness that perpetuates 

the system.  Face our own madness.  

1:21 System of Debt and Slavery.  Hyper-quickening.  Sales and marketing perspective.  Always having to out perform the previous year. 

1:22 Eventually you get to the point that you have to cheat.  Corporate America, cutting corners  and cheating.  Hide shiploads to outperform previous year. so that shareholders could benefit. 

1:23 We cannot out perform ourselves.  

Jason: It is a sickness, climbing to pointless ant heap.  

1:24 If we “recover” we are going to collapse again and again.. Ethical comprises very dangerous place.

1:25 Noam Chomsky on Friday,  We are selling our souls, Unwittingly supporting the collective madness.

1:26 Know about racism, drop all of those labels.   One of the most powerful messages, racial divide.

1:27 Corporate America, power of persuasion, it is all a big scheme.  We don’t do it by cutting corners, but by hard work.

1:28 Dangerous to start believing your own bullshit.  Obama believing the lies that perpetuate, physically beginning to believe his own bullshit.  

1:29 CIA believes if they go out and kill people we will be free.

Jason: It was the bullshit that woke me up, Barack Obama is very frightened, he is ruled by the mafioso. 

1:30 He knows the people know, carefully trying to herd the people into another prison. Break our previous agreements.

1:31 Previous agreements to Governments and to ourselves.  

Pete: the term that was used was indoctrinations, keeping us all in our corners.   

1:32 We have all committed to what we have been indoctrinate to believe.  Grown-ups are worse than kids.

1:33 Democrats and Republicans brainwashed, so ingrained, if people see past their labels in indoctrination there is a terror of not knowing who they are.  

1:34 Got to be somebody.  Can’t be insulted Jesus is this, current contracts to our global system, deeply imprinted. Very real agreement and contract.

1:35 Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, Chapter 8, Changing our old patterns.  Chapter 16, Real Religion.

1:36 We can no longer rely on any World, based on  fear, short-term greed, cannot come from the outside-in but, from the inside-out.

1:37 Any human being, as a child, someone could have brain-washed. I could have been brought up to be ANYTHING.  We must De-condition ourselves.  Let go of our labels.  We have all got that “superiority” which is actually inferiority.

Our true essence, peace and joy.

1:39 The secret they use at the top of the ant pile, don’t let them know, they will be powerless. Power will shift to the individual mind. There is nothing up there..  

Ants are waking up.  They are cowards.  They are impeaching themselves.  Drop the conditioning, and labels.  

Once the orchestra retunes itself..


> 1:48pm – 2:00pm 

1:48 Troll of the Week: last week Straight Dopes, he actually did his own research.

1:49 We did troll music. Theme music.  

1:50 Recipient of the award, coincidentally, the troll is Anonymous.  

1:51 There is one Anonymous troll, specifically reference the troll-0-sphere in BeforeItsNews.  

Achieved goal of reaching thousands.  get ramped up, it is quite amazing,  they love to battle.

1:52 Teams of people around the clock, to get trolls on the conveyor belt.  They are actually starting to believe their own bullshit.

1:54 You use your real name, they are all hiding behind some fake name.

CabZero got really miffed, he was just raking me, I said something about his avatar being gay.

So stupid. It’s ridiculous. 

1:55 You as the listener are a victim of what we are talking about.  They have fake twitter accounts.

1:56 Years ago I found a majority of Twitter accounts are fake and have full blow bots, to instigate a firestorm.

I already know what their MO is.

1:57 The news media and including alternative media, do the same thing.  Fake system where they use anonymous entities to validate themselves.  

1:58 You want to align yourself with someone who is smart. The disputes that exist have to do with serious issues.

It’s not just little dispute, it has to do with national security, free energy technology. 

2:00 I hereby give this weekly, the anonymous trolls believe that what they are saying is actually helping humanity.


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