Senators McCain & Graham Want To Expend U.S. Troops In Support of Al-Qaeda


by Pete Santilli

Los Angeles – June 14, 2013

Is anyone paying attention?  Better yet, does any U.S. citizen really care anymore?

Lately I’ve heard people say that the “powers that be” have done something to our water to make men more effeminate and docile so as to allow them to totally decimate our country peacefully — without any resistance from the population.

Dating back to Benghazi; it’s been very clear that the U.S. Policy has shifted from the War on Terror against Al-Qaeda to full blown support of the terror organization.   So much for the thousands of American troops we’ve lost; not to mention the millions of civilians sacrificed in the name of U.S. freedom and democracy.

Hillary Clinton has indisputably committed treason against the United States of America by her actions in the Benghazi crisis.  Immediately following the deaths of U.S. State Department officials on 9-11-12, Clinton shipped 400 tons of arms to the Syrian Rebels via Turkey, and on September 21st, she removed the terror designation of Al-Qaeda in Iran (M.E.K.).

Not one peep from the U.S. citizens.  Nothing.

If the C.I.A. and the U.S. government concocted a sad story about people being blown out of their cubicles by brown people in the desert, they would band together in the hundreds of millions; pool their financial resources and send the Pentagon $1 trillion — especially if they’re told the cause is to win a muslim jihad against christians.  Christians typically spit out coins like a slot machine to go kill foreigners in the name of Jesus.

Over the past several months we “awakened” people have been able to read a very disgusting narrative written; once again; by the CIA influenced military industrial complex:

We need to kill another evil dictator named Assad (same as Sadam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Mohamar Kaddhafi, etc.) — so, please-please-please send us billions of your hard earned money to go kill more brown people for humanitarian reasons.

Today Senators McCain and Graham published the following statement:


June 13, 2013

 Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) today released the following statement on Syria:


“We appreciate the President’s finding that the Assad regime has used chemical weapons on several occasions. We also agree with the President that this fact must affect U.S. policy toward Syria. The President’s red line has been crossed. U.S. credibility is on the line. Now is not the time to merely take the next incremental step. Now is the time for more decisive actions.


“The conflict in Syria has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. The United Nations reported today that the death toll in Syria is approaching 93,000. Hezbollah is all in. Iran is all in. Iraqi militant groups are flowing into Syria to fight for Assad. Russia continues to provide military and diplomatic support. Assad is dramatically increasing his use of airpower against civilians and opposition forces in Syria. A report today stated that Assad’s forces conducted at least 5,000 air-to-ground attacks last month alone.


“A decision to provide lethal assistance, especially ammunition and heavy weapons, to opposition forces in Syria is long overdue, and we hope the President will take this urgently needed step. But providing arms alone is not sufficient. That alone is not enough to change the military balance of power on the ground against Assad. The President must rally an international coalition to take military actions to degrade Assad’s ability to use airpower and ballistic missiles and to move and resupply his forces around the battlefield by air. This can be done, as we have said many times, using stand-off weapons such as cruise missiles.


“We cannot afford to delay any longer. Assad is on the offensive with every weapon in his arsenal and with the complete support of his foreign allies. We must take more decisive actions now to turn the tide of the conflict in Syria.”


I can say this without any hesitation or reservation:  If the American people are so stupid as to not understand that these criminals are working for a non-human entity called the military industrial complex by supporting Al-Qaeda, then the United States deserves to be nuked into oblivion.  It deserves exactly what it gets, not just because of it’s corrupt politicians, banksters and military/law enforcement — the USA deserves the worst possible scenario —- because of the citizens who willing pay for crimes against humanity.

Devout christians should join me in calling for ending the war on terror — let’s shut down the American people & cut off the money flow to Al-Qaeda supporters like Barack Obama, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton.

Those who believe these comments are radical are not very aware of their radical surroundings.  Maybe it’s the fluoride in the water.