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Assassin Kills Son of Federal Judge Esther Salas, Puts Husband in Critical Condition

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Photo Courtesy of Joe Proudman/The Star Ledger 

Article By: Lorri Anderson

While police have yet to establish a motive for the shooting, and the FBI are searching for one person in connection with the July 19, 2020 attack on Federal Judge Esther Salas’ home in North Brunswick, New Jersey. It has been reported “the gunman approached her North Brunswick, New Jersey home dressed as a FedEx driver, and opened fire.”

Salas’ 20 year old son, Daniel Anderl was killed after being shot through the heart. Her husband, Mark Anderl, a criminal defense attorney and former Assistant Essex County prosecutor was also shot. Mark has reportedly undergone surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick. He is currently listed in critical but stable condition.

Judge Esther Salas was nominated by President Barack Obama and confirmed in 2011. On July 15, 2020 Judge Salas was assigned to an ongoing lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors. The lawsuit claims the company made false and misleading statements about it’s anti-money laundering policies. The suit also alleged the bank failed to properly monitor “high risk” customers, including convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein.

At this point it is still unclear if Salas, or her husband was the target of the attack. While Salas has previously received threats, and has presided over several high profile cases such as the 2013 fraud trial of The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Teresa Giudice. “The judge also handled the sentencing of Farad Roland, the leader of the South Side Cartel, which the DOJ has called “one of Newark’s most violent street gangs.”  After Roland pleaded guilty to federal racketeering charges, Judge Salas sentenced him to 45 years in prison. The sentence term had been part of Roland’s agreement with prosecutors.” as reported by . Salas’ husband Mark Anderl is a notable defense attorney and former Assistant Essex County Prosecutor. Clearly either one of them could have been the target.

The official Twitter account of Newark, New Jersey’s FBI tweeted: “The FBI is investigating a shooting that occurred at the home of Judge Ester Salas in North Brunswick Township, New Jersey earlier this evening, July 19. We’re looking for one subject & ask that anyone who thinks they may have relevant information call us at 1-973-792-3001.”

There are several things we can already rule out simply by the reports that have already been released to the public in my opinion.

#1. This was a coordinated, planned, and thought out assassination. The individual was reportedly dressed in a FedEx uniform. This indicates it was done by someone whom does not want to draw attention to themselves, and also had the resources to obtain that uniform. It has not been established or reported as of yet whether the individual was also driving a FedEx truck.

If indeed it is found that a FedEx truck was used, certainly that suggests this individual had a much larger amount of resources, and much deeper planning would have gone into this assassination attempt.

#2. We can draw the conclusion this was no “street thug”, nor a botched “random robbery” due to the fact nothing was reported to be stolen and Judge Salas’ son Daniel Anderl was shot directly through his heart. Just this action alone, makes it apparent this person was a hired assassin or professional hitman wanting to send a clear message to this family.

The clear message has definitely been sent, now the question remains to whom was it being sent to? If this was a hired assassin or hitman, whom hired the individual?



New Jersey Globe


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