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Information Coup: Google/Youtube Effectively Admits To Conspiring With FBI & Corporate Media To Stop Criminal Investigations By Independent Journalists

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by Peter Santilli, Commentator & Investigative Journalist

On October 15, 2020, almost a billion people — including myself — were silently and abruptly disconnected from their trusted independent media sources by Google and Youtube.

It is estimated that the world’s top 50+ independent researchers who published their investigative content on Youtube had their accounts terminated, and their entire library of evidence was deleted from public view.

On October 26th, a group of researchers filed an emergency injunction to have their Youtube accounts reinstated, and a northern California federal district court ordered Google to respond to the emergency request no later than Friday October 30, 2020.

Quite frankly, their response was shocking, yet very revealing.

Please allow me to begin describing the significance of these legal proceedings by reminding everyone what we’ve been experiencing over the past several weeks with the main stream media’s cover-up of “Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell”.  I can go even further by reminding everyone that we have yet to see results of the FBI’s investigation of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which was recovered by NYPD in 2016.

On Friday October 30th, Google’s attorney’s filed an “OPPOSITION” to the researchers’ request for re-instatement of their body of work (criminal investigations).  In my professional & well-informed opinion, the most accurate way to describe Google’s/Youtube’s response is that is was nothing less than an open admission that Youtube is a willing and complicit participant  in a conspiracy to cover-up very serious crimes against humanity.

As we’ve seen with Hunter Biden’s laptop, government actors such as Congressman Adam Schiff immediately jumped out in front of the story by floating the unsubstantiated theory that it’s all a “Russian disinformation campaign”.  His fellow criminal operatives in the intelligence community pile-on by publicly proclaiming that “all indications are that it is Russian disinformation”.

Their coup-plotting co-conspirators in the main stream media immediately broadcast Schiff and intelligence official’s lies on network television and cable news, and social media companies activate their mass censorship technology to stop any truthful information from spreading like wildfire.  It has been confirmed by the Department of Justice that information on Hunter Biden’s laptop is being investigated for potential money laundering and other possible crimes.

Let that sink in.  Elected officials, main stream media reporters, and big tech companies have all been working in concert to cover up information about an investigation and alleged crimes perpetrated against the United States of America.   In legal terminology, they call that a “conspiracy”.  In Big Tech terminology, censorship is justified all under the guise of protecting the community from “dangerous conspiracy theories linked to real-world violence”.

Google/Youtube’s most recent legal filing is significant, as it reveals details of a very complex decision making process in their participation as a co-conspirator to suppress evidence of crimes being perpetrated upon the American people.

The Plaintiffs are not a small group of “gamers” who are playing violent computer games whose conduct on Youtube could inspire mass murderers to act out their computer war simulations. These Youtubers are researchers whose entire body of work connects the dots with evidence of potential crimes against humanity.  As we are all very well aware, some of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity reside in the halls of Silicon Valley corporations such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. This not a conspiracy theory that can easily be dismissed by deleting Youtube videos.

In the past several years, we’ve discovered indisputable facts through trials and legal proceedings (i.e. Epstein, NXVIUM, Spygate, RussiaGate, Ukraine Gate, etc, etc, etc.) that politicians, corporate executives, and corrupt law enforcement officials have been involved in crimes such as treason & sedition against the United States government, money laundering, sex trafficking, child exploitation, drug trafficking, and human rights abuses.  Independent researchers such as the Plaintiffs have been informing the public of their findings, and Google/Youtube has now admitted to stopping them on a massive scale.

Over the past 10 years I’ve relied upon many independent researchers such as SGT Report, Amazing Polly, Jordan Sather,  etc. to supplement my own independent research and investigations, and over the past 10 years I’ve personally witnessed and experienced Youtube’s very sophisticated means of suppressing information which has exposed criminal conspiracies which have resulted in mass death and physical/economic destruction around the world.  In every instance, Google/Youtube has justified censorship of my criminal investigations under the guise of “protecting the community”, or stopping the spread of “hate speech” that could inspire extremists to act.

Just to give you an idea of the work I’ve performed as an independent investigator, please allow me to name just a couple stories that Google/Youtube has wiped off the internet for the purposes of “protecting the community”.(We’ve had over 150,000 channel subscribers & 60 million+ viewers deleted) :

  1. UKRAINE –  In 2012-2014, our team cataloged evidence of a CIA overthrow of the Ukraine government, mercenary snipers firing at both police and protestors in Kiev, as well money laundering and corruption that we are still learning about to this day.
  2. 9-11 –  Since 2012, we’ve interviewed scientists and federal law enforcement who’ve exposed a massive criminal cover-up of the attack on the US on 9-11.  Additionally, we broadcast documentation from FOIA requests detailing the FBI’s evacuation of the Bin Laden family on 9-11, along with several individuals who were on the terror watch list.
  3. BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING: On the night that the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects were pursued by law enforcement, during a live broadcast of events, we recorded live radio transmissions of police identifying the fugitives as “Mike Mulageta and Sunil Trupathi”.  Officers transmitted the information to their dispatch operators, reading directly from the driver’s licenses of the subjects.  2 hours later, the Associated Press announced that the fugitives were identified as the “Zarnaev brothers”; (associated with Chechnian Rebels).
  4. BUNDY RANCH (2014) / MALHEUR NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE PROTEST (2016) –  In a multi-year investigation of corrupt law enforcement officials within the Department of Interior / Bureau of Land Management who, by the way, have all been removed from their federal law enforcement duties/jobs, I was involved in defeating the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice prosecutors in 2 federal trials in Oregon and Nevada. U.S. Attorneys and FBI officials were found by Federal Judges to have committed prosecutorial misconduct and suppression fo exculpatory evidence.   In 2020, a liberal 9th Circuit panel deemed the indictment of the defendants to be a complete fraud.

These are merely four of some of the most important stories of our lifetime that I’ve covered.  Over the past 10 years, I have not only personally witnessed Google/Youtube suppress information, but in the 2 federal cases we won in Oregon and Nevada, we learned in open court that Big Tech corporations such as Google/Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are acting in concert with corrupt & criminal operators within the federal government.  Essentially, I have legal documentation that they’re acting at the behest of corrupt government officials in order to cover-up evidence of their crimes.

The “community” they purport to be protecting is literally intentionally being harmed by Google/Youtube’s censorship.  For instance, in January 2016 I reported that the Clinton Foundation had received $140 million from Russian individuals from Uranium One. I was the second journalist to report on Hillary Clinton’s connection to Uranium One.  Of course the FBI, main stream media and Youtube all called me a “conspiracy theorist”, and all of my listeners “extremists”, “white nationalists” and was officially designated by the Obama Administration as an anti-government domestic terrorist.  Youtube deleted my entire channel for “bullying” & “hate speech”, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on my arrest warrant after the FBI manufactured a fake 302 report.

As a corporation, does Youtube have the right to remove content at their discretion? Sure, but do they have the right to blatantly conceal their direct involvement as a co-conspirator and government actor covering up independent criminal investigations?

If they were running a privately owned restaurant, do they have the right to post a sign telling their customers they can refuse service to anyone without a shirt or shoes — yes — but is the restaurant immune from accountability for assassinating customers who discover the FBI/CIA is running a casino in the back room, or the ATF is dealing illegal drugs over the counter, or better yet, politicians are using the restaurant as a store front to conceal a sex-trafficking operation —- all under the guise of “protecting their customers”?

If you decide to read Google/Youtube’s OPPOSITION filing, ask yourself the following:

  • They cite the FBI as a source of information on domestic terrorism and extremism inspired by the QAnon or Pizzagate community.  Do you trust the integrity of the FBI, the corrupt Deep State agency lead by Christopher Wray which (a) called for the deletion of the Weiner laptop and secretly held onto the Hunter Biden laptop since 2018?
  • Youtube references news articles as sources of information of extremism and hate groups.   Do you trust left wing main stream media designations of hate groups, extremists or conspiracy theorists?
  • Do you trust that Google/Youtube is deleting Youtube channels to “protect the community”, or do you believe they’re operating in concert with, and at the behest of corrupt, Deep State government actors who are being exposed by trusted independent investigators such as SGT Report, Amazing Polly, etc.?
  • Even if you believe that businesses have a right to operate their businesses as they see fit, does that mean they have a right to assist in covering up crimes?
  • If independent investigators who publish their work on Youtube can be shut down because they’re covering stories that inspire extremists to act violently, shouldn’t the rules apply equally to Black Lives Matters “mostly peaceful protestors” who inspire others to loot, burn down buildings and kill police officers?

October 15th will be an important date to remember.  This was the day that Google/Youtube made the fatal error of officially putting their name on the list of Deep State criminal conspirators who are perpetrating crimes against humanity.

The Plaintiffs in this lawsuit are Patriots. They’re investigators with Godly intentions.  They’re people who are doing their best to expose crimes being perpetrated upon humanity. Google/Youtube is not only intentionally trying to stop them from exposing crimes, they’re acting as criminal co-conspirators  of the Deep State.

Who is more protective of the “community”, the Plaintiffs (Youtubers) or the Defendants (Google/YouTube)?   Regardless of who wins the lawsuit, this case will certainly be tried in the court of public opinion.

Read More About The Lawsuit – CLICK HERE


OPPOSITION TO TRO 21-main by Pete Santilli on Scribd

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