Michigan Homes Being Sold To Insiders For $500.00

What you are about to read is shocking, but true.

My day job surrounds me with banksters, investors, and some of the so-called “Elite”.  What they’ve recently shared with me actually makes me physically ill, as I’m sure my headline already does to you.

If you’re skeptical, let me save you some time & energy to make you realize that what I’m about to tell you is well documented.  It’s also one of the greatest tragedies of our generation.

Two offices down from me is proof that mortgage lending “insiders” are foreclosing on American families who’ve struggled paying their $200,000 mortgage; evicting the borrowers and their families, then selling the homes en masse via 100+ blocks of homes to their crony friends —- for pennies on the dollar.

The other day I was shown a listing of 180 homes that contained approximately 23 Michigan property addresses.  The insiders bid and purchased Michigan homes for $516 each!  What’s even more disturbing; some of those properties had recently been listed with a Michigan real estate agent (what the real estate industry calls an “REO“) and had offer’s pending upwards of $50-$60,000.  Prior to being purchased by the insiders, calls were made by the investors to real estate agents who confirmed that they “….had offers pending when the listing was suddenly pulled by the banks!!!!!!….” — and, as I now know it, ultimately sold for pennies on the dollar to the inside investors.

The bottom line tragedy:  Struggling families had their houses sold out from under them, and they’ve been kicked to the curb because they failed to make payments on their $200,000 mortgages —- that the banks claim “that they couldn’t couldn’t afford and were never qualified for to begin with”.  Homeowners have been aggressively evicted via the court system; rendered homeless, only to have their home dished off to the rich, inside cronies who’ve built a lucrative network of investors who will profit from the misery of desperate homeowners.

One of the members of the insider investor group was recently consider by the Obama’s administration for a high level position with the FDIC.  He declined to accept the postion because of his booming business venture.  Based in Florida, he flies around the nation evaluating and scooping up foreclosures fed to him by his bankster-friends working inside major lending institutions.

At one time, it was my opinion that elected Government officials are impotent in helping homeowners in jeopardy of foreclosure.  Then I realized that their only obligations are to their well-connected cronies.  On Friday I recceived a personal letter from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that said, “I appreciate hearing from my consituents on matters that are important to them”.  Well, Governor Schwarzenegger, you letter offering assistance to 62 year Mr. David B. was 1 month too late.  Indymac foreclosed and evicted Mr. B., and since the property was located in California, I’m sure Indymac was able to get at least a few thousand bucks from one of their “well-connected” insiders.

If you ever wondered why banks are so aggressive with foreclosing on your home, just remember that the “insiders” can’t make very much profit on their deals if you stay in your home.


SPECIAL NOTE: If you are a member of a major alternative media outlet (preferably Alex Jones), I’d be glad to share verifiable documentation and audio recordings with you.  Contact me at (760) 684-8038 anytime so I can arrange to make you throw up from disgust right along side me.  If you’re a Government official, go talk to one of your cronies.

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  1. Liliana Mauro says:

    Unbelievable that they can be doing this but not something that shocks me. So many people trying to get away with what they can. In Florida were I live the real estate rackets are all over the place. Now they are working on making money with Obama’s restructuring and refincing of loans.

  2. Wind2Energy says:

    I’m glad you posted this. Not apt to see it on CNBC, ABC, CBS or Faux News, are we?

    I’d be curious to know why you keep supporting Ron Paul, when Paul is a Libertarian virulently opposed to ANY of the government controls needed to stop this kind of rampant abuse.

    Libertarians are about privatizing everything, and removing all obstacles to predatory capitalism.

    Your outrage about travesties like this and your support for Libertarians just don’t add up. What’s it about?

  3. If they could not afford the homes, the loans should have never been made in the first place. If forclosed upon, they should be auctioned to the highest bidder. In these cases, and I have heard of this myself on a smaller scale here in GA, TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! Thanks for reporting on this.

  4. this is appalling…so, what’s the solution? stay in the home? demand the note?http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2009/02/produce_the_note.html

  5. Demanding the note does nothing, at least not in California

  6. Regarding Ron Paul: I believe he’s the only voice of reason regarding stopping government spending that will bankrupt us. He’s also the most sensible regarding ending the Fed.

  7. What’s silly about your true comment is that “Obama” is restructuring the lending industry. He’s one step away from being a dictator.

  8. ccorskipc says:

    Would this be happening with any bailouts to the banks? Banks are about making money to sell a home for 500.00 that’s worth 60,000.00 is plain stupid unless they have already gotten enough for the home from the Government.Something fishy about this article. No sources, no name??? Just innuendo that seems plausible.

  9. there are supposedly options even in non-judicial states


    and legal aid assists those who cannot afford an atty. i’m biting my nails here in a state that is both judicial and non-judicial since cut in pay is soon 50%.

  10. If you have verifiable documents and audio recordings that prove these claims then why don’t you just go ahead and post them here? Or even better, get a reputable news entity to run a story on it. If non US news entity would take it I’m sure for example the BBC would. Nobody takes Alex Jones seriously, regardless whether he’s right or not in whatever he’s writing about.

    I’m sorry but until undisputable proof is on the table for the world to see this story is nothing but yet another conspiracy theory.

  11. Because this is my blog, and it’s exactly how I wanna roll. Why don’t you go get your own blog and go push yourself around a bit. I also love watching naysayer idiots like you fall victim to all of the conspiracy theories that actually come true. Trust me, a lot more people trust Alex Jones than you’ll probably ever know in your entire lifetime. Hey buddy, by the way, get a life. I’m a little closer to the conspiracy than some journalist who makes a living relaying my story to the world.

  12. Whoah what’s with the hostility man?

    Excuse me, for a minute I thought you were a critical mind. That means you’re also open to criticism from the outside. It looks like I was dead wrong. I apologize.

    I am, very much like you, very sceptical of any government or corporation and definitely anything but a ‘naysayer idiot’. This is why I choose to follow you on Twitter and to start reading this blog.

    I fail to understand why you choose to insult me like that as a first-time commenter on this blog. You don’t know me. I was genuinely interested in why you were choosing the ‘underground’ route rather than actually doing something useful with the information you claim to have. In my humble opinion no good purpose is served with vague stories on vague ‘news’ websites. When all people do is make vague claims, all the rest of the world will ever do is shrug and wipe them off the table as ‘conspiracy nutcase theories’.

    Just like you, I believe that ‘the truth is out there’. The question is, do we want it to stay ‘out there’ or do we want it to come out in the open?


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