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Defense Attorneys Suppressing Key Facial Recognition Evidence & Sabotaging J6 Cases

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Of the many hundreds of cases related to political persecution following the FBI-led incident on January 6th in the United States of America, American patriot activist Kirstyn Niemela’s situation stands as the most prominent example of the extensive nature of the alleged conspiracy against the nation.

After a recent interview with Pete Santilli, Kirstyn Niemela’s name will be forever inscribed in stone on the wall of patriots who are stopping at nothing to help preserve our country — demonstrating truth, integrity, and honor. Niemela’s harrowing encounter with the federal judiciary and her defense attorneys ultimately led to her conviction at trial. However, she is not squandering a single moment between now and when she is scheduled to report to prison on July 25th, 2023. Her aim is to alert the public about her ordeal, the experiences of her fellow January 6th defendants, as well as the deception purportedly perpetrated upon the public.

In this interview, Pete Santilli makes some startling claims based on his personal firsthand knowledge and experience. He discusses not only the alleged corruption within the federal judiciary but also his personal interactions with the attorneys he has collaborated with over the past couple of years. One explosive revelation that impacts every American, not just the January 6th defendants, is that one of the attorneys in the recent Proud Boys Trial failed to bring forward key witnesses who had investigated the January 6th incident using facial recognition technology. A handful of federal employees, potentially including some subcontractors, have been keen to testify under oath that they’ve identified through facial recognition that the “majority of subjects at the first U.S. Capitol barricade breach and the second breach were primarily feds.” Regrettably, this information was given to attorney Roger Roots during the Proud Boys Trial, and he not only failed to introduce this testimony and evidence during the trial, but he has also made no public mention of these whistleblowers or proof of their existence.


Can the public speculate that the alleged misconduct and incompetence of the defense attorney were intentional? Considering the revelations from the interview conducted on Saturday, July 15, 2023, the total circumstances stemming from defense attorneys’ alleged negligence, malpractice, incompetence, and sabotage lead Pete Santilli and Kirstyn Niemala to feel obligated to alert the public. These defense attorneys are frequently asking for “donations” from supporters and are reportedly not fulfilling their responsibilities to donors to at least perform as basic, competent legal defense counselors for the January 6th Defendants. These revelations are shocking, and the details you will hear in this interview are sobering.


During a late night call to an apparently inebriated John Pierce, Pete Santilli confronts Pierce about his outlandish theory that Ashli Babbitt LISTEN TO THE FULL RECORDING OF THE CALL HERE

To fully comprehend the situation, it’s important to understand why Kirstyn Niemela became one of the high-value targets for the alleged deep state coup plotters:

Niemela is an openly gay individual who staunchly believes in individual rights and freedoms. She refuses to surrender her individuality to any political movement, including those aligned with gay collectivism, and vehemently opposes pedophiles.

She attended the January 6th rally in Washington, D.C., driven by a belief that many informed Americans share with complete certainty: elections worldwide have been manipulated by entities like the CIA, with the USA serving as their final target.

On that day, she found herself surrounded by undercover federal agents from various agencies, including the FBI and DHS, as well as numerous intelligence agencies and active-duty military personnel reporting to the FBI. These government and military personnel allegedly employed a Constitutional “end-around” to execute a ‘color revolution’ coup on January 6th, in collaboration with individuals known by the FBI as Nazi Ukrainian nationals.

Niemela courageously confronted the alleged deep state; she rejected plea deals, insisted on a jury trial, and demanded to testify on her own behalf during the trial. Despite being aware of the unfavorable odds, she remained resolute in her pursuit to get the truth on the record.

Besides facing the government’s full force, Niemela’s defendant status exposed her to a side of the judiciary system that most Americans never witness: her defense attorneys appeared to be working either knowingly or unknowingly to further the government’s agenda, directly opposing her right to due process and her constitutional rights to free speech, peaceful assembly, and redress of grievances against her government. Niemela learned a tough lesson about the true essence of the 6th Amendment, the right to “effective assistance of counsel.” The FBI, DHS, judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys seemed to have all collaborated to produce the results the government had engineered even before January 6th. They appeared ready to use every means necessary to “get their pound of flesh.”

DC District Federal Court Judge Christopher R. Cooper exhibited extreme bias and arguably demonstrated a lack of justice throughout Kirstyn Niemala’s entire legal saga. This bias seemingly began long before January 6th, 2021, potentially during Cooper’s education at Yale University, which is considered a breeding ground for America’s secret societies, or during his time at Stanford University, known for its alleged CIA campus operations. Cooper’s nomination by Barack Obama appears to have paid off, at least in Niemala’s criminal trial, as he is accused of engineering one of the most flagrant miscarriages of justice amongst all the January 6th trials. An example of his alleged prejudice is reflected in a comment Cooper made on the official court record during Niemala’s sentencing hearing:

When you talk about saving the children, I think
you were wearing a T-shirt that said “Save the Children.”
If that is believing that there is some conspiracy among
certain politicians to, you know, traffic in child
pornography or that they’re pedophiles or, you know, some
other crazier stuff that QAnon has been spouting, all that
shows me is that you are completely detached from reality —
all right? — which is relevant to the deterrent value of
the sentence that I have to impose.

Maintaining her composure and dignity, Niemala has publicly responded to Judge Cooper’s remarks about “Save the Children,” suggesting that he purchase a ticket to see “Sound Of Freedom.”

Pete Santilli has publicly shared alleged details of attorney John Pierce and Roger Roots’ incompetence in Niemala’s case. For the first time, Santilli revealed that Roger Roots and lead attorney Brett Whipple were fired by Cliven Bundy approximately one month before the main Bundy trial for their apparent lack of preparedness. Santilli also stated that the defendants’ extensive preparation for the 2017 trial ultimately led to the Nevada Bundy case being dismissed mid-trial. Seven years later, Roger Roots is accused of contributing to Kirstyn Niemala’s unjust sentencing, and when she needed them most, Pierce and Roots essentially abandoned her.

In the ten remaining days before Kirstyn Niemala is required to report to federal prison, she plans to seize every opportunity to inform the public about her legal case. She also intends to discuss the disturbing and questionable conduct of attorneys who represent other January 6 defendants. Here’s a brief list that Niemala believes needs to be shared with the general public:

  • Attorneys John Pierce and Roger Roots have allegedly been unethically soliciting clients and donations without securing approval from the court to receive compensation through the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). Pete Santilli’s investigation has gathered an extensive number of witnesses, including former employees of John Pierce’s firm who claim they have not been paid, as well as numerous current and former January 6 defendants and their family members.
  • Many witnesses have provided detailed accounts of Pierce and Roots allegedly mismanaging their retainer fees and missing crucial court deadlines and hearings. Several witnesses have claimed to have personally observed John Pierce struggling with rumored issues of alcohol and substance abuse while performing his duties as their attorney.
  • To support her claims, Kirsten Niemala has documented every text, email correspondence and court filing in order for her to appeal her conviction on several grounds. Additionally, Niemala has worked tirelessly to obtain witness statements and documentation regarding John Pierce’s devastating impact on many other January 6th defendants.

The circumstances surrounding Kirstyn Niemala’s case are deeply concerning and bring forth numerous questions about the integrity of the justice system and those who work within it. The alleged biases, misconduct, and ethical transgressions outlined throughout this account are both startling and disheartening, shedding light on a potential hidden underbelly of the justice system rarely visible to the public eye.

Niemala’s experiences serve as a stark reminder that we must continually demand transparency, fairness, and accountability in our legal proceedings. The actions of figures like Judge Christopher R. Cooper, attorneys John Pierce, and Roger Roots, as alleged by Niemala and Pete Santilli, signal a need for rigorous scrutiny and, if substantiated, actionable reform.

In the face of adversity and injustice, Niemala continues to advocate for truth and integrity, highlighting the potential flaws in the system. As she prepares to serve her sentence, her efforts to expose these issues are commendable and essential for ongoing public discourse around the events on January 6th 2021.

Niemala’s story serves as a call to action for us all, urging vigilance, questioning, and accountability in the pursuit of justice. It underscores the importance of maintaining an open and honest dialogue about the events surrounding January 6th, the individuals involved, and the systems that preside over their fate. As Niemala herself has shown, no stone should be left unturned in the quest for truth.

If you have any information relevant to the ongoing January 6th investigation, particularly as it relates to defense attorney corruption and potential malpractice, please sent a confidential email to Pete Santilli at tips4pete[at] If you are a federal agent, government employee or potential whistleblower with knowledge of illegal, unethical or government misconduct, please contact Pete Santilli to be connected with a network of attorneys knowledgable about the process of conveying your information, safeguarding your identify and obtaining whistleblower protection. Send an email to tips4pete[at]

We all need to rally & support Kystyn Niemala, as she has sacrificed everything to continue fighting to bring the truth to the American people. Please visit her Give Send Go and contrubute however much you can.

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