Episode #329 – Dr. Leonard Horowitz Says 528 Frequency Can Change The World

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Monday January 28, 2013

Today on The Pete Santilli Show: Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz is the world’s most celebrated pharmaceutical industry whistleblower, YouTube’s most popular, prolific, controversial doctor; a leading humanitarian, political activist, Harvard-trained media expert; and documentary filmmaker and author of 17 books, including three American best-sellers. His works have moved nations to rethink vaccinations, and sourced the Islamic world’s opposition to intelligence agencies’ operations into global “immunization” programs.

Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist, news commentator, psycho-social analyst, and political activist, specializing in uncovering media persuasion and manipulation, conspiracy realities and women’s and children’s rights issues.

-Website URL  waronwethepeople.com; drlenhorowitz.com; sherrikane.com;

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11:00 Pete opens with the launch of the Guerilla Media Network and will be competing with Glenn Beck and Alex Jones.

11:07 Introducing guests Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane, whistle blowers against pharmaceutical industry and dis info agents. Dr Horowitz is author of 17 books including 3 bestsellers. They are the hosts of the The HOROKANE Hour and the 528 LOVE Revolution.

11:11 Ted Gunderson infiltration of alternative media after defection from FBI, is a pedofile protector. The psyop methodology is to discredit patriots.

11:14 Infiltrators creating doubt on top of doubt.
11:16 Sherry Kane & Dr. Horowitz are regulars on Late Night in the Midlands with Vinny Eastwood www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com/2011.html
11:18 Pete asks Dr Horowitz about who he trusts, Dr. Horowitz discusses his pharmaceutical background with Henry Chein Pharmaceuticals

11:24 Discussion continues about “outing people in darkness” Sherry Kane and Dr. Horowitz talk about their history..
11:25 LH “Passion to tell the truth and save lives…”
11:26 Infection control, billion lawsuit, toxic cleaning products…
11:27 Hep B vaccines spreading disease. Pete mentions Art Bell.
11:28 Dr. Horowitz 528 Love Revolution / Free Energy/ Natural Health are most important points
11:29 Revolution Television Cure for Global Warming http://vimeo.com/57009645
11:30:10 Natural healing, holistic “Divine Technology”
11:30:30 Tesla “frequencies” (3,6,9 Keys to Universe)
11:31:15 Joseph Puleo Book: Healing Codes
11:32 Alpha numerics of language, miracle note of universe
11:34 Miracle 6 (MI6) 666 Riddle < Alphanumeric Code
11:35 AIDS – Kissinger – 666 – Project Paper Clip
Biological weapons for pharmaceutical depopulation
11:36 Conspiracy Definitive
11:37:16 Numeric Certainty, Petes asks “What do you mean Kissinger is 666?”
Multiples of 6 in the Bible, aplpha numerics of a code; Bible uses multiples
To solve a riddle , need an alpha numeric code.




11:43:30 Show Returns, Pete plans on inviting HOROKANE back again. Free Energy is the ultimate goal.
11:45:13 Leonard Horowitz pull out compass, directing North. Electromagnetic field, why? Special
frequency vibration, sacred geometry, “hydrosonics”. Free energy is easy to tap once you understand the basic
mathematics frequency. “Choose man’s laws or God’s Laws.”
11:51 Alex Jones silver product injected with cancer causing UVA radiation.
11:52 Cointel Agents Listed: Alex Jones, David Icke, Jeff Rense, etc..
Pete Santilli, Sherry Kane agree that we have an obligation to attack the cointel pro.

12:01 Bunker News Break, calm resolve of Suzanne Posel: Gun Control, Federal Agencies and Mental Health
Chronic stress in adolescence a factor in mental health as adults, an excuse to prescribe ru481 birth control.
Pepsi to remove flame retardant from Gatorade.
12:10 Pete Santilli/Susan discuss the Anonymous CyberWar (Friend or Foe, lack of transparancy)
12:13 Anon used Flame to crack into the Syrian data “proxy war”
Pete: 20% Anon is bad, 80% are the warriors led by unknown entities. Operating in darkness, who suffers? We do.
12:17 Anon calls in, “we encourage hackers to do good.” CIA traffics drugs to save Democracy?
Susan “Time for people who are trying to change the system to come out in the open”.
12:19 Break

12:24 JawBreaker: Control concerns him most, (Gun Control, World War)
12:26 Miztir E call in, “ready to kick it up a notch” fakes the room out.
12:30 Miztir E is safe, no swat team.
12:31 Pete Santilli asks if he is attacking too many dis info agents, Savvy and the chat room, confirm he is not.
12:37 Freedom Frank calls in talks about interpretations of the truth, and his expertise on Tesla, knowing the truth
has been squelched. “90% truth is still deception!”
12:40 Rocket calls in, mentions that he has information about Alex Jones direct links to CIA.
12:45 Pete talks about the Guerilla Media Network launch. Rocket continues to discuss about Alex Jones being referred to as “crazy conspiracy guy” by Fred Burton and that he is from the Knights of Malta/Jesuits. Code STICK is referring to Alex Jones.
12:51 Legion (Anonymous voice) calls in.
Pete Santilli talks about code of Guerilla Media Ethics, “Make a mistake, then you must retract it.”
“Stand and fight, no one will ever keep my mouth shut, this is our legacy for future generations.”

The Bunker News Break is brought to you by occupycorporatism.com and Susanne Posel. Susanne is live starting at the top of the second hour Monday through Friday giving you a sneak preview of her latest and best articles on occupycorporatism.com and coverage of the days most important events. In this episode Susanne covered:



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