Episode #335 – Assasinated Defendant – Now Jesse Ventura Can No Longer Be Vindicated

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February 4, 2013

Today on The Pete Santilli Show: Pete Santilli – Susannah Cole – Sheriff Denny Peyman (Jackson County Ky) – Susanne Posel

The first Hour:

Pete Santilli and Co-host Susannah Cole cover the news, take calls and give commentary.

The Second Hour:
At the top of the second hour Pete welcomes back to the show Susanne Posel chief editor of occupycorporatism.com and regular contributor to The Pete Santilli Show. Susanne uses her segment to cover her story, http://occupycorporatism.com/dhs-are-militarizing-local-police-to-create-federalized-law-enforcement-agencies/ .
Susanne goes in-depth explaining that local police departments are corporate owned and in most cases operating illegally. This is a must hear segment.
Pete is then joined by Sheriff Denny Peyman of Jackson County Kentucky a constitutional Sheriff doing his part to protect the constitutional rights of his citizens. Denny Peyman is a true patriot and proclaims he will never allow the Federal Government to infringe upon his counties constitutional rights.

The Third Hour:
Susanne Posel recaps her article and talks about the effects Sheriffs like Denny Peyman
Show Chronology provided by Jana Murray: http://jana-murray.com/
11:00am – 11:20am Mon. Feb 4, 2013 Post Super Bowl
11:04 Blue Host went down “internal issues” over the weekend.
11:05 5,000 brand new listeners, 24/7 non stop broadcast
11:07 Worse case scenario for most employees, Chinese people can do it for less.
Software developer, hired out to Chinese company, while he relaxed.
11:13 Makaio: Chattel Slavery (real estate investment trust)
11:15 Peter Thiel Project Blue Seed http://venturebeat.com/2011/11/30/blueseed-funding/
11:16 Nemo: Illuminati subliminal messages, Beyoncé

> 11:20am-11:40am
11:23 Software development outsourcing -Nemo “big loophole, probably illegal ” Pete: “hilarious, lazy Americans”
11:26 Funniest commercial “old people sneaking out” and the “GoDaddy commercial”
11:27 Susannah Cole skipped out on half time, avoiding the illuminati symbolism.
11:28 Santilli – “Am I allowed to protest during the national anthem?”
11:29 “protest the truth that the US flag is something fake, absolutely ashamed, we are a terrorist organization, people too dumb to realize it…”
11:32 We are now live BlogTalk Radio, but they do need to improve sound quality.
11:34 Rocket Radio Show (9 pm PST) Rocket Radio Chat Room
11:36 Gary Frachi will be on tomorrow.
11:37 Jackson County KY Sheriff Denny Peyman story http://www.kentucky.com/2013/01/12/2473855/eastern-kentucky-sheriff-says.html

> 11:40-12:00pm
11:44 Susannah Cole Occupy Corporatism: Militias Could Preserve the 2nd Amendment, Not Scissors


11:47 Psychiatrist: Veterans Suffer “Moral Injury” Causing Suicide Epidemic
11:49 Absurdity of sending the troops to war without consequences, of course!
11:50 Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle shot dead, PTSD Eddie Ray Routh – “semi automatic rifle found”
Wrote a book called “American Sniper”
11:53 This sniper is the one who lied in his book about approaching, Jesse Ventura and putting it in his book.
Jesse Ventura was going to expose about what this guy had going on behind the scenes. There is is a conspriracy theory behind this story.
11:54 Alex Jones: “they are using this to demonize veterans..”

> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with OccupyCorporatism.com
12:03 DHS, 2011 consolidation of police force apparatus, “Unified Police Dept”
12:04 Suzanne Posel:United Police Department , hired security firm that can be manipulateed by Federal
replace law enforcement w/private security firms, Pete:”martial law and corportism is here”
12:06 Law enforcement is contracted by your city, private non-profit corporations.
12:08 Cross reference the name and address to check, filed articles of incorporation. If they are not compliant they are in dissolution.
12:09 No legal jurisdiction if their corporation has been dissolved.
12:10 Private Security Forms. If contract is not valid, they are not legally allowed to pull you over, or generate funds for the city.
12:13 DHS can take over our police department.
12:14 Militarized police departments.
12:15 Wearing the same badges, private armed guards.
12:17 HB290 was striken from docket in Delaware.
See article: http://occupycorporatism.com/dhs-are-militarizing-local-police-to-create-federalized-law-enforcement-agencies

> 12:20pm-12:40pm KY Sheriff Denny Peyman
12:24 Local police dept. have become private agencies
12:25 We have a battle going on between Constitutional Sheriffs and corporate police departments.
12:27 Peyman: “What I’ve learned that most people don’t understand where their sheriff stands.”
12:28 Constitution is not being taught the schools,
12:29 Authority over local municipality, is the highest authority, that overrides every other authority.
12:31 They are asking their Sheriff to stand up and not let the Feds take their firearms.
12:32 Gun free zones are a magnet for criminals.
12:33 “Are you recieving resistance?” “No, they know better. I am not worried about them coming into my county”.
12:35 We need to defend against this tyranny that is trying to come into our counties. “are you going to disarm your community? No.”
12:36 We will decide within our communities. “Why would you disarm the good people”?
12:37 Supplying arms and support, are you beholden to them? “No we are not”.

> 12:40pm – 1:00pm
12:44 Suzanne Posel back to cover DHS militarization, martial law.
12:46 Split in the military, military spread thin, there still is not enough to lock down America.
They have already militarized every police department.
12:47 Pete: “I have personally witnessed the NYPD is a militarized group of thugs, and they treat you like you are Al Qaeda”
12:49 Miami, The private security firms are being taught military tactitical operations.
12:50 Jawbreaker Calls in.
12:53 Last year, Hollywood Fl, teaching the police officers so they can be the ground troops. They are doing this everywhere.
12:55 If you have a sheriff that does not understand the Constitution, please call.

>1:00pm – 11:20pm – Third Hour
1:02 Kylie high level of exposure as a navy seal, wrongfully cotained info about Jesse Ventura.
1:04 Jesse Ventura is a patriot, humble enough to speak to Alex Jones listeners.
1:05 AJ quick on the trigger to say “demonizing the troops..”
1:06 Jesse Ventura never had a chance to vidicate himself.
1:07 Truth operates in secrecy, I believe that is what Jesse Ventura represents.
1:08 Treating PTSD at the range. Ron Paul; “Live by the sword, die by the sword comment”
1:10 Autobiography, FOX news pumping this guy up. I don’t regret any of the kills, this was all a fucking lie.
1:11 You are sent to go kill brown people, start protecting the people here.
(Voice of the dead guy) “Knocked Jesse Ventura to floor with a punch. Bad mouthing the war, please tone it down… We deserve to lose a few seals”
1:14 Pete: “Do you think Jesse Ventura would ever say that? He would not, that would be stupid.”
1:15 Jesse: “That is a lie” and he was going to take this guy to court.
1:17 Pete: “Is there any doubt your mind that FOX know that Iraq is a scam, still promoting the Neo Con doing business in America”. Time to point fingers at the dumb dumb FOX news-ites”.

> 1:20pm – 1:40pm
1:23 My hitlist; “Bill O’Reilly is for millions of blue haired dumb dumbs who don’t know how to use the internet”
1:25 FOX News threw Jesse Ventura under the bus, Chris Kyle is a sleeze bag. Navy Seals don’t “punch and run”.
1:26 Alex Jones needs to come out right now in support of Jesse Ventura.
1:28 What calls in: “I got Jesse’s back. Actually went back to Jones after seeing Dr Judy Wood’s book”.
1:32 Take a guy out with PTSD to a gun range? Seems strange.
1:33 Steve: “I am standing with Jesse, I believe in Jesse. I have some questions about the point that he was out of the country, reason for lawsuit”.
1:35 “Alex was more on Ickes side instead of Jesse Ventura”
1:36 Really important to align ourselves up against propagandized lies. “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

> 1:40pm – 2:00pm
1:44 Neil: “Love Jesse, Icke is a nutjob. Need Jesse on your show” “Emailed Judy Wood’s info to a lot of friends”
1:46 Neil: “12 Semi Trucks with generators in Wisconsin, a lot of military activity, our law enforcement is a joke”
1:49 We will nail down every detail on behalf of Jesse Ventura
Susannah Cole: “he never said it in the book who it was, it came out later that it was Jesse Ventura, claimed that Jesse said that we deserve to lose a few guys”
1:55 Who is a more important voice that Jesse Ventura regarding the truth?

The Bunker News Break is brought to you by occupycorporatism.com and Susanne Posel. Susanne is live starting at the top of the second hour Monday through Friday giving you a sneak preview of her latest and best articles on occupycorporatism.com and coverage of the days most important events. In this episode Susanne covered:
10:42 AM

10:52 AM

11:06 AM
KEYWORDS: Denny Peyman, constitutional sheriff, Jesse Ventura, Chris Kyle, shooting, Susanne Posel, veterans, Bill O’reilly, second amendment, gun control

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