Episode #338: Who Will be In Charge After The Collapse?

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February 7, 2013

Today on The Pete Santilli Show: Pete Santilli – Susannah Cole – Tom Hansen

Tom Hansen is a former trader for the NYSE and 9/11 survivor. Tom is our expert on everything opinionated.

Tomorrow (February 8, 2013) on The Pete Santilli Show: Katherine Albrecht

The first Hour:

Pete Santilli and Co-host Susannah Cole cover the news, take calls and give commentary.

Pete and Tom Hansen talk about what Tommy picked as his train wreck of the week.

The Second Hour: Susanne Posel joins Pete for an in-depth look at what’s happening on occupycorporatism.com

The Third Hour:

Listener call in and continued talk with Former NYSE trader Tom Hansen: Tommy elaborates on stocks and option trading.

Show Chronology: Provided by Jana Murray: http://jana-murray.com/

>11:00am – 11:20am

11:02 M48 Loyal Listener 5 min countdown- 5 Minutes of Funk “Always exciting dancing with you”

11:04 Welcome back Susannah Cole

11:05 Mobile Apps Spreaker for your iPhone http://petersantilli.com/mobile-apps/

11:06 Broadcasting Guerilla Media Network 24/7 – Rocket Radio Show 8-10 daily to produce his show 9pm Pacific Midnight EST

11:08 Am I an old timer of alternative media? Gerald Celente on tomorrow…

11:10 Yesterday, Doug Hagmann, will be simulcasting the Hagmann & Hagmann Report

11:12 New Report- Lindsey Torez (In and Out Burger Chain) now a billionaire. Girl Power Works

Susannah – Biggest crackdown from Government US Dept of Justice on Anonymous, republished on CNN, happened in March.

11:14 Seemed like it just happened today… from CNN

11:15 Panetta not enough time to respond to Benghazi http://www.cnn.com/2013/02/07/us/panetta-benghazi-hearing

> 11:20am-11:40am

11:23 Tommy’s Trainwreck of the Week. Crystal Light & Vodka. Thursday is the new Friday

11:24 Iran released video of a drone that they hacked. Billions spent, Iran kicked our butt. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iran/9855020/Iran-shows-footage-extracted-from-US-drone.html

11:25 Tommy- People waking up all over the place, everything is like a movie..

11:26 Nemo- Egg fight fun.

11:27 Whistle Blower Drake, like to have him on the show.

11:28 Want a homeless/anyone person with a speech impediment, on the show.

11:29 …then we will able to compete with Alex Jones.

11:30 Train Wreck of the Week: Three way tie- Obama with his skeet gun, Dept of Justice fine Royal Bank Scotland

after 100 billion bailout.

11:36 CatDog calling- listening for a couple months, since Alex Jones tried to quash Dr. Judy Wood’s info.

Got off the grid. Word of mouth, cash only providing services for local community. Recommends- Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

> 11:40-12:00pm

11:44 CatDog- thanks Tommy for recommending BackPack/Mobile weapons

11:46 Buy the same guns that DHS has (compatible ammo).

11:49 Third TrainWreck: Insider corporate heads have bought stock option, you can look it up in SEC filings

11:50 Last week- Make sure you have cash, and water, and don’t leave your computers on at night (Tommy’s inside scoop)

11:51 About 4 days after the warning, the cyber attacks began.

11:52 Tommy- “Contra Indicator- bet on the volatility index”

11:54 Technologu of clarity of camera equipment on drones.

> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with OccupyCorporatism.com

12:02 Suzanne Posel International on PressTV discussed IMF, World Bank

12:04 Airs next week called the Money Trail

12:05 ICE ExChief comments

12:06 New privacy app technology coming out

12:07 Obama Cybersecurity Exec Order Empowers DHS and US Military Against Hacker Attacks

12:08 will be announced after State of Union Address, government recruiting hackers at the same time

Supported by Feinstein can’t wait for Congress, need an Executive Order.

12:10 Hagmann’s North East Intelligence Network hacker report. http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/

12:11 Obama Cybersecurity Exec Order Empowers DHS and US Military Against Hacker Attacks, Chinese style censorship will look like a walk in the park.

12:12 Illegal Police Department Activity Threaten to Bankrupt Counties Nationwide

12:13 Let’s get rid of corrupt police departments.

12:14 RT.com You are holding a gun agaist Iran http://rt.com/news/iran-rejects-us-offer-637/

12:16 End of the summer started digging into Zionism

12:17 Audio: “Hard to see how the President can get us to war with Iran”

> 12:20pm-12:40pm

12:23 Emerald48 from Arizona Like Tommy Trainwrecks segment

12:25 “Encylopedia Boy” You know those drones? a lot of laughter going on underground,

calling them Hard Cardboard.

12:26 Online directions on the frequencies to take down drones.

12:27 Drones flying at 16,000+ ft, and they are hard cardboard.

12:28 Get a freaking MAC, get off Windows.

12:29 Trainwreck Tommy elaborates on stocks and option trading.

12:31 Massive leverage in Options.

12:33 “If you are really market savvy you smell the rat coming”

12:33 Soros drastically reduced euro raleted exposure from Soros Fears ‘Rebellion’, Warns “The Euro Could Destroy The EU” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-02-07/soros-fears-rebellion-warns-euro-could-destroy-eu

12:36 “Japanese YEN got obliterated” (currency war discussion)

> 12:40pm – 1:00pm

12:44 Make contact with your Sheriff (Constitutional or Not)

12:45 Talking about doom and gloom in this third hour. No matter what we do, our country is finished.

12:46 Must think about how we are going to handle things after the collapse.

12:48 The individual person doesn’t have to be done because our government is done.

12:49 If you disagree, you will be surprised, You have to face the reality.

12:50 Almost impossible to turn around our immoral character, economics have destroyed “women’s rights movement”, mom’s were taken out of the household.

12:51 Exploited the emotions of the woman to increase tax revenue, Since the mid 60′s

12:52 Immature women having babies and passing on their poor skills and attitudes generationally.

12:53 If we do not learn our lessons, what do we have to look forward to.

Susannah, women have left their children to be raised by the state. Men are fathering children that they don’t take responsibility for.

12:55 Going against nature, men are becoming more feminine, and women are going out to earn money. Reversed roles.

>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:03 System is killing us with Chemicals, going to talk with listener

1:04 Heather from Georgia, how well do you know Tommy? He’s been a longtime listener.

1:05 Heather- “Just don’t know that he should be representing the show as a financial expert”

1:07 Heather- “BravoTV has normalized the illuminati, promoting the Alpha Female”

1:10 Susannah “I consider Tommy Trainwreck’s advice to be expert”

1:13 Zadmaril- “News about 9 year old, gave birth to a baby girl in Mexico”

1:16 “You don’t want to exploit the hormonal aspects of childhood, any man that crosses that line is a disgusting individual, very cowardly, not manly”

>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:23 NoMessiah the Official Band of the Pete Santilli Show

1:24 Building a community of people getting ready to transition the collapse.

1:25 Nemo: Start making fun about the administration to counter them.

1:27 Kevin: inaudible, Root of the Issue Wednesdays at 10, main goal is the non aggression principle.

1:29 Pete: Here’s the deal, I want to stick the muzzle of my gun in the face of Ben Bernanke, they don’t give it up voluntarily..

1:30 When we start reforming society “the use of force is illegitimate”

1:31 Our new system does not use coersion, we have freedom on the other side.

1:32 Kevin: “Being fed lies over and over again”

1:35 Bill from Dallas TX- Love listening to Tommy, sense of humor is great. Women working, sacrifice your kids to buy junk for your house, causing deterioration of the family.

>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm: Whose in charge after the collapse?

1:44 Susannah “How to be a feminine guy”

1:45 Laura, likes manly men… hairy men, with testosterone, schools get kickbacks for children with ADHD

1:48 We need men who understand what it is going to take, leadership after the collapse

1:49 Susannah: Mindset of Bunkering Up, don’t think we can stop them.

1:50 I don’t think there is anybody out there that thinks we are okay, they think communism is the way to go.

1:51 Pete: Telling the truth needs to become the trend. Is it to put fear in you, no, you got all the way to front of line.

Shame on you for being asleep. We have to teach the people. You have an obligation to wake them up.

1:54 Susannah;Grandmother had 2 siblings starve to death, caught totally unaware. That generation is slowly

passing away.

1:55 DHS Feds 451659 ordering 22 million rounds as of 2-11-13 http://goo.gl/05R0S

The Bunker News Break is brought to you by occupycorporatism.com and Susanne Posel. Susanne is live starting at the top of the second hour Monday through Friday giving you a sneak preview of her latest and best articles on occupycorporatism.com and coverage of the days most important events. In this episode Susanne covered:




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