Episode #361 – US Backed Al Qaeda Kidnaps UN Peacekeepers In Golan Heights

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Wednesday March 6, 2013

Today’s Special Guest:


Patrick Henningsen  LIVE FROM BERIUT LEBANON: The Bunker News Break

A writer and documentary filmmaker based in London. Former graduate of Cal Poly SLO in California, with over a decade’s experience in Public Relations and Corporate Communications in the UK.

Avid reader with a strong belief in freedom of speech, intelligent discussion and creative expression, using writing and the arts to support these. The conversation begins now… at home, at work, at the cafe, at parties and on the street.

Patrick joins Pete live for an in-depth conversation about the world news and politics






>11:00am – 11:20am Wednesday, March 6, 2013

11:01 Rand Paul is a SCAM

11:03 Snide little remarks are intended for the Grumpy People

11:04 Best way to communicate is in the Live Show Chat http://petersantilli.com/chat/

11:05 Word up to Rocket and his family.

11:06 Rand Paul Soundclip, do not be impressed with this stupid disgusting puke.

11:08 The whole system is rigged, approving the droning of American citizens. Needs to be removed from his seat.

Why do we allow them to be unconstitutional?

11:09 Stands up and says he supports the Constitution but President should have the right to drone American citizens.

11:10 From our wallets to his family, the Ron Paul family is almost a crime syndicate.

11:11 How is he going to run the country if he cannot run his own campaign?

11:12 118 million dollar an hour Federal Reserve, hell bent on serving the elite, why is that the case?

11:13 We are getting sucked into a false ponzi scheme.  Feed your family, you think so?

11:14 Chief WhiteHouse Calligrapher, $96,725/year.  $300,000 per year for calligraphy.



> 11:20am-11:40am 


11:22 Pete Sanitilli music sounclip.

11:24 George Harrison, Hara Krishna, “you are a bunch of idiots, doing it for your own good”

11:25 Nemo’s Scumbag of the Day – Princess Letitia of Spain


11:26 She currently is exploiting her children…

11:27 Monarchy stole the Mayans gold, scandal with the banks, 1981, 200 armed forces tried to fix parliament.

11:28 False attempt take over, celebrate every February.  She is supporting fake monarchy.

11:34 Google employees now revealing favorite perks, most sought after positions.

11:35 Free rental cars, gyms on campus, on-site daycare, provide refreshments…

11:36 Free showers on campus, extracting information from your computer to sell off to the government.

11:38 Rand Paul filibuster, eminent domain, John Brennan.


11:39 Droning Americans okay during false flag events, not while eating free food in Google cafe.


> 11:40-12:00pm Guest second segment


11:46 Rand Paul knows that they can consider you a terrorist and detain you if they suspect you are a “terrorist”

11:47 Holder determination “eminent threat”

11:48 The whole financial system is a used car sale, we can stop the flow of money to bastards

11:49 Bloomberg is now embarking to prevent New Yorkers about risk of listening to loud music.

11:50 NY man didn’t know it was a crime to laugh. Long Island man slapped with 2 summons for disturbing the peace.


11:51 Judge declined to dismiss the charges….  We give them cash 250,000 dollars to finance fund for public health to prevent hearing loss.


11:54 Why are they pulling money out of their wallet and paying for war?  They don’t pay attention to, and don’t know where their tax dollars are going.

11:56 Why are you allowing it? Handing money to government, thinking they can do better this time??

Incrementally, over time, supporting communist/ tyrannical/ police state.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:02 Michelle Obama flattening hair costs $300.

12:03 BeforeItsNews.com  Joe Biden I know some gruesome details about Sandy Hook that he cannot share.

20 UN Peacekeepers,  Chris Stevens,  Suppliers, WW3 is brewing.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm   


12:22 20 UN Peacekeepers taken hostage by Syrian Rebels


12:23 Arab Leagues is supporting Syrian Rebels

12:24 from Ireland, Poland, Norway, and Asia put in by the U.N.  to keep Isreal out.

12:25 Blackmail the United Nations, force the hand, not very effective but will create problems.

12:26 Tables have turned to bring NATO into the theater.  Israel has discovered oil in Golan Heights

12:27 Most important resources from Golan Heights to support Israelis’ agriculture.

Guns coming in fast and furious from Libya, using proxies like Croatia.

12:28 Arab League full of Petrol Monarchs.

12:29 Lines drawn between BRIC nations and  Arab League on the side of U.S. and London.

12:30 Christopher Stevens converted to Islam, placed into Libya because he had good relationship with Muslim community.

12:31 Stevens not bloodthirsty like Brennan.


12:32 Narrative of  Benghazi-Gate more complicated than we know. Jihad against Israel.  Israel has always wanted the Golan Heights.

12:33 The government of Syria is very weak. King of Jordan allowing guns to be run over his borders.  Where is the condemnation?

12:34 Return to WWI treaties and politics, Syria is one of the main training partners for Iran. Secular country with religious tolerance.

12:35 Have to rule with an Iron Fist.  Do not want to see any progressive developments.

12:36 We actually supplied nuclear technology for Iran.

12:37 Very small minority of super wealthy will benefit from the wars.

12:38 “Reducing the population is part of evolving” is the mindset.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 


12:44 The Queen is unsustainable, we must set the queen on fire, get rid of the Queen, the Bush’s, the Clintons

12:45 We need to poke the “all seeing eye”  Just think if we took all of the wealth from the top of the pyramid.

12:45 I don’t need the Queen’s genocide or the fucking Pope for my life to be sustainable

12:46 We need to rise up against them.  Cut if off and kill it, don’t give them anymore money.

12:47 We need a worldwide strike, everyday that passes gives them another day to “sustain themselves”

12:48 Federal Continuity Directive, 181 million/hour Federal Reserve is going hog wild,  injecting into the casino, Wall Street, extracting wealth.

12:50 Ruckus: No 1, they are testing to see if we are ready for WW3, they are infected by demons.

12:51 We have to take care of each other, this is messed up. Ephesians…..  we are fighting a tiny population of scumbags.

12:52 Stopped paying taxes and working.  Nothing more important than small business owners.

12:53 Talking about revolution, free energy is ready, it’s out there.

Look up Qatar, so small, what interest does that serve the tax payers.


12:54 Why are we allowing this? Those who are so intellectually superior..  Fuck you, we need to go kill them.

12:55 We need to throw these people in jail.  They are raping your children, killing people in military for profit.


>1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


1:01 Left home to join Marine Corps, was a Neocon, proud to serve under Reagan.

Freak accident, lost flight crew status.

1:02 Exposed to corporate corruption with Coke, stealing from employees.

1:04 From employee advocate to a consumer advocate, started educating seniors against financial planners.

1:13 Jeff- I agree with everything, closed businesses.

1:14 They are going to kill it themselves.  They just carry on…  We are zombie-fied thats the only reason


1:15 WAKE THE FUCK UP, GET OFF THE CURB. We run the fucking place.

1:16 They are scared.  This God against Satan.

1:18 Homeland Security/DHS using 16 military style vehicles MRAP


1:19 Not new, we have been using them for years, DHS response team.

1:20 Rosie: Ridiculous, husband doesn’t want to hear it anymore, nothing going to happen.

1:21 Common Law Court found Pope and Queen guilty.

1:22 Notice that the conclave has been delayed, stop speaking to the media, very concerned about the conversation with the cardinals.

1:23 How are we going arrest them?  They were convicted, when we commit a crime what happens to us?

1:24 Just ridiculous how brainwashed they are.

1:25 We will suffer for not standing up and taking control, that’s it shut the system down, to save millions of lives.

setting the stage so we will go voluntarily.

1:26 We can do everything about it.  We have more power than we think.

1:27 Dex: Name of the 2 hour documentary about Satanism?  Sorcerers of Rock N Roll by Joe Schimmel


1:28 They all talk about the spirit that comes through them…

1:29 Dex: Mama Mias Cookies, are incredible!Highly specialized product.

1:30 KC: one weak spot, their tail end, punch the lights out. Mainly a ploy to scare people.  Spending billions on safety, they could buy food.

1:32 Homer: at work, martial law executive order alert,  last one I saw was Interpol, foreign law enforcement to come into United States, this guy is out of control.


1:35 Bring these reptilians out…  Want the show to be about bringing evidence forward.

1:36 Florida Legislators want anyone to buy ammo to complete anger management program, Audrey Gibson, 3 day waiting period. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/06/florida-lawmaker-wants-anger-management-courses-for-ammunition-buyers/

1:38 Getting people to think before they buy.   Audrey Gibson is a democrat in FL

1:39 All Sheriffs in Florida are standing up against the gun bill.

1:40 Lawmakers demand access to survivors injured in Benghazi attack

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/06/lawmakers-demand-access-to-survivors-injured-in-benghazi-attack/#ixzz2MnYJYNAO

1:41 “We want talk to the survivors — they won’t do that. And then the president has the gall to go on television and say ‘oh, we’re providing all the access’? Baloney. Bull-crap. That is not happening.”

Changed their names to keep public from knowing who the survivors are.

1:42 Kash: Hardest phone call, Kansas is a hub of child trafficking, county full of Satanists, no investigations.

McPherson Kansas.

1:43 NASA doing project with mind control, can prove it, I have microchips in cartilage of ears.

1:44 We have an obligation to expose them.

1:48 Kash, why are they doing this? They can actually turn people into Automatons

1:49 I can feel the implants in my ears, frequencies change, clicking, prevent sleep.

It’s electronic, this is real.

1:50 Nobody will take me seriously, doctors don’t want to put their necks on the line.

1:51 How does a poor person request an x-ray without a reason.

Pete: I would like to support this, stay in contact, get x-rays.

1:53 Energy: Inspired me today. This can be won if we are a little bit organized. Standard questions,

to document, calling this group the Walking Dread.

1:54 Government is most vulnerable, greatest risk of the wrath of awakening populace.

1:55 They are dreading an awakening significant minority questions.


1:57 They have a ticket to ride if they don’t answer.

1:58 Just Passing Through- Appreciate and Support the Show.

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