Episode #363 – DHS Entering Veterans Homes Siting Copyright Violation-Then Search For Weapons

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Friday March 08, 2013

TODAYS SPECIAL GUEST: Patrick Henningsen covers News and Topics


Patrick Henningsen is managing editor of 21st Century Wire online journal. He is a writer and communications consultant for the hi-tech, entertainment, charity and government/political sectors in Europe and the US.When it comes to political parties, Patrick is non-partisan and tends to lean towards the Libertarian position.http://www.21stcenturywire.com




Those that know Jana will tell you her passion is promoting truth seekers who are concerned about the demise of America, with a bent towards the proper restoration of the Constitution as the founders intended to serve as our protection against tyranny.

With her tireless work ethic she will not rest until our prodigy have an equivalent, perhaps even better, opportunity to seek the true American way which includes our freedom of thought and just pursuits, without the shackles of economic slavery.

Jana Murray carries on with her eternal vigil of hope that the human race will conquer the bondage and illusions that it finds itself quagmired in so we can all pursue happiness and aspire to live in true prosperity, freedom, and individual sovereignty. Never accepting the status quo, it’s her fondest wish to instill our future generations the knowledge and philosophy to inherit a debt free economic climate that supports entrepreneurship and creativity.



>11:00am – 11:20am Friday March 8,2013


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11:04 Nemo’s Scumbag of the Day: Dr. Ann Dunham, President Obama’s mom.


11:05 Original 13th Amendment, This Article of Amendment is intimately connected to questions of loyalty, honesty, war and national defense.   http://www.amendment-13.org/

11:06 No person from any other country can hold office.

11:07 Obama waking up every morning laughing about the 13th Amendment.

11:09 Pete: felt bad that we missed Nemo yesterday.

11:10 Inside track in understanding N. Korea, armistice 65 years has been lifted.

11:11 Everything in the public is intended to scare you. They would never release info, stuff in news is all bull-crap.

11:12 XBox Boy of North Korea, basically has no power or authority over the military.  Pressure so that they will feed their people.  Just to scare us so we don’t focus on what matters.

11:13 Dr. Judy Wood warning that people can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction.  Difficult to discern.

11:14 Pete: I Do believe we are on the verge of a world war.  Keep the people busy and entertained.

11:15 NY prepping for ban on sugary drinks, term Nanny State can be heard echoing as you pass Mr. Bloomberg.

11:16 Could costs 10′s of thousands of dollars to implement, people will have to bring sugar from home and add it themselves.


> 11:20am-11:40am 


11:24 Ashley Jones Executive Producer, walking encyclopedia, amazing breadth of knowledge. Awakened along with us.

11:25 From exposing IntelHub, InfoWars and Occupy Corporatism.  There is a massive expose that is about to be released.  Alternative media has been very disappointing.

11:26 Ashley Jones is the Bomb. Thank you for everything that you do.

11:28 She takes a very compassionate approach, very skilled.

11:29 Big shout out to Cindy, Reported that veterans are being searched for copyright infringement.

11:30 Searching their house for unregistered firearms.  Purchasing ammo, purchase it with cash.

11:31 Instantaneous cross registry.  Immediately, lady tried to buy ammo with credit card.  Ashley called Bank of America.  Kept calling and demanded to speak to supervisor.

11:32 Debit Card declined, technology to discern what you are buying instantaneously.

11:33 Doug Hagmann is investigating.  Any veterans have information need to get in touch

11:34 Hagmann & Hagmann Report sound-clip

11:35 DHS people in town, paying visits to veterans, suggesting copyrighted material.

11:36 Heard something, a grumbling,  Person wanted to get something viral, tearing up people’s houses.

11:37 If anybody know of the gestapo disrespecting our citizen and especially our veterans, coming in their houses cutting couches open to find weaponry.  We will fight this and we will win.

11:38 Important to put this word out.  Confused about copyright infringement, Miztir E says probably has something to do with Music.

11:39 Forward this information to us  if you have any information….  We will spread this information, word of mouth about violations of Constitutional Rights.


> 11:40-12:00pm Guest second segment


11:44 NoMessiah is brilliant, http://guerillamedianetwork.com/artists/nomessiah/

11:45 The Oath can be taken by anyone.  Inject freedom by military force. Without advocating violence, we can defend and support the principles of the United States,

11:46 God Given Inalienable Rights

11:47 Pledging my life my fortune and my sacred honor, so help me God.

11:48 Not a “former” United States Marine, defend the Constitution.  Please join me or we shall be slaves.

11:49 What – Buddy 21 year veteran, talking to him, he’s struggling.  Disgusting when he goes to the V.A.

People that stand up for our Liberties are the ones being left behind.

11:57 We are all Al-Qaeda, Alex- welcome.  Need to rise up.

11:58 I have a platform, I want you to speak to a tyrannical government.

11:59 You can call people for a resolution.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/


12:01 Rockets on my heels today.  Welcome back Patrick.

Heavy day in the news.   Update on the Phillip Marshall case.

12:02 Canadian Holocaust Kevin Bennett , on Before Its News.


Anyone opposing Kevin Annett, is not on the good side of humanity

12:03 Zero Hedge, how many billions of drug laudered money does it take to shut down a bank.

12:04 Prosecution Free Zones,  Well Fargo  BOA well documented drug laundering

12:05 Sham of a Justice System, run Washing, Regulators..

12:06 Chemical weapons used on children by Assads Army, DailyMail (pure propaganda)

Trying to rebuild the case..

12:07 Will use this as evidence that Syria is using chemical weapons.

Defense contractor, pulled down article, knowing they can’t run the story.

12:12 Jihadist trend that U.S trend will embed itself into Central Europe.  Locking down the air space.

Complication in proxy war.  Bypassing  complication in the air.

12:13 Absolute DogPile.  Isreal quietly involved in doing this.

12:14 Playback is already written, it’s the Bible.

Malaysia Invaded – 100′s of Terrorists Land on Beaches, Western Media Mute


12:15 Commando type Blackwater guys not there for the Scuba Diving, where ever there is CIA, it’s no coincidence.

Blanked, that means something is going on

12:16 Mining.com 1 trillion dollars untapped mining in Afganistan Lithium Copper and Gold



> 12:20pm-12:40pm   2nd Guest segment or Pete’s rant


12:22 Jewish Chronicle Ed Miliband, Atheist Zionist  cued up behind David Cameron

Ed Miliband: ‘I’m a Zionist and oppose boycotts of Israel’


12:23 SingularityHub.com Police shoot out with robot damaged, Ohio Man arrested.


12:24 Police robots are coming, spending a lot of money in local sheriff depts.

City of Chicago, start posting photos of dead bodies to bolster anti-gun ban by Rahm Emmanuel.


12:26 Shouldn’t be showing dead bodies in public,

Chris Matthews epitome of MSM schill, Mark Potok, of SPLC reporting neo nazis.

12:27 Chris Matthews get paid extra for these lines, disgusting human being.

12:28 Phillip Marshall Case, allegedly committed suicide in N. California, Greg Fernandez

12:29 Greg Fernandez Jr grilled the police department, More Revelations: Philip Marshall’s Coroner Speaks


12:30 Toxicology reports released March 22nd

12:31 Sheriff office can’t show them any report, being passed to the Dept Of Justice in D.C.

12:32 Will end up on Holder’s desk. Citizen journalists are going to keep digging.

Need to bring on Fernandez, working on another report.

12:33 Sheriff Department trying to prove their own theory, want to see the evidence they have collected.

Story does not add up. They thought it was going to be a slam dunk.

12:34 North Korea is being so public, they are probably begging for food at this point.

Situation in Cuba is bad, but much worse in  North Korea, ridiculous situation.

12:35 Aaron al-Qeada: Contradictory to Patrick


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 


12:40 Should just rip your face off, but be respectful, you can challenge us…

12:41 To say the DOJ this is about Clinton, that is ridiculous, Daddy Bush is in charge.

Who are we to even know and have the inside scoop?  We can only go by the historical references.

12:42 Not allowed to be on Clinton’s detail, she is one of the most corrupt, child trafficker..

12:43 Reference the last time Haiti, Bush wiped hand on Clinton. Philip Marshall worked for Bush Senior.

Your punishment is death,  this is above Clinton.

12:44 If you want to poke me in the eye, just tell me, but be respectful.  The three of us are outsiders.

Dead bodies, that littered the Clintons past.

12:45 Women with sexual harassment’s against Bill, her political career is payback for that.

12:46 Don’t forget the efforts of Phillip Marshall, whether we are right or wrong, the important point is a whistle blower is dead.

12:48 Daniel from Quebec:  Supporting the people in America

12:49 Forward information to Patrick Henningsen, found out about research with hyperbaric therapy.

12:50 t Dr. Paul G. Harch- Angel of the Day; fighting for treatment of veterans with hyperbaric therapy,

started in 1986.   http://www.hbot.com/about-practice, https://twitter.com/HarchHBOT

12:51 Decrease inflammation, reversing aging and damage.

12:52 Daniel are you a film maker?  Alternative therapy researcher, has been sabotaged.

12:53 Caller, Alex

12:55 Most important topic, Playbook of the Luciferian-ism.

12:56 People from Islamic religion don’t like music because of Satanic references,  now that you understand, will be hard to transition.

12:58 Like to send a copy of Quran, recovering Roman Catholic. I think we should gang up on the elites regardless of religious orientation.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm


1:03 Hard Ball Chris Matthews (Gun control debate sound-clip)

1:05 “Obama is the Perfect American Citizen, does everything right”

1:06 “It has to do with his color, more like I look at the White House, feeling of I’ve lost my country…”

1:07 “Television is pretty tame” incrementally has transitioned to a completely different realm.

1:08   They are race baiting, incite a racial divide.  Fake lines, America has come a long way in a short time.

Has everything to do with criminality in government.

1:09 Demonize the people who want to implement what made America great.

1:10 “Ethnic change going on, discomfort with cultural changes, tough pill to swallow.”

Forcing their ideology down our throat…

1:11 “Guns, Immigration and Gays determining organization of hate groups.”

1:12 Who do they root for? part of mainstream politics getting away from traditional conservative anchors.

1:13 Questioning the legitimacy of a presidency is Hate?

1:14 Pete you are a transmitter, going to speak the truth to the best of my ability,  divide and compartmentalize society.   They don’t want people to come together in for a common cause.

1:15 Extremely motivated, instigate conversation, I have the lady with the obama-phone best interests in mind and want to protect her more than obama.

1:16 CIA is trafficking this crack, a bunch of freaking white dudes, is it a color thing? No, it’s a government thing.

1:17 $50,000 per head for prisoners, set up with drug charges.

1:18 These guys are waking up in droves.

1:19 Mark Potok, he would be a little more moderate if he wasn’t working for SPLC



>1:20 pm – 2:00 pm


1:22 Every Saturday NoMessiah carries the Chaos Show.  1800 brand new listeners.

1:23 Back with Susannah Cole- Anti Rome Drone Check this out-  BIN  Legend Secrets of Fatima


1:25 The Authentic Third Secret Of Fatima Is Announced – Destruction Of Rome May 13, 2013

1:26 Peter-Hans Kolvenbach http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Hans_Kolvenbach 

Literally have a playbook called the Bible.

Tyler- What’s on your mind? I would like to say I’m 19, breaks my heart that I won’t be able to experience that..

1:27 I have hope, just to love others, just to know that I not going to be able to have a future.

1:28 The reason that I come here everyday.  Here is what we need to do.  We will have hope IF we sieze it.  It will happen over night.

1:29 Focus on the local level.  Make sure they are in line against dictator obama.   If 7 billion woke up to the realities, that is how the power will shift.

1:30 Used to be one of those neocon Fox News viewers, can’t stomach it anymore. Have to learn how to communicate with them.

1:31 Writing topic: it’s not a conspiracy, it’s truth,  want to stick to my beliefs.

1:32 One of the guys at work, work at Nappa Valley, has a nephew starting up group of Sons of Liberty 1776.

1:34 Want to seek out people to keep it growing.  Go to the Panda Website. https://pandaunite.org/

1:35 They stood up for Ron Paul, they pushed and grew it and got screwed.  Even though their hearts are broken they won’t stop.

1:36 Larry – Army Combat Engineer- Operation Stormcell:  Murdering and kidnapping  my family.

1:37 Alwin was discriminated against.  No coincidences when you go up against the system..

1:38 Ruckus-  go ahead and tell the truth to the best of your ability, whether we like it or not.

1:39 Got upset today, then proactive, really demonizing the vets.  As a citizen I have never taken the oath, looked up the Constitution, Article 6  http://utahlinks.org/learn/docs/Bradley_Oaths.pdf

1:40 My own version of Constitutional Oath.

1:42 We have to do that, every single citizen needs to understand what you just said.

Diesel – Covered so much stuff, but we cannot ignore any of these issues.

1:43 The Communist have hijacked the whole system, going to pick up our bullets and machine guns and defend our own country.

1:44 People in the military, orders that all ammo will be dumped into the population.

1:45  Grandfather blew off West-Point, served as a great American hero, didn’t want to pay taxes..

1:46 Gestapo arm of the U.S government IRS

Debbie: New listener, felt like I came home.

1:47 We are like minded individuals, slight differences but all of us want what’s best for our fellow man.

Huge fan of Dr. Judy Wood, so happy your show is a media voice for her.


1:48 Researched where everything went wrong.  Wanted to ask, has anyone came up with who is that has that axis of power, de-facto world power right now?

1:49 What is this government unto itself?

1:50 Jesuits or Vatican power, linked through the Mossad.  As to who actually has that power, not the most important thing, we can bypass by educating what happened, then the blue smurfs will be powerless.

1:52 To answer questions, go to Dr. Judy Wood’s Site,  ARA SAIC these people were contractors on the IST Report.

1:53  Scott (God) -  Bring Jesus back immediately, we need his help.  You do have the power, we are together.

1:54 I was so disappointed in God,  only we can save ourselves.

1:55 Losing 22 of our Veterans everyday. Climbing back up out of the hole. The show is helping me.

Guys like you, 7 years, we literally need you now more so as a veteran, than at the time you served our country.

1:56 Not a former Marine, I am a full blown Marine right now.  Need to reach out to these Vets.

1:57 Sharing this information is important, stay close to us.  Some good people in our government system. Some of them have really helped me.  I am not going to go down on my knees.

1:58 There are NO more powerful words that what you just said.

Toxic Asset from Michigan- let you know we support you up here.  Wanted to get into system.

1:59 Charlotte Iserbyt on show tomorrow, honorable legendary, very proud day for the show.

Teaching how Communism has taken over our educational system.


2:00 Changed by the people everyday, People Driven.


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