Episode #364 – Ronald Reagan – America’s Patriot Was A Closet Communist – Reagan Advisor Charlotte Iserbyt

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Saturday March 9, 2013


TODAY’S SPECIAL GUEST: CHARLOTTE ISERBYT “Reagan was responsible for implementing Communist directives.”


Pasted Graphic.tiffCharlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms. Iserbyt is a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000. She has also served in the American Red Cross on Guam and Japan during the Korean War, and in the United States Foreign Service in Belgium and in the Republic of South Africa. Iserbyt is a speaker and writer, best known for her 1985 booklet Back to Basics Reform or OBE: Skinnerian International Curriculum and her 1989 pamphlet Soviets in the Classroom: America’s Latest Education Fad which  covered the details of the U.S.-Soviet and Carnegie-Soviet Education Agreements which remain in effect to this day. She is a freelance writer and has had articles published in Human Events, The Washington Times, The Bangor Daily News.


>11:00am – 11:20am Saturday, March 9, 2013

11:04 Nemo: Michael Bloomberg  Scumbag of the Day; Started raising prices in NY, people leaving.

Building a computer world, thinks he’s the king of NY. 

11:06 Letting everyone who can’t afford it to leave, replacing with yuppies

11:07 Bloomberg is worried that private jet owners and clog up homeless shelters. NY Post.

11:08 He has that place totally rigged and set up.  Sounds like he’s the guy behind chem-trails.

11:09  Charlotte Iserbyt  Ultimate Whistleblower, top legends trying to raise the red flag that Communism has

been operating in the public school system  http://americandeception.com/   Deliberate Dumbing Down of America http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/

11:12 NY, new rule in Long Island, not allowed to boo at town hall meetings.


11:13 Booing is Freedom of Speech/ Expression.  The new test bed for everything anti-Constitution

11:14 Let’s all call and boo on their recorder..  We’ll get the info.

Drudge Report: Rankings for American Idol, Really important news.   Matt Drudge linking to Senator Rand Paul

11:15 Rand Paul and Family accomplished nothing but diversion.

11:17 Going to recruit Molly Maroney, she was just in charge of the Post It Notes for the China cyberwar…


> 11:20am-11:40am   Guest – Charlotte Iserbyt http://americandeception.com


11:23 Awakened to a lot of things, I am a cold war veteran who served under Ronald Reagan along with our guest  Charlotte Iserbyt.

11:25 Honored to be on show, like your background in the Marines.  Naval Intelligence in WWII extraordinary documents.   Son’s website DeliberateDumbingDown.com

11:26 Access to secret societies running the show.  Want to discuss, Agreements with Soviet Union under Dwight Eisenhower

11:27 Tax Exempt Foundation, discuss the Ford Foundation in implementing Communism.

11:28 Norman Dodd, not included in transcript of hearing, only available on off the record basis.

FORMER RUSSIAN PREMIER/EX KGB HEAD TO WORK FOR HOMELAND SECURITY!http://newswithviews.com/iserbyt/iserbyt6.htm

11:29 Reece Committee, got instructions from White House in 1953, to use money to change American life to be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union. http://newswithviews.com/iserbyt/iserbyt6.htm

Inclusion, Report  Recommendation, Conclusion for the Social Studies,  Carnegie Corporation

11:30 Free market system had to changed to a planned economy.  Controlling curriculum

11:32 All computers, no more books, if change believes in God, through software will not believe in God

Critical Thinking Software from 1985.

11:33 Moved to computers, the whole goal, Soviet Planned Economy.  Google Marc Tucker,


11:34 We are putting in the Soviet Poli-tech System, child will not have upward bound mobility.

Corporations and government will decide how many worker are needed, quotas.


11:35 In Communist countries they do not educate for jobs that don’t exist.

11:36 Pre-planned system, no system to compete for jobs.

11:37 Communist Marxist System.  UN Agenda 21, 1972 gives us all our marching orders from UNESCO

11:38 Beginning to understand why your children don’t have your values…

Unelected counsel form of government.  Communist Daily World.  Morris Zeitlin

REGIONALISM IS COMMUNISM http://newswithviews.com/iserbyt/iserbyt13.htm

11:39 Not moving fast enough to regional government, led astray for many many years.

Now learning that Reagan, was quite possibly Communist.

11:40 YROC sent a package called “Here’s the Rest of Him” got mad at California conservatives.

11:41 Went to Washington and found out  Reagan is responsible for implementing Communist directives.

11:42 Hope you are sitting down.  Every single Conservative organization banned the information.

11:43 Brainwashing A-Z, Lenin do not believe in content.  Book “Back to Basics”

REVOLUTION IN EDUCATION – SOVIET STYLE http://newswithviews.com/iserbyt/iserbyt29.htm

11:44 Go to free download and find out what has been taken out.   Nothing that she’s wrote about hasn’t happened.

11:45 At the top Democrats and Republicans are identical.  Nixon 10 Region.

They know why, that is why they are comfortable, has been happening for over 100 years.

11:46 Be Sure to READ:  Lives of Credit, Ropes of Bondage


Carroll Quigley  Both parties would have the same agenda http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carroll_Quigley

11:47 WWI, recommended the war not end too soon.

11:48 1934 Education  Bandwagon Everything they’ve planned, call it what you want “Whatever ISM”

Book: Devils Seven Prong Fork, semantic deception.


11:50 Hegelian Dialectic is so important, create problem, people scream,  Skinnerian operant conditioning.


11:51 In 1965 From what you know in your head to what you can DO, operant conditioning dumbing down critical thinking skills.

11:52 Books boycotted by the conservatives. Check it out,  I went through Change Agent Training myself.

11:53 Death Ed, Sex Ed, to create the problem.  Teaching us how to identify the resistors.

11:54 They would tell me what happened to their relatives, resisting the Communist system, pianist  had his hands cut off.

11:55 Are you observing there are actual assassinations of resistors?  Been going on quite a while, know 4 or 5 myself.  It’s very obvious.  I don’t know why they leave me alone.

11:56 I’ve got an old antique rolling pin…

11:57 Agreements, also control of personal weapons, Bernadine Smith, she has maybe more research than I have.


11:58 They wouldn’t dare invade the United States from outside because they have an armed citizenry.

11:59 Secret Societies, is it the military industrial complex?

12:00 Jesuits, their the ones who wrecked the modern church.

12:01  Skull & Bones Society at Yale, dad was a lawyer with an account, had to break, because they were connected to the Nazis.  But the Bush Family was connected  Anthony Sutton’s Book, Hoover Institute at Stanford

12:03 Order at Yale brought the Pavlov and Skinner program over.  Appointees 1966 Howard Howell Segregation

12:04 Had to experiment on the blacks, Skinner method on the computers used now in school system

Had to pilot the system, Individualized education plans.  That is the Communist System of Education.

12:05 Taking care of her Dad, Anthony Sutton said do you know anything about Order at Yale,

12:06 Living members of the order, two black books.  Nobody is meant to see that..  Just got the list.

12:07  Sutton was real historian, the first time I have seen a connection.  There is my answer, these are the families.

12:08  American Secret Establishment (in his book).  Brilliant lawyer, they take care of each other.


12:09 Lyndon Johnson civil rights movement,  Howard Howe, commissioner of education 1967, he was out of the Order of Yale, military industrial complex is just a tool for them.

12:10 Eisenhower very socialist, conservative boycotted books because it was against Reagan.

12:11 Democrats, one world oriented programs, absolutely foul in health curriculum, destroyed any semblance of academics and morals.

12:12 Systematize the programs from Robert MacNamara, done covertly.

I don’t think there ever was a “Cold War”, biggest phony cold war.

COLD WAR MYTH: AN EXERCISE IN THE USE OF THE DIALECTIC http://newswithviews.com/iserbyt/iserbyt2.htm

12:14 Comfortable with mutually assured destruction.

12:15 CETO allowed us to go into Viet Nam, UN war, was going to bring world peace.

12:16 Masterful Plan of Deception-

12:17 Fired herself, One Page, what we can control and manipulate at the state level

12:18 Leaking document to human events.  Leaked and then got fired, quite funny.

12:19 Saw her boss, reading human events, project BEST, points to her and said she did it. Got out fast,

12:20 Charlotte, I hope you got everything out, you’re fired.  The whole plan to put us in a Communist System

through “School Choice” don’t destroy the system itself.

12:21 Train for the workforce instead of educate, no difference in charter school and public school.

Charter Schools are tax funded.  CHARTER SCHOOL TRAP http://www.newswithviews.com/iserbyt/iserbyt107.htm

12:22 Vouchers for tax supported Private Schools, no strings attached.  William Bennett, what kind of a test do our students have to take, a national test, that is federally funded.  Federal International Education Net

12:23 Back in the 70′s talking about the need for vouchers,

12:24 No competition no grades,  good of the state not your child.

12:25 Occupational specialization in charter schools.  All relates to Agenda 21, Jeb Bush in Florida is absolutely disgusting.

12:26 This is also the Russian system, Effective School Reports, Free Downloads

Computer software and Brain Research, that THEY consider scary.



NewsWithViews.com School Choice.  Masonic Snakes in Catholic Education


12:28  Please share what you think we need to do to change

12:29 Putting together 4 disks with leading researchers,  Global Road to Ruin, May 1st on Youtube.

12:31 Members of the Judiciary class much like Kindergartners, Rosa Koire

12:32 Taking your land, to unelected counsels, settle everyone in the cities. These people are SICK

12:33 Aware of Dr. Judy Wood. Where did the Towers Go, buildings turned to dust.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm   2nd Guest segment or Pete’s rant


12:44 Believed Ron Reagan was a true, hero but in reality Reagan was part of the plan to implement Communism

12:45 Working incrementally, working on our brains, backside setting up an education system to accept Communism

12:46 Charter School system is to further entrench us into Communist Education System

12:47 American Deception,  Deliberate Dumbing Down

12:48 Charlotte Iserbyt, Dr. Judy Wood, Rosa Koire breaking the chains on our psyches that keep us going along believing whatever we are told

12:49 Kay Griggs, so many sent information, so we listened to her documentary.

The Order of Yale controllers, men behind the curtain, they all work hand in hand.

12:50 All universities, churches all have the same agenda.

12:51 Generational problem of brainwashing throughout educational system, with technology and culture.

It’s going to be a rule that we have never experienced before.

12:52 Jerky Jay- Chat room is going to be receiving a care package as a request from chat room.   jaysjerky@live.com

12:55 Ashley Jones – Thanks for arranging for that interview, that was the most powerful interview, without interruption.

12:57 Think about the mere term “Social Studies”

12:58 Most amazing, listening to Charlotte Iserbyt, you can see her Skull & Bones objects, and documentation.

Look at it and people say that the Russians are our friends.

12:59 We need to document this, keep them home from school systems, and keep our children’s minds right.

1:00 Connie Mack Barry conversations that the Russians are good, powerful influencers at American Freedom Radio, AFR.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 


1:04 Last night Rocket called last night: Welcome Back, kicked off another episode of the Rocket Radio Show last night.

1:05 Took some time off, working on more material for my shows.

1:06 Rand Paul, Alex Jones creating a mind plug that the world will be better because of their influence (sound-clip)

1:07 Message to Louis Farrakhan, remind him  Alex Jones recommended listeners to stand down, let the red coats occupy, let them rape women,  No Offensive Attacks, Let Their EVIL FLOW

1:10 As time goes by we will have to choose our buddies by if they are willing to fight the New World Order.

1:11  Rand Paul with his filibuster is just the beginning, wrote article that it’s just the beginning of his resolution.

1:12 Paper tiger either way, Republicans are dying.

1:13 Somebody like Rand Paul is led by Ron Paul, is ultimately led by Peter Thiel

Right before the finish lines Rand accepts a letter by Eric Holder.

1:14 Obviously crafted, no one is going to vote for him. Rand Paul is the man and can publish an article on InfoWars, to skull plug us in supporting Peter Thiel One World Agenda.

1:15 In the end he falls on his face, as long as people get up there chatter, deceives with meaningful chatter to

control us.

1:16 Right now our top solution is a National Strike.  No more money, make their system collapse.

1:17 Take money and buy bullets and bunkers, to use against us. If they give the illusion that there is a democratic solution, with debate, legitimizes the system.

1:18 Illusion of Choice setting up occupational specialty farms.  High school, unworldly 9th grade level, at college level they are all liberal.

1:19 Conservative characteristic is student loans.  Education took turn during Reagan Admin


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm


1:24 Special Show tonight with Chaos Show http://guerillamedianetwork.com/artists/nomessiah/

1:25 Energy- Very insightful. Speak briefly about Group Think.  The other side uses it against us.

1:26 More significantly what we visualize and they use it against us. Causing us to create our negative environment.

Katrina for example, projections, creating manifesting reality.

1:27 Sandy told us a week in advance, we are all participating watch HARP status.

1:28 Nothing will ever deter the growth of this show, set up systems so will not be able to take us down

1:29 Hundredth monkey syndrome, 1-3 % to think a certain way, can actually control outcome.

1:30 We can change this very quickly, showing solution, we can solve it.

The problem  military and militia, demand the people who represent us be recalled, by showing how they lie to us.

1:31 Military experiment with remote viewing, control the mind, and manipulation of the mind.

1:32 Anti Gun movement are vulnerable, looks like we are in a vicious spiral, We came because we knew we could win.

1:33 ENERGY is quickly becoming a contributor, rules from the illuminati’s perspective, manifesting consciousness as a group, you are what you say you are.

1:34 Pete:Self motivated, already know I am good person.  Susannah: People need to be really careful.

1:35 We have completely shut out people who wanted us to be what they wanted us to be.

Connie Barry Mack, AFR trying to control the show very covertly

1:36 We are pretty up front with people, amazing how accessible you are, heartache comes with that.

1:37 If we literally accepted responded to all of the emails about Sandy Hook, what we would become.

1:38 Negative influencers are ignored.  We need to resist all that Alex Jones, Rand Paul..

1:39 Hell yeah we are racking up the enemies.

1:40 Special edition, had an opportunity to listen to Charlotte Iserbyt

1:41  NoMessiah Lead the Chaos Show tonight – Saturdays, 6pm PST 9pm PST


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 




1:46 Alex Jones March 4, 2013 throws flowers at himself, Louis Farrakahn,

organization who run around with bow ties and suits, mafia style organized crime,influenced by the CIA

1:48 All these scumbags are set up as a solution to problems..  Dr. Judy Wood has nothing to do with Spa

Nation Of Islam, People who could have you disappeared, show up in Cadillac Escalade, and you will never be seen again.

1:50 Alex Jones wants you to recognize that powerful people like Louis Farrakahn,

you are an enemy of my state, you need to denounce that bastard.

1:51 These guys team up to appear that there is room to debate, something to align ourselves with.

Brought more pain to go after Alex Jones

1:52 Self proclaimed 9-11 truth-er concealed evidence,  Alex Jones you are an enemy to the Revolution.

1:53 How did I ever waste 10 years of my life getting caught up in this scam.

1:54 Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Alex Jones working at the expense of our minds. He wakes you up to put you back to sleep.

1:55 Nation of Islam is not Islamic, those people are just trying to mind their own business, have nothing to do with them.

1:56 Susannah-Death sentence on 7 Saudis.

1:57 Scott (God)- Pete yes this God himself, I want to pull you back a little bit.  Art Bell consciousness experiment.

Tip of the Spear to resist Tyranny.

1:59 Another powerful episode, awakening to me a lot of things that have been right in front of me.

Sensible approach of resisting with our minds.

Bill Cooper sound-clip: Alex Jones you are a bold face stinking rotten coward liar!

Today on The Pete Santilli Show, Pete discloses what he believes to be a concerted effort by organized cult members who are attacking him on the Internet, and who have breeched a line of criminality unlike anything he has experienced to date. Santilli expresses his whole hearted belief that the “Power That Be” may be influencing, and possibly even paying cult-leaders and trolls to attack him; possibly unknowingly for the purpose of shutting down his truthful message regarding the cover-up of 9-11 evidence.

There is no doubt that Pete’s YouTube account has either been compromised, or nefarious trolls have created imposter accounts to frame him for crimes such as actionable violent threats, as well as distribution of child pornography.

Pete expressed his concerns that due to his fearless disclosures regarding the cover-up of 9-11 evidence, he believes that his life is in danger at the hands of these covert, slow; methodical, and meticulous operatives assisted by internet trolls. The evidence is clear, and Pete has also contacted law enforcement to document these potentially threatening incidents. Please note: Individuals connected to Dr. Judy Wood’s research have been assassinated, and Pete is taking these cyber crimes very seriously. The Pete Santilli Show will take ever precautionary security measure to document, record and report any crimes intended to intimidate, harass or threaten anyone associated with disclosing the cover-up of 9-11 evidence.

In classic defiant form; Santilli spits in the face of these covert operatives and loyal minions of tyranny. “I will never be deterred, and it drives them crazy when I back down. I have zero fear of their maneuvers and perceived threats — my only fear is that they eventually take me out in the same cowardly manner as Julian Assange, or Sgt Dyer without the public knowing their tactics.” Pete plays recording of the call he made to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s dispatch to document these incidents, and he puts all operatives on notice: “Exposure of their cover-up will never be stopped…even if they kill me….these episodes are intended to document and reveal their crimes, and nothing will deter me — not even intimidation or death.”



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