Episode #367 – Will Iron Dome Be Penetrated During Obama Visit To Israel

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Wednesday March 14, 2013

Todays Featured Guest: Rocket; Rocket Radio1, Pete Santilli Commentary and Listener Input

Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break






Show Chronology provided by: Jana Murray

>11:00am – 11:20am  Wednesday, March 13, 2013

11:07 Rocket is even more controversial.  Rocket Segment #2 (Sound-clip)

11:08 Videos on people bashing on Pete Santilli… mad a Pete because he’s rude, call him a liar…

11:09 Good hand surgeon are assholes.  They know they are going to get sued.

11:10 Let’s talk about that lying bully SOB Pete Santilli, do  you have an alternative?

We need a bully, someone who aggressive enough to get the job done.

11:11 Show one person who can walk in Peter’s shadow, someone who’s willing to take the blows on the face.

It’s not for entertainment.  He is fooling you.

11:12 I have issues with Peter on certain topics..  He is going on the air with a God Damn Weapon.

11:13 Pick, pick, pick, pick…  You are the enemy.  Find an alternative you SOB contributors.  You are here to take, and you contribute NOTHING.

11:14 They are Jackals, Revolution is not something a lot of people have experience with.  Find an alternative or SHUT YOUR MOUTH!

11:16 Free Energy Technology Exists, will not have any fear, and honor those 3000 people who were cooked by Free Energy Technology.


> 11:20am-11:40am We like to schedule our guests during this segment

11:24 White smoke signals new pope elected in secret conclave


11:25 Rocket Revelation signs are coming together.   Mr Bertone, chief pedofile out front,

Not sure of the relevancy of the Pope anymore.  What if they say they are in charge of the reptilians?

11:26 Hopeful of outside intervention, magical mystical being…

11:27 Rocket, Cheney has got a new book out, admitting to war crimes, his people are whispering in his ear.

Want to put in a hellish trial, long imprisonment.

11:28 We have a new pope on 3-13-13, potentially named Pius or Petro Romanus, using Bible as a playbook.

11:30 Rocket: Don’t know what to think of the Vatican,  Pete: no it’s the Bible, want to nuke us all

Object of the game is a One World Religion.

11:31 Last night’s episode was really powerful, a bunch of consumers of information.  Need to focus more on contributing.

11:33 Rocket: Demoralize, sit around and talk about Alex Jones, don’t want to deal with the truth.

11:34 Intellectualizing the crash that is coming, in your heart of hearts, you don’t believe it.

11:35 Have to orchestrate the structure of what happens after the crash.

11:36 Creating a legacy here, it’s a matter of discovering the truth and take action on this.

We need to take care of ourselves.  Who’s going to be in charge, need and honest American, close NAFTA, and the FED

11:37 Needs to come from our ranks, lead us out selflessly.

11:38 Rocket: Start offering practical advice, talk to the people who are awake. 80% will die.

11:39 Mon – Fri, 9 pm PST, tune in for the Rocket Radio Show


> 11:40-12:00pm

11:44 Rocket making a positive impact leaving a legacy. Thanks  Rocket.

11:45 Susannah, Journalists and talk show hosts are bashing people calling people fear mongers.

11:46 NWO has plans to kill 80 percent of us, it’s not doom porn, there is hope, that you will wake up and protect yourself.

11:47 Nemo’s Scumbag of the Day: David Icke

11:50 Icke knows a lot more than he reveals, reptilian speed assassins, covering up super steroids.

11:53 Beppe Grillo Italy is already Defacto outside the Euro, Mario Monti,

Simple minded comic, he is a powerful speaker has a good shot at winning.  He is a comedian, that is his trade.


11:55 Want to talk about Rand Paul, latest report from propaganda machine, Peter Theil backed, TeaParty is the American Revolution and Occupy movement more like French Revolution.

11:56 Ignore what Rand Paul Campaign is saying, because Peter Theil is an Agenda 21 thug.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:01 Obama’s ICE Releases Illegal Aliens From Jail, Awards $220.5 Million Contract to Answer USCIS Phoneshttp://beforeitsnews.com/immigration/2013/03/obamas-ice-releases-illegal-aliens-from-jail-awards-220-5-million-contract-to-answer-uscis-phones-2445698.html

12:02  Released 220 million on handle the phones.

12:03 Akmadijahd retribution for Chavez, not released organically, Washington Post, on his way out.

12:05 People like Chavez and Akmadinajad are working class that became head’s of state.

12:06 Working class in the army, like Chavez and Akmadinajad, U.S. no military coup in Iran and Venezuela

12:07 Can’t fault a man for having the support of his people.

12:08 Imagine that in the United States, a President as working class citizen.

Who’s in contention for Chavez?  Caprinis and and his successor.

12:09 Iran is suing studio for Argo hired famous French lawyer.

12:10 Article on BeforeItsNews Dr. Kevin Barrett, Veteran’s Today, brought to the attention that Alex Jones should be demonized for saying that Hollywood has been taken over by the Arabs

12:11 How does Veteran’s Today have been invited to Tehran about the Hollywood film industry?

12:12 Patrick has been invited to be on  Kevin Barrett’s show tonight.

12:13 Washington Times, NY Post S. Korea  dismisses Armistice, back peddling claims.

12:14 United Nations doesn’t have the authority to do it unilaterally.  Alliance forming.

12:15 Window dressing like you said, a diversion to spread our military in half.

12:16 Notice how China and Russia are not waging war in the world?

12:17 China is not over-throwing African governments, they have the money to do so.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm   2nd Guest segment or Pete’s rant

12:23 Pope Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio Marionette http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jorge_Bergoglio

12:24 First brown Pope, shore up support in Latin America.

12:25 Give people the tools, they can be active and  turn the tide:  Anti-NDAA Legislation Passes Michigan Senate With Unanimous Vote  http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/03/anti-ndaa-legislation-passes-michigan-senate-with-unanimous-vote/#ixzz2NTHcMgaP

12:26 Should look at this and organize something similar in their own state.

12:27 Go into local communities and implement changes, with your state legislatures, State’s Rights.

12:28 What we do locally is very important.  Federal Government blackmails the States.

12:29 CNN Gabby Gifford’s husband sounds like he’s lying, Wolf Blitzer soundclip.

12:31 Got caught buying weapon, propagandizing his mistake.

12:32 He’s getting ready to shoot his way all the way to bunkers. He has a right to protect himself.

12:33 Easy to purchase a gun in AZ if you are a criminal because of Eric Holder.

Didn’t mention anything about gun running.

Waking Times.com FL students pushing back on Prison Group, disentangle from the profit prison industry.


12:35 Younger generation need to take back what the older generations, they are uniquely awake, smart kids, have ability to do something.

*12:36 Horretts.com out of Isreal how many rockets has the Iron Dome intercepted, as low as 5 percent of the rockets.

12:37 Very close associate, family member who is charge of Iron Dome, patriot missle, radar targeting, directed energy weaponry.  It’s already been tested.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 

12:44 Have to be honest with you, is it illegal of me to hope that a rocket penetrates Iron Dome when Obama visits Jerusalem. We have spent a trillion dollars for that system.

12:45 WE spend all the Christian taxpayer dollar to protect the Military Industrial Complex.

12:46 I hope that something stupid like that happens.  We should stop spending a trillion

Gabby Gifford’s thing.

12:27 How disgusting how we use her as the poster child.  That is awful that they exploiting her for this purpose.

12:48 Using these people to advance gun control.  Brent Heart HS has put up a reward for pro gun control paper to get a scholarship.  Morbid, distasteful and highly politicizing  teenagers death.

12:49 Political Juggernaut will not stop.

12:50 These are terrorists writing essays, do a money bomb and buy your own drone.

12:51 We are going to provide coordinates, you could start a petition of who we could drone first.  Make it official with a Zogby Poll.

12:52 James Holmes, From the Trenches, truth serum, to get him to tell the truth.

12:53 Culture of Torture, movies like Zero Dark Thirty,


12:54 Right to remain silent, unless you start spilling the beans.  We have lost the plot, as Shakespeare says.

12:55 For or against Rand Paul?  with Peter Theil running the show behind the scene..

12:56 Tune into InfoWars.com if you want updates on the Agenda 21/Peter Theil/ Rand Paul Campaign.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:01 Really love and appreciate that we are reaching out to more people on the Oracle Radio Network

http://oraclebroadcasting.com/, http://oraclebroadcasting.com/archives.php?who=Pete_Santilli

1:02 Want to leave the chat room open, we don’t want to destroy the opportunity to have a place to get together.

We never believe anything that we haven’t researched ourselves.

1:03 I don’t want Peter Theil involved in my alternative media.  He wants Agenda 21 boats parked out on the borders of the United States.

1:04 Cover whether or not Peter Theil is a Jesuit. It is the equivalent of Wolf Blitzer supporting 2nd Amendment.

1:05 Alex Jones is losing listeners by supporting people like Rand Paul.  Don’t want Jesse Benton anywhere near political system.  Political System is Not going to be fixed with Rand Paul

1:07 Susannah: Actually, alternative media is taking the mainstream turn, Rand Paul is very mainstream.

1:08 Alex Jones was a huge supporter of Ron Paul. He put him in a lot in his early documentaries.

1:09 Alex Jones will not be ruling during the Revolution, “let them rape women”

Kevin Barrett does bring up a good point.

1:10 He is connected to AFR, Communist scumbag operatives.

1:11 How do they think they can run around naked like that, not used to being called out.

1:12 Rocket would want us to rip his face off, spinning off with this Guerilla Media Network

No Plane hit that Pentagon, Reynolds Reveal Show



1:13 Lear Pilot, interesting to these two, someone who knew about airplanes, “there is absolutely no way that happened”

1:14 Rocket: Beat the crap out of me, for doing such a thing.  Picking on Kevin Barrett.. Islam is not going to save America.

1:15 The guy is a liar, has a PhD in Islamic Studies…  No, it is in History.

1:16 Kevin Barrett is showing up as counter intelligence operative, working for AFR showing up in Tehran in a nation that we are in war with.


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:23 Kevin Barrett is much more reasonable than someone like Jim Fetzer.

1:24 How did you get to Tehran, and Alex Jones comments.

1:25 Gets Full bright Scholarship to study in Morocco, he’s CIA

1:26 Says Islam is going to save America from itself.  Resume in the truth movement, and flopped.

Want to learn about the bad aspects of Islam.  Don’t like Sharia Law, not anti Islamic.

1:27  If I were a member of Islamic Religion I would be disgraced by Kevin Barrett.

1:28 Just let them infiltrate your Masque, AFR vipers den of the CIA

Rocket: American Freedom Radio fires talk show for what he said??  Kicked you our for your ideas, that is not American and that is NOT FREEDOM.

1:30 Smarmy is the Word of the Day,

Chris: I just seems like everyday they keep putting more pressure on society.

1:31 Don’t Break Up the Truth Movement by Telling the Truth

1:32 I like the rawness and passion of what you’re saying.  Not going to be diplomatic, I am going to blow shit up.

1:33 Rocket: Pressure Building  – Chris: Crisis mode the government likes to operate in..

1:34 Chris: chat-room got locked out, someone shut me out…

1:35 Send me your email, and username and we will unblock you.

1:36 Rocket asking you to talk me off the ledge, no your not crazy.   Hard cold realities are not comfortable to absorb.

1:38 This is purpose driven radio.  Millions of preppers looking for an outlet.

1:39 Any backer will not able to compromise this show.


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 

1:44 Roy from Tennessee- Rand Paul not a word said during the filibuster about the funding of Obamacare.

1:45 Alex Jones is in Panic Mode, he’s going to pop.  Pete: He can repent, listen to his listeners.

1:46 He needs to stop being disrespectful to Jesse Ventura.

Alex Jones won’t say that Hollywood is run by the Jews.

1:47 When they are done with him they will throw him under the bus.

He needs to learn from this, you’ve morphed into an idiot, the Mainstream Alternative.

1:48 Roy: You don’t prostitute yourself to the dollar.  I will never compromise my integrity.

I am absolutely in love with Susannah, part of the success of the show.

1:49 True spirit of a warrior, you have every reason to love her.

Military update: Past 10 days we have had a tremendous amount of troop activity coming through.

1:50 Very concerned about Bayou Corn Area, methane gas.

1:51 Miztir E:  What is a non combatant American, who defines us? Obama?

1:52 Rand Paul is not who you think he is.  The list for domestic terrorism Paul Sticker.

Filibuster, he said it was spontaneous…. Thirteen hours on floor, planned two weeks before.

1:53 Rand Paul has already admitted a lie, to divert the attention off of Obama-care.  In the background voting on Obama-care issues.

1:54 Doug this is what we have, we’ve got controversial topics.  When I bring up issues like this, they accepted that right up front.  Our listenership, is more than what Piers Morgan gets.

1:55 Will our message evolve? We learn every single day as we wake up.  We were hard core supporters of the Ron Paul Campaign,  the day that Rand Paul said, I am going to support Romney, we blew the joint up and we left.

Our loyalty is to you the listener.  Become an independent listener, from the Late Great Bill Cooper.

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