Episode #369 – US & Great Britain Installing Sharia Law In Syria By Proxy

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March 15, 2013

Todays Featured Guest: Pete Santilli and Patrick Henningsen

Give extended commentary and get listener feedback on today’s hot topics.

Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break





Show Chronology provided by: Jana Murray

>11:00am – 11:20am Friday, March 15, 2013

11:05 Nemo coming up momentarily, we’re approaching 150,000 people on Spreaker.

11:06 Going to go on a road-trip.

11:07 Friday, we ate fish.  Nemo’s busiest day of the week.  Asking me funny questions.

11:08 Nemo’s Scumbag of the Day: Pope Francis.  Lady on Radio, since Europe people have been leaving thousands upon thousands, need to expand into South America, China, and Africa now, spreading scandals.

11:10 Looks like Mayor Giuliani, goes around and says he’s a normal guy.  Force feed Monsanto.

11:11 Battle between the New World Order  and the Old World Order

11:13 Bergoglio Tested by my earthly powers Argentine Government


11:14 Battle between New World Order and  Old World Order, Jesuits want to go backwards.

11:16 Barack Obama and Atheist Communists bow to the Zionists.


> 11:20am-11:40am We like to schedule our guests during this segment

11:26 The Visual, hmm…  You are in a mood today, I can tell.  Don’t want to spin off on a tangent.

11:26 Jorge Borgolia, in 2010 Argentina, same sex marriage.

11:28 Very well documented history of this one man having a powerful voice in Argentina, going to affect each and everyone of our lives.

11:29 He can literally wage war.  He can cause a lot of riots.


11:30 South America is rising as a power.

11:31 North Korea Launches Missiles Off Its East Coast


11:33 California amassing troops, gearing up for a nuclear strike.

11:34 I understand we have a bunch of extra cash, denial in not just a river in Egypt.

0.16 % Chance of a Recession  from the Federal Reserve

11:35 Alazaar – Confidence Game, Con Game, game of manipulation

11:38 What you have been doing with the Sheriff, create a list.


> 11:40-12:00pm Guest second segment

11:44  Second day, Julia Davis is the Guest with Dr. Judy Wood ICU Psy-Op program

11:45 Bring friends and family members to live presentation about Dr. Judy’s Woods eye opening evidence.


11:47 Alazaar – Organized effort  to expose local politicians and Sheriff that are not Constitutional

Need to out them..

11:49 State of Mass, Kerry voted for CISPA, now we have Elizabeth Warren.

11:50 We are watching them openly, you can chuckle, but these calls are very, very serious.

11:52  Michael Moore is Fact that American’s have done nothing to repeal the 2nd Amendment, makes us all responsible.


11:53 When is Michael Moore going to compensate Mark Taylor, against big pharma? If he helps out with a movie, promised to compensate him and stick by him.  Mark Taylor never heard from again.


11:55 Billions of dollars used to propagandize for gun control.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:00 BeforeItsNews.com steam rolling mainstream news sites!

12:02 US and British Rebel Army Proxies Already Establishing Sharia Law in Syria


12:03 Prince Bandar, today David Cameron and French head of state hijacked an EU Economic Summit

EU Arms Embargo, panic mode.

12:04 Important split EU normally supporting NATO, completely illegal.

12:05 Who’s authority are they slicing up Syria? 2 Russian battle ships, Russians are being targeted in Syria now.

Tardis in Syria, being decimated. Russian citizens and journalists  being targeted by U.S. backed terrorists.

12:07 “With so many foreign fighters and terrorist organizations flooding into Syria, it has become almost impossible for the western media to grasp the enormity of the proxy war, let alone analyze it. This is one of the reasons why politicians like Cameron, Hague and Holland have been able to get away with their morally shaky, and high compromised positions on the conflict.”

12:08 This is an illegal operation, applied a little bit of restraint, evidence speaks for itself.

12:09 People that John McCain and Lindsey Graham are supporting are implementing Sharia Law!

12:10 This is who we’re backing, it speaks for itself, a lot of other dangerous outcomes.

12:12 Witnessing right now the lowest criminality, justifying crimes from the past into the present, not going to stop.

Permanent state of International War.

12:13 US drone escapes attack over Hormuz. Syria threatens to bomb Lebanon. Russian marines dock in Beirut

Ashley Jones: http://www.debka.com/article/22826/US-drone-escapes-attack-over-Hormuz-Syria-threatens-to-bomb-Lebanon-Russian-marines-dock-in-Beirut

12:15 Proxy war that is very dangerous.  Infowars, rely heavily on DebKa file, known to put out Israeli propaganda along with truth..  Targeting Isreali audience.


12:16 To justify Pre-emptive attack.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm   2nd Guest segment or Pete’s rant

12:23 Doing the people’s work, coming off the wire, disgusting news coming out of Middle East.

Patrick: Put in perspective what is going on Syria, in Spain, same thing that is going on in Spain.

Want to get the government out.   Same as if Jihadis came over the border, like Mexican drug gangs coming over the border, into the U.S.

12:25 why do we want Bashar Assad bad??  out of therer.  If he goes, seperation of church and state goes.

Syria 365 days security state because of Israel, very unstable.  Demonization of him 60,000 killed, the rebels have killed, not verifiable

12:27 Investment watch blog  living on the street in America….  An Exercise of Propaganda


0.016 % chance of recession, swimming in propaganda.

12:29 You can see what they are doing, they’ve lost hold of the media, because people are waking up.

12:30 NYC, Rodney King outbreak, over fatal shooting by police, Kimani Gray


12:31 Usually don’t see this on the East Coast, “frozen zones”

12:32 Constitution is suspended, person had 7 shots in their back.  Applaud those people for rising up to oppose it.

12:33 My Daily News.com Virginia 83 year old  woman gets shot, this is a monopoly of force issue.


12:34 Who is regulating them, it is not  race issue.

Victim of shootings going after Dorner, attorney settled out for 44,000 dollars each.

12:35 Inner city people who are uneducated, signed the release and accepted the money.

12:36 Dorner was going after law enforcement, the public suffered against their testosterone frenzy, indiscriminately shooting.  Attorney should be sued for malpractice.

12:37 Very unfortunate individuals would settle for $44,000- settlement

12:38 Permits to operate drones, Natural News.  Raise money to buy your own drone.


12:39 Seek 2nd Amendment protection, sponsorship with my own drone.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 

12:44 Dr. Judy Wood’s remarkable presentation, clearly supports that free energy technology was used on 9/11, they installed war upon the American taxpayer.  Don’t want to miss that presentation a live feed.

12:47 Honored and flattered that Tahoe Dave called into Rush Limbaugh show yesterday, mentioned Pete Santilli Show (sound-clip)

12:52 El Rush Bo, Tahoe Dave is sincerely out there promoting the show.  Rush was a little bit competitive.

12:53 Susannah Hupp believes that Michelle is going to run.

12:54 Patrick: Cultivating brands, vote Michelle, you get Barack back.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:03 Ruckus: Propaganda Pipeline, Rob Portman, politicians take a stand on something, shocked to see Senator,  what happened to me is personal, position on gay rights.  Was not even his focus.

1:05 Pete considers himself to be MORE conservative than Rush Limbaugh and Hannity.

1:06 Susannah: Always thought that Alex Jones was imitating Rush Limbaugh.

1:07 Michael Savage actually qualifies for speech impediment, NY Zionist slur.

1:08 Potential job openings, great point, using propaganda for messing with your head.

We meat and potatoes people, we can propel the dumb guy.

1:09 Explosive exchange, Feinstein gun hearing. ( Sound-clip) The right of the people.


1:10 Constitutional 1st Amendments protection specify to

1:11 Feinstein, I am not a 6th grader, Pete: that is why we need to give you the boot!  You’ve seen the bodies of all the troops over your 20 years of Communism.

1:13 We need drones to surveille your Communist ass, Ms. F Stein! Who the frig is she?

1:14 Susannah Reads: Letter to Feinstein, from a Marine!


1:17  Who is she to tell him how many weapons he has access to? Drones are killing Pakistanis, farmers.

They get behind gun control here, but they kill innocent people with drones.

1:19 Listened to testimony with Feinstein, can we get a comment..

1:20 Did she see the bodies associated with U.S Drones, and the result of her actions? Who the fuck is she?


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:22 He’s just licking post it notes. That disgusting human being, I want to go out and get 2500 guns.

1:23 You are either with me Feinstein or you are on the Com munist side.


*1:25 Ashley- follow up on article by debka-file, ABC news united states drone intercepted,

1:27 Discharged flare as a warning shot, not correct, it’s an evasive maneuver when they use flares.

Further exemplifies what Patrick says, defending Israel’s right to “protect itself”

1:28 I am not here for diplomacy. I am here to back up the Constitution. Here to only issue promises.

1:30 Aaron Al-quiada – Ask Swine-Stein

1:32 She does have a 6th grade logic, a bunch of hyperbole on her part.

Her participation in secret drug trade war, has she seen the bodies as a result of her participation?

1:33 UnHoly War, goal of CFR spread San Francisco values in the Middle East.

1:34 Reuters, destabilize the Middle East, feminism and homo sexuality normalized.

CFR members.  Grand Plan for the Middle East.


1:35 Benjamin Fulford, listen to the other side, don’t agree the Zionist.

1:36 New Black Pope is fluent in Japanese, Jesuits are going to try to get the Catholic Church back on the rails


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm

1:43 NoMessiah Song!  Official Band of the Pete Santilli Show, We ARE ENSLAVED

1:45 Need to switch, to the idea that we are going to be enslaved to the fact that we ALREADY ARE

1:46 Bill Cooper, they can stand up and fight, or put the shackles on our own feet and submit.

1:47 Toward his last day, he was man enough to say, I got some things wrong.

1:47 Caller: Gun Control thing is kind of a psy-op, not about banning the guns, specifically about a gun registration nationally, once they know who owns what..  One more regulation.

1:49 Speaking of Canada. If Feinstien, she is probing and testing, if they can get away with probing to see if we are willing to incrementally give up our 1

1:50 Canadian Charter we don’t have any rights, Charter Rights can be taken away from you with a strike of the pen.

Your going to have nothing left.

1:52 Trying to escape to America to get away from tyranny.  God Damn it people should make the sacrifices!

1:53 You are the LAST BASTION OF FREEDOM IN THE WORLD, don’t want to see it happen.

1:54 As far as I know the Governors of  your state run this, should be able to get 50 people to do that.


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