Episode # 370 – Obama Uses Social Programs To Bankroll Inner City Army

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March 16, 2013


Todays Featured Guest: Pete Santilli and Susannah Cole

Review the week in News and take your calls


Show Chronology provided by: Jana Murray


>11:00am – 11:20am Saturday, March 16, 2013

11:03 Every Saturday night NoMessiah join us for the Chaos Show!


11:05 Don’t know if I can’t be passionate today.  Cypress rescue, not all bank accounts are safe.


11:06 Right now people are breaking windows at the banks, because of the so called “rescue package”

11:07 Will American’s be peaceful when it happens here?

11:08 Consumer advocate in says we treat all our citizens like mushrooms..

We don’t  teach people that debt is really bad, don’t tell our populace, intentionally misinformed.

11:09 It’s going to “go viral”  Expropriation Announcement.


11:10  Guys dropped your Greece links, that was top of the news.

11:11  You’re about to be ripped off by the fricking bankster’s, translation



11:13 Reporting additional square footage from Appraisers, just caught up in the mess.  What you are doing is illegal.

The guy ended up doing the right thing, he shut his business down.

11:14 Left the state of California, how many times did that happen all across America.

11:15  Talking to seniors, because all the mortgage people were ripping them off.  Financial planners would take their money and put in annuities.

11:16 Why is it I care about your money more than you do.  State of our country right now, the state of the world could be fixed over night. Bankster’s don’t deserve the money we give them.

11:18 Don’t yell, well, maybe we can burn the joint down, maybe that will work.


> 11:20am-11:40am We like to schedule our guests during this segment

11:24 Most of our people are socialized, can you imagine the people on food stamps that they will go hungry, or stand up

11:25 Electronic transmissions through JP Morgan Chase, EBT cards.

11:26 What ever you believe that I need to do personally..  Going to ask Nemo here..

You are pretty kick back, what can we do to help people understand.

11:27 What you said is how this show came about.  I am going to get on the fricking radio.

11:28 What if we all set up a blogtalk radio show and tell people 24/7 they are being ripped off

11:29 Meat and potatoes version of bankterism.  Translating to people what is happening

Well Nemo is not spending money on extra items, we are going to stick it to him on necessary items like gas.

11:30 You don’t have the confidence to spend money on the stupid stuff.

11:31 Scumbags of the Day: Katie Couric, and Chelsea Handler, both blond Jews, inside the Matrix and they think it’s funny, they misdirect media.  They have the power do it but they misdirect.

11:32  Katie Couric – Go to the bagel shop and bankster steps in between and says its a 1.25 not a dollar.

11:33 What if you went to Katie Couric NBC is paying you a million, I am going to charge you an extra 1000 bucks for lying.  You can’t do that is illegal.  They are all fake, a bunch of liars.

11:35  Go to a foreign  country like Iraq state run propagandist, everything is fine, but eventually get found out.

11:36 Got to give you credit for that call to Feinstein’s office.

11:37 Follow the money, all roads lead to Rome.  Imagine a priest that is an executive banker, we call him the Pope

Croatia is beautiful.

11:39 Good morning Croatia…. http://www.listal.com/list/most-successful-croatian-models


> 11:40-12:00pm

11:44 We all consider ourselves to be awake, here we are listening to me rant and rave.

11:45 He just said he’s about to rip you off, and steal from you….  going to use a portion  to kill half of you.

11:46 The guy in the suit and tie speaking jargon to confuse, the guy has a tan, porcelains are pearly white.

Standard set by our society.

11:47 talk me off the ledge, we’re screwed.  Larry: nothing we can do about it but prepare.

BeforeItsNews.com CIA ranks countries on how fit we are, United States is ranked 196 financially.

248 Billion dollars in the hole.

11:48 Food Option Sound-clip  “EBT Cards are FREE”

11:49 No way to beat the system, we are going to rise up, take our weapons, and rise up with our will, determination and spirit of rightness.

11:50 Nemo pull a buck out his pocket to buy a bagel, banker steps in for an extra 25 cents.

11:51 Greece is exactly where we are going to be months from now.

11:52 Banks have you playing their game, to hell with the bankers.

11:53 Freedom Frank, you cannot change the outside world to be happy and free.

11:54 They have been intentionally set them up to be mis-informed.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:02 Mort Amsel, thousands will die from earth quake on the west coast.. It is immenent, looming disaster


12:03 New report 100% chance, all residents should have to plan, consider the impact will be.

12:04 San Andreas fault, had an earthquake there… bad sign, to say the least.

12:05 Preparation Porn,  Saving pannick, ATM’s frozen.

12:06 Imposing a 6.7 percent levy, your money that is deposited is going to pay the bills of the banker from people with less than 100,000 dollars.


12:07 San Francisco , Federal Judge Susan Ilston.  Stop issuing secretive letter.   There is some good news.

12:09 Treasury reassures British savers over funds held in Cypriot banks’ London branches, We are going to screw you  Don’t worry about it


12:10 CIA drone secrecy ruling rejected by federal appeals court

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/16/appeals-court-reverses-cia-drone-secrecy-ruling/#ixzz2NjQwbfdL, the glomer response…

whether the CIA is involved in drone strikes….

12:12 If you use cash or congregate with people who think like you, considered a domestic terrorist


CIA drone secrecy ruling rejected by federal appeals court

Friday’s ruling by a three-court panel sends the case back to the lower court, where the agency can argue that the records it has on drones are exempt from FOIA disclosure requirements.

12:13 CPAC, Rush Limbaugh honorable mention, one sided conservatism.

12:15 Benjamin Carson, anytime FOX News has an African American citizen to bash Obama?

Natural perceived bias, CPAC is exploiting this guy.

12:16 He’s a Republican, don’t trust him, kind gentle neurosurgeon.

12:17 National security letters deemed Unconstitutional.



> 12:20pm-12:40pm   2nd Guest segment or Pete’s rant

12:24 Swipe Your EBT Card Song Sound clip  by Chapter

12:25 Some Bang for Your Buck

12:26 The campaign machine has become huge.  It does matter.

Translating what the guy with the suit and tie says, “You are being robbed”.

12:27 Obama takes your 51% portion of  your money pulled out of you wallet to Buy Votes!

obama talks about doing this and that,  Obama’s Communist Payroll.

12:29 It’s not about people being morons, idiots, the government is huge, they have their boot on our neck.

12:30 These people are NEVER going to fight for what is right.

Samuel- just now caught up in listening to podcast. Militant by nature, embracing a more positive attitude.

12:31 Mike: Offer brothers and sisters, under the burden of knowledge, in Georgia.

All the sudden here come the Chem-trail’s,  There they go again.

12:32 Instead of being angry about them robbing me of my joy, I refuse to let them

12:33 First shooting range experience, saw young yuppie black girls and men, smooth and educated.

12:35 Very encouraging because they get it too. Not going to go into a police dept. and tell them they are violating laws.

12:36 Ignorance of the law is no excuse, many judges are personally incorporated,  I know you are a fraud.

Just dismiss this ticket, they are private contractors.  No authority to rule.

12:37 Googling; NC Police, they now know that we know.

12:38 Taking their laws and shoving them down their throats.  Need to start following the letter of the law.

12:39 This bankster said this with this jargon, just tell people the truth. Absolutely, bankster’s, politicians are going to fail us.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 

12:44 This is how we are going to rise,  you say things over and over again.  The key here, awakening,  no one is telling us the truth, feeding us with propaganda,

12:45 “Telling the truth by translating the jargon”

12:46 Intentionally mislead or misinformed, our own Constitutional Republic doesn’t even teach the Constitution

Can imagine if we told our students that?

12:47 But we can BEAT THEM and SET OUR PEOPLE FREE, right Sam?

My work here is done if you had an epiphany…

12:48 Because people psychologically have such big walls, for them to face that at 3 in the morning, Denial can’t change it.

12:49 Alienates more that gets people to embrace your message, they are all in their 9 to 5 world.

12:50 I do have a lot of time, do my research, and  the Dick Act 1902



12:51 No one can disarm or invade us PERIOD.  Historical meaning of Militia; perverted the meaning of the word.

Controlled the language, changed the meaning of words.

12:52 Charlotte Iserbyt is most knowledgeable.  http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/03/ronald-reagan-americas-patriot-was-a-closet-communist-reagan-advisor-charlotte-iserbyt-2589000.html

12:53 Don’t let these A Hole rob you of your JOY, keep hacking away at the branches.

12:54 Mike- In Georgia, in the sky the chem-trail’s are obnoxious, woken up by a retired ranger.

12:57 Episode 370 critical turning point. Sincere about waking people up, Translate the Bull Crap.

12:58 Alex Jones said: “go to my documents”

12:59 He’s diverting you, he wants you to come back tomorrow to click the shit out his website.

Let’s translate what the people in “alternative” media are doing.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:00 Mike- what really woke you up?   We don’t have any translators..

Fort Campbell KY, Rumsfeld Trillion of dollars missing, 9-11 emergency terrorist training class.

Seemed very odd.

1:01 Devoted Alex Jones fan, ended up being more Fear Porn.

1:02 Burnt cars on the city block, noticed evidence, then Dr. Judy Wood came out, can’t stick to the narrative..

Natural born skeptic.

1:03 People call you conspiracy theorist, media is state run propaganda.

1:04 Big earthquake a good way to get people ready for another directed energy weapon.

Have 3 months of supplied.

1:05 Toolbox stored away, major damage, for carpentry.  We need to think in these terms, Backup plan for a backup plan.

1:06 Appreciate your insight Mike, matter of translating news.

1:07 Found you and Rocket at the same time.   Daniel in Quebec: constantly lied to, want us to be debt slaves.

1:08 Listening to your show is therapy.  Discovering new things everyday, don’t have to be the most brilliant person.

1:09 Two angels of the day: one from Greece, involved with medicine, Greece Papimi Machine (Thunder in a Box), 2007 did a track down on machine very effective on cancer.  Great device.


1:11 Salute to Nikola Tesla, Dr papas device was inspired by Tesla, thunder in a box.

1:11 The other one is Ganja, Mr Rick Simpson, Canadian.  been harassed by authorities, cannabis in rice cooker, green concentrate, cannabis oil to cure cancer.   http://collapsereport.com/2012/10/10/spain-study-confirms-hemp-oil-cures-cancer-without-side-effects/ 

1:13 Good people out there doing good work.


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:18 Saul Rosenberg on the line, solve the whole national debt right now.

1:19 Train-wreck Tommy, October Surprise, special pact made with the Iranian hostage situation.


1:20 Met Pannetta, that was cool, DNA proves the fact.

1:21 Want to talk to her.   I am the one that all you guy hate.

1:22 I never got a warning not to go to work on 9-11, plotting the revenge.  Wake them up on their own levels

1:23 Perry continued with that, subpoena power, you swear an oath.  Congressional investigations that have subpoena power.

1:24 So split between the Communists and the Capitalists.  D and R doesn’t mean anything.


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 

1:43 Code 3, in the Northeast, dude is so freaking popped on his DHS stuff, that he wouldn’t listen to me about 9/11 stuff.

1:44 Our nation is looking for men, need to share reality, need warriors to save our country.

1:45 Politics and religion these are the two things that have messed us up.

Really takes a man to go against the grain, system is really screwed up, met with a lot of resistance.

1:47 Let’s restore our Constitutional rights, we are not brainwashed, we are very patriotic.

1:49 Ready to go back to those core beliefs to take our country back.

Started this show, this is my core business, every single day wake up one more person

1:50 Devin, New Mexico

1:51 Top Prepper in this country is the US Government, demonizing prepper’s is hypocritical.

1:53 Period of time I was a “former” US Marine, I am a U.S. Marine that  I know that document by our founders was not a tea-party mechanism, it’s a matter of protecting what God gave us, we have to protect ourselves from tyranny.

1:55 I should be able to criticize my government without being demonized, prayer in school,  I am the one that is in charge of my community.

1:56 Government should be in charge of filling that pothole on the interstate, should have the freedom to choose a political that is not one millionaire or another.

1:57 I am a United States Marine, I will give my life to protect God given rights of  all the millions on EBT cards, that have been lied to by the elites.

1:58 Let’s experiment with this free energy technology and tell them Al-Qaeda did it make trillions on the Military Industrial Complex.

1:59 Our system is designed to lie to everybody, our role is to translate the propaganda, I hope day tomorrow is the day that we get on with The Recovery!


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