Episode #371 – Gold Standard Will Only Work For The Elite Who Monopolize Gold – Bill Still

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Monday March 18, 2013


Todays Featured Guest: Bill Still

Pasted Graphic.tiffBill Still, renowned author of twenty books on government matters including “On the Horns of the Beast: The Federal Reserve and the New World Order” and producer, director and star of  THE MONEY MASTERS  and THE SECRET OF OZ, has arrived in Los Angeles to complete editing on his latest film JEKYLL ISLAND, THE TRUTH BEHIND THE FEDERAL RESERVE.  JEKYLL ISLAND, which is being produced in tandem with Brighter Day Productions, is set to be released in Spring 2013.

“I look forward to sharing this film,” says Mr. Still.  “I hope to educate people on the debt crisis and its solutions.”

For more information on JEKYLL ISLAND and to see a trailer, go to www.jekyllisland-themovie.com


For more information on Bill Still, go to www.billstill.com


Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break















Miztir E Revolutionary Artist of the Week is Low Key: Low Key- UK Wrapper, he’s been raided, he’s retired from wrapping because he was being completely silenced for talking some real truth about what the United States has become to the World. http://guerillamedianetwork.com/artists/lowkey/


When you get the chance Check out Mizter_E’s contributions to our community and our nation @ http://guerillamedianetwork.com/artists/

Show Chronology provided by: Jana Murray

11:00am – 11:20am Monday, March 18, 2013

11:04 So many news links, explosive situation. Made telephone call to Bank of America.

Instead of stealing our money, they actually borrow it from us.

11:05 Pete Santilli call to Bank of America (sound-clip)

11:08 Pass legislation to take all of your assets, send that message up your chain of command.

Put on notice, instead of stealing our money, better idea to borrow our money.

11:10 If we had a home loan, and stopped making our payment, wouldn’t you take our home,

same applies to you.

11:11 Mr. Bill Still we be on the line with us at the perfect time.

11:12 Susannah 2007, 2008 stumbled upon the Money Master, spread it around.

Not just about the Federal Reserve, it’s a lesson on history.  Why we are in the shape we are in today.

11:14 We really need to start fixing things, in light of Greece.  Offer some insight on what we can do to stop them.


> 11:20am-11:40am Guest – Mr. Bill Still http://www.youtube.com/user/bstill3

11:23 The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve & Jekyll Island still in production.



Not only an opinion of what to do but also an historical past.

11:24 Never forget that I learned about the Tally Stick from you.

Why don’t we loan ourselves our own money. The government is printing money wildly, they are not printing they are borrowing wildly.  Created as an interest bearing debt.

11:25 Fed is not the Government, nothing more an PR Organization.

11:26 Private Global Entities through Greece, we need to steal money through the public sector.

Got a report from a physician friend stealing and swooping out of banks of Cypress.  Going to cause massive bank runs.

11:27 Could sweep through Europe and affect this nation.

11:28 You Central Bankers really screwed up bad, why can’t we get them to submit they’re application..

The government should not be allowed to borrow.  National government borrowing from largest banks.

Forbid national borrowing.  #1 thing that needs to be eliminated.

11:29 The longer we go, without a volatile transition, less so if we take the system bank.

Everyday that continues to go on.  The interest on national debt is a titanic ship, totally unprecedented

12:31 The sooner it collapsed the better.  We are allowing them to continue to steal from us.

Roll out inter nation gold backed currency, next worse possibility.

12:32 Elite trying to monopolize gold. Nixon closed the window when all the gold was gone, gold is the scarcest commodity.

12:33 The only people that benefit from scarce money is the banker class.  What can they do at a local level?

Overnight we could do this.

12:34 Eliminate the ability to borrow, and cancel the debt “debt jubilee”, stop fractional reserve banking.


12:35 Eliminate the Government’s ability to borrow money.  State bank is a great idea.

Asset base for a bank, state’s tax revenues for the bank,  the State of North Dakota, most Fiscally Sound.


12:36 Governor Jerry Brown, decided not to sign legislation at last minute.

12:37 Local complimentary currency, Ithaca Hours, springing up all  over. Church can issue money, trade amongst themselves.

12:38 Gold Backed Standard, New World Currency System


> 11:40-12:00pm Guest -Bill Still is renowned author of twenty books on government matters including “On the Horns of the Beast: The Federal Reserve and the New World Order” and producer, director and star of  THE MONEY MASTERS  and THE SECRET OF OZ, has arrived in Los Angeles to complete editing on his latest film JEKYLL ISLAND, THE TRUTH BEHIND THE FEDERAL RESERVE.  JEKYLL ISLAND, which is being produced in tandem with Brighter Day Productions, is set to be released in Spring 2013.

11:45 Gold is Concentrated Money,  can never serve the public interest. He who has the gold makes the rules.

Secret of Oz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI

11:46 Jekyll Island Movie  Much stronger that either of the other two films.


11:47 1907  Banking families caused a deep depression, public was much more aware at that time.

11:48 They would have had the legislation as a bankers bill, Jekyll Island secret meeting.

What they were trying to achieve was a complete centralization of power.

11:49 Bankers made greedy bets, we don’t live in a free market system.  We are covering their bets, “moral hazard”

The taxpayer has to fork over money, they live in a completely lawless state.

11:50 Will only serve to more concentrate the banking power.

Isn’t it true, is this not Socialism, it’s worse than that. Plutocracy, rule by the wealthy class.

11:51 We are not trying to take away them money of the rich people but to keep them in their proper spheres.

11:52 Incentive driven system, the promise of freedom of America.  The essence of Freedom.

11:53 Banking monopoly completely lose control, the Congress pays attention to the Plutocracy.

I believe that there is hope for us on this runaway freight train.

11:54 Going to have to decide, fork in the road, debt free money system or gold backed surfdom.

11:55 Professors in Greece it’s not if it’s WHEN, Swelling Movement. They Get It. International Movement.

I don’t see humanity sinking back into surfdom!


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:01 Hillary Clinton Has Been Placed Under House Arrest, Unconfirmed


12:03 Robert Rubin have power of attorney over the account.  People want accountability.

Need to bring Heneghan and Stew Webb accountable if this is not true.

12:04 BP Oil Spill, Activist Post: The Mother of All Conspiracies (Pt. 7) Biological Algae.


12:05 Corexit has potential to  create massive dead zones, strictly used for myopic waste land.

12:06 Can’t build platforms, long term plot to destroy environment in the coast.

12:07 Methane, sinkholes, gas explosions.

Cypress massive event, EU throwing Cypress to the Wolves, Bank Robbery Legal.

10% Levy of all savings. (Banker Bailout paid for by savings accounts.)


12:10 Financial punishment to bow down to criminal enterprise.

BitCoin virtual currency, the banker pulls out a gun and points it as you.

12:12 New talking point in the Guardian,  Israel to press Obama to use Airstrikes.

Green light for pre-emptive strikes.  Pile in on Syria and Lebanon

12:13 Israel planning to use crisis for their advantage (Golan Heights)

12:14 Syrian war planes striking Lebanon boarder, eastern Bekaa Valley


Accusation of rebel activity and gun running, could be very well the case.

12:15 Obama is going to be visiting Israel on Wednesday.

12:16 Obama’s classmates from Columbia don’t remember him.


12:17 Orly Taitz got booed out the room at CPAC- Breitbart presentation.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm  Guest -Patrick Henningsen

12:23 Obama classmates story, for a prospective law student, no can remember seeing him at the library, etc..

12:24 Not seen at any classes at Columbia, weren’t that many black students at that time.

12:25 Breitbart doesn’t cover Birther Issues.  Remove them  from reader list.  Republicans not interested in removing this president.

12:27 Putting the Constitution in the trunk, having to register gun ownership, in violation of Constitution

12:28 Regulation stretches in to gun sales, etc..

12:29 Dahboo Knight Video the Military Does Not Want You to See sound-clip.


12:30 Video,  show a drone on one day of a Jihadi burying an IED, enemy combatant in foreign country.


12:31 Constant feed of a drone, you would fight back on your turf.

12:32 same drone, the IED placed blows up one of our armored vehicle, troops died!

12:33 Screw em, let them die, boom..  No one said a word.

12:34 What good is it if someone made a decision not to do anything, very, very sad.

12:35 Cypress putting forward a new plan.  Bank Holidays, to prevent people from pulling their money out..

12:36 If you pull your money out the bank, they can’t take anything from you.  Every single American bank be dumped!

12:37 Our bankster’s can guarantee they won’t steal from you.  They need to earn it, not steal it.

Excuses that the ATM’s don’t work.

12:38 Bailout TAX, the quicker we can do that the quicker we can get into recovery.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm

12:44 Get Up Wake Up Rise Up: Pulling your money OUT of the Banks, they can never steal it from you,

Banking holiday is an opportunity for them to steal from you.

12:45 Patrick, don’t borrow any of their money.  Bill Clinton torpedoed the Glass Steagall Act.

12:46 You don’t know where the markets going, to hand off you saving to your broker is not a safe bet.

You are going to be 20- 30 percent down.

RT.com Gitmo created more terrorist than we could ever imagine.


12:47 Gitmo detainees, some are released, some are not. Captured and released now in Syria.

12:48 U.S. debriefing and creating havoc back in the field? Backing from John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

12:49  Open War Crimes: US and British-Backed Weapons Airlift From Croatia to Terrorists in Syria

Abdel Hakim Belhadj, Tripoli, Russian gangs terrorist groups as well.


US Army soldier Eric Harroun,  joined Al nusra front al-Qaeda, supplied by McCain, steered by Saudi Arabian Intelligence.


12:52 Russian money in Cypress, and Dubai, two number one hangouts.

12:53 Obama Administration Caves to Putin on Missile Shield for Europe , hagel deployment would not go forward, putting defense in retreat, so compliant to Russain demands.


12:55 A lot of money exchanging hands, people don’t want to become targets.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:01 Miztir E Revolutionary Artist of the Week!  Do you have you videos featured Guerilla Media Network


1:02 Check out his contributions to our community and our nation.  Not going on noticed.

Spreaker, over 150,000 listeners.  Poetry and lyrical work.

1:03 If I don’t practice what I preach then I am just part of the problem. Waking up one person at a time.

1:04 Bill Still today, Great Message.

1:04 Low Key- UK Wrapper, he’s been raided, he’s retired from wrapping, completely silenced.


1:05 Miztir E reading about the unhealthy part of the music business, put this out last year.

Glenn Beck makes fun of  this guy, talking shit about him.

1:06 Low Key- ObamaNation Track (sound-clip)

1:09 Great track, a song called Terrorist, Playing With Fire. Lyrics really powerful.

1:10 Glenn Beck track, (Racist Repulican) sound-clip, a little pedestrian for me.

1:12  Insulting and embarrassing, making an ass of himself.

1:13  Talking some real truth about what the United States has become in the World.

1:15  Susannah Cole; about the Colorado Sheriff, on BeforeItsNews.com  Sheriff

1:16 El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa Will ‘Destroy” Database And ‘Intervene’ If Feds Try To Enforce New Guns Laws



>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm 

1:23 Rocket and Samantha beautiful leather folio, “Telling You the Truth Whether You Like It or Not”

1:24 Tahoe Dave Awesome Music (Sound-clip)

1:28 I don’t even know what to say about Tahoe Dave, he just about incorporated every personality into his song.

1:29 Hours and hours of his time went into that!  Got this smile on my face :)

1:30 Everyone making contribution, saying thank you wouldn’t be giving it enough credit.

1:31  Rocket you’re awesome dude, got more in common with Rocket than with my brother.

1:34 Tidbits, speaking of money, http://costofwar.com/, publicizes the cost of wars since 2001

1:36 Dramatically how quickly it’s going up,  tomorrow is 10th anniversary of Shock and Awe

Former US Marine Sergeant, proud of his service, 7 wars since leaving Iraq, the effects of PTSD

1:37 4 in 10 believe the reasons to go to war justified. 4500 troops killed, goes to the IED’s you were talking about

1:38 Daddy Bush and family believe that the troops are just hamburger meat.

Bastard scumbag elite, system that we live in, Fight for “Freedom”


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 

1:44  Chaos Marathon, tune into the Chaos Show, you can party with them on Saturday nights, always do playback after sunset. http://www.spreaker.com/user/thepetesantillishow/the_chaos_show_37

1:46  Talking about the 4.500 troops killed, head injuries, the civilian fatalities that are staggering 100,000 to 600,000 Iraq civilians that have been killed, will exceed 3 Trillion Dollars, some estimates 6 Trillion

1:47 Do we thank those fat “Christians”?  Veterans need a lifetime of care, because of what they went through

1:48 Adam – Saturday Guy named Sam from Atlanta, have him back to explain all that.  We want to be really really careful about fighting their tickets.

1:49 People giving legal advice, have to be very careful, some people get themselves in trouble.

1:50 We have Steve in chat, went to bank to get money out and teller asked why, and wanted to know how many times she blows her old man.

1:52 Got mad at me cause I was taking money out of the bank, how often to you ….?  Copped an attitude.

1:53 Hey kick ass, take your money out of the bank.  Tahoe Dave: I do few things anymore that I am not inspired by.

“It’s about us, tight knit group, that includes you, don’t even know how to say thank you”

1:54 All of us are putting it on the line, Do you think we have hope.  You are the final frontier for FREEDOM!


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