Episode #372 – Pope Francis Caused Death of 30,000 People

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March 20, 2013


Todays Featured Guest:

Pasted Graphic.tiffAfter evading arrest by lawful Common Law Court officers, over thirty officials of church and state now face permanent banishment from their communities during Easter Week for being wanted criminals who are a danger to children everywhere.

These officers include Pope Francis I and former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Queen Elizabeth Windsor of England, all of whom were ordered detained by Citizen Arrest Warrants issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice on March 5 and 15, 2013.

“They have defied the law and lawful arrest, so therefore they are declared to be public enemies who are no longer welcome or allowed in our communities” explained Rev. Kevin Annett, who presented the evidence to the Court that convicted the guilty.

And now, a South African Catholic Archbishop who elected Pope Francis 1 has joined the ranks of officials who have been so banished.

After stating publicly that child rape is not a crime, and thereby endangering children in his community, the Archbishop of Durban, South Africa, Wilfrid Napier, has joined the ranks of over thirty church and state officials who as of Palm Sunday, March 24, will be declared banished from their communities by order of the Common Law Court of Justice.


Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break















Tom Hansen: Former  Commodities  Trader NYSE 

Want to make a Shit Show? Why not do it Greece

Ninety percent of people are wrong, you just gotta be right!

Parliament raised it’s finger to the ECB. Hundreds of billions of dollars in those banks.

Called the ECB’s bluff.  Their parliament,they’ve got big balls because they have billions of dollars.


Show Chronology provided By: Jana Murray

>11:00am – 11:20am Tuesday, March 19, 2013

11:03 Debt Tally: 1,434,318,415  Cost of War since 2001, is going up by the milli second 2,000/sec

11:04 Nemo Scumbags of the Day- Commander Keith Alexander, director of NSA, and Arun Chaudhary


11:05 Stationed in Fort Meade, set up major computer system.

11:07 Setting up 13 teams, they are able to inside comcast, tmobile, etc.  Just found military in Shanghai.


11:08 About a month ago, hardware virus in Iraq, all their computers are offline, but when they update software.

11:09 Obama’s videographer, his little pet, spent lots of time with Obama. Just hired at small office near White House

Campaigning, messaging applications.

11:11 Troll Internship, after helping Obama you are probably going to get a good job as Obama Suck-up.


11:12 They have all their own messaging applictions, Revolution Messaging  202-299-9393  call Arun Chaudhary..

11:16 Nemo, go in and do an internship to do a report.

11:17 NATO Manual, rules for cyber-rule, refrain from attacking hospitals and nuclear plants, could lead to full blown military conflicts.

> 11:20am-11:40am

11:25 Supply chain shuts down,could wipe out a billion people.  NATO isn’t great they spend all that money for our “protection”

11:26 Rand Paul starting to jump on the immigration issue, used Spanish phrases, Conservative Republicans must acknowledging we are not going to deport the ones that are here.

11:27 Key findings in Executive Summary;

11:28 Rand Paul Wins 2012 Washington Times CPAC Poll, proof there are still a lot of idiots in the “Conservative” party.

11:29 What if we Sarah Palin get in the mix, God forbid…

11:30 Illegal Alien costs, 52 billion dollars a year to educate the illegal alien children.


Most illegal aliens don’t pay income taxes.  Claiming tax credits.

11:31 FoxNews, Cypress lawmakers  EU voted down..  They will default on there loans.

11:33 Senator Paul endorsing illegal immigrants.  Not a snowball’s chance in hell he will be nowhere near the White House.

11:34 We need to start a list of people, you qualify, not politicians.  Giving 52 billion dollars a year for illegal alien children.

11:36 These cuts especially hit the Marine Corps, all part of the Sequestering.  Rubio is the token Hispanic.

11:37 Paul is not a pawn, I think he’s slicker than that.  He’s got his Daddy, get them to throw money at you and then when it comes to the end throw them under the bus, sending aid to Pakistan, at the same time cut Military Tuition assistance.



> 11:40-12:00pm  Guest Rev. Kevin Annett http://itccs.org 

11:45 Problems have grown larger with newest Pope, this man is directly implicated with dictatorship, caused the death of over 30,000 people.

11:46 Practice of trafficking children, directly guilty of crimes against humanity, involved in the Dirty War

11:47 Irish Newspaper in NY the Pope consulted with him regularly, should be arrested and tried for these things.

Has the Common Law Court, March 15th, Dirty 30, Trial of Genocide in Canada.

11:48 March 15 a new verdict pertaining to the new Pope

11:49 Your United States tax money is going directly to the Pope, Vatican involved in online child porn.

11:50 Obstruction of Justice, numbed to the reality, they believe that the Pope is the intermediary, not Jesus.

11:51 Concerned that he is the first Jesuit Pope, one of the oldest military, every since the 1500 the Secret Oath of the Jesuits, Global Terrorist Organization http://www.reformation.org/oath.html

11:52 Issued an Arrest Warrant, issue banishment orders.  In Argentina, shortest Conclave in Vatican history

11:53 In his ranking, is he the most senior level, called Superior General. No he’s not the senior.  The Black Pope is traditional leader.

11:54 Kevin Annett Show, next show We The Jury at Blog Talk Radio, 1st Sat, April 6, 4pm EST

will be simulcast. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wethejury


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:02 Chemical weapons story, this is how it goes, Daily Star (Beirut) Syria rebels shot attack, who has the motive, guessing 2 possibilities.  Either the Rebels did it or a third party did it.

12:04 Paid for Qatar, Stratfor email “The BritAm Leaks”

12:05 Air Strike, in Lebanese territory, southeaster Bekka Valley, only persons to confirm is the United States

12:06 No casualties, a lot of chicanery, they will do anything to create propaganda to get NATO to intervene to finish of Syria.

12:07 Both of these events because of the timing could be something else.  Future Movement is heavily aligned with Washington.

12:08 U.S. commander: Contingency plans under way for Syria


12:09 Massive riots nearby,  told not to go out that night, no one can figure out who did this, just some “drunks”

Lebanese will do this just to quell.

12:10 Last 2 days, heightened state of readiness in Lebanon.

12:13 Stuffed Drone Slippers and throw at Obama.  Remember the moment they threw a show a Bush? The image of him dunking behind the podium.

12:14 Advance team had shoes being thrown at them.

12:15 Cypress Rothchild at War with Putin, BeforeItsNews  No Rothchilds banks in Russia.


12:16 Cyprus: The Case For Leaving the E.U. Economic Slavery Plantation



> 12:20pm-12:40pm  Patrick Henningsen

12:24 The Cypress Parliament Rejected,  ECB going to provide liquidity anyway, 20 to 30 percent haircut for the oligarchy.


12:25 Can hit them offshore, which is indirect, financial salvo, sanctions.

Being manipulated by international banking cartel, act of war against the Russian Oligarchs


12:26 Imagine if that happened to the U.S or British Oligarchs

12:27 Keep an eye on the Blaze to see the spin; Hacker (Blumenthal)Distributes Confidential Memos Sent to Hillary Clinton on Benghazi Attack, Libya


12:28 Glenn Beck fails to mention emails were sent to RT.  Smoking Gun possibly controlled opposition website.

12:29 Attack had nothing to do with innocence of Muslim, coordinated event.

12:30 Look how it was played out, connections to Israeli intelligence mob. Media wave took shape because of that narrative.

12:31 Hillary wants to be President, and Rule the “Free World”  Blumenthal vs Clinton

12:32 We are set up as tiny news operation, we want to be that destination for you, Preparation Porn not Doom Porn

12:34 After Wednesday we are going to a lot of clues. If we really did have an enemy, false flag attacks to generate trillions of dollars on war.

12:35 Air strikes, level the place. Syria is not Iraq.  A lot of troops deployed, troops in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon.

Israel is quiet, they have something to gain either way.

12:36 New Zealand, Green Party report, Cypress style solution.

12:37 We would want everyone who is listening to pull their money out of the bank, they can’t take your hard earned dollars.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 

12:44 Dr. Bob – welcome back, been in the hospital for a week.  Testing a new bioweapon.

Will be in hospital for another week.

12:45 The report was out of the Rand Paul camp. They want to make it seem. It’s all a big law, put these stories out and look like they are real stories.

12:47 We can’t afford all of these social programs.  I know we can’t live without these people.  Movie: A Day Without a Mexican.  Hardest working people in America.

12:48 They take care of themselves and their families.  Most of the programs is to pander to the Hispanic vote.

They have more pride than most Americans do.  Love to tell the Hispanics and tell them to ignore Rand Paul

12:49 Don’t like to see our listeners get sick like that.  Rand Paul jockeying for positioning, Latino vote is a big part of it.

12:50 Obama is the perfect example of why people need to ignore Rand Paul and Rubio, “Conservatives” exploiting illegal aliens.

12:51 They can get an illegal to work for slave wages, tax free, threatening to deport.

12:52 Same in Dubai, and Syria, they don’t like paying out wages.  Report to the police if they complain.

I am just trying to take care of my family here,  cannot afford 10,000 dollars with no guarantees to become legal.

12:53 They are the most loyal, hard working, spiritual people.

12:54 They are better off on the other side of the fence, working in the real free market economy.

That’s how America used to be.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm 

1:00 Train-wreck Tommy former trader, on the floor of the Commodities Exchange 

1:01 I didn’t get paid to work, I had to make money trading, had to be right

Is everyones money at risk,  FDIC insurance only up to 100,000 only 1%

1:02 Warfare against the Russian oligarchs,  Cypress has treaty, no touch zones.

All the heroin money…

1:03 Same as fractional reserve banking, hypothecation, lend out 10 dollars on 1 dollar deposit.

1:04 Giant ponzi scheme, derivatives, all made out of nothing.

Hypothecation is just giant ponze scheme.

1:05 Tally Sticks, soviet system broke down, Vodka was used as currency.  Taxes won’t go away.

1:06 Parliament raised it’s finger to the ECB.  Hundreds of billions of dollars in those banks.

1:07 Called the ECB’s bluff.  Their parliament, they’ve got big balls because they have billions of dollars.

If it was a test bed they would have done it to Greece.

1:08 Story about Venezuela Gold, partners with an American company.  Chavez took his gold, United States EPA shut them down.

1:09 Zero Hedge, UK is sending 1.3 million dollars to Cypress

1:10 Want to make a shit show, why not do it in Greece. The dumb commoners here, no account is safe…

1:11 They can use your funds, you give them the authority to do that by opening an account.

1:12 NFA, changed law in 2005 “Sovereign Debt Trades”

1:13 Ruckus – rebel using chemical warfare, drone you because we smell chlorine

1:14 see a toilet sitting outside of their house, stopped putting money in the banks a long time ago.

Small amount cash, Mercury Silver Dimes, worth $3.50


1:15 Go to Wal-Mart,  everyday bullet price double your money.

1:16 What are bit-coins, don’t follow that.  Specialty is trading oil.


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:23 Ruckus: If the internet is turned off, (Bit-coin) can I get my money? No.

1:24 In a perfect world, until the crash happens, after the collapse, decentralized banking.

It would work if you could pay your taxes with it.

1:25 Ruckus is obviously a rebel.   Default of the Comex…

1:26 Scared the big funds out with the MF Global.http://www.mfglobal.com/ 

They use so many tools, force mizure, price will crash.

Hunts had everything cornered.  Liquidation only market, couldn’t get out.

1:27 Margin Calls, commodities 10 bucks buy 100 dollar of corn

1:28 Physical, metal or oil is higher than paper, most limits taken off, limit up…

spot demand through the roof..

1:29 Tommy lets go to Vegas, can’t stand the game because I am not running the show.

Play the Field Bets. I like those.

1:30 Max Keiser has hammered so many people with  those insane moves that silver took on futures

1:31 Ninety percent of people are wrong, you just gotta be right!

1:32 Susannah- I think you need to leave Tom on, everybody is on that, you are on fire today. Pre PBR

1:33 Train-wreck Tommy, providing great insight on what happens on the floor of commodities exchange.

Call up retail jobs might be able to buy contract for 5 grand.

1:34 Joshua: wondering if they are setting us up on this Catholic Church, setting us up on the coming of the Aliens.

1:35 Owns world’s largest telescope, make new idols everyday, holy relics.

They are far from Christian.   Going to make us all look like bad people, going to take Vatican’s money eventually.

1:37 Heather from Georgia: Say hi to Tommy, get in the car and drive.   Like to thank Jerky Jay for trillion dollar bills.


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm

1:45 Kid know what you got going on when you listen to NoMessiah.  They know that music is art.

1:46 Savvy is back, they have building up to this thing for a very long time, automatic deposits.

Keeping their hands on your funds.

1:47 Anyone who has a bank account it’s going to hit you too.

Aaron alQaeda: GLD out flows, going to go out on the spot market.

1:48 People perceive the value of the metal, they orbit, as soon as things calm down

1:49 Europeans have a premium to us. “Trading Spreads on the Floor”

1:50 Jim Sinclair, insights on Rhodium, super expensive element.  Nickel wire is super expensive, Strontium…

1:51 They all want to kick your ass.

1:52 Called into Alex Jones, free advice, U.S. Dollar as 50% and Federal Reserve as 50%

1:50 Go buy brass and lead not gold,  double your money.

1:53 Stick with silver, they can confiscate your gold..

1:54 Tom is a Contrarian that hasn’t lost.  That is how he’s made a living.

These countries can’t print themselves out of it.

1:55 Going to be going on Aaron alQaeda’s Show


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