Episode #374 “Stand for the Bill of Rights or move to Cuba-I’ll pay for your one way ticket.” – Ted Nugent

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Todays Featured Guest: TED NUGENT

Pasted Graphic 2.tiffThe Motor City Madman made his debut on the Pete Santilli Show today.


Ted Nugent, as outspoken and outrageous as ever had a lot to say about the second amendment and the Government that continues to “try” to dismantle it. 

Pete and Ted have a one on one conversation conversation about the constitution and what it’s going to take to get this country back on her feet.  Ted talks about his retractors and has a special message for Micheal Moore.  Ted Nugent is an American Icon dead set on keeping his right to bear arms and as he so rightly said in this interview:

“If you don’t stand for the Bill of Rights, move to Cuba… I’ll pay for your one way ticket.”

Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break








Tom Hansen: Cyprus and The Bit Coin

Tommy gives commentary on Cyprus and advise on bit-coin. 

Money supply is automated, by servers and bitcoin miners. Does that sound real secure?”

Show Chronology provided by: Jana Murray


>11:00am – 11:20am Thursday, March 21, 2013

11:01 The truth is we’ve spent over $320,000,000 in 24 hours and counting on war..

11:02 Ted Nugent will be joining me at the 20 minute mark.  Rallying the support of everyone.

11:03 Great group of people, your voice can be heard in our live chat room.

11:07 Freedom is Not Free Presentation, don’t want to miss his presentation.

Current events, decimation of our Constitution, have to appreciate his representaion of the 2nd Amendment.

11:08 Spirit of the Wild on the Outdoor Channel, Official Ambassador of the Outdoor Channel.

11:09 You can’t grill it unless you kill it. Hugo Chavez, Audios MoFo.  Staunch Republican.

11:10 Pete: Hardcore former Republican..

11:11 Michael Moore thing not been in the news, been in touch with the Mark Taylor family.

What he did to that child, people should know about that. Columbine Kind of put Michael Moore on the map.

11:13 Never compensated Mark Taylor, now in a mental institution.

Ted Nugent is counter propagandize, spend a lot of money.

11:14 Nemo’s Scumbag is Hillary Rodham Clinton;  she has been using Benghazi as her military experience for 2016, pre-recorded message.

11:15 Her emails reveal  Saudi’s financed the Benghazi attacks. Absolutely qualifies, that is huge news.

RT.com French intelligence revealed.. http://rt.com/usa/complete-emails-guccifer-clinton-554/


> 11:20am-11:40am  Guest – Ted Nugent http://www.tednugent.com/

11:24 Thank you for serving our country and providing the soundtrack to America.  Welcoming Ted Nugent

Soundtrack cultivated!

11:25 American Dream glows in the Nugent Family.

11:26 Hitting the road with Styx, Aero Speedwagon.  http://www.tednugent.com/events/

11:27 Military Term: Cluster ___   Soundtrack for people standing up and fighting.  More fun when you scare idiots.  Pete: Busier right now than you ever have been?

11:28 Herculean work ethic..  Everybody in my world kicks ass.

Clarity is stimulating, drive ourselves to make sure we are in the asset column.

11:29 Distributed over a ton of venison to soup kitchens, my life is a wow.

Perfected the middle finger in my youth, raised to be honest and accountable.

11:30 No drugs, no alchohol..  Chew on a cuban, once in a while, sergeant rock appropriate.

Care about your health than whining about health care.

11:31 Hang out with Sheriff Mack, giving back to community.  We desperately need people like yourself.

3 Dangerous things in life..   Be very careful.

11:32 Look at the Feisteins, Eric Holder, Hillary, criminality of Rahm Emmanuel

Always been on the right course, my greatest pride is that I drive idiots crazy.

11:33 Save the environment.  Save Texans tax dollars.  Hogs with a cause, feed hundreds of hungry Texans.

11:34 Lefty blogs don’t authorize my plans because they are brain dead.

Biggest hater is Michael Moore,  brain washing cult of denial,  the President and my haters..

11:35 turn it into a toxic dump, that’s the model they are steering the model for?

11:36 May not have know this about Michael Moore….

11:37 Mark Taylor one of the first kids to get shot..  Forced institutionalized..  Lives to scam people.

Loves Cuba more than America, send him a ticket.

11:38 Call me and let me know how gun free zones are working out for you.


> 11:40-12:00pm 

11:42 honorable, legendary Ted Nugent, challenging any of you to call in..

LYNX, calling out of Canada.

11:43 Love your story, congrats on the hunting season.  Bow & Arrow, hand eye spirit coordination. Uncle bow hunts bears. Time to celebrate that there are Black Bears in America..

11:44 What would you say to a big mouth band like me? Stay clean and sober.

Dad and mom raised me to respect temple of life, gifted virtuosos, waste this on getting stoned.

Never loose touch with the soulful original black heroes.

11:46 Incredible advice.  Spirituality in providing sustenance for your family, stealth factor directly applicable to your musical talent and energy.

11:48 Bloomberg has crap for brains, 2nd amendment is when broke away from despots, the right from God to keep and bear arms.

11:51 TedNugent.com All about communication, refuse to back down in the utilization, communicate to the best of my ability.

11:52 We have given many lives, trying to go after alQaeda, McCain and Graham, funding and supplying them.

11:53 We need to end the welcome mat and red carpet, curse of apathy, refusal to participate in self government.

11:54 I am just a guitar player, but if you talk to my family, stand up for what we sensible logical people, if I can do it.  Allowing Barack Obama to get into office.

11:56 Ted Nugent ammo is available nationwide!! http://tednugentammo.com/index.html


> 12:00- 12:20 Ted Nugent takes a couple callers

12:01 King Kam from Hawaii: You are to blame, I lost my hearing, Navy Veteran from Vietnam War

12:02 Help on the DEA, illegal drug war?  God bless you for serving in the war.

12:03 Militant against drug abuse, getting high is about getting low.  Hemp is a completely different subject.

100 percent proponent for the legalization of hemp.

12:04 100 different products with hemp, should be brought back today to produce food and oil.

Just another natural product.  Draconian laws that don’t accomplish anything whatsoever.

12:05 Plenty of wild game here, Colt Walker Black Powder gun?  Ted Nugent -Glock 10 ml.

12:07 A lot of people have waited, number 1 promoter is Obama.    What do you tell women,

send out huge salute.

12:08 Huge signal to Barack Obama – Don’t tread on me!

12:09 Crime reports, violent crime is descending, fewer than in about 20 years.

12:10 They have a dream, Chicago, gun free zone,  the murder capital!  The recipe for more innocent lives being slaughtered.

12:11 If you want to be honest, more guns equal less crime.

Final throws of implementing Communism?

12:12 BHO went to Viet Nam Memorial Wall with smoke and mirror and hired and associates with Communists

12:13 If Barack Obama continues to associate with Valerie Jarret, who seeks inspriration from Mao Tse Tung.

12:15  If you don’t stand for the Bill of Rights, move to Cuba… I’ll pay for your one way ticket.  Read Ted’s  God Guns and Rock-n- Roll



> 12:20pm-12:40pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:23 Patrick Henningsen back from the Dr. Judy Wood

12:24 International news, BeforeItsNews.com coming under attacks..  People reporting ISP’s

#1  Rocket hits Israel from Gaza, looks like my prayers get answered, thank goodness no one got injured.

12:25 21st Israel checkpoint, poster Obama shoe in his hand.  Listening to show in Palestine.


12:26 Problem with snatching children in Israel, nothing less than apartheid brutal regime.

Israeli Occupation: On Checkpoints and Child Snatching

12:27 Critical of the Vatican, Clintons trafficking children and babies, have an obligation to cover this.

12:28 Obama exploitation of Palestinians, don’t know why.  They don’t like Obama, eternal alliance with Isreal.

12:30 Israel is worst war criminal.  Israelis love when president comes over an licks their boots.

12:31 His expertise is to lure less informed people, he can’t even help African Americans.

12:32 Anthrax story, need to experiment on children, economically vulnerable, his daughter won’t be lining up for shot.

12:32 Goosifer is his name, taking credit for latest hacks.


12:33  Sidney Blumenthal,  french intelligence agents that wealthy Sunnis financed Benghazi,


12:34 A bit of a psy-op they only financed the front end of 9/11 attacks.

12:35 Michael Moore, very clever how they are steering this.  Want to make you jump from one Bin Laden link to another.  Sydney Bloomingthal is the ultimate counter intelligence.

12:36 U.S. puts $10 million bounty on Americans suspected of helping terrorists in Somalia, may not even exist, real or made up.  Trying to get this narrative going.


12:37 Building an Africa agenda, next war, for natural resource.  AfriCom Agenda documents.


12:38 Top pro Assad Sunni Cleric in Syrian Masque, 15 died, 40 wounded,  Iraq all over again.



> 12:40pm – 1:00pm

12:44 UK trying to push laws through to end free internet. Royal Charter. Take you off the web, will spread across the world if they succeed.


12:45 They want a controlled state run media, really pushing hard.   Not free speech anymore.

12:46 Secret courts for people like us.  Successfully blockade, they will roll it out..

12:47 U.S. Ignite, Google Glasses.

12:49 UN wants to investigate, chlorine factory, when it explodes, chemical weapons..

12:50 Infowars: Running headlines like video proves, shame on them, a lot of illusions and counter intelligence

12:51 Cyprus, Deal made with ECB, 2 offers have come in with private investment.

Rights for natural gas, everyone knows what the public reaction will be.

12:52 Banks found another way to grab assets.

12:53 We have the FDIC, the ECB have refused to allow depositors insurance.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm Tommy Trainwreck

1:00 They have declared war on major account holders. Zero Hedge.

50 NGO’s, what is going on in this town.  No spy treaty with these people.

1:01 Russian’s pretty much have all the money in the banks, The ECB is playing a dangerous game.

1:02 Capital outflows are going to be enormous, going to play this game for 2 weeks

If you lived in Cyprus, would you leave it the bank?  When 2 weeks go by, we are getting by without money

1:03 The Russian’s just have to put some heat on them, it’s a joke. Russian billionaires, why arent’ they crapping their pants?

1:04 They don’t care about the small depositors.

Nigel Farage- Get your money our of your bank while you can, soundclip.


1:07 Now they have resorted to theft, message that sends to people..

1:08 Does it matter? Pick the littlest country, nobody’s talking about derivatives.

1:10 Toxic from Michigan- fell out of favor with Ted, I like his tone..

1:11 I gave the guy credit for making things happen out there.  He’s doing much more than our leaders.

1:12 Give Ted Nugent the credit he deserves, busier right now than he ever has been.

Train-wreck Tommy; pretend you are running the ECB, we know there are ass piles of cash and it’s the Russians.

1:13 Stop them from pulling the money out, trap them all.  Nothing you see is real.

That’s how these movers and shakers make things happen, it’s bullshit behind the scenes.

1:14 UFO paper Kennedy,  another example you have no idea what’s going on.

1:15 Cyprus is the Train-wreck.   Got to think a little further, who wins, who loses.

1:16 Bit Coin charts are skyrocketing.  Is Max Keiser the expert I need to go by about bit-coin?


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:20 Nugent can talk circles around anyone.  Asked about McCain, talked circles around me.

1:21 Bit-coins can be exchanged by computer, your Window computer, that’s not solid…

1:22 Money supply is automated, by servers and bitcoin miners. Does that sound real secure?

1:23 I only get motivated when someone says I can’t do something.

stayed away from the dot com boom.   I wrecked it, it’s a bubble, make shit piles of money in a bubble.

1:24 Real Estate, peak of the boom, helping seniors, paid off all my debt. Guess who’s the last man standing

1:25 Silver, you can’t put silver in your house if you have 100′s of thousands of dollars. Where are you going to store it.

1:26 Always the little guy that gets hurt.  I love Max Keiser, but if I could speak to him, if the internet is turned off, what would happen to my money.

1:27 I don’t believe he sold the Hollywood Stock Exchange, he’s an angry mother f’er.

1:28 I bet in 10 years, gold will be trading at  7 and 10 thousand an ounce.

1:29 The central banks get enough they will really blow it up.

Pete: I am going to be you, that a collapse will occur on the other side, I am going to be selling bbq and spices and we are cannibals.

1:30 Should we start thinking about what the right thigh of a communist tastes like.

1:31 I heard humans taste like ham.  Is there anything bad that happens when humans consume humans.

Got to make sure humans are completely cleaned and cooked, full of bacteria.

1:33 Use all the people who caused the collapse as food.

Be Careful…  In the future, I am preparing for the eventuality of something like that happening.

1:34 We have a special way to prepare you, specially prepared Michael Moore Fat.


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 



1:40 The Republican Party is BullShit…

I’ve already told everybody that Nomessiah is the official band of  The Pete Santilli Show

1:42 It has to be sincere, it needs to connect with my soul.  JahJah is really good, anti illuminati.

1:43 Listen to this track, from Train wreck Tommy.


1:47 Nice, why did you share that track,  My second oldest son.  Tongue Tied by Gregory Hanson!

http://www.officialgreghansen.com/ We loved it.  Tell him we really liked it.

1:49 Tahoe Dave- Through the arts we could project a very powerful message..

Congrats, very talented son.  Like silver for bartering.  Buy mercury silver dimes.

1:50 Some of us write music, how everyone could help, support sponsors, help the program.

1:51 Call local talk radio shows and get this message out, one person at a time.

1:52 Ashley, we are going to feature your call with your local police department.  Encourage everyone to do what you did.

1:53 When you hear the content you are going to be blown away tomorrow, definitely want to tune in.


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