Episode #375 – George Soros Funded Websites Attack Ted Nugent and Pete Santilli

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Friday, March 22, 2012

Todays Featured Guest: Pete covers the article’s about his interview with Ted Nugent coming out on websites like Media Matters and covers

a phone call made by producer Ashley Jones to her State-Troopers office.

Patrick Henningsen: The Bunker News Break



Show Chronology provided by: Jana Murray

11:00am – 11:20am Friday, March 22, 2013

11:02 Special day for numerologist, Georgia Guide-stone people.


11:03 We are waiting for you in the Decontamination Room, we accept our trolls.


11:04 We are literally starved for the truth. Those on the outside have to theorize, thank goodness for the hackers.

All we can do is take facts what come to us, don’t have control of the tax dollars.

11:05 For national security we have to lie to you, people like Ted Nugent.  Don’t tell me that man is not a patriot.

11:06 One of the few men, leading by example, allowing him to speak to tens of millions of people.

The George Soros commies have come out of the wood works,  published report at MediaMatters.

11:07 Bankster who made millions taking down the money system.

Behind organization called Media Matters, MoveOn.org.  You need to know who you are aligning with.

11:08 Literally hijacking the mainstream media. We’ll let you decide who the propagandist are and who the patriots are.

11:09 NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Compares Obama To A Nazi On Conspiracy Theorist’s Radio Show,


11:10 I will kill a Commie for my Mommie.  We will defend ourselves, we are not afraid to talk about that.

11:11 Power packed show today, going to go through this article by Timothy Johnson.

11:13 The skewing of the truth, you should be very upset that this guy is promoting Communism

Joe Biden is a bastard:  Listen to what this man said:

There is no limitation, what is the downside?  If you need more than 10 rounds you shouldn’t be hunting.

When you go to registration, brings out the “helicopter crowd”..

11:15 We have spun off and given our lives to defend ourselves of what that man (Joe Biden) said.

11:16 The White House has been hijacked by Communism.  I advocate that a small portion of our society,

10 of millions veterans, retired law enforcement that are wide awake to what Biden has said.

They have lied their way all the way into your White House.  I am going to prove it to you, by using organizations like Media Matters to skull plug you.


> 11:20am-11:40am We like to schedule our guests during this segment

11:23 This is not a theory that the media is used to skull plug, by bias is to protect everyone.

The likes of a George Soros doesn’t care about you.  Ted Nugent does care about you.

11:24 I don’t want the government to mess with your life, you give up your rights, when you go on welfare.

11:25 The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting it has everything to do with keeping Joe Biden in check.

11:26 Your hunting skills are horrible if you need billions of rounds to hunt us.

We want more clips, ammo is to protect you from Joe Biden taking your God given rights

11:27 George Soros, the man who Broke the Bank of England, this man literally cares about one thing only, his bank account.  He bought up all kinds of organizations like Media Matters.

11:28 Listen to this article by TIMOTHY JOHNSON on Media Matters.

11:29 Ted Nugent compared to a Nazi.  Cubans haven’t figured out personal hygiene, demonize me as a 9/11 truther.  He’s never seen any of the evidence but wants to target me as a crackpot conspiracy theorist.

11:30 We are in real trouble if we cannot even question it without being demonized.

11:32 Sandy Hook, I didn’t want to line up babies, got so crazy that I turned away from it, I didn’t want to exploit it.

Because of propagandists like TIMOTHY JOHNSON, we can only theorize.

11:33 I refuse to demonize the other side, skewing and lying, You didn’t name it FEMA Region 9, the government labeled it that.  His benefactor believes in the NWO, and Eugenics is alive and well.

11:35 This is not an attack on the left, there is no left or right they are all the same.

I want to counter the New World Order and their Eugenics Agenda, I am not infighting.

I don’t want to talk to TIMOTHY JOHNSON.

11:36 This is a war that we will not lose, God gave you certain rights, if you are working for DHS, you have been lied to.  Not infighting..

11:37 That entire paragraph needs to be retracted, if he is true journalist.  I said let’s look into this thing.

How do they know this stuff, bought the movie, verified as an investigative journalist.

11:38 Had a concern, we do know, they use Dead Babies to defeat the 2nd Amendment.


> 11:40-12:00pm Guest second segment

11:43 Went against the judgement that I should not have Ted Nugent.

11:44 Presenting the absolute truth, could be left, right, white, black..

In an article Santilli shared, why that was presented? It was verified.

11:45 Verified the coordinates on google Earth.  You cannot tell me as a conspiracy theorist.

The truth is there is Satanism in music, all we can do is listen to the theories and go out and find the truth.

11:46 Media Matters allowing a twist is not good for America, not going to bring them on my show. they are already brain washed.

11:47 Dr Judy Wood, won’t even talk about theories,  Evidence First.

Media Matters has an agenda, want demonize somebody who wants to bring the truth to the people.

11:48 They use words like Judy Wood’s “Fringe Theory” and “Space Beams”, none of which is true.

11:49 They are not bringing you the truth.

11:50 “Nugent himself has spread false information about Sandy Hook, claiming in his regular column at birther website WND that an assault weapon was not used in the massacre.”

Concocted to muddle up the truth, Tactic, muddled up the term Cold Fusion so bad, set the public up intentionally failing, discouraging intentionally.

11:51 Strategy to suck people in and use it against them later.

11:52 Doesn’t matter if we believe in it, but there is a faction that do believe in these ideas.

11:53 Specific Example of media bias:  we are attacked by trolls telling me what to present, you tell me what to do and I will never Sandy Hook.

11:54 “In addition to pushing Sandy Hook conspiracies, Santilli links to a series of videos on his website that promote the fringe theory of Judy Wood that the Twin Towers were brought down by a “high-tech energy weapon” possibly fired from space”

Have you ever heard me or Dr. Judy Wood discuss anything being fired from space? NO, never.

11:56 She specifically tells me NOT to theorize, only evidence, that is being concealed from the public.

Demonizing “Judy Wood”, he is just very ignorant.

11:57 Thank God that she is there, coming from and different point, She is a Scientist and her name is Doctor Judy Wood, stop stripping her credentials.

11:58 You should be just as upset with Timothy Johnson as I am, for diverting the truth.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:01 This is the REAL, HARD CORE TRUTH, whether you like it or not.

12:02 Do you believe that information at least need to get to the American public? without a doubt.

most of it has been concealed.  Study all these things that are available, paints a different picture.

12:03 There is no narrative, there is only evidence.

12:04 The important thing I want to convey, when people are out there ignorant or intentionally diverting, journalistically inappropriate.

12:05 Journalists should be MORE open minded.

12:06 Would you say there is some shocking things, isn’t that the truth.  Patrick: Not much shocks me, but there is mind blowing stuff in there, hundreds of cars that were toasted.

12:08 We are not going to tell these people how to run their business, for me to attack them, did you ever mention Dr. Judy Wood say anything about space beams, NO, she is using the scientific method

12:09 I have a saying: Conspiracy without  the Theory

12:10 Not going to look away the evidence or the facts.

RT.com 3 dead including shooter at Marine Base Quantic o, VA, adjacent to the FBI Headquarters, how do you know it’s a single shooter if you have multiple dead bodies.  http://rt.com/news/shooting-marine-base-usa-virginia-644/

12:12 Phillip Marshall immediately assume it’s a suicide, immediately after the event. Marine Corps OCS, very important base.  They haven’t even done forensics.

12:13 We need to hold our media accountable.  Aaron Swartz, committed suicide, inventor RFID, illegal download.

Help mobilize support against SOPA.

12:14 His parents believe he did not commit suicide, big voice against copyright, how they use that to clamp down on internet creativity.  http://rt.com/usa/mit-to-release-swartz-file-624/

12:15 Was targeted by Dept. of Justice, what have we got here, limited facts, we have to be considered theorists.

12:16 Pattern of harassment’s and threats, could have been targeted.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm 

12:23 Nemo’s Scumbag of the Day: about to scope out Revolution Messaging in DC. 

12:25 Anthony Wiener: sending pictures of himself, got the nerve to come back.

12:26 Unmoral to have someone like that represent NY, and reclaim his fame.

Don’t have a problem with Jews, probably deeply embedded with Israelis.

12:27 I just wanted you to be honest, any guy who went to take a look, is not a good thing.

12:28 Do Not go look, it’s not appropriate.

12:29 Media Matters went through painstakingly, Ted Nugent says that Cubans haven’t figured out personal hygiene (soundclip)

12:31 Ted: “You see, I never poisoned my body. My parents taught me that my gift of life is embodied in the sacred temple. So no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco and no fat chicks. Stuff will kill you, Pete, I’m telling you, it’s deadly. But I have been known to chew on a Cuban, that’s a cigar. I wouldn’t chew on a Cuban, they haven’t figured out personal hygiene yet. But I do chew on a cigar once in a while when I shoot my machine gun around the camp fire.”

12:32 Standard of hygiene, Dominican Republic doesn’t have the same standards, this guy twisted in front of his leadership.

12:33 I am not going to tell them how to run their business.  Ted Nugent was talking about Cubans? No, it was a joke.

12:34 That guy is a bigger man than me, he made it sound like fat chicks haven’t learned personal hygiene yet.

12:35 Not making any apologies, Proof these propagandist propagandize.

12:36 The CIA traffics drugs, cocaine, heroine, and end up in the inner cities, she is on food stamps and welfare. She almost can’t break away from it.

12:37 Do people like Ted Nugent and Pete Santilli have her best interests in mind, absolutely!

12:38 Article: “the president “pretended to show respect and honor” when paying tribute to veterans at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, Nugent compared Obama to “a German in 1938 pretending to respect the Jews and then going home and putting on his brown shirt and forcing his neighbors onto a train to be burned to death”.

12:39 This system was built on our individuality, not being in a communist booby trap to suck us dry.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 

12:45 Dr Judy Wood, a lot of listenership has come from my advocacy of her work.

Sometimes, we are shocking with radical info because of the times we are living in.

12:46 Our listenership have been loyal and tolerant.

12:47 She is very adamant that we don’t theorize.

12:48 Media tries to de-credentialize to discredit your work, know what you know you know, don’t speculate on opinion.

12:50 Don’t deliberately misstate anything, give people the benefit of the doubt.

12:53 Example the FEMA workers are not physicists or material engineers, “melting boots” you couldn’t stand on it. No reports of burned feet.  This is the core of what we need to know, not fringe theories.

“Steel toed boots melting?”

12:54 Soundclip Peter Jennings, George Stephanopoulos, where did the rubble go?  Skeletal remains fell down, pulverized, evaporated.. Repeating misinformation, over and over

12:56 Scientists repeating that may not intend malice, but they have been psy-opted that way.

12:57 May not have intended to be false, they would want to correct the misinformation.

12:58 We all have the obligation to learn the truth, without  engaging in food fights and name calling.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:03 Ashley decided to call her local police,  to see where they stood on the Constitution and how they would protect her personally from taking her guns.

1:05 I thought he was a bureaucrat, I think Ashley converted or at least made him stop and think with logic.

Ashley’s phone call sound-clip.

1:06 Reading an article on the Daily Caller, what constitutes illegal gun owners?

1:07 Slippery slope, I am just answering the phone, giving me a hard time..

1:08 Not giving you a hard time, just have questions about unconstitutional laws..

Lawmakers don’t like to talk, they don’t work for us anymore.

1:09 Will you enforce an unconstitutional law?  Will be but it hasn’t yet.

Sheriff’s across the country have..  Governments were created to protect OUR rights, I would just hope that

law enforcement would protect our rights.

1:10 If someone points a gun at me I want the right to shoot THEM,  the government is attempting to disarm us.

1:11 No one has taken anyone’s gun away?  Yes I beg to differ, taken away 10 clips.

Nobody has said you have to give it .  That is not the way I’ve read it.

1:12 Why are they trying to make it harder for us to protect ourselves?

They are heavily armed, I just want that same right.

1:13 Say the Supreme Court sides with politicians.

NO I am a law abiding citizen. They can be wrong, just because some on in a black robe

says it is.

1:14 I hope the police officers will protect the American people.  We have to take the evidence,every situation is not the same.

1:15 Each situation has to have a certain amount of officer discretion.

1:16 Will you go and confiscate our assault weapons?  How will I know.  If you look at all of history, the registration happens first then the confiscation.

Gun Control Kills – Innocence Betrayed http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oXerSeFPZ0


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm  Ashley Jones call to her local law enforcement

1:22 Will you stand with the people and say I will not obey  unconstitutional laws?

1:23 There’s going to be a lot of decisions to be made? I do think about it.

1:24 Officer:I have to think about getting home safely, I truly don’t know what I would do in that situation,

Ashley: Why do legislators put officers in harms way.

1:25 Thank you officer, you are very rational, made me feel a little better to hear your answers.

So glad you did that, the rewards are immeasurable.

1:27 Thank you so much for doing that.  I want you to be critical of my style.  Didn’t you feel good about that call?

1:28 Thought about going off, but I caught my composure.

I am not going to be a diplomat, but they better listen to people like Ashley Jones.

1:29 That is what is going to win these people over, cut the propaganda.

1:30 Shame on any of us, nobody has the right to complain, it’s not that hard.

1:31 Ashley is the best ambassador with the police force, kudos, you rock!

1:31 Steve in Pittsburgh, Ashley I love you, she is my hero of the day.

1:32 Went down to my sheriff dept., executive secretary.

1:33 Is our sheriff a Constitutional Sheriff, is he going uphold the 2nd Amendment, is he going to stand behind the citizens if legislation passes for gun grab?

1:35 Shared Dr. Judy Wood’s book, and shared her book, and told him to keep his money safe.

1:36 Going to discuss Dr. Wood’s book with my State Representative.

1:37 Steve you sound like your on fire,  I am on fire, better get up stand up, they are rocking my world!


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 

1:40 Caller April, Ashley did not sound nervous whatsoever, push through.

1:42 Case: Riss v. City of New York 1958


1:43 Opinion of Supreme Court is in conformity did not have self defense, therefore it is not our responsibility.

1:44 Miztir E props to Ashley Jones, just make the call, my police dept. were cool, seemed to be on my side.

1:45 Don’t start out combative, kinder gentler side of the Pete Santilli Show

1:46 Ruckus- Ashley, I am going to pack up everything I

1:48 Jeff- would like Pete’s help with a call to unresponsive sheriff.

1:49 Daniel – military base in Quebec and called the base to complain about disturbing my peace.

1:50 Nemo – Man on the Street, recorded, kind of real sketchy didn’t want to give me information.

1:51  Larry – Operation Storm Cell, point at which they take the guns is where you draw the line.

1:52 Miss Jones- stick together and take action, we don’t need to pay anything visit a website, just pick up the phone.

1:53 This is much bigger than me giving you a plug. What is happening to us requires participation of everyone.

Sitting back waiting for somebody else to lead, just like boiling frog.

1:54 Step aside to say, my example is not the one to stop, I am the last line of defense. It shouldn’t require me.

1:55 We need to start doing this on a daily basis, if we all do our part and hold politicians and media accountable

Go by Ashley’s example, seek that Freedom, make that call right now!

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association http://cspoa.org/sheriffs-gun-rights/



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