Episode #399 – Constitutional Attorney: Martial Law May Be Declared Within Next 48 Hours

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Thursday April 18, 2013

Special Guest: Kurt Haskell talks with Pete about the Boston Marathon Bombing; “People definitely need to be asking questions here, this event has all the signs of a false-flag.” 

Northwest Airlines Flight 253 was an international passenger flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands, to Detroit MetropolitanWayne County Airport in Romulus, Michigan, United States. The flight was the target of a failed al-Qaeda bombing attempt on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009, in which a passenger tried to set off plastic explosives sewn to his underwear. There were 290 people on board the aircraft – an Airbus A330-300 operated by Northwest Airlines, which had merged with Delta Air Lines the year before. Had the attempt succeeded, it would have surpassed American Airlines Flight 191 as the deadliest aviation occurrences on U.S. soil and tied Iran Air Flight 655 as the ninth-deadliest of all time. The incident was also the second in 2009 involving an Airbus A330, after Air France Flight 447.

The convicted bomber in the “Christmas Day bombing attempt” was 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian who had concealed plastic explosives in his underwear but failed to detonate them properly.

Kurt and Lori Haskell, an American couple, said that while waiting to board Flight 253 at Schiphol Airport, they saw a “poor-looking black teenager around 16 or 17,” who Kurt Haskell claims was Abdulmutallab, with a second man, who was “sharp-dressed”, possibly of Indian descent, around 50 years old, and who spoke “in an American accent similar to my own.”

According to Lori Haskell, the second man told the ticket agent: “We need to get this man on the plane. He doesn’t have a passport.” The ticket agent said nobody was allowed to board without a passport. The well-dressed man replied: “We do this all the time; he’s from Sudan.” Lori Haskell said the two men were directed down a corridor, to talk to a manager. “We never saw him again until he tried to blow up our plane,” Lori Haskell said of Abdulmutallab.

Only U.S. citizens are permitted to board international flights to the U.S. without passports, and even then only if the airline confirms their identity and citizenship, said a spokesperson for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  A CBP official and spokesman confirmed there were not any Sudanese refugees on the plane. The Dutch counter-terror agency said that Abdulmutallab presented a valid Nigerian passport and U.S. entry visa when he boarded Flight 253.  After reviewing more than 200 hours of security camera recordings, it did not find any indication that he had accomplices at the airport or that he acted suspiciously there.

Haskell suggested authorities should, “Put the video out there to prove I’m wrong.

Kurt graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with a degree in Pre-Med/Biology, Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and Wayne State University Law School with an LLM in Taxation. Kurt is a former tax attorney for the Internal Revenue Service and opened Haskell Law Firm in 2001 with his wife, Lori A. Haskell. Kurt specializes in Family Law, Social Security, Estate Planning and Bankruptcy. In his spare time, Kurt enjoys traveling, working out, studying economics, spending time with his pets, watching sports (GO TIGERS!), and being outdoors. Kurt is also one of the founders of Save the Monkeys, a charitable organization founded to help monkeys and other wildlife in the rain forests of Central and South America. Kurt ran for US Congress, 7th District.


The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen  

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Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Uncompromised reporting, every single day.


World Watch with Tom Hansen – The Clock is Ticking: 

Tom Hansen is a former trader on the NYSE floor, financial expert, and one of the most opinionated world critics to ever infiltrate the 1 percent. World famous for his train-wreck of the week.



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Episode 398


>11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  Thursday April 18, 2013


11:03  Welcome to all our listeners!!


11:04  Hello Susannah Cole!


11:05  Shout out to Rocket, Get Well Soon, Best Wishes!!

Kurt Haskell will be joining us today at 11:30  He says there are questions we need to be asking that need to be answered.


We will be talking about a Saudi National who was a person of interest who was questioned.  All of the sudden for reasons of National Security he has been deported to Saudi Arabia with the blessing of Obama.


Susannah points out that letters are being sent out with Ricin and how amazing it is that this happens when there has been an “attack.”


11:11  Nemo’s Scumbag of the Day:  Donald R. Adair, owner of the fertilizer plant in Waco, Tx.   In 2006 he had a failed plant inspection and was fined due to hazardous conditions.  They discuss the video of the father/daughter after the explosion happened.   Nemo asks for a 7 sec. moment of silence for those who passed away in the explosion.


11:17  Susannah’s Top of the News:  We are being bombarded with news from the mainstream media regarding the Boston bombing, making it hard to focus on the things we need to keep our eyes on; like the politicians and the legislations they are going to want to pass.  The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Cispa bill today, 288 to 127 to accept the bill which them moves to the Senate and then to the President.


11:21  Pete discusses that none of the legislators have even read the Cispa bill.  Power to the people that the gun ban bill was defeated!  Obama throwing Gabby Gifford, drooling, at the podium was disgusting and it was a matter of exploiting the victims and families.


11:24  Susannah makes the point that when Gabby Gifford was shot there was a man there who had a conceal and carry permit who helped to apprehend the gunman.  He was a hero and Gabby Gifford needs to thank that young man.  Instead, that story is never told.


11:26  We will transition to Kurt Haskell, he was actually an attorney and consumer advocate.  He is so saddened by our state of affairs that he is going to reveal some sobering facts about what he is going to do.  Don’t miss this interview.


>11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Kurt Haskell Interview


11:34  Back live with Kurt Haskell in his 3rd visit here.  Kurt Haskell was on the same flight as the underwear bomber and saw him escorted right past security.  He asked people on his facebook page to ask questions about the scenario coming out of the Boston bombings.


11:37  Kurt Haskell is glad to be back on the show.  He ran for Congress last year and came close to winning.  It is what it is.  Pete points out the false flag events throughout history.


11:40 Kurt Haskell witnessed a false flag even when watched a man of authority getting a man on the plane (underwear bomber) without so much as a passport and escorting him around security.  He later witnessed the man attempt to blow up the plane he was on and tried to help in the investigation.  The government and media made a coordinated effort to cover up or hide the truth of that event.  He discovered after a 2000 hour long investigation that he performed himself that the government planted this man with a bomb that lacked a detonator, knowing that a disturbance would be created on the plane when he attempted to detonate it but it would not detonate.  Therefore, the government had a prepackaged terrorist that could be publicized.  That was the ultimate conclusion of his investigation.


11:42  Pete asks, isn’t the most important thing that we should be concerned about is not whether or not he was a terrorist, but how this angry terrorist was allowed to get on the plane and receive assistance from somebody that we don’t even know about?  Who are those people??


11:43  Kurt replies, That it’s not only who are “them” but the coordinated effort of the media to cover up the information and not investigate it and the cooperation of the government to hide the evidence and never release it to the public for the public to make it’s own determination.  And then you have the cooperation of the court system issuing orders to seal the case; that goes along with the cover up.  It’s a coordinated effort that he had no idea about until he was involved with it first hand.


11:44  Pete’s observation is that there is a pattern, when an incident that happens and a bunch of equipment comes out of a warehouse and is installed in the airports, like the full body scanners, that is an indication that there may be a correlation between the two.  The incentive is that there was a billion dollars in equipment that came out of these warehouses within one week after that event.


11:45  Kurt explains it’s not just that.  There are policy reasons for these types of events.  The government has initiatives that it wants to put forth but it doesn’t have the public desire to go forward with them.  However, if x event happens, then public opinion will change and that’s how the government has the backing of the public to go forward with whatever initiative it wanted to push before x event happened.  But there is also the money making, you have all the government contractors.


11:46  Pete mentions the Boston bombing took place while he was on air and he immediately said if it was a false flag event they were going to do one of two things.   They’re going to mention brown people in the desert, indicating we want to go towards the direction of war or if it’s the right wing extremist we know which direction they are going with that.  Also what about equipment as well, immediately, within hours after the event, Bloomberg is on tv talking about surveillance equipment.


11:47  Kurt says whenever a big event like this happens (Boston bombings) he starts looking for signs and tries to not jump to conclusions because he doesn’t believe everything is a conspiracy.  He sits back and watches it play out.  He looks for an immediate person or group that is blamed.


11:48  Pete mentions that Mr. Robert Benefiel, a liberal out of Michigan, Detroit College of Law, says that he would bet that the bombing was a domestic bomber who was unhappy.  If he was the FBI he would look closely at organizations like the Michigan Militia.


11:49  Kurt points out that Benefiel is not part of the government, he’s just somebody shooting off his mouth.  That’s the kind of things we have coming from the politicians and the media and he doesn’t believe we have that yet.  He points out the fact that there were bomb drills on that day and location, to him, that’s very troubling because this is the same sort of pattern we have seen with Sandy Hook and 9/11 and 7/7 London bombings.

To him, that’s too much of a coincidence.  The first people he would investigate are the people involved in the drill.


11:51  What are the odds of these events taking place during the drills?


11:52  Pete wants to know, what did the FBI know?


11:54  Pete mentions that Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security, has reacted with frustration, at questions presuming that the Saudi National who was detained was to be deported, she knows of no one who’s being deported for National Security concerns at all related to Boston.


12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.


12:00  Kurt mentions there are things he witnessed/learned during the underwear bomber case.  Janet Napolitano would come out and make statements to the press and say the opposite of things that were true.  In his opinion, she has no credibility at all as to what she says in this matter.


12:02  Pete says that she lied about the underwear bomber she could be lying about the Boston Marathon Saudi National.  Kurt brings up the point that the government is not in the business of telling the truth.


12:03  Pete wants to know if Kurt has observed anything regarding the Boston bombings that everyone should be asking questions about.


12:04  Pete mentions the patterns of the media and propaganda that ensued shortly thereafter, that narrative molds and shapes and points in the direction they want to, away from the evidence.


12:05  Kurt says that the media is another branch of the government; a confirmation of what Pete has always believed.


12:06  Kurt mentions that there is certain information leaked to change public opinion.  Why would they release the pictures of the pressure cooker but not video evidence of the person is not released.


12:08  Kurt has no opinion on the Boston case yet.  But in 2009 there is video footage of the underwear bomber going through security that was never released.


12:10  Kurt felt it was his duty as a citizen to help in a criminal investigation, as an eyewitness to help identify the underwear bomber.  And within a couple of days the government was putting out false statements.  That started to raise red flags.  It appeared when he was questioned they were trying to raise doubt in his mind as to what he had seen, to question himself instead of a fact finding investigation.


12:12  Pete asks how specifically were they phrasing it?


12:13  Selective investigation.  The underwear bomber case was sealed under the grounds of National Security.


12:15  We have a heavy heart about what is taking place right now.  Who is behind the curtain?  Are we in a post constitutional U.S.A.?  YES.


12:16  We could be looking at a great depression kind of event, although, we are worse off now.  Or are we looking at war, with another country or civil?


12:17  Pete is considering leaving, he won’t have access to bunkers.  Kurt believes he should leave, he’s leaving.


12:18  There will be a tough transition with many lives lost.


12:19  We could literally seize control back.  We could take it back but the willpower is not there.


12:20  It has taken decade to get to where we are now and it appears we are defeated.


12:21  Political parties don’t support a constitutional person, so changing the entire government over to one that actually represents the people is nearly impossible.  So where do we go?


12:22  Choose where you would be happy, but stay away from U.S. enemy territories.  Stay away from places with large militaries.


12:23  This isn’t the country we grew up in, it has been in severe decline.


12:24  Kurt is a founder of Save The Monkeys, trying to make a positive contribution to the world.  His organization is working to purchase and protect rain forest property in central and south America.


12:25  We need to start selecting areas that are safe for us to go to.  Kurt plans to leave the states within 12 months.


12:26  Thank you, Kurt Haskell for everything you’ve done!!


12:27  Pete goes on the record to say that this interview has been the most life changing, sobering and so powerful.  Susannah says this guy has been through a lot and he knows he has little chance of defeating anything in this country and he has the right to exercise his right to leave this country.


12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Bunker News Break With Patrick Henningson



12:34  Update on Rocket:  Alive and kicking minus one gallbladder!  Everything looks fantastic.


12:36  Patrick Henningson  Unraveling of Boston bombing.  Official story, this was the work of right wing extremist.  Now the narrative that was prepared has pivoted in the direction of the Middle East.  Suspect (*person of interest) deported back to Saudi.


12:39  One of the things covered up by the Boston bombing was the fact that Bush and Chaney and others found guilty of torture mentioned in theatlantic.com.  Will it be pressed forward in prosecution?


12:40  Bigger story, Waco fertilizer plant looks like industrial incident.  We don’t know of any suspected terrorist activity.  The same day of the chemical plant explosion in Oklahoma City, a mass casualty drill took place.  Ricin sent to Senator Daschle, who was opposing gun control legislation, someone was arrested allegedly a radical democrat.


12:43   Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi, was allegedly sent ricin.  In 2001 Senator Tom Daschle, democrat, a very rebellious senator and who seemed to have it in for Bush and things that were going on in the Bush administration and low and behold Tom Daschle received live anthrax spores.  Soon afterwards he became very pro war and fan of homeland security.


12:45  A lot of weird things going on in the U.S. why do we need to put up with that?


12:46  People who have been on bomb scenes hear a bang and see smoke.


12:47  The plume looked like something out of the movies.


12:48  The calling for more surveillance cameras, they want them everywhere.  Pete plays audio regarding surveillance from GOP congressman.


12:51  Same mentality of people who have made decisions that have caused people to die, they rationalize it because people didn’t move quickly enough.


12:52  Insider trading information allows them to earn a profit from their misdeeds.


12:53  Peter King should work on making sure we are not collapsing and enhance our freedoms.  It is his role to protect the constitution and our freedoms.  He is directly causing our nation to collapse.


1:00 p.m – 1:30 p.m.  World Watch with Tom Hansen


1:00  We will rebroadcast Cosmic’s Corner of the Universe.

Welcome back Patrick.  Yesterday Pres. Okayed 200 U.S. Special Forces troops to be deployed to Jordon with something in regards to Syria.  Troops will be there within 48 hours.  Nothing announced on the news about it.  Israel announced Syria will have to pay the price for it’s chemical weapons.  Busy in Israel sending teams over to Boston to investigate the bombing and dealing with chemical weapons in Syria.


1:02  Pete heard from a trusted source, Bobby Powell, that a CIA insider is reporting that Iran is claiming responsibility for the bombing in Boston.


1:03  Nearly 99.9% of Iranian American’s who are in either media or work within these agencies are anti- regime in Iran.


1:05  Cispa passed.  Obama intends to veto it but the house passed it.  This bill should not be passed.


1:06  Susannah brought an article to Pete’s attention that came out of the United Nations that says that access to the internet should be available to us all.


1:07  United Nations is saying it’s a natural right.


1:08  The U.N. is like a toothless animal.


1:09  The U.N. has been utterly useless.


1:10  What’s the point of the U.N.?  Everyone will say it afterwards.  Don’t fall into the trap.


1:11  In the wake of the gun bill being defeated the narrative is that liberals are saying what is needed to get the gun control implemented is another mass casualty shooting.  Notice the language.  It’s no longer a question of should we do it, it’s a matter of how.


1:13  Pete has chosen to stand and fight.


1:14  What better way to make your point than to parade victims and exploit scenarios.


1:15  The media immediately floated the idea of the right wings being the likely culprit to further divide the United States.


1:16  Pete believes that we may have been defeated.  Patrick believes if you can no longer think freely or feel free and you’re second guessing your values, then you are defeated.


1:18  Upcoming segments, Live out of London.


1:20  Pete wants you to know that we have decided that Tom Hansen is so deserving of more than discussing Train Wreck of the week.  He is one of the principals of our show.


1:21  Tom Hansen has his finger on the pulse of the world.  His segment is World Watch.  Pete plays Tom’s son’s song.


1:22  Pete publically thanks Tom.  People tune in to hear Tom, a long time loyal listener and contributor.


1:24  Susannah remembers the first time Tom came on the show, a match made in heaven for Pete.


1:26  Tom says we have them on the run and need to pound them into the ground.


1:27  Tom is not a quitter.  He left N.Y. when they bombed the London subways because he didn’t want to be a dead man in the subways of N.Y.


1:28  We don’t have the luxury to get up and move.


1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


1:33  Tom is a badass mofo and very well connected.  The world from his perspective.


1:34  The gun bill was pulled.  More executive orders are coming up.


1:35  Pete brings in MizterE


1:36  Tom says anger makes people do things that they wouldn’t normally do.


1:37  Tommy was a street kid who knew someone on the floor.


1:38  MizterE’s Highjack show, 420!  Might be the best piece he put together.  4 p.m. pst  The Great American Smoke Out!


1:39  The Chaos show is going to be a super party this Saturday!  The Saudi guy is married to the daughter of the number 2 guy of the 9/11 stuff


1:40  Let’s look into this Saudi National family tree.


1:41  Tom says the biggest thing hiding behind this is the movement in Africa.


1:42  Africa is loaded with natural resources.


1:43  You would risk your life to go to Africa to take advantage of their natural resources.


1:44  Bob Chapman was always the voice of reason.  Tom is our Bob Chapman.


1:45  World Watch Today is to say that it’s business as usual, we are not on the verge of WW3  Keep It Simple Stupid = KISS


1:46  Gold should have gone through the roof if this were real.


1:47  The guy that’s on all the photos with the backpack stands up and says that wasn’t him, he’s only 17.


1:48  The military looking guys worked for Chris Kyle.


1:49  Pete WAS NOT CRYING when he saw people being wheeled out. (roflmao)


1:50  Pete has another solid addition to the GMN Team, Ruckus!!


1:51  Ruckus has a show “Ruckus Room” airing 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


1:52  Ruckus couldn’t do it without the help of his co-host, Monster.


1:53  Sometimes it’s just better to sit down and talk to someone like they were in the room with you.  He wants to talk to YOU.


1:54  Two areas of his expertise are secret societies and prepping and survival skills.


Tom says FBI is holding a press conference at 5, don’t miss it.

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