Episode #403 – Bill Cooper’s Assassination – In the words of Doyle Shamley

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 Bill Cooper’s Assassination – In the words of Doyle Shamley


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Wednesday April 24, 2013

Special Guest: Doyle Shamely; Bill Cooper was very controversial because he spoke the truth.  He served our nation as well, in the military.  Prior to 9/11 he saw the patterns that are repeated over and over again.  Shortly thereafter, he was assassinated.  Doyle Shamley was his research assistant.  This interview will be the last one he will do regarding the event.


The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen  


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Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.


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Episode 403


>11:00am – 11:30am   Wednesday, April 24, 2013

11:02 We have destroyed our nation, nobody wants to fix anything. Illustrious law enforcement officer are putting the nail in the coffin lead by Federal Bureau of Incompetency.

11:03 Implement tyranny by force, implementing martial law in your home.11:04 Cover everything up and misdirect you.  Sunil Tripathi mysteriously shows up floating down a river.

11:05 FBI Investigations don’t go so well, ever. How comfortable do you feel about Eric Holder being in charge.  Corrupt BASTARDS

11:06 We are not going to be able to change them.  Shed a lot of blood to defeat these bastards.  Our government has already been overthrown.  Trying to reclaim our government.

11:07 Wall Street, The FBI taken 250 years and pissed it away.

Guardian UK, report on mainstream outlet; 

11:08 A body has shown up in Providence RI, Sunil Tripathi, suspect #1, name was broadcast on radio,  along with Mike Mulugeta.


11:09 Listening to Glenn Beck, mind-plugging while providing good info about the Saudi suspect.  Very interesting what he is finding, important info.

11:10 FBI was looking for Sunil Tripathi in Boston, weeks prior to the bombing.

11:11 Sent information directly to Alex Jones, I had critical info that needed to coordinate, they did nothing, swept it under the carpet.

11:12 Why is electing not to get the information out? Why?  

I am not here to be diplomatic, not here to build “relationships”

11:13 We are literally in a state of War.  

11:14 Lt. Col Potter is under attack right now.  Click on sharing, our numbers are better than MSNBC’s they are the state run portion of the media.

11:15 They are after him, they don’t want him talking to us.  

I am in communication with him.  You cannot deny this man is a true patriot Lt. Col Roy Potter http://guerillamedianetwork.com/potter/

11:24 You are held to a much higher standard, people’s expectations are way off the chart, sometimes you get the bad deal.  Waking up to a bunch of this stuff too.

11:27 Went to AP, Alex Jones, got “so busy” for a year and a half.  Busy sitting on it.. Jabba the Hut Butt.  

11:28 Take 30 minutes of our show is going to be this, whatever we want it to be. I don’t have 30 to 40 pages of notes in front of me.  This is how we do it.

11:29 Going to come on with Doyle Shamley, to talk about the assassination of Bill Cooper, one last time. The information is out there.


> 11:30am-12:00am 

11:36 Conflicting evidence regarding Bill Cooper, Doyle Shamley has evidence..

11:37 Bill Cooper was very controversial because he spoke the truth.  

He served our nation as well, in the military.  Prior to 9/11 he saw the patterns that are repeated over and over again.

11:38 Shortly thereafter, he was assassinated.  Doyle Shamley was his research assistant.


11:39 We are all so starved for the truth, we cannot even get it from our alternative media.  Solution oriented stand, networking cohesively, most people will still run around as slaves.

11:40 We do research day and night.  A lot of people never learned how to do research, Internet used to dumb people down. 

Believe it or not the world is not on the internet.  Freedom is not free.

11:41 Freedom is not even available, stripped away our Constitutional rights.

11:42 Go to the town hall meeting, we are in the corner and we are about to collapse. Running a digital camera at a meeting, young politician was lying through his teeth, 

that is permeating our system.

11:44 No doubt of a new world order, most people holding office are puppets. Last year, asked you, we know we are heading for a collapse.  Bill Cooper said we would in the 90′s, if he had seen us go as far as we’ve come, I think he would be more upset.  

11:45 Crossing the peak of the mountain in the 90′s.

11:46 Research arm, PhDs and lawyers all agree we are in serious trouble.

11:47 Taken decades to dumb us down, perfectly ripe to what will be delivered to them.

11:48 Boston was the perfect Dry Run, as was the FEMA practice at the AstroDome Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

11:49 Biggest question, Do you think we can muster up the 3 to 7 percent.

Lt. Col Roy Potter, retired military and law enforcement coming out to save our nation.  Barely a 3 to 7 percent margin.  Uncomfortable look at friendships, family and co-workers.

11:51 Need to be in the time saving mode.  Leading a horse to water can’t make it drink. Daily contact with Sheriffs, have been co-ordinating all around the country.

11:53 It was a daily routine, sitting in the studio all hours day and night, numerous emails and phone calls.  Take the rumors and chase them down..  

11:54 Except for cutting all the dead weight, spending time to get on track. Hit forward on email, instead of doing research.  Not getting solution oriented things going. 

11:55 Had to use pretty good skill and discretion to research.  

11:56 Saw the writing on the wall, false flag attacks happened back then, he did the research himself.  The research tipped Bill Cooper off on 9/11

11:57 Astro Theology, watch troop movement, grant making authority, our US State Dept one of the most corrupt.

11:59 The discussion was this will be the stimulus, the homeland security act, patriot  2 and 3, catastrophic change to the fabric. 


> 12:00-12:30pm Guest second segment

12:01 Pulling out of our research center, so many broadcasts were in those last few months of his life, the amount was like an avalanche.

12:02 Ironically, discussing articles, re-mastering broadcasts, dumbfounded ’02 and ’03 broadcasts, Magic Lantern..  data mining and harvesting.

12:03 Just prior to 9/11 did he have some inside information.  Essentially yes.  1000 different sources of data came together. 

12:04 Receiving any death threats, monitoring was escalating as well.Public information requests.  Files, floppies were common back then. Even the most mundane activity.  

12:05 End of May and really ramped up at the end of August.

You weren’t really shocked, Bill Cooper was still hot and heavy revealing the truth.

12:06 Sudden turn of events?  Originally you can see in the State Reports, always called in on homicide.  Came out in initial reports, initial raid was on 9/11 . Due to 

security concerns the 9/11 raid on Bill was called off.

12:08 Multiple sets of warrants, everything from assaulting citizens, federal martial wanted list, jurisdictional piece we wrote, signed and delivered 1998.

12:09 There were court orders, back alimony, upgraded to felony.  

Create this story if you will, outstanding warrant, mechanizations were powerful.

12:10 Supposed threats of intimidation, the main stimulus,  much of it false information.  Direct retaliation to justify a raid.   Nov 5 came, executed raid, I was down the street.  

12:11 Did you know anything was happening in the neighborhood.  The Eager Police Chief, state of Oklahoma, was hot and heavy, had written him off.

12:12 The Eager Police force were not there until it was done.

12:13 Very interested we want to know the facts, they are out there, you do the research yourself, you will believe what is served up before you.

12:14 We have given you the time frame, hacks out there who have distorted the reports.  When Texe Marrs was about to lose everything.  He has the right to say what he says because of his research.

12:15 Texe Marrs book, hoards of people, made no attempt to make an accurate story.  Published total horse shit.  Enough people hammered him.  

12:16 Everybody was making up stories to get famous off of his death.  

12:17 Disgusting how low they will stoop to put out fallacies on the death of someone else to become famous.

12:18 A Chevy pickup, unmarked, pulls up at 11:30 blasting music, using the plant, his daughter Jessica, bedroom upstairs.  

12:19 Common occurrence with high school students, he turned around to call the police, that was the signal.  Goons came out of bushes on the left. 

12:20 Threw it into gear and floored it, jumped up on running board, jumped up ripped off exhaust. In back of truck had plenty of man power, under a tarp, 5 more.

12:21 Gets out going toward front door, shooting began. One deputy shot the other deputy. Reported that Bill, one legged man with prosthesis, can’t hit a guy from that angle, 

12:23 Did an autopsy report, when they got him down, multiple point blank shots on his body. 

12:24 After catastrophic blow, multiple point blank wounds.

12:25 One of the local police was walking up to the door, barricades to block off the road.  I came out and said what are you doing?  Let’s set down on porch, Bill’s been murdered.

12:27 Protected you at that point, here to tell the story.  Thank you very much for sharing that.  We have actually honored Bill Cooper on a daily basis. Do the Research Yourself. That is the main message.

12:28 Numerous outside agencies, were going to use barricade to blow off the front of the house.  They took me to that meeting in the police car.  

12:29 Police officer: Well we are leaving now, let’s go Doyle, place was swarmed upon.  Policeman that was running the barricade. 


> 12:30- 1:00 pm Doyle Shamley continues..

12:30  Didn’t feel like having a shoot out with 10,000 militia members.  One of Bill’s friends, allowed his phone to be tapped.

12:32 Officer Goldsmith, he was most in line with the schematics of the crime scene to hit officer not Bill, said to his leadership, we need internal investigation.

12:33 Need to have large scale audit of what happened that night, his morals are finally kicking in.  

12:34 Cavalcade came out and ran this office Goldsmith down, for his request of an audit.

12:35 Called a deputy to come with me to talk to officer’s wife.  In 3 hours of time, she suddenly changed view, can’t meet with you.

12:36 Need anything in time frame, this is on the notification list, Libraries are part of the snitch system, accelerated after 9/11. Printed out microfilm and got the hell out of there.

12:37 Operational security is a big concern of yours. Still trying to get to you.  In 2011 it got really bad.  Suddenly hit with heightened security.  Driving test point, now in Ohio, at TSA security checkpoint, until they got to me, went through 3 hours of interrogation.

12:38 Homeland Security and TSA.  

12:39 Still educating communities and jurisdictions to reclaim land.

12:40 Jurisdiction and delegation of Authority.  Go to each individual county.Many Sheriff that are drawing the line are the Constitutional Sheriffs reclaiming their land from the government.

12:41 They need that local authority, grant making authority.  Sheriff has Ripped up cross certifications and is still in office. Only a small portion pushing out Federal 


12:42 We have done all of the documentation, go to website and get the package deal, on tactics, state sovereignty,  look in the mirror and make the decision.Spineless Chief or DRAW THE LINE , http://www.hourofthetime.com/wordpresstest/?tag=doyel-shamley Archive of all the episodes.

12:44 CADGE, Library IS Members, occasionally allow new members in, research arm around the country, multiple countries.

12:46 We need quality not quantity. No dead weight.  Incrementalism, we are in full blown collapse, final throws in the implementation of Communism.

12:47 We have to Restore the Republic.  We have 3 to 4 years of incremental-ism, torquing on the screws.

12:48 Practicing implementing full blown Martial Law, everybody is telling Bull Shit stories, heavy influx of infrastructure spending to fill in gaps, accelerate their armament.

12:49 Hyper-speed exponential, qualified with words with we will not recover.Narrow time frame.  

12:50 Looking at getting something started.  Think of the population that is on some kind of government payment.  

12:51 They have been habituated, when you cut them off, in a collapse. We have to hit bottom before we can restore this republic. 

12:52 Go beyond 3 or 4 years, we will have lost another piece of fabric.

12:53 Need to be self sufficient, you can’t be pushed around.  

Need to learn your rights and know the Constitution, can’t be turned into a victim then you are not a puppet.

12:54 We can each do this as individual, nobody can take that away from us.


> 1:00pm-1:30pm   Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen 


1:00 Thank you Patrick Henningsen, for holding over, all of our listeners are fans of the teaching of Bill Cooper.

1:01 I was living in the Pine Lake area, I know the area quite well. I always thought they went after Bill Cooper because of his background, quite a high level of security clearance.

People behind the curtain, people being that cog in the will.

1:02 Bill Cooper awakened a lot of people, shot the man, came up with strategy, used drawing provided by his daughter. Hopefully one day we will expose them.

1:03 Working hard to find the truth. Have to question your sources, they control all of them. We have been adamant about suspect number one and two.

1:04 Today we got word Sunil Tripathi’s body has been found in river at Providence, RI.

1:05 What do you have right now on the platter?  Host shared with me on Facebook, fairly well know blogger,  Confiscating guns in Watertown MA.  Media will not report it. 

1:06 I have put a private dropbox on that post, on website.  New dimension to drag net in Boston.

1:08 ABC News is trying to determine, if body is Sunil Tripathi. 


1:09 Had been in the water a while, 22 Philosophy major.

1:10 “A while” needs to be defined, saying 2 days in previous account. Criticizing “internet sleuths” for getting it wrong.

1:11 Make a note, I cannot tell people enough, It was heard on the Police Scanners Sunil Tripathi,  Mike Mulugeta was being reported early on.

1:12 Between 10:30 and 10:35 They were throwing out those names at 11:00 the family took down the Sunil Tripathi Facebook Page. They were part of that problem too, further implicating that yes he was involved.

1:13 Gotten information directly from the police, blows internet sleuth accusations out of the water.  

1:14 RT.com verified, Alexis Cole heard this on the scanner, and recorded it.

1:15 Bill Hemmer from FOX News had that same impression as well,  why the suspects were completely different.

AP report changed the entire story to Chechen.  Screen shots were doctored.  

1:16 Facial structure is not that of the dead person on the slab.  Looks like the altered image.

Looking at the video of where they found the body, it’s in a crowded visited park for the body to miraculously wash up is quite odd.

1:17 Russia Today put out an article that verified with Boston Police Dept that it was Sunil Tripathi and  Mike Mulugeta.

1:18 Have to wait and see if this body is that of Sunil Tripathi.

1:19 Media demonizing people like us, wouldn’t you encourage everyone to look into it, not to pay attention the state run media. Can’t debunk us, and discredit, they attack the messenger not the substance of the question being asked. 

1:20 Spoke to Sunil Tripathi’s sister, how do you know it’s not him, because the FBI told me so.   Why don’t they point the finger at the Boston PD, that’s where it originated.

1:21 Good article written by Kurt Nimmo, Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop


1:22 He had to have a handler, for all the activities they had laid out for them.

1:23 Flip-side of this line of questioning.  The other side you have Glenn Beck. We are not “bluffing”. GB started the Blaze, the big news scoop.  Very cleverly straddling the left right paradigm. Massaging the “Tea Party”

1:24 Listen very closely to presentation, tangled minutia of Homeland Security Fetish.  2123B File,  all is buddies are floating talking point that is a Red Herring.

1:25  Not even looking at the reality here,  younger one had nothing to do with this, set up as prime suspects, easy job.  

1:26 Glenn Beck is diverting us from all of this picture evidence with political plays. Easy to point out the head of DHS is criminal and Fast And Furious scandals, really taking the partisan line,  he is a product of the establishment recruited by the CIA.

1:27 Almost worshiping the Homeland Security.  Leading us down a garden path.

1:28 Radical Islamic, making it a religious thing, creating suspicion.  Feeding all of his FOX News wing-nuts that want to kill brown people in the desert.

1:29 Michael Moore and Glenn Beck are both playing the same role, that’s why he is paid the big bucks.  People giving him info are “risking 20 years in prison”? Massive distraction.


> 1:30pm – 2:00pm  Jason Liasatos http://jasonliosatos.com/

1:35 First came into contact with Jason when he was shotgun with Patrick in Cyprus. Heard about his book Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, (sound clip)

1:38 Hatching is taking place now, brief excerpt. Grand awakening, recognize the power of our consciousness, collectively, they now how powerful we are.

1:39 What we must do in this emergency situation, going to change the course of history, in a positive way.  

1:40 Our audience, we as a group of people can come together and effect a positive outcome. 

1:41 Honor to be with Patrick in Cyprus. It is an emergency Pete.

It is an emergency, the word means urgent occasion requiring immediate action.

1:42 We are actually in control of our own destiny. We are conspiracy factualists and realists. 

1:43 They don’t want us to know our power.

We are in terrible trouble right now,  almost psychically possessed. Lost morals and ethics.  Control us physically, mentally with fear.  

1:44 Being suffocated, and wounded as a species, biggest threat is our own minds.

1:45 We’ve forgotten our own power.  True emergency,our listeners have watched 

mindset of dependency, to shift to in-dependency.  We need to prepare ourselves mentally and physically, the system that relies on our dependence can no longer control us.

1:47 Scared of our own power.  Great hope, we are like children who have been conditioned to be spoon fed.  

1:48 Transition period, new epoch, a stoppage.  Pregnancy stops and birth begins. If we don’t peck our way out now we are in big trouble.  Government is a big cancer. Eats itself as well as its host.  

1:49 Bring the whole situation into something better. Consciousness can be used to harm and to heal.  

1:50 Knowing where we are, we are surrounded by a zombie apocalypse, do you think we can awaken the masses.

Fell into the missionary trap.  It doesn’t need everybody to wake up.   Like whipping cream.  

1:51 If we don’t drain our own fangs, even if we build a new system, we will fail again. 

1:52 You have always got to be working on yourself.  Lost and find, whatever we build will crash again, the last thing we want is a recovery to what it was.  Dropping labels.

1:52 We stand at a terribly dangerous place, drop our labels, we will be continually at each others throats.  

1:54 Remaining one minute, you are a spiritual person,  I have been saying I am disappointed in my God, inner voice, we have to do this ourselves, don’t we Jason. Religion is experiential, we have to work through our madness and horror.

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