Episode #407 – Legislator Exposes FBI Boston Marathon Cover-Up – NH Rep Stella Tremblay

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Monday April 29, 2013



Special Guest: Craig Zimmerman


The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen  


Patrick and Pete review the news of the week


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Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.



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>11:00am – 11:30am  Monday, April 29, 2013  

11:05 Fridays broadcast of the Rocket Radio Show was awesome Mon-Thurs

11:06 PsychoDarks Industrial Bubble Show, he is our editor, works day and night.


11:07 Gunz in the house, Ashley, Gramps, PsychoDark, StevePerk.

11:08 People are nervous are to come into the chat room, go into the Spreaker.com Chat/room.

WWPM Media.net Jake Leonard, program director.  


11:09 Descriptive of Hilary Clinton’s FUPAH. 

11:10 We are getting requests from AM Radio Stations. Jake Leonard was talking to AM Radio Stations.

11:11 Spreaker.com has a nice dashboard, higher quality signal. Disconnected Blog Talk Radio completely

11:16 I love Tommy, he is awesome, iTunes radio is unbelievable.  

11:17 Literally paid trolls, they think they are so slick.  Making the 8 bucks an hour working for George 

Soros. Skilled Creepers.

11:18 They say I have a right to criticize, because you got a google alert.

11:19 They read the headlines, the haters are livid right now.  We know we are doing a great job.

When we say something about the FBI we get attacked.  It’s heated up.

11:20 Craig Zimmerman is a sponsor of the show.  A lot of people have debt, how do you protect yourself?

11:21 These people calling family members, they cannot do certain things.

11:22 State Rep. Stella Tremblay , New Hampshire. She has been attacked because she questioned the Boston Bombings.

She has had death threats, she is a true true patriot.

11:23 Posted a controversial post, anybody who has threatened this lady. She is friends with Lt Col Potter.

The conspiracy theory is being developed on solid facts.

11:24 Patsy Had Backpack AFTER The Bombing! FBI Presented Photoshopped Main Pic Framing Boston Bomber? 


11:26 I was wondering where his brother was, I found his brother, he is right behind the call box.  same 

Beige pants, brown shoes, and black pack. Coincidence?

11:29 They are covering up this investigation, these disgusting bastards need to be removed.

11:30 Why is that all senior law enforcement officers at finish line?  No rookies.  Going out on a limb 

right now. FBI can come try and swat team me, you FBI fuckers are corrupt. 

11:31 I want to know why Ted Gunderson has been covering up pedophile rings, you will not win this battle FBI


> 11:30am-12:00am Craig Zimmerman http://www.craigzlaw.com/

11:35 Consumer advocate, overwhelmed by lenders, banksters coming after people with an absolute vengeance.

11:37 Craig Zimmerman, welcome back to the show. 

11:38 Not a lot of people listen to Al Sharpton.  What is the latest trend, stepping up the pace.

People avoid the phone call, it brings more phone calls, remember don’t be afraid of them, you have the 

wonderful power of hanging up on them.

11:39 Potential client, they threatened the debtors sister, happens to work for the IRS. They will use those 

scare tactics.  They cannot throw you in jail.

11:40 Debtor prison is a conspiracy theory. A couple of States you can get arrested.

Minnesota and Wisconsin.  

11:41 Telephone calls, you have a right to tell them I want everything in writing, I may dispute them.

11:42 You have a right to tell them, I want you to stop calling. Follow it up in writing, you have a right 

to demand who you owe money to.  Find out who they are, how much you owe.  Find out contact information.

11:43 This issue is very important, Bankruptcies are down 25%, Debt is on the rise.

11:44 Recommended not to wait, do it early. Worst thing you can do is run out of options

11:45 Liquidated and now I am back in trouble. Back yourself into a corner, by not getting advice in the 

beginning.  Look at your finances and budget. 

11:47 I don’t have to pay my taxes? It my professional opinion, the government, still has the authority to 

prosecute, do not take Mr. Banister lead.

11:49 Around tax time, got be very cautious…  Take clients in 20 states, help clients with every kind of

debt. Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman Click on that banner, and they will be glad to help you out.

11:50 Don’t be afraid of debt collectors, let them make the threat, then I can sue them. Save all the

letters. A lot of times we find violations in the letters. 


11:52 Susannah Cole, still get an overwhelming number of telephone calls from individuals of banks 

steamrolling them. BOA, is hiring hundreds of employees out of Costa Rica.

11:53 Asked the guy if he pays taxes, he doesn’t pay income tax. 

11:54 The trolls called Craig Zimmerman and told him not to sponsor the Pete Santilli Show, Suzanne Poser has 

been calling our sponsors, which is highly illegal. They know what we are doing is good, and they keep 

telling us we should sue them.  At the end of the day, it’s just not worth it.

11:56 Mamma Mias Italian Cookies, got letters from Suzanne Pozer, they understand that these people is a 

gang of managers of Communes.


> 12:00-12:45pm 

12:02 Susannah we do have the ability to go sue EVERYBODY! Attorney’s love these cases, the amount of time to 

be consumed 

12:04 At the top of the show I talked about the FBI, they use these scumbags, all the sudden these people 

turn on you, after show with Gordon Duff, Stew Webb.

12:05 This effects you the listener, they will do everything covertly, call Mamma Mia’s tell her that I have 

a criminal background.

12:06 They are trying to shut us down. They will come at me and I will lose that battle. That is not going 

to stop me from telling the truth.  I have never been arrested accept in Japan for wearing a mushroom cloud 

patch. JP’s are bad assess, they don’t need guns.

12:08 They need for people to believe that Islam was involved and it was a terrorist attack. 

George W. Bush almost said conspiracy, weekend excerpt. http://b4in.info/b2vB

12:09 At first I was deeply concerned that this could have been another consp…  Laura Bush eyes popped 


12:10 Again, I didn’t know the facts but we went to war anyway… 

12:11 A man that knew all the facts, let me remind you at all the Americans, Afghanistan, 

Really hard to protect the homeland, especially when have the FBI on the case.  

12:12 How many people who are afraid to say the FBI is a bunch of put-zes? The only fear you should have is 

that the FBI would get away with this, don’t submit to the fact fatigue.  Start talking about the 

photo shopped images Tsarnaev  

12:13 Government people paid to tire you, they want to make Alex Jones and Glenn Beck look like a buffoon.

*Fox News spokesperson Glenn Beck trying to save his own ass, not his immortal soul. 

12:15 Who the F are they to say if Glenn Beck can come forward and tell the truth?

12:16 You will not know the truth thanks to the corporations, Glenn Beck can only tell partial truth.

Majority of our listeners are simple people, corporations run the media.  

12:17 Goes to show you have got to be careful what you say, groups like Color of Change, or the government 

will shut you down.  I need your support, do some twitter bombs, ask for donations from individuals.

12:18 Do it at my own expense, while you turn to the “free” system that tell you partial truth, corporations 

win. When you go to google, twitter for “free” they try to establish that you are a “domestic terrorist”

Surrender you Freedom when you use “free stuff”

12:20 Overall you have to be careful what you let sink in your brain.  I would love to bash Alex Jones and 

Badondi.  I am not a shill, what Dan Badondi did was courageous and patriotic.

12:21 Did you see what Dan Bindondi did?  We think that the secret service was at that conference. Alex Jones 

has been throwing out for everyone to see.  He is competitively throwing stuff out there, I have to give it

to him.  

12:22 Listen to what a Bostonian said, Soundclip, your boy said that the bomb was a false flag.

Dan Badondi, that is not a schill, he is getting attacked pretty good. (sound clip)


12:24 We were picking on him for the right reasons, now we are crediting for the right reasons.

Mainstream media is coming after Alex Jones pretty good.  

12:25 High level, Raw Story, picked up by every Lib-tard rag out there.  AJ opens dating site for freedom 

lovers. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/04/26/alex-jones-opens-dating-site-for-freedom-lovers/

12:26 Committed to preserving your privacy, never sell info, hash-tag #InfoWarsPickUpLines gain traction on Twitter

12:27 Shoot all over your grassy knoll, one  was funny, nice to know that Alex Jones’s followers are finally

getting F’d by someone other than Alex Jones.

12:28 Since he went on Piers Morgan started gaining traction.  We thought at the time is was quite 

embarrassing, out of all the people to give our side, too bad they chose Alex Jones, mostly a publicity


12:29 Alex Jones may be smarter than we think, mentioned in a lot of mainstream articles.

12:30 Dan Badondi you are live on Pete Santilli Show, had that goofy thing happen with Bruce Montalvo, what

you were doing on the floor of the FBI, is exactly what we need right now.  Big issue that touches 


12:31 Evidence that your seeing anomalies that the FBI is covering up. Looking at the face of evil with 

these people. 

12:32 Contacted the Boston Globe, questions from media, shut the press conference down. 

12:34 Khaki pants, who are these guys, this is the 21st century, people have digital cameras, they have 

cameras on satellites, high res photos.  Digging up some stuff.  The picture that I had sent to you.

12:36 His brother had his backpack on, it was photo-shopped out. 

12:37 They knew exactly what I had, trying to show these pictures, tried to block the pictures. 

12:38 Who are these guys, why are they covering this up. False Flag was the number 1 Google Search Term.

12:39 Tried to intimidate me, Info Wars was getting 100,000 Clicks a minute.

12:40 Opened the mic to a lot of people, Big victory. 

12:41 We need that level of fearlessness, I am commending you guys, appreciate your efforts.

12:42 All over Boston, picking up research, huge team effort. Victory for All of us.  

Contacted the guy, he ended up apologizing.  

12:43 He thought I was saying the whole thing was staged.  He was caught up in the moment.

12:44 They are willing to sacrifice us for their political goals. 

12:45 We are going to be critical of each other, we back you for your work, what that man is doing is 

absolutely the right thing for all of us.


> 12:48- 1:00 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen  http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:50 I will commend InfoWars for throwing up EVERYTHING 

Dan Broke the narrative/monopoly of information by being there and forcing, at the zeitgeist at this event.

He did a major major thing, you cannot erase that from history.

12:51 Dan Badondi by saying the right things at the right time.

Can you share with our audience, that we cannot tire, we must press through this thing, yes.

It’s very possible there are people that work for the FBI, there is a third party, or rogue, foreign state 

actors that hijacked the “drill” 

12:53 They are able to be hijacked within these agencies, could be British, Canadian, Saudi Arabian or 

Israel involvement. 

12:54 Looking at the evidence, the amputee, and the older brother. Article for BIN, very intriguing.

Connecting Boston Bombers To Lowell, MA Police Dept. You’re Not Going To Believe The Ties To Tamarin Tsarnaev


12:55 MIT police, campus police, coincidence? Worth looking in to. Need to make absolutely sure that we do

not fatigue from this, dis-info campaign.

12:56 We need to look at we are seeing and decide all on our own, We have criminal agencies involved in 

criminal activity.

12:57 Washington Post, Panel seeks to fine tech companies for noncompliance with wiretap orders


12:58 Our government can write their own laws, executive orders.


> 1:00pm-1:30pm  New Hampshire State Rep. Stella Tremblay 

1:06 Stella Tremblay, New Hampshire, born in Italy, serving in the Auburn district, asked the hard question 

that he Mainstream Media refuses to.

ìWhy are you leaving it to some dumb representative to ask questions, when the reporters should be doing their job?î Tremblay said. ìAre you that blind that you’re not willing to ask questions of your government?î


1:07 Italian immigrants are doing an astonishing job. Dan Badondi was asking about the possibility that a 

False Flag may have been implemented.  Fellow legislators have been attacking you

1:08 GOP chairman came in to give a pep talk, cannot say anything to lose the upcoming elections, when I 

called her, I would think Edward Bernays the Father of Propaganda. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Bernays

1:09 We stand for limited government, fiscal responsibility.  She said we have to, “tread softly” to stay in 

control, end up just stagnant.

1:10 Recovering Neo Con Reagan Republican, maybe we can talk about what the Republican party has become.

1:10 Black Ops Terrorist Attack..

1:12 Lt. Col. Potter, said don’t believe what you hear in the news, I couldn’t believe this was happening.

I know most American’s want freedom.  He asked go to Infowars, perhaps there is some truth to this.  Just 

have to look at that backpack.  

1:13 First gut reaction, victim was not in shock or in pain.  I know what its like to get a deep cut.

1:14 Have some pretty big questions that need to be answered.  Is there a possibility that our government is 


1:15 When you say something in a panic from your heart, looked at Dr. Judy Woods, I thought people were 

crazy, when they thought the government was involved.

1:16 Our population is so conditioned to believe the bankster in a suit. By you coming out and speaking out 

they attack when those questions need to be answered. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

1:17 Fellow legislators HB638 Under the impression that legislators represents constituents. Naively 

introduced it, tabling, a way of killing a bill, about the original 13th Amendment.  All attorneys should NOT 

be in office.

1:19 139 Reps, we almost had a majority in the house, we even had Article 31 Redress Agreement


1:20 A lady asked to come to Concord to be on jury, when she got there it was cancelled. Cost 6 days of 

boarding, and they reimbursed her.

1:21 Dog and Pony Show, Dear Abby Committee.  Children taking away illegally, rights denied. 

1:22 13th Amendment is NOT a little thing.  They don’t know what an Organic Constitution.

Lincoln’s Martial law has been renewed.

1:23 They teach us what they want us to believe.  You said people were challenging you, sound clip..

Is there the possibility that the Government involved. Apologize for asking questions?? 


1:24 If the government had nothing to fear, look this is not true, any investigative reports on Benghazi, 

seen reports on the history of Gun Control, when people start to watch it, know I understand why you are so 


1:25 An awakening, is when you look at the evidence and the facts. 

1:26 Directed from very calm people, look at the 5 stages of awakening. Glenn Beck woke me up, read Rules 

for Radicals.

1:27 This is annoying, out of the blue, I understand now, our minds cannot believe what is being 

manipulated. Government may not be in control of their decisions.  Inspiration people, Redress of 

Grievances, from local government, ground down, yet shine forth.  

1:28 Even those in Republican Party are not what they seem.  We have laws that are so complicated, the

police don’t even know their left finger from right hand.

1:29 Weather modification, who’s involved? Election Accountability Act…

1:30 Heard the term Rinos and Cheenos?  Runs as Republican or Democrat, have to make a statement, 

publicly, make a decision, a clear opportunity to know represents my view.

1:31 These people are not wanting to change, you just won my heart, there is no accountability.

1:32 We had Jack Kimball, started movement, to remove 189 reps that voted to repeal this bill. 

1:33 Mrs. Tremblay, definitely want to have you back on the Show, send you an image, discovered the primary 

image, has been photo-shopped.


> 1:30pm – 2:00pm 


1:38 Media has put out photos that have been photo shopped, we want to ask questions of the FBI,

1:39 Let’s just try to do the right thing, do their jobs.  3 were surrounding me, do the right thing, his 

eyes were steel, maybe they are afraid.

1:40 Sometime Michael Savage says, “It’s a Mental Disorder” 

1:41 Gone to the police and post master general, sent letters, you are an idiot, attacking you personally, 

Saul Alynski tactic.  Thought by attacking me, they did the opposite, I don’t want a political career.

1:42 Two drastic dialogues, American’s want the truth, they are going to have more attention, they are going 

to say, What is going on?

1:43 We want honest answers, Thomas Jefferson: Question with boldness the very existence of God

1:44 Dr.Judy Wood taught me, and Bill Cooper, do the research yourself.  If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck, he 

said look for yourselves. 

1:45 What they do is start using the terminology, to co-opt, never trust anyone, like Bill Cooper says.

1:46 American’s are the most charitable people in the world, spend money to help others, turned that against 

us.  They’re going to attack you, even if you tell the truth.

1:47 Shouldn’t we demand, that he have a jury with the evidence presented.

What happens if these gentlemen were set up? Too many things at stake.  Isn’t it convenient that someone

die, Dorner, left wing whatever, Obama supporter, did he have the opportunity to speak?

1:48 In our country someone is innocent till proven guilty, when did this all turn around.

1:49 Asking Conservative talk show hosts, are you sure before you spew these charges? How do we know?

Someone is framed before they even have the chance.

1:50 McCain they are enemy combatants, dangerous precedence that is being set.  can you imaging why these 

people plead guilty?  What do you think the average person is going to do, black ops use fabricated 


1:51 I know our penal systems are full of innocent people.  

If you come back here without money, no job, 22 year veteran would be put in jail. If you are doing the 

right thing, they will discredit you.

1:52 Recent past came to the reality, 1st have hope, truth will always prevail, get on websites that teach 

the proper history.  We are not alone, Together united we will be able to overcome, individuals thinking 

freely as well. 

1:54 Together we can overcome everything, We are here to experience live, we will be held accountable for 

what we do.  Next step? 

1:55 Passed CISPA, passed law that exempts senators, the rest of their lives they will be getting a pension

1:56 We have a 10 year legislator that comes back as a lobbyist, taking advantage of positions.  True across

the board. HB638 NH.Gov, Attorney’s running the legislature, Crown appointed, 


You are an American Hero, support your efforts, based on the premise of TRUTH. 




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