Episode #408 – America Is In Its Death Throes – Lt. Col Potter

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Tuesday April 30, 2013

Special Guest: Jon Rappoport


EXCLUSIVE Interview:   Lt. Col Roy Potter, Ret.

Surprise Visit from:

ROCKET at Rocket Radio1 on guerillamedianetwork.com/rocket

The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen  


Patrick and Pete review the news of the week


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Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.

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11:00am – 11:30am Tuesday, April 30, 2013

11:03 Biden on one hand, calling people like Dan Bindondi “conspiracy” theorists, NWO NWO, dunk, dunk, If we say 

NWO it’s a conspiracy theory.

11:04 No Longer a conspiracy theory, outnumbered by people with fingers in their ears.

11:05 The U.S. Government would not photo-shop pictures…

11:06 11:30 Jon Rappoport will be joining us.

11:07 Great surprise first appearance of Lt. Col Roy Potter at 1 pm PST.

11:09 We have over 380,000 listeners on Spreaker.com Great way to listen, iphone, android.

11:11 Give a big shout out to Lt Col Potter.  NH Rep Stella Tremblay, Lt Col Potter presented to her the

term Black Ops to her regarding the Boston Bombing.

11:12 Jake is our program director extraordinaire, sleeps less than we do.

11:13 Always here for the show, hangs with us.  Contacted the FBI, want you to hear this call.

11:14 FBI, Mr. Delauriers, did he know the photos are photo-shopped, major case contact center.

11:15 You Work for the Federal Government, with a sworn oath to defend the United States Constitution.

11:16 Hello? I certainly hope she did not hang up on me.  I am not F’ing around. I asked a serious question.

11:17 That is your federal tax dollars at work, this little biaaaatch, hung up on my ass.

11:18 I don’t have time either, my government is presenting photo-shopped evidence of Boston Bombing suspects.

11:19 Important to talk to somebody at the FBI that is at willing to defend the oath of the United States.

11:20 2nd bomber who is now deceased, I need you guys to look at those photo-shopped images.  He’s asking us not to 

look at those images, I am asking him to look at them.

11:21 Certified crime investigator, clearly established that the high res image, that backpack was photo-shopped 

out of that image.  Need someone to stand up and expose this stuff.

11:23 We have been demonized as internet sleuths, we need someone in law enforcement to see this, come forward and

stop covering stuff up. This is not a crack pot call, I am very serious about this.  

11:24 Opinion, I think the beginning was a little shaky, I didn’t think you were going to get anywhere, but then 

you got a hold of someone who was willing to at least listen.

11:25 My approach is not that of a diplomat. A lot of people out there who say that it’s a waste of time.  Never a 

waste of time to pick up the phone and tell them to do their job, and not hang up.

11:26 Mr. Special Agent in Charge, Richard DesLauriers, should be held accountable, if I have to call every single day. 


 Why doesn’t this guy have the courage to stand up and do the right thing. They are throwing us under the bus.

11:28 Don’t tell me not to look at images.  We wouldn’t need internet sleuths if you did your job.


> 11:30am-12:00am Live Guest: Jon Rappoport

11:36 Boston Bombing, Citizen, Mainstream Media

Walk along stretch of beach one night, do you want to be cold on the outside, this could be a very good career


11:37 It’s a war, trying to steal food from your kid’s mouth, talking to Mainstream Journalists.

11:38 Going to do what is absolutely right.

11:39 They have to be ready to challenge the powers that be, point out all the contradictions, official stories 

coming down from law enforcement. People who say wait a minute, looking at video, this doesn’t make any sense.

11:40 Where is all the damage created by pressure cooker bomb. Reality is being created and we are supposed to buy 


You could be our national intelligence correspondent. Could start asking hard questions as investigative reporters.

11:41 They are usually cut off at the pass when they get close to the truth

Who is at the top? Corporations that own the networks, then their connections in government, big time financiers 

and banksters.

11:42 Reporters who do the work, they know the boundaries, like an electronic gizmo around a dog’s neck, they are


When they cross the line, editors slap them down

11:43 The shadow government, the agents controlling the matrix.  

11:44 Start telling the truth, contradictions all over the place, twisted metal of pressure cooker bomb…

Expect to see the remains of metal, shrapnel, non existent, dead give away. We are being promoted a story line.

11:45 Reporters can figure that out in about 10 minutes.  

Something took place at FBI press conference. Presenting suspects, FBI agent in charge, photos circulating only 

look at the ones we are presenting here.  

11:46 Take a look at these three photos, Dan Bidondi, presented photos, and shut down press conference.


11:47 Discredited by mainstream press because he challenged the existing order.  

11:48 We can literally out number them as “internet sleuths”, we just want law enforcement and media to do their 


Do you think we will ever see a day when mainstream journalists will break away.

11:49 I think it’s possible, because the pressure is on.  Thousand of people asking questions, their audience is 

shrinking and expanding for private citizens online. 

11:50 Sooner or later we could see that, I have left the fold, I no longer believe what they are saying. Overnight 


The internet Sleuths are left to our own devices, digging up the truth. Encourage the individual to seek the truth 

on their own.  Absolutely.  

11:51 Intelligent people out there, are realizing they have a voice and it’s having an effect.  More possible for 

people to say, information is convincing, take a look for yourself.  The SEE SAW is tilting away from major media.

11:53 NoMoreFakeNews.com  Jon Rappoport is a Reporter put together 15 years of work.  You are doing something, selflessly, Exit From 

the Matrix awakened people know what 

11:54 Instead of letting the powers that be, invent, individual’s have the power, building bricks of reality are 

false and how we can build our own.  

11:55 You create your future the way you want it to be, that is what this collection is all about.


> 12:00- 12:30 pm

12:03 Live call to Lt Col Potter, New Hampshire Rep Stella Tremblay, heard your video about Black Ops,


12:04 Didn’t anticipate it would go this far, my purpose, nothing on video channel has anything for sale, 

these words are for free. 

12:05 Motives are truly selfless, want you to tell everyone, who critical of a time we are in.

Entered service back in the 70′s Always been a history buff, see the events that have been transpiring

12:06 I was critical of Bush Admin, hidden agenda, organization. Look at what the people of the government are up 

to now. Obvious that we are in a great deal of trouble.

12:07 Put your name out there and it’s going to be stomped on.  Onslaught of demonization, pretty hard to take,

I needed to speak up, it is that critical right now.

12:08 We have sponsors, but anything that you put up will not be monetized.  Not asking anyone else to do that.

You have an operation to run.  I believe that he is sincere, noticed it’s been a month and a half, to put out as 

much material as you can.

12:09 You believe that this is the End Game, is it not? I believe it’s true.  

12:10 Police work, you don’t rely on your sense, you’re a trained, asking them to use the Oath of Office, measure

what you do against that.  The most important thing is the continuation of the Constitution of the United States,

12:11 This is the time to stand up, it’s a difficult thing to do. 

12:12 Our danger exists within our OWN GOVERNMENT, trying to open eye to get people to look at it.

12:13 Former United States Marine, they really need to understand what their Oath is all about. set the example for 

the entire world,  restore what our founding fathers want for us. 

12:14 The laws are in place, we need to restore them.  The cost of what our grandparents went through.

For the life giving force of Liberty and Freedom.  Magna Carta, all throughout history.  Legacy of Freedom &

Liberty can not be taken for granted. http://www.constitution.org/eng/magnacar.htm

12:15 Understood what you meant when to spoke to people in Law Enforcement officials.

12:16 Law Enforcement personnel are out of Control, what does ends justifies the means mean to you.

There’s a basically a right of passage, not taught till you get far long, pawns in the game until that point.

12:17 Usually by vetting and security rank, not everybody knows, teach about Machiavelli, you can to anything to 

secure your objective, they have painted over the Constitution

12:18 Chained them down with the Constitution to uphold the Rule of Law

12:19 Allow someone else to make decision for you, cannot secure Liberty by violating. End of NWO, cannot secure 

liberty by violating it. 

12:20 Cannot install Democracy with War,  cannot force on anybody else.  Conflict between forces, right now,

Benghazi, Internal conflict within the U.S. Government.

12:21 Sort of like thieves, use the same tools to achieve their ends, they are selfish.  Exists in the agencies 

themselves.  That is the type of people they are.  

12:22 In a dangerous time period right now, Hessians in Revolutionary War, Blackwater, Craft, not security forces, 

the people at the top level, immense mercenary forces, you don’t think they would go for power?

12:23 Going on for a long time, Kennedy Assassination, our country its extremely dangerous.

12:24 Massive internal Conflict, between NWO and Old World Order.

Corporate Mercenaries immune to any Oath or Obligations?  Oath no longer applies..

12:26 It’s all about the public is the enemy, they just follow orders becoming tyrant themselves.

Values being replaced, no one to instill that morality.  Try to be patient with them.

12:27 Getting attacked viciously, they know the difference between right and wrong and they’re making the wrong


12:28 It doesn’t matter where you are at on the economic scale, everyone can support these efforts in getting out

and investigating the truth.

12:29 We can through this awakening, rise up, without firing one shot, by everyone knowing the truth.

This is a time when we need leadership from this man the most.


> 12:30- 1:00 pm Lt. Col Potter http://guerillamedianetwork.com/potter/

12:33 Republishing all of your videos on GMN http://www.youtube/user/roypotterqa

12:34 If you have a theory per say, appreciate your responsibility, public needs the truth.

12:35 Please tell us what we can all do.  Looking out the window, traffic, need to drive defensively, be aware of 

what is happening around you.  See the person texting on the phone next to you.  99% of the time you will be okay, 

but eventually, something is going to happen. Cannot close your eyes and drive a car

12:36 At least use your defensive driving eyes, cannot find out unless you watch the road, put aside your fear.

12:37 Need to watch the road.  Being a leader by your own example, at tremendous risk.

12:38 Before I came to the show, as I approach each controversial top, the paid trolls attack us.

12:39 Susannah Cole and Ashley Jones have investigated me, no criminal background.

We have done our own internal investigation, seen all the documentation I need to know that Lt Col Potter is who is 

said he is.

12:40 If you are in the FBI, know is the time to stand up. Need to dig into it.  If you are an investigator, step

outside of your comfort zones.

12:41 They are not doing their job. Beginning of the show I contacted the FBI

12:42 Photos presented at the FBI are photo shopped. Agent hung up on me. This agency in charge of investigating 

these crimes have a negative history of investigations

12:43 They are not supposed to be the Yes Men of the Government. They need to uphold their Oath, servant of the 

people.  The people are what matter.

12:44 I am going to approach the truth relentlessly.  This is not just radio theater.  Should not be afraid to call

local FBI field office.

12:45 Agent admitted to me the information is the best presented, admitted the FBI might cover it up. He was 

willing to risk his career, retirement, to present evidence.  They cut it down. Agent apologized. He did as much as

he could do.

12:46 I have a high regard and respect for law enforcement.  Constitutional military and law enforcement

12:47 Late 90′s whistle blowing was not a bad thing. Law enforcement personnel, best way to come forward. 

Internally their is a shut down mechanism.  

12:48 Bradley Manning, taking his oath seriously, finally did the right thing, send the stuff out. Helicopter 

attack was a War Crime, What you see on videos.

12:49 We all want to be right, but very few of us want to get right.  Do the right thing, even if it’s inconvenient 

for you.

12:50 Make decisions that are going to be very difficult, we have suffered from gluttony and consumerism. Very 

painful transition. Are we in the death throes of a great empire?

12:51 Pray everyday that we can turn it around. Majority are too concerned about their personal welfare. Viability 

of our children and grand children.  Principals of Freedom are worth sacrificing for. People have to be willing to 

make that choice.

12:52 Economy the way it is build, if we don’t make revolutionary change, we are going to ultimately collapse 


12:53 It isn’t sustainable, deliberate manipulation of the monetary system.  On the verge of destruction.

Revolution is Swift Change, biggest concern is who is going to be in charge on the other side of the collapse.

They are on the other side waiting to catch us with their new “currency”.  

Revolutionary change, return to our roots, return to our core.  

12:55 We must have accountability.  Old military morality, the commander is responsible for everything his people 

do or fail to do.  Not limited to the top of the food chain.  

12:56 We need people like yourself, not some sleazy multimillion dollar politician.  

12:57 Thank your for your service to our country.  This is my favorite interview that I have ever done, most important words ever spoken on our show.


> 1:00pm-1:30pm   

1:01 Lt Col Roy Potter came on exclusively. Someone who had republished his video on BeforeItsNews.com

Black Ops Video, only 56 views. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMUcOZAF1RI

1:02 This man needs to have millions of views, I thought he was believable and sincere.

1:03 Him being on this show was very important with me.  Did not want to come on air, he had the butterflies before

he came on.  The significance of every thought, could possibly be..  I am not over dramatizing  what Lt Col

Potter had to say. 

1:04 People must tune into what one of the most important people of our time, caliber of patriot bringing the 

truth. Encourage you to share this show because of that past hour. 

1:06 I need to share this with my email address book, share this message of Lt. Col. Potter.  You will suffer the 

consequences of your apathy if you do not.

1:07 Listen to how humble he was, just wanted to document his thoughts.  He felt he had an obligation to do so.

There really really is hope.  Through the leadership of someone like that, similar to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the 

reluctant hero.  Leadership is emerging.  It just happened on the Pete Santilli Show.

1:08 I have always explained what my role is, I am not a diplomat, allows follow the orders of Lt. Col Roy Potter, 

think he will be a hot head in battle? No, very precise and deliberate.

1:09 If you are to say how can I contribute?  You just need to share, I want to reach as many people as possible.

1:10 The importance of sharing this show if for the survival of this nation, we could do it peacefully. 

1:11 NH Stella Tremblay episode http://petersantilli.com/2013/04/30/episode-407-legislator-exposes-fbi-boston-marathon-cover-up-nh-rep-stella-tremblay/, making sure the threads were not contaminated.  Santilli you are a shill but that 

was a great interview.  Let’s hide behind  my anonymous name. 

1:12 Anonymous trolls only function to contaminate our focus away from important work, like Lt Col Potter is doing.

They bash him, so that people don’t get any further than that thread.  Most people don’t give them any credence.

1:14 The only time people give it any time is when it’s reacted to. There job is to muddy the waters, they are the 

slickest creepers, very persuasive and skilled.

1:15 They are not talking to me, they are talking to everyone else.  Posel is nasty pig pond scum, doing your own 

investigation instead of listening to some troll.

1:16 One person at a time, then from that point on, discredits then that’s one person they have won to their side, 

it’s worth it.

1:17 Provide their factual truth, going into threads to manipulate your mind, spread his message even further, they 

are not just trolls, they are CIA operatives, ignore the trolls and spread the truth.  Our survival depends on it.

1:18 At the beginning we were not savvy to the trolls, we were star struck a little, we didn’t know what was behind

the mask.  Like stew Webb, began to trust and even love Suzanne Poser, betrayed me on a personal level.

1:19 She also did the worst thing, called me unstable, felt hurt and betrayed, now it has turned into anger.

1:20 What happened to us was intended to infiltrate the mind of our listener, that is the level of infiltration 

that is destroying our country.   

1:21 When someone goes after Potter, he is exactly who he says he is, looked at his documentation, intelligence

officer who worked under Petraeus .

1:22 Rocket: I heard Saturday’s show, I did a rebuttal show, but it was too angry.  I am going to let people talk 

you into getting killed.  I know what you want is what’s best.  I know it’s a struggle for you, you should go into


1:23 If I were to turn and do the right thing, you want us to live and not be steam rolled by FBI Swat Teams.

1:24 Rocket we had the best conversation with you on Friday night, it was a life changing conversation. 

Pete will say things, when he says it, it could put him in so much danger, tell him we don’t need to lose you in 

the front lines, before a revolution has a chance to happen.

1:25 If Pete were to go into hiding, to at least have some kind of safety, he would be so miserable.

He would be better dead.  I would rather live FREE.

1:26 Compelled to tell you, I wish for the resistance you would go somewhere safe. 

1:27 Rocket, I would throw myself on the alter.  Peter’s worst enemy, think he should stay. Yeah, I want him to 

stand up and get killed.

1:28 I am mad because I don’t want you to die.  I think it’s good for us, if you are a crazy organization you are 

not with me.  

1:29 Any rogue individual, you will totally demonize the entire effort. Listen to the show tonight, it’s harsh but 

people need to hear it.


> 1:30pm – 2:00pm 

1:33 Bob Hughes called Spore a Communist, get to know us first, you could call into the show.

1:34 Still weird, talking about Suzanne Poser, like a weird venereal disease..

1:35 ToxicAsset- Bug Out Bags, Benjamin Franklin invented the sanitary napkin, antibiotic they put in fish tanks, 

great way to stop bleeding.

1:36 Great useful applications for tampons, great water filters. 

1:37 Go over to battle bag, hey those are wound plugs.   

SoloFlight – banned from room, no place to run away from this, Guerilla Media Network Team, coming in normally and 

attack team.  Sometimes the system messes up.  Accidentally kicked you out.

1:39 Somebody else did that.  

1:40 Doing something, spread that information.  

1:41 System has been crashing, got a great rebuttal for you guys, conspiracy assault. Let me get this straight, men 

of high power are not capable of telling lies… Are you that stupid??

1:42 John in Chicago – Called previously when you had Gerald Celente, contemplating going to a better place, where

there are people that will stand up.  Contemplating leaving, not certain what to do.

1:44 Rocket – Do we stay or do we go?  Adults in the room are talking.  Not telling people not to run and hide, 

strategic relocation.  Not going to happen overnight.  I have been to Costa Rica..

1:45 When we are in confusion in the United States, it’s not running and hiding, it’s broadcasting somewhere safe.

1:46 Not Costa Rica, then Montana, maybe Utah. Someone pointed out, that Rocket is coming at it as more of an 

officer and strategist.  Both are equally important.  Have to have those people in the background giving direction.

1:47 Nothing cowardly about it.

1:48 What if someone could have called John Lennon, look at the WikiLeaks guy, he is still producing material.

I wish there was a better place he could go..

1:49 We are going to save the Zionist issue for another show.

1:50 Heather, wanted to say hi to Rocket.  Call me anytime I wall record it for the show.

1:51 Steve in Pittsburgh, disabled American Veteran, I know Rocket’s mad at me, I can imagine.

1:52 Rocket, you remember wrestling.   Did a lot of thinking, when this shit happens, we cannot even imagine, worse 

than what happened in Germany, I would not want to live what is going on, they are going to take out water, power.

When that happens its too late, whatever is left over its going to be slaves.  

1:54 If my time is up, I will go with open arms.  Rocket does not believe in God.  Once we’re gone, we are gone.

Maybe God needs to infect Rocket, to understand our spiritual beliefs. 

1:55 I challenge anybody out there, find me a talk show host, doing the same things as Peter. I want to find a 

star.  We need Pete Santilli, You are not allowed to go to the front line.

1:56 People need to decide, who will be in the leadership role?  Rocket Show tomorrow night 8 pm PST.





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