Episode #414 – US Killing Troops And Civilians – Top Leadership Must Be Arrested

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Tuesday May 8, 2013

Special Guest: Bruce Montalvo

Bruce Montalvo is new to the alternative scene and was first noticed for his article: “Why did the 1997  launched NY NY Casino  omit twin towers from Replica Skyline”.

He is a member of his local Libertarian Party in Southern California &  host’s The Bruce Montalvo Show on AM 1050 KCAA

NBC News Radio.

Bruce is a regular contributor to The Pete Santilli Show and his own show, The Bruce Montalvo Show, is aired every Sunday at 12:00 P.M. (PST) on The Guerilla Media Network.


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World Watch with Tom Hansen:

Tom Hansen is a former trader on the NYSE floor, financial expert, and one of the most opinionated world critics to ever infiltrate the 1 percent. World famous for his train-wreck of the week.


The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen 


Brought to you by: Beforeitsnews.com and UNSENE.com


Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.


Show Chronology Courtesy Of: Jana Murray

 >11:00am – 11:30am Tuesday, May 7, 2013

11:02 Naturally occurring nervous breakdown, planets lined us. If numbers have anything to do with it, we are all in trouble.

11:03 I will only her questions for positive affirmation, see I planned it that way.

11:04 Some good information out there, on the Guerilla Media Network Chaulk full o’stuff.

11:05 Hagemann & Hagemann Report, they are very very concerned. They are great patriots.

11:06 Pause and reflection where we are at as a country. People sound asleep one moment. Now people talking about survival  methods. Mylar bags better, hefty trash bags have lots of pesticides.

11:08 Only ones not concerned are the politicians and banksters.

11:09 They are having conversations about how they are going to bunker up. New set of laws that they will be held accountable to. You won’t get to your bunker, if you see me coming.

11:10 That’s going to be the reality once the collapse occurs. They just want their plausible deniability. Making bets with stock market, insider trades are legal, passed during the Boston bombing.

11:11 If you are not fed up with this system, life’s great? Look what’s coming. Building an infrastructure here.

11:12 People will tune into the Pete Santilli Show.

11:13 How have they been able to infiltrate us to make us what are enemies are. Bill Ayers, very much looked to to give  speeches, about the 60′s protests, fought for Socialism. May 4th anniversary of Kent State shootings. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/05/06/william-ayers-says-weather-underground-bombings-not-same-as-boston-marathon/

11:14 Once his plans are fully implemented, always defending the Weather Underground attacks.

11:15 Barack Obama said, I didn’t really know him. Sat on numerous boards together. Same Socialist Party, lived a couple  blocks away from him. 4th of July party in 2005, still deny being close friends, just not true.

11:16 Bill Ayers is really important, we have a government demonizing domestic terrorists.

11:17 I know have become one mans terrorist has become one man’s freedom fighter. Who are THEY?

11:18 Nobody has a right to compare, it IS the same thing. Telling everyone, got caught blowing up buildings, police officers died. Greenwich Village, nail bomb, planned to put it at Fort Dix.

11:19 Bombed the Pentagon, damaged the building didn’t hurt anyone, married Bernadine Dorne.

They got caught, let Ayers go because FBI projects were iffy and illegal. She was only fined. These bombers “terrorists” today,were let go.

11:20 Clinton has a pretty good record too. Robert Redford’s new movie. Went on to be released, became professors, teach Socialism in our colleges. Susan Rosenberg, violent Progressive was pardoned by Clinton. Offered a teaching position. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/347288/loving-hate-police

11:23 This isn’t anything new in America.

11:24 Be careful what you throw out on the table, just watched my country go out the fricking window.

This entire gang of Communist have taken over our government. Crisis Provides An “Opportunity”

11:26 Hatred towards the United States of America. Using the hatred of the Jihadist. Of course they want to kill us.

11:27 Not a sympathizer of terrorism, They hate the US so much they are willing to use the Jihadist against us.

11:28 Want to stop the abuse, using our justice dept. to pursue their political goals.


> 11:30am-12:00am Bruce Montalvo http://guerillamedianetwork.com/show-archives/the-bruce-montalvo-show/

11:32 WTF is wrong with our country? Oh your a terrorist, anti-American.

11:34 Jah Jah is a regular listener, in the trenches, she is on top of her game. Thank your for your contributions.

11:35 Bruce Montalvo, great to have you. Broadcast simulcast from his perch in LA. Thanks for your content.

11:36 Guest who was on that is controversial.

11:37 Need to build solid contingency on short wave. Finish our convo we were having with Susannah Cole.

No corporate influene to what he does.

11:38 Dig a whole into the past of Barack Obama, we are suffering from this Underground Weathermen right now.

Read that Bill Ayers was the Keynote Speaker at Kent State? He was guilty as hell, he became a respected professor. http://joemiller.us/2013/05/obamas-buddy-domestic-terrorist-bill-ayers-says-his-weather-underground-bombings-were-different-than-boston-bombings/

11:39 Thirty years from now don’t be surprised if Tsarnaev is a professors.

11:41 Old world order, Bushes Clintons, NeoCon Scheme. Battlle ground recently, when Benghazi happened. Come out again,

You have listened to the recorded telephone conversation, someone who was on the ground in Benghazi.

11:42 Violation of everything he was sworn to do, came back shaking in his boots. Coming out, in fear for our country.

11:43 Everyone was drawing the lines. Battle between Obama and Clinton administration.

Arms shipment was automatically sent, people told to stand down. Corrupt nasty set of thing that happened there.

11:44 They think we are just a bunch of cannon fodder to pursue political goals. Clinton calling the shots on her side and Obama on the other side, using American’s as cannon fodder.

11:45 She should be incarcerated. Lied about Benghazi, it was planned, testified to Congress that it didn’t matter. Escalating with Israel hitting Damascus.

11:46 Get the word out, we need to get Navy Seals and Special Forces, well trained military to start take the mother fucker’s out.

11:47 Not afraid to let their fellow countrymen get killed! American’s are a bunch of fucking cowards. The Navy Seals know who they are, we outnumber their ass.

11:48 Advanced team know all about Hilary Clinton, leadership is so disgustingly corrupt. If you have a problem with me speaking out, you are an enemy.

11:49 Start speaking out! Disgusting picture of this fricking cunt, Hilary Clinton! Start taking people out NOW!

Come and get me! My last word will be FUCK YOU.

11:50 Why are the American people are so fired up to take out brown people and not take care of our DOMESTIC ENEMIES.

11:51 I know the difference between an enemy and a foe. I would like to spend a trillion dollars to do that.

11:52 Larry Sinclair, Obama, like the Clinton administration all over again. We will forget all about Benghazi.

11:53 I have to look at Reality, Mark I Thomson Counter terrorism Bureau, former Secretary of State. Testimony.. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3016227/posts, http://video.foxnews.com/v/2360358903001/getting-to-the-bottom-of-benghazi/

11:54 You should have seen what Clinton Tried To Do TO US! We have a population of troops, you need to take fucking charge right NOW.

11:55 Marines taken out because the CIA has a Drug Business to Run. I will pay a trillion dollars to take care of our DOMESTIC enemies! Enough is Enough.


> 12:00-12:30pm

12:00 Your reckless you spoke out about Hilary Clinton, instead you wheel out amputee to get whipped up to go kill brown people.

12:01 Martial Law was practiced in your neighborhood, to roll it out nationally.

12:02 Your enemy is a White Fat Chick, Your enemy is Barack Obama, he needs to be removed, tried and then shot.

I respect the presidency, replace the mother f’er. They need to arrest him for crimes.

12:03 Bruce Montalvo, why is it legal to use the media to condition everybody, monopolization of the mind.

12:04 Freedom of speech shall not be infringed. Its all about natural resource, fighting for position of that country. Thomas Jefferson would applaud you.

12:05 Do you believe that what I said poses a danger to society? You are doing the most patriotic thing, I’d say…

12:06 I am speaking for my family members, my fellow man. Our generation is F’d. If you do not rise up against domestic enemies such as Hilary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, YOU don’t care about your family.

12:07 Stick to those Liberty minded ideals, we are not known for that anymore.

12:08 Billy – calling for an organized efficient mutiny, an orderly transition. Am I a danger or do I want what’s best?

Started reading the Iraquois Nation Treaty, Godfather of our Constitution. Freedom is not Free, takes all of us understanding what the Constitution is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iroquois

12:10 Only a select few will have the capacity to do that. Those people who came together, to focus there energy on the enemies we have mentioned here.

12:11 It’s all about jurisidiction, made all of the States accept jurisdiction through coersion. If I had to get arrested, maybe it would wake up other people. I am ready to do that. Pete: We have become a nation of cowards.

12:13 Knowing the media doesn’t give us much at all, started figuring out what we are all about, started researching and understanding. Never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

12:14 I am ready to go down for things to change. You are an awakened individual. We need to direct that energy and money to go after domestic enemies.

12:15 If you wheel out an amputee, to wave a flag, “we need to go get brown people in the desert!”

Billy: medical student, will call back at some point. Get you scheduled to come on as a guest.

12:16 He is a patriot with same level of emotions that founded this country.

12:17 You have got to study your history and be keenly aware of your present, and fearful of your future.


> 12:30- 1:00 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:34 As things heat up in the world, you are putting out more reports than I thought was physically possible.

Only going at 10%

12:35 During the Boston bombing, was focused on it 100 percent.

Hottest news story, want to hear what is coming out about Benghazi.

12:36 On the ground 3 days after Benghazi, came to me because he was so fearful about what is happening to our country. Battle between Old World Order and New World Order.

12:37 One faction telling people to stand down, people in place, he was telling me as a wet work technician, his team is not allowed to go near Hilary Clinton’s team.

12:38 People at the highest level willing to, Marines special forces attack, guarding the CIA’s drug trafficking.

12:39 Blue on Green killing, Afghan security forces turning guns on American training forces.

12:40 FOX News present it to their viewership that way, I say we hijack CNN and FOX, military assisting CIA.

Domestic enemies within our own government. Political move, only scratching the service. Sanitation of current events.

12:41 Pure propaganda. 2 members of special forces died Saturday, killed to pursue drug trafficking.

12:42 Keep going back you get to know how the market works, offering US training manuals to Mexican cartels. A lot going on under the radar for over a decade now.

12:44 Geraldo Rivera, reports on how we are guarding Opium Poppy Fields.


The command structure needs to be restructured. Obama need to come to trial, Hilary Clinton faction also need to come to trial for treason. The Bush gang, too, they are all at it.

12:46 They need to be held accountable, legal Constitutional law enforcement, so we can take our country back.

Benghazi was not a small matter. This is what needs to be done. People should reject, surface ping pong reports from Washington.

12:48 Patrick I predict nothing will come out of it. Will go down the memory hole.

12:49 Was ‘terrorist’ Buford Rogers actually being groomed as FBI informant?


They tied themselves in a knot with the Boston bombing. They have infiltrated the militia. Asked the question, have you contacted the militia, the FBI honeypot.

12:50 He sure fits the profile, my evidence is that the FBI has been involved and handled evidence.

12:51 Allowed cells to detonate bombs in WTC in 93, informants and terror plots, groom them.

12:52 If someone repeatedly gets away with something, creating terror cells, plenty of evidence. Wanting to pass a bill to arm them? “Better that we control the terrorists”…


> 1:00pm-1:30pm 2nd Guest segment or Pete’s rant

1:00 We need to do the right thing and take back my government, Marines, Special Forces. Organized manner. We don’t need rogue militias, not advocating.

1:02 They are co-opting these organizations. The whole thing reads like a comic book. Aligned with a militia, very dangerous scenario. I am advocating Mutiny.

1:03 Civil Disobedience is some of the greatest moments in American history. Adam Kokesh is going to be meeting with law enforcement.

1:04 Anything outside of those boundaries. We need to find out what their position is in the coming weeks.

Seen the police there, standing down, having discussion, very peaceful

1:05 DHS ‘Sports Division’: Federal Takeover of Sporting Event Security Already Underway


1:07 DHS suck more money out of the federal purse than any other department, have not caught any terrorist, it’s a big scam of contracts and procurement. Try to do an audit, you will never get to the bottom of it.

1:08 Spend billions of dollars for security, so much money in putting the tools in place, expanding the TSA

1:09 Don’t like the word “Homeland”, Joseph Goebbels little black book…

1:10 Yesterday’s guest, forensic psychologist. Obama sound-clip “voices warning against Tyranny, you should reject these voices.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4-H8tbcQP4

1:12 If you had him say that in German, Furer Speeches at Nuremberg, hollow rhetoric, reject criticism, experiment in self-rule. Let’s not kid ourselves.

1:13 Listen to the words, he’s saying if you aspire to individual achievement, no, a communitarian achievement. Communism. America is Built on Great Individual Achievement. Obama just took a wrecking ball to that ideal.

1:15 “You should reject these voices.” Casual and calculated. NLP’er.

1:16 What we could do together in a cheap Chinese labor factory.

1:17 He carrying everyone along with him down the path, to the Father Land.

1:18 Our Founding Father’s said that government should be fearful of the People.

Look at Boston. Even IRS agent’s are fearful.

1:19 NRA had a convention, Obama zombie target that bleeds when shot. NRA, controlled opposition.


1:20 Listen to Larry Pratt’s speech, very intellectual, NRA more tabloid.

1:21 Bee sized Drones to be used as surveillance. http://b4in.info/d3kt

1:22 Kim.com put out a White Paper, that accuses the government of corruption, Congress unable to pass laws without control.http://torrentfreak.com/megaupload-launches-frontal-attack-on-white-house-corruption-130507/

Largest copyright case in history. Whitehouse desire to cater to motion picture industry.

1:24 How is going to profit in giving away arms..

1:26 Not even arm sales anymore, it’s just a giveaway, It’s a bailout. Food aid, GMO bailout. Pharmaceutical bailout. Who is running Washington? Grandiose speech, house of cards is about to come tumbling down.

1:28 Dangerous time for a False Flag, another one could come. Radioactive materials have been lost, 5 or 6 organizations have gone missing, preparing you for the worst for a dirty bomb.

Nuclear Leaks: Radioactive materials ‘lost’ in UK sparks fear of Terrorism http://b4in.info/b3kY


> 1:30pm – 2:00pm

1:32 Now that is what you going to hear on a regular basis, thank you for that Jah Jah. Susannah Cole’s takes down trolls..

1:33 Barack Obama is killing American’s to traffic drugs.

1:34 We already know that the Clinton’s were benefiting from drug trafficking. Clinton is taking human bodies to advance her goals, your sons and daughters are just cannon fodder.

1:35 Barack Obama is a CIA plant, period. He has more names than a CIA agent themselves. The American public, they are not aware of that. It’s easy for me to ask them to kill brown people.

1:36 Barb – been listening, commentary, where are the Christians. I am not a troll.

1:37 Not all born-agains are brain washed wimps. Some of us are very aware, with a hyperactive dialing finger, in Michigan. Some of us are good out there. I actually want to recruit.

1:38 Spend a trillion dollars to get brown people in the desert.

1:39 We are so busy planning parties, I got the deer in the headlight look.

Looking to a large group of people, I want to stop us in our tracks. Just think how we would respond if you started bombing our neighborhoods.

1:40 Not all of us are brain-dead. How do we rally them? We have to insult them.

1:41 The problem in Boston is because we are sleeping at the switch. The people that were in that Boston Bruin’s cheering on that amputee.

1:42 Those people in Boston were blindsided. If they had time to think about it. The cheering was disturbing, some kind of mind control. Journalists, staging.

1:43 They had that planned, they were right down the street, and yet the American people can’t see that?

I was a Roman Catholic, were not allowed critical thinking either. Robotic process. Mass is exactly the same.

End objective is to be money collection.

1:44 Jesus crucified because he went after the banksters. He was a big strong carpenter and he came across evil.

1:45 I know our obligation to our dying day is to resist evil.

1:46 You all have got good information, top of the list? Oh Pete, it’s you.

1:47 We have great guests, great content. Did you ever think that this show would shape up the way it did.

1:48 Barb put the Cherry On Top. I am recruiting the Christians by bashing them. Great thing that she stands up and represents that group of Christians and is a voice for them.

1:49 Nice to hear someone come on and speak eloquently to it. Can you imagine of we told you that the whole reason that the reason we are going after brown people is to allow Jihadist to come here and make amputees out of us.

1:50 FBI is concealing information. Michelle Obama should be investigated, accomplice to terrorism. Why aren’t they telling Christians those stories.

1:51 It was barely even a glitch, they will stand up against that. They won’t get angry about Rep Stella Tremblay standing up. Christians were calling for her death.

1:52 Dave – talking with Stella Tremblay, helped her to get in contact with Infowars, she has had to stay on the move. After that call, you were physically ill, what is happening to people who really really care about our country.

1:54 They will take out a Marine, or a Navy Seal, the reality of what our nation has become. Best funded terror operation on the earth. I Did reply to some of these people, Republicans and Democrats alike about how they are stooping to that level.

1:55 Dave- Am I doing the right thing? Absolutely doing the right thing. Pass the message on to Col Potter, looking at Benjamin Fulford.

1:57 Used to listen to someone that his info was rigmarole, that was Stew Webb, Mr. Gagglefuck.

Maybe Benjamin Fulford is the guy telling the truth.

1:58 Thank you for talking to your family member about false flags. You have an obligation to tell your family members what is going on. The television is for your entertainment. Relative to news, it’s Communist, disguised as democracy, state run, government is using it as a terror operation. CIA is drug running, gun running and assassination operation. Concealed all the evidence, 100 year history of covering information up.

2:00 Ted Gunderson is investigating pedophilia to cover it up.

2:02 Agree with everything you said, the rally, Adam Kokesh is a great thing and you have got to watch out for false flag and agent provocateurs. Literally want to take our government back. They are killing American soldiers with Afghani insiders.

The Government Has Been Overthrown. Our regular listener’s know we want what’s best for us. We need to know what’s happening in our house.

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