Our Berlin Wall Moment Is Upon Us

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  Episode #416 – Our Berlin Wall Moment Is Upon Us

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Thursday May 09, 2013

Special Guest: Kyle Coplen

 Kyle Coplen started the Armed Citizen project which is dedicated to facilitating the arming of law abiding citizens, and analyzing the relationship between increased firearm availability and  rates.  He  is choosing mid-high crime neighborhoods in cities across America, and offering defensive weapons to citizens that can pass a background check, and that will take our safety, legal, and tactical training.  The data that we collect will be used in the completion of a policy study that will measure the deterrent effects of firearms on crime.

World Watch with Tom Hansen: On Benghazi;

let’s say that all of this is for nothing, and Obama doesn’t get impeached can you imagine what happens if he stays the president? 

Hilary might take the hit for now and could still easily be the President in 2016.

Tom Hansen is a former trader on the NYSE floor, financial expert, and one of the most opinionated world critics to ever infiltrate the 1 percent. World famous for his train-wreck of the week.


The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen  


Brought to you by: Beforeitsnews.com and UNSENE.com


Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.


Show Chronology Courtesy Of: Jana Murray


>11:00am – 11:30am Thursday, May 9, 2013

11:01 Welcome to The land of the Stupid.

11:02 Can consume Coca Cola with moderation, you can consume their product, kind of like Camel cigarettes.

11:03 Ornery mood today, you want to know why. Like those pauses, very dramatic.

11:04 Half of my life has been spent getting skull plugged. Ronald Reagan one of the biggest drug traffickers along with gun running, destroying the educational system.

11:05 This nation is a nation of cowards and idiot. This is a dumb ass f’ing group of people here.

11:06 A nation I am trying to save, make fun of twitter bombs, twitter is a good thing,

11:07 All of those Navy Seals know that Osama bin Laden is a scam. CIA knew he was on the payroll, had dialysis machine delivered to a cave back in 99. Someone who witnessed this take place, when he got back from Benghazi, told me. Have not heard from him in a very long time

11:08 Law Enforcement “I am just doing my job”

11:09 Assuming Team 6 assassinated Osama bin Laden, mockery of military and special forces.

11:10 All happens right in front of the noses of the American public. One big monstrous 350 million person slot machine.

Piers Morgan has all the budget, put on his English accent, says really stupid crap, everyone starts throwing a trillion dollars.

11:11 All the dumb people over there, if we spent 300 thousand dollars. Some of the people we come across everyday, I would take care of those people.

11:12 I would rather die, put my life on the line for these principals, do I want to die so the postal service can take me away.

11:13 Some people need to go to jail, so you can get off your lumpy ass. Under advisement of active duty people, if you are a troll, don’t send me an email.

11:16 Why wouldn’t you want to bring her to justice, Obama needs to be tried, convicted and shot! Do you normally investigate people to bring them to justice.

11:17 Let’s have law enforcement and military get off their asses and support Constitutional law. They are living out XBox.

press the reset button, like XBox.

11:18 You are violating my laws, I am going to start breaking YOURS.

How about we do it in every single city, go to city hall Open Carry, give middle finger to Washington DC “police chief”.

11:20 Guerilla Media Network – 716 area code, Steve Region #2 Fed up like you Pete.

11:21 Susan Rice was honored with the “Great American” award. Great American, my ass. http://b4in.info/f4Ax

This is so eerily similar to what happened in Russia, we are in a Zombie Apocalypse.

11:22 71,000 dollars a year to be a lawyer. Somebody has to hold the crooks accountable.

11:23 Debt Slavery, student loan debt. This is going to far eclipse the civil war, in terms of the death.

They are all criminals, the senate, we are all be lead by a bunch of criminals.

11:24 American public is so fucking stupid. Pete: I am angry at the American public. They will go in a stadium and cheer on martial law, won’t do anything to save the country.

11:25 This is not a government this is a corporation, crime syndicate. Steve thanks for pissing me off even further for calling me from New York.

11:26 Eating a slice of pizza in Battery Park, 20 guys in khakis, got there ear pieces on. Mayor Bloomberg needs Blackwater.

11:27 Go tell everyone to turn in their guns a buy their Beyonce ticket.

11:28 You have to prove that you are innocent, they are going to presume that you are guilty as hell.


> 11:30am-12:00am Kyle Coplen

11:33 Kyle Coplen Armed Citizen project,

11:34 Offering defensive weapons to citizens, take tactical training from his organization.. Noble cause, helping inner city youths.

11:35 Pete had conversations with sister and brother about providing these tools.

11:36 Congratulate you for stepping out there. Finishing up masters in public administration

Did some voluntary work with WWII veteran, lit a fire in me in deterring crime.

11:37 Trained and armed vulnerable individuals, looking for the deterrent effect of firearms.

11:38 Did it from a concerned citizen for a war veteran. How are you funded, charitable donations.

Redistribution of firearms. Take the 2nd Amendment and create a hot potato solution.

11:39 How about you take this money and teach people how to make money. Non-profit organization.

11:40 Awaiting 501 C approval. Removing the cost barrier, turned out to be the case.

What do I need to do to get registered. Want to get armed, don’t know what the legal hurdles are.

11:41 Put out a video on BeforeItsNews.com people came make a shot gun, single shell shot gun. Even if there are barriers, $7

11:42 In Texas, what about other states, like California. Coming to Chicago and New York, Commissioner Kelly is trying to stop us, but cannot. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/activist-plans-nyc-gun-giveaway-article-1.1336599

11:43 In NY , actual shot gun permit. They only want guns in the hand of the elites.

11:44 Access to Constitutional attorney, want someone with nationwide knowledge. Pete: John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute.org.

11:45 People getting arrested, for selling on Craigslist, cost a lot of money to defend yourself. Rutherford does pro bono work.

11:47 The people your helping may need help as well. ArmedCitizenProject.org


11:48 Steve Souchock, Steve ran as a tea-party candidate, AZ epitome of a politician…

11:49 Great interview, thanks Ashley Jones

11:50 Chief Kessler has agreed to do a show on the Guerilla Media Network. Legal Constitutional Armed Revolt.

11:52 I would rather blow the whole thing up as a national bubble. Have 50 million people to attend an event like that.

11:53 Can’t enforce Corporate Law over Constitutional Law. Maybe we can get Her Fired.

Adam Kokesh has a lot of people surrounding him, one of those few individuals actually speaking out.

If it is a NO Go then something BIGGER is coming. There will be legal resistance coming forward. Constitutional and Lawful. We want good things for our country.


> 12:00-12:30pm

12:00 Let Prince Harry come her and spend his money. He never has to spend money.

M R – Dating all the way back to JFK, reasons to be really pissed off at I country used to love.

We have JFK, Viet Nam, next scam, Watergate, Ronald Reagan, his whole thing, after him, The Bush Crime Family,

Iraq, WMD’s, Dot Com boom, Oklahoma City, 9/11, Iraq 2, Afghanistan, Then where we are right now, the manufactured financial crisis, Benghazi, Boston (False Flags)

12:03 Google it, do your own research. Watergate was huge, this pains me, big Reagan lover.

12:04 Nail in the coffin, Tues of this week Robert Morrow’s interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF-TSYjlCOo

12:05 One of the biggest drug traffic syndicates anywhere, Ollie North’s guns were secondary.

12:06 Reagan almost single handedly destroyed our country. Bush Crime Family gets seeded.

12:07 Historical record that the American public refused to acknowledge, spend a trillion for foreign enemies but not a dime on domestic enemies.

12:08 M R-Why wouldn’t believe what I am saying, they are scared, I just want to face it.

Steve, got your package. MR it’s sad we have to live in the zombie apocalypse. Nobody wants to do anything about this crap.

12:09 Do you believe that I am a danger to society. Domestic enemies should fear us. They should be shaking in their boots.

12:10 NOBODY is going to win in the end. EVERYBODY loses.

Bill Cooper was so frustrated right before 9/11, this is even worse than a collapse.

12:11 Tim – you are talking to my brother. Susannah Cole she is your sister. A lot of people are telling their family members to listen to the show.

12:12 Do you think this is helpful in the awakening, Started listening yesterday. We are delivery drivers in and out of the car all day.

12:14 Need to go out and get new people. Equal and opposite force of radical. War tactic to wake up more zombies.

12:16 I am becoming saddened there isn’t more people talking about it, those who are, are trying to hijack truth.

That methodology that exists.

12:17 Let’s put Rand Paul in office, we have him on the payroll, Peter Thiel. Heading up BlueSeed, park huge ships out in international water, bring the brightest of the bright. Like a commune out there. Allow people taxied back and forth. off the shores of San Francisco, brightest of young people.

12:18 Reagan administration infiltrating hijacking the educational system. Used that to implement Communism. Charlotte Iserbyt was an insider who saw it. http://petersantilli.com/2013/03/10/episode-364-ronald-reagan-americas-patriot-was-a-closet-communist-reagan-advisor-charlotte-iserbyt/

12:21 Steve – Boobie balls with baloney nipples, happy birthday Pete, ceramic baby guerilla. Dude you are so amazing.

12:24 Chief Kessler is on board. Steve- I see you as the last line of defense, it’s our last stand. Voting is NOT going to work.

12:25 Got an email from Adam “Red Rose Alert”

12:26 What did you think of the Armed Citizen Project? http://t.co/AqPqbf06oy

12:27 People like Steve, give me more hope.


> 12:30- 1:00 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen http://21stcenturywire.com/

12:33 Great investigative journalist, geo political analyst. Truly honored.

12:34 Theme, no matter what, take American humans, blow them up, send amputees, American’s only respond to CNN, FOX to throw a trillion dollars to kill brown people in the desert.

12:35 Real life Benghazi story, all the sudden American’s become very shy. Politicians know we are on a date rape drug.

12:36 We have got it all figured out now.

12:37 Biggest Roofie of all is the Obama Roofie. Listening to his speeches, he is serious about changing America and it’s happening now.

12:41 Obama Speech sound clip-  voices warn of government. He is addressing the internet directly. Now I am asking you to reject the internet with all of these warnings of tyranny.

12:43 Rampant individualism, enabled in 2008 to push for the Banker Bailout. Passed under duress, threat of martial law.

“Reject the voices, brave and creative experiment of self rule…. it’s about what can done together… “

12:44 Very clever how these speeches are written, “We can’t be trusted” We The People can’t be trusted. Very clever NLP.

12:45 Exactly what self rule experiment is he talking about.

12:46 These aren’t campaign speeches. I also hold accountable, the politicians surrounding him, the Benghazi scandal is an opportunity to stop Obama for his treason.

12:47 The Republican’s sold America down the river with the last Bush administration. Everyone in government is Complicit.

Dispensing justice is not going to happen because the politicians have sold themselves out.

12:48 Identical to what happened with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

12:49 Increased education because of the Internet, setting up a system, U.S. Ignite, infrastructure, to get everyone on an electronic leash.

12:50 Going to construct a digital maze for you. We have become our worst fears. Those of us who are understanding a Communist we and they benefit from the Fascist structure.

12:52 Fascism that Ronald Reagan installed. Need to bring Jason Liosatos on everyday for personal counseling.


> 1:00pm-1:30pm

http://guerillamedianetwork.com/artists/nomessiah/ and get a T Shirt to support NoMessiah, trying to go out on tour.

Official band of the Pete Santilli Show.

12:56 Patrick: The Benghazi Hearings, interesting story, Dennis Rodman

12:57 Dennis Rodman running point on diplomacy. NDAA all star diplomacy

Dennis Rodman To Kim Jong Un, North Korea: ëDo Me A Solidí And Free American Kenneth BaeÖ Please? http://b4in.info/j4GU

1:58 Bildeberg happening in Watford, London First week of June. Alex Jones challenges MSM.


Chantilly, VA: Did these people do anything to stop their agenda. Media that won’t ask questions.

12:59 Bilderberg event become a gathering point, sideshow. Talk about their stranglehold, there is no individual accountability.

1:01 These are things that you could easily sue them for. Doubt you can nail them/media for their Bilderberg attendance.

1:02 Is it worth everyone spending 2 – 3 thousand a head to protest, just became a sideshow.

Still upset with Obama dissing the individuality that built our nation.

1:03 The media is beyond reform. Middle East, Syria attacked by Israel.

1:04 Initially said attacking Hezbollah, come out the weapons they were after, using dodgy munitions, they have destroyed SAM surface to air missle.

1:05 Lebanon has a right to defend itself. Israel has been caught. Going to push chemical weapons.

Strong indicators that rebel opposition have strung together make shift chemical weapons.

1:06 Back to square on 2003, all over again. War scams have been done for hundreds of years.

1:07 The U.S. Gov is lying it’s way to military intervention. Israel is allowed to lie it’s way in and out.


> 1:28pm – 2:00pm

1:28 Jah Jah soundclip

1:30 Forget what you been told, it’s all exposed.

Get right to business with Tom Hansen of World Watch. Not just a critic of world news. Inside perspective as traders on commodities exchange.

1:31 Benghazi is a really bad thing that people need to be accountable for. Obama needs to be shot in the balls, him and Clinton.

1:32 They had to clean that place out. First operatives, State Dept, CIA. Their clean-up crew.

1:33 My guy, told me, he said Pete, we are in trouble, need to get the word out that their are some factions there.

Civilian side and the Military Side.

1:34 Fore his protection, I have minimized this thing, I was standing there when the dialysis machine was delivered, he did not survive that.

1:35 He was trusted, and we haven’t heard from him in a very long time. Some of us are concerned about where he went. No way this guy isn’t getting impeached. Takes a lot to get the ball rolling.

1:36 Say say that all of this is for nothing, what happens if he stays the president. Hilary could take the hit. She could easily be the President.

1:37 The guy said I saw Hilary, don’t worry we are going to get the guy who made the video. It was a non event.

Obama knew early on, what happened in Benghazi. He lied to the American public to get re-elected.

1:38 If they do nothing, that’s a coup, we have been taken over.

1:39 Other people who hear this are going to come forward. Patrick, isn’t there a request, Generals and Admirals who were fired.

1:40 Follow some of these lines that might be missed by these hearings. People don’t like to back track, Innocence of Muslims film. There’s a lot of people involved in that film. Follow the money on that film. All streamlined at the same exact time. And on the front page of Google. http://www.youtube.com/verify_controversy?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3DJsIqjg3VkrE

*1:41 Sam Bacile, informant, still in jail.

1:42 RT.com breaking news with Patrick Henningsen soundclip. A lot of maneuvering in a short period of time.

1:43 Political alliance between the United States and Egypt, Israeli lobby worried about stability. Republican side not fit.

1:44 Can’t tell you who’s driving the riots. Overnight the whole Middle East is up in arms.

1:45 Patrick Henningsen is Wide Awake.

1:46 There is an actual grass roots movement in Libya, anti-imperialist. West is picking off members of this movement and radicalizing it.

1:47 MSBC ABC NBC BBC should be put on charges of mental retardation. That film was engineered. Packaged it very quickly. Follow the money, and you will get very close to who was deflecting attention from Benghazi.

1:49 The actors in that movie, haven’t they sued for changing their voices, that isn’t the same movie. Last minute hatchet job.

1:50 Ann Bernhardt burned the Koran, that compared to the second movie was a joke. Proof of how things are manipulated.

Impeachment proceedings must commence immediately.

1:51 Who is going to be the president? Speaker of the House. Biden is awfully quiet. Nobody is calling Biden to task.

What is wrong with our military interfacing, need to take control for national security reasons.

1:52 This is it now, not going to get arrested. I say fuck their laws. I am there to take back that place. It cannot be a walk in park.

1:53 Get 10,0000 people marching over a bridge.. Article in the paper made 50,000 people storm the city of Boston.

1:54 If they are unwilling to enforce the law, would rather die in that fight than to submit to that cunt police chief.

1:55 They could plant somebody in the crowd. Washington with the Occupy crowd, they didn’t do anything.

1:56 I want law enforcement to join us. We need Sheriff Mack.

We have a Terrorist Organization in the office. Want to restore Law and Order.

1:57 No Redress of Grievances. Fast and Furious is an open book. Taking law and order and flushing it down the toilet.

1:58 In law enforcement, I want to restore Law and Order. Navy Seals were shot out the sky.

Super Ultra Secret faction running the place, we need to stop that. Nothing should stop us from achieving that goal. Need 100,000 people with guns.

1:59 Turn it into a false flag, one guy who would shoot a cop, are they going to start shooting back.

Want Law Enforcement to join us, we want Military to join us. Try him and confect him, shoot him in the balls for treason. Stop drug trafficking and stop war, we have already been overthrown. It’s always about the money.

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