Evidence Proves Bush-Clinton-Obama Are CIA Drug Smugglers

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 Episode #417 – Bush-Clinton-Obama Are CIA Drug Smugglers. Period

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Thursday May 09, 2013
Special Guest: Robert Morrow; “We should never again vote for a Republican or a Democrat, they have monopolized the system. Become an Independent and make sure you have done your research on anyone running for office.”

Robert Morrow is an American historian who specializes in the politics and criminal activities of the Bush/Clinton dynasties.  It is no surprise to Mr. Marrow that Hillary Clinton is still making headlines.  Robert Morrow tells the story of a generation of politicians who specialized in gun running, drug smuggling and assassination.  Robert Morrow meticulously lays out the evidence that most Americans have chosen to ignore.  Hillary Clinton is set to make a serious run for the presidency in 2016, it is in our best interest to start getting the truth about her past out to the people before it’s too late.

Please go here to see the work Of Robert Morrow:  http://guerillamedianetwork.com/bush-and-clinton-drug-trafficking/

The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen
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Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.

Show Chronology Courtesy Of: Jill Hornbeck

Episode 417 May 10th, 2013 PST

11:00 Pete and Sue say hello to everyone

11:01am Pete and Sue have a new intro

11:02 Jake Leonard has his own network wwpmmedianet

11:05 Psychodark’s Industrial Bubble plays after the Chaos Show at Midnight

11:06 Chaos Show with Nomessiah is Saturday nights at 6pm

11:08 Amazing guest on today, we don’t want to miss

11:10 Sue and Pete talk about the fact that Ronald Reagan is a criminal, but Republicans love him

11:15 Pete – take 3 hours, turn off the TV, watch the press conference of family members of Seal Team 6. You will be floored by what you do not know.

11:19 Every military commander needs to know they need to step up and stand up for the Constitution or they are the enemy

11:20 The family members of Seal Team 6 will be on the show next week

11:23 We are asking for a lawful constitutional change out of the criminal tyrannical government we have

11:24 If we take their lies away they will have nothing

11:26 Communism is being facilitated right now by our military commanders

11:29 commercial break

11:32 Pete interviews Robert Morrow about our government smuggling drugs around the world

11:36 Jeb Bush acts like he’s all about education reform, when really he has been smuggling drugs and contraband

11:38 Barry Seal and Jeb Bush smuggled drugs

11:40 Reagon decided to smuggle drugs in from Nicaragua, when Congress refused to go to war

11:41 Half the government is bad, half the government is good

11:42 Barry Seal was going to be charged for drugs, his uncle was his lawyer.. Excerpts from Barry and the Boys

11:43 Barry was assassinated when he threatened to leak the government drug trafficking

11:44 Barry Seal was working directly under Bush, worked with clinton, Jeb Bush, Reagan
he was running a fleet of planes into America

11:47 Al Martin attends a meeting when the Barry Seal assassination was discussed
He had a book that came out in 1999

11:49 They were flying drugs into all sorts of military landing sites as well as rural landing spots

11:51 George HW Bush knows if at the very least who had Kennedy shot

11:52 Edward Landsdale was photographed at the plaza of Kennedy’s assassination, was seen with Oliver North

11:53 commercial break

11:57 return from break

11:58 Pete asked the guest to expand on Jeb Bush’s history. Morrow brings up “operation watch tower”

12:01 Jeb Bush worked with Oliver North

12:03 Morrow – Mainstream media is controlled by the government, this is why you won’t get any information from there

12:04 Ross Perot is a true American hero

12:06 Morrow expands on Ross Perot attempting to save POW’s from Asia

12:07 Ross Perot ran for president just to get rid of the evil drug running president George W. Bush

12:09 Perot was coordinating with Clinton in the 92 campaign

12:11 Chelsea Clinton is not Bill Clinton’s biological father

12:12 the new Clinton Chronicles don’t show all the family connections

12:13 Hillary Clinton said the Bill raped “some bitch”

12:15 Morrow lists 4 of the most important books to read to get truth about all these criminals

12:18 Morrow explains the evidence that the government is still involved in the drug trafficking

12:22 Corrupt criminals own the entire system

12:23 Pete is going to publish his stuff on his site

12:25 Morrow lists all ways to contact him

12:27 commercial break

12:32 Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen

12:34 Boener had an email that proved Obama new what was happening. The White House claims they don’t have to show all the evidence

12:36 Rand Paul is alleging that Susan Rice and the government was blaming the attack on a movie

12:38 Susan Rice publicly release to the press that Gaddafi was giving Viagra to his troops to rape women with

12:39 Susan Rice is in charge of putting out the rubbish about Benghazi

12:41 Pete is putting Patrick in contact with some of the Navy Seal Team 6 family members

12:43 An Imam casts negative prayers over the dead Seal Team 6 members

12:46 Pete and Patrick talk about the fact that Bin laden has been dead for many years

12:51 commercial break

12:58 return from break

12:59 Patrick talks about what happened on 911 as being of biblical proportion

1:03 Patrick and Pete talk about claimed suicides of Navy Seals, Seals do not commit suicide!!

1:07 Pete brings Susannah on the line to talk about leaving the country

1:09 Patrick – IRS admits targeting conservatives and tea party members

1:13 Pete and Patrick talk about the drug use in the White House

1:17 Pete and Patrick discuss an emergency transformation

1:20 Explosion at plant in Waco Texas may be suspicious

1:21 US government is investing tons of money into

1:25 Iran was infiltrated through live feeds on the Internet

1:26 commercial break

1:28 Pete takes calls

1:30 Pete – George Herbert Walker Bush needs to be tried and killed for his involvement with JFK’s murder

1:33 Lets take our tax money and use it to take all these bastards to trial
1:34 Pete rants about the Seal Team 6 and the evils that took them down

1:43 Pete talks with a caller about all her really wants is truth

1:47 Heather calls in

1:50 Joe calls in – wants to do a mass protest, change the number of dependents on your W4 to 9 to change your dependents and we will starve them

1:54 Devon – July 4th how do we get our weapons there?
1:57 Onemanfromohio called in to say he wants to help spread the truth with his words

1:58 Devon understands the truth will set up free

1:59 Pete continues to take calls, everyone supports Pete



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