Steve Pieczenik Assassinated

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 TITLE: EPISODE #418 – Steve Pieczenik Assassinated



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Saturday May 11, 2013

as·sas·si·nate  (schwa.gif-sabreve.gifsprime.gifschwa.gif-namacr.giftlprime.gif)

tr.v. as·sas·si·nat·ed, as·sas·si·nat·ing, as·sas·si·nates

1. To destroy or injure treacherously: assassinate a rival’s character.


Steve Pieczenik Assassinated   “Character Assassinated”, that is.  Pete and Lt. Col Potter review the audio from Alex Jones’s when Pieczenik calls for the assassination of track Obama. Santilli calls Pieczenik’s covert killing one of the main reasons why our country is failing.  Lt.Col. Potter’s assessment is 180 degrees in the opposite direction of where Pieczenik wants to take our country.


Special Guest: Lt. Colonel Roy Potter; The President is not suppose to be in office to change the system.  If Obama didn’t like the Constitution, he shouldn’t have taken the oath.


Lt. Col. Roy Potter discusses the July 4th armed March on Washington. He says this march could be strategically detrimental for the pursuit of liberty; he refers to it as giving the government a loaded gun. Although he may not agree with the strategy, he greatly empathizes with the spirit of many in this march and commends them for their courage to stand up to tyranny.  “Adam Kokesh is a very brave Marine.” ~ LTC Roy Potter


Roy Potter is a former US Army LTC of 28 years. He served in various Military Police and Intelligence positions around the globe. He was also a municipal police officer for 3 years. He brings unique understanding, experience, training, education, and spiritual insights to bear in analyzing important issues and trends in the U.S. and the world.


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Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.


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>11:00am – 11:30am   Saturday, May 11, 2013

11:03 Shake your tail feather, did you do it?

11:04 If you are a listener, thank you for being here. Built this thing one by one.

11:05 Show was founded that their is no truth in MSM media.

11:06 This is what I’ve always wanted to rallying behind exposing the lies.

11:07 Happening now is too complex, that is why I want a military Intel expert, Lt Col Roy Potter.

11:08 He’s not selling a book, I recruited him.  Can’t say that he infiltrated me.

Big huge bus load of people that we have had to kick out. Have to use a certain level of salesmanship to persuade me.

11:09 You tell me to cover something, you are out of here.

11:10 We are spreaker-ites. Great customer service.  BlogTalkRadio, what a freaking mess.

11:11 Lynx will be joining us at 1:15 PST,, support them check out their T-Shirts

11:13 Lt Col Roy Potter, call in to speak with him, don’t be shy.

11:14 We are going to grab you, we are going to commandeer your ship.

11:15 But But yea, Communism IS bad.  Psychodark is our editor, show right after the Chaos Show, late night show The Industrial Bubble.

11:17 Adam Kokesh, working through details to stream his show live.  Words should gain so much momentum, will grow to a magnitude to grow a Berlin Moment.

11:18 If the American Public just want to stay on Twitter, think your safety and security will last more that 24 hours.

11:19 Neocons and Lib/tards are even aware something big is happening.

11:20 Take useful idiots now we are going to co-opt the truth, we are done with you. People like Steve Pieczenik, want to hear this.

11:21 Alex Jones sound/clip, like a nature of children, all the veteran’s are evil.  Military saying people can’t pray to Jesus. Self destructing running around like lunatics

11:23 Steve Pieczenik Calls For Military Junta ñ Arrest or Assassinate the Treasonous Criminals in Office

11:24 We have a revolution, fired indicted and imprisoned.

11:25 Bush has to be held accountable.  Alex Jones says “we don’t need to go there!”

11:26 Here’s my issue, half the people in the military are totally awake, know what Alex Jones is saying, he is at the lead in alternative media.

11:27 What do you expect to unfold now?  Re-affirm the lost of confidence.   Steve: Let me be very blunt.

Lincoln another Tyrant, retain the Republic, Indict or Execute.  Very unimpressed with Generals.

11:28 Isn’t Obama a puppet, I wish no harm upon him… Alex Jones


> 11:30am-12:00am Lt Col Roy Potter

11:33 Powerful words, Pieczenik is lashing out right now.

11:34 Are you ready for the Secret Service to come after you

11:35 Asked to do what I was asked to, not an act of treason when you have tyranny, cry for FREEDOM

11:36 You don’t let them go, incarcerate, and execute.   All sociopaths, we reward them.

Former Lt Col Roy Potter has come out about the State of our Union, doing so very responsibly.

11:37 He is making a much more valuable contribution than he realizes.

11:38 Putting out one or two videos a day.

Fully understand his concern, watched the Seal Team 6 Families video, the birth certificate the wars,

the money printing.

11:39 This is the most dangerous point, already are conflicts within our government. Understand the frustration

11:40 180 degrees the opposite of Steve Piecaenik,

Pete I am not a diplomat but an enforcer.   We need good sound Constitutional lawful leadership to enforce laws.

11:41 We need to abolish the CIA, Col Potter: blood begets blood.

11:42 Really hesitate allowing the military to take a role in any kind of coup.  Rome Tossed the Rubicon

11:43 Military and law enforcement should be under the direction of civilian leadership.

Grant went to Lincoln, they fell back on the Tenth Amendment.

11:44 We are trying to oppose martial law, he is calling for those same forces that he doesn’t have the inside track on.

11:45 Name one instance, where the people benefit from a military coup.  Appreciate Eisenhower counsel.

11:46 Given an unlawful option, Stewart Rhodes, when the people rise up, the military should back off.

11:47 2nd option, don’t take matters in your own hands.  Plead your case to alternative leadership, civilian authority.

11:50 Very specific military can assist in civilian demands.  Military cannot be making demands.

11:51 Just as if an executive branch to install tyranny, one point of the triangle hoarding all the power.

11:52 Event on July 4th, ultimate goal, if the people can rise up and demonstrate, have law enforcement and military to stand down.

11:53 Demanding the Constitution be enforced.  Law enforcement should not be opposing the civilians.


> 12:00-12:30pm Lt Col Roy Potter

11:57 What he said is exactly the opposite, we need transparency, we need our people to be asking, Redress of Grievances.

11:58 The ends do not justify the means.

12:00 Unembodied entity at the state level, cannot install morality at the state level.

12:01 The leaders are the shepherds, they must instill the values.

12:02 Not willing to tell the truth, the Oath of Office.  Children need leadership, and structure. Lives will be formed by what they are exposed to.

12:03 How we treat them is how they will be.  If we have a corrupt leader, we agree with him the Constitution should be disassembled.

12:04 He is not up there to change the system. If he didn’t like the Constitution then he shouldn’t have taken the oath.

That is their promise that responds to our trust.   My rights are unalienable.

12:05 The powers that be, they violate the Constitution, changing by precedent. They need to understand personal liberty, the ability to run one’s life as he see’s fit, the idea of the Golden Rule.

12:07 I have seen enough of Adam Kokesh, that he is a man of courage, supports any notion of standing up.

12:08 The way we go about it, we have to be very careful..  Looking at the pros and cons.

12:09 We want what’s best for us.  Something to consider.  Trained troops before.   Armed and moving in mass.

Not talking about one person, mass of people armed.  Difficult to control troops in a situation like this.

12:10 When I heard about this I was very concerned.  Prospect of provocateuring, the people at the top will kill our own countrymen.

12:11 Small group of people, pay a heavy price, even if they win in the end.  People are going to have say they will have to bail them out.

12:12 Go ahead and do it, do it into a legal peaceful manner.

12:13 Next week going to be meetings with Constitutional Lawyers, Adam wants a peaceful protest.  Going there with guns is a bad scenario. A bunch of people with loaded weapons.  5 People with Muskets, for the sheer symbolism of it.

12:14 When it comes to the point where people like Adam Kokesh and Pete Santilli have to stand up, it is a rogue leadership.

12:15 We need to have the right things in place, with the appropriate leadership.  We can do it in an even bigger way.

How about everyone to go to local City Hall.  Times when you want Mass and times when you want Dispersion.

12:16 Those guys in DC are out of touch, no accident they  have chosen.

12:17 The diversity and extent of those demonstrations across the nation.   Not saying we need to stand down.

We don’t want to give them that advantage, how do we win this propaganda war.

12:18 Have to remember, entire Confederate Army felt the same way, have to be flexible enough and understand your enemy, ruthless, demonic murdering machine.  Don’t underestimate that. It is a spiritual war.  They have no conscience.

12:19 Dr Bob -Have to think like the enemy, perfect opportunity for them to do that.

12:20 The ultimate goal is to win this battle.

12:21 Adam Kokesh is thinking through this as well.  He is not going to pull the trigger. No chance to win this battle in court.

12:22 can’t comprehend how much money they spend on operations, like Boston.

They will stop at nothing to get more money.

12:23 He is willing to lay his life on the line, he’s not stupid.  Going to step aside, if he’s going to lose the battle. PR Jump to get the dialog going.

12:24 We have the greatest minds who built this country.  Tim in Nevada

12:25 Steve in Pittsburgh, Thank you, I stand with you, Adam and Pete.  Being a disabled veteran, big party in DC in 1975, we have been waiting in 1975, we cannot continue waiting.  We can’t continue to do this because they have turned our country upside down.


> 12:30- 1:00 pm Bunker News Break and

12:28 Steve: Us veterans are running out of time.  Senior member from Vietnam.  We should wait and do what’s right. I think this is an opportunity. We are out of time!

12:29 What else can we do, It’s Show Time.  If the other 350 million people needs to participate.

12:30 We need to do this all together. Don’t think there is anymore time.  If the end result is our destruction, that is not the option. The Federal Government is out of control  Cannot dismantle the masters house with master’s tool.

Find support in individual states.

12:31 Don’t want to give the loaded gun to the enemy and not fall into  the trap.

12:32 Got to have your point man out there. It’s an ambush that we know is there, we need to be able to overcome it.

Have to give it every opportunity. Is thing starts and they come down on it. They have weapons that we have no idea that they are capable of.

12:33 We were there Iraq to steal resources, we are so close to it, don’t want to step on that land-mine.

12:34 This is a battle, it will happen.  I know the biggest most powerful weapon is the awareness of the masses. Light dispels the darkness.

12:35 The game is over, we are not going to go to work anymore.  We are not moving until you leave office. Requires a mass awakening.

12:36 Susannah Cole – Been listening very intently, March on July 4th has been on our minds, watching the whole thing play out. Keep an eye on our listenership.  Very frustrated.

12:37 Steve asked you if you remember 1975, they through their medals over the wall. He has watched our country to be something to protest.  So want to see their country freed instead of going into tyranny, raised to believe that is so totally wrong.

12:39 You have shown great respect for Adam Kokesh and I greatly appreciate that.   Col Potter: speaks volumes that he is willing to take a stand.   Not always able to make things the way they should be.  Thank God for the opportunity to see the good and the bad. Nathan Hale didn’t see it either, he had that hope and dream.  Our experience here is to teach us the value of the good side and bad.

12:41 I don’t have a lot of faith that we can turn this around.

Charlton Heston, stood up for wonderful things, point in the movie that he’s in the mud pit.  Older man can’t do it anymore. Moses comes over incognito, man’s last words; Only pray that before I die that I lay eyes on the deliverer.

12:43 Nathan Hale, I only have one life to give for my country. Very famous for his last words as he was hung.  Make it the BEST you can.

12:44 Thank you so much for your time.


> 12:49pm-1:30pm

12:49 Need to take out the freight train, absolutely.

12:50 We are going to move forward, but we are going to win.  He has his but on the line, by coming out.

12:51 Greatest minds here in America, we can actually seize it back. Be a political hero, you would have a bunch of people behind you. Susannah: Col Potter spoke a lot to the people who are disillusioned.  We need to make sure that we take care that it’s not the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Make sure that when we do it we are going to win.

12:52 We have been asking for military leaders and we have got one.

12:53 Pretty emotional when Seal Team get’s shot of the sky.  A whole bunch of people are about to die.

It’s the mood of the people, people want to fight.  Go to any of the threads on the articles, just watch people who call themselves Republican and Democrats, calling each other crazy and insane.

12:55 The world would be a better place, we are talking about rounding the government.  They are talking about

rounding up each other.  Bill Maher, is not a paid shill, he believes everything he says.

12:56 Going to eventually kill these people off, knowingly do what’s wrong.  That is not a person we want existing.

12:57 95% are too stupid to realize that this gun grab is going to result in the death of millions of lives.

12:58 They don’t believe the government causes it, they believe the people cause it.  If people die, then it’s our own damn fault, the government wants what’s best for us.  Hitler exploited that emotion.

12:59 Obama is speaking the same exact words, same Alynski style methodology.  I fight for Bill Maher is too stupid to realize.

1:00  When was the last time Bill Mayer had to worry about anything.

1:01 Roy in TN – go back to Oklahoma City, how many kids murdered, Ruby Ridge, killed 15 year old boy…  Then go to Waco, 26 kids burned to death, then 9/11, Seal Team 6 Benghazi.

1:02 People are cannon fodder. Seal Team 6 covered up that Bin Laden didn’t happen.  It’s just time.  Dr. Bob, why can’t we arrest these son’s of bitches.  Citizen’s arrest, why can’t we just start there Pete?

1:03 I understand the thought process there, it’s going to be a bloodbath.  Just not the answer. Need to arrest these SOB’s.

1:04 Betrayal of Public Trust.  There to defend the Corporation at all costs.

1:05 If Adam Kokesh gets taken, it will cost $150,000 if he lives.

1:06 These people don’t know what it’s like to worry about putting gas in their car. They don’t have a clue.

Even Law Enforcement are FAT and HAPPY, disconnected from Reality.

1:07 Sheriffs like Wyatt Erp, use the law to try to weed them out.  Hunted them down and killed them, created a free society. The Law is Not going to work.  They want and are prepared for bloodshed in the street.

1:12 How dare Obama disrespect the presidency the way he has.  Arrest them and try them under the rule of law. In the open.

1:13 Ten states got together, ask them to help defend our people, through the assistance of our military and law enforcement.

1:15 If everyday we are able to wake up one more person, one person at a time.

1:16 Make a suggestion, take 300,000 listeners, buy American Flag and hang it upside down.  Military Distress signal.


> 1:22pm – 2:00pm

1:24 Roy wanted to thank you for your loyalty, since September of 2012. Maybe you ought to drag out those flags and tell people the country is in distress.

1:25 Sooner or later the media is going to take note. 60 Sec Preppers, help by contributing make one for your business.

1:26 Good weekend to you.  Next segment with Lynx of NoMessiah.

The shows have almost been overwhelming.

1:27 Gotten some resistance, listeners voicing opinion.  Gotten dollars, kind of like a chain letter.

If you sent me a million dollars tomorrow, put together a documentary, buy youtube clicks.

1:28 We know have an opportunity, proposals, syndication from Pasadena. Syndication was not an option.

Could be taken into full blown syndication, trade off would be  that I would no longer be able to discuss the truth.

1:29 Big middle finger up to the man.  You the listener, if we are people powered. Actually received a $4000 check.

1:31 Media uses corporate media.  I don’t want Pete Santilli to go to a corporation, and surrender.  We would be compromising our integrity.  That would be the wrong thing to do.

1:33 When we call upon you to support us.  It won’t be corporate sponsored. Spread the message, contributions will go right back into this project.

1:34 People are starved for information. Take a portion of your money, claim 9 on your taxes.  Put your money where it can be people powered.  We want to support small businesses.

1:35 Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman are patriots, that is why they support us.  Bands like NoMessiah won’t sign a contract and become Illuminati.

1:36 Trying to get more people to take a stand.  NoMessiah, it’s time to do, nobody is going to do it for you.

1:37 Your music and lyrics mean a lot.  What you do and how you say it, In your face, a lot of bands talking about anti NWO stuff. NoMessiah is not subtle. Punch you in the nose, WTF up!

1:39 Corporate America, I left that system, I can say whatever I want.  You accept me or you don’t, I appreciate you if you accept me.

1:40 What is up with Donald Trump. Congrats Lynx, new Nobel Peace Prize Kevin Annette.  That is a great great great thing.

1:41 We are going to try to get down to DC on July 4th.  Next week some big things are going to be happening.

I am going to bring a freaking Water Gun.  Adam says I am going to cross that line.  Not only are we going to squirt you.  March and surround his has, so they can’t arrest his ass.  Like to throw some humor in there.  You can laugh when you are fighting.

1:44 You might get squirted.  Water Gun March day before Kokesh’s  Constitutional Attorney accompanying Kokesh, You have the right to defend yourself.

1:45 We’ll spread out.  Have a hundred million people in the streets.

Dr. Bob had something to interject.  Trump is a joke.

1:46 Roy had a good point, California code is not a law, it’s a code.  All of those people are put in place for your good (sarcasm)

1:47 What we do need to do, get soldiers and demand arrest of police officers. Cops think they are immune to the laws.

They are not.

1:48 Amess from California. Avid listeners. Website, tell my members, donate to you., Laws are set up to protect them not us.  Washington DC Law or Constitutional Law that sets the precedent.

1:50 There are going to be some tragedies with this. How about we display to the public.

Arness: Set these laws up in the zones to protect them.

1:51 Go to DC, prepared to demonstrate the Constitutional Law. If you want to fire at me, let the whole world see that.  The media is going to demonize it.  Already saying that Kokesh is a CIA, try to vett information always leads to dead ends.

If we cave in to the psyop, alternative is to let our country be destroyed.

I want to see my kids to grow up in a free country. It’s cool to assemble and march.

1:54 Washington DC, the capital of our country, the U.S. Constitutional law trumps that Corporate law.

1:55 Lynx – Needs to be challenged in a physical way.

1:56 705 Jay – J as in joint. Google  “Adnan Sakli” letter Feb 14, legal owner bank of international bank settlement.  Termination of legal trade and shutdown. Existing liabilities must be met in the event they are not met, positions of entire global operations. Currencies…

1:59 Lynx 6 o’clock PST. Numerology, mystical and divine relationships of numbers.  Nicola Tesla 3,6, and 9 most important numbers So powerful with numbers, when he dies they took all of his secret.  Held together by certain frequencies.

All the songs will be related to numbers.  30th episode.

2:02 Hijack Show afterwards with Miztir E, including CesCru, chanllenging President Obama to a duel.

Cosmic’s Corner, 12 o’clock PsychoDark.  End the show with a number.



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