Shocking Reveal – All Atty Generals Work For The “Crown”

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  Episode #422-Shocking Reveal-All Atty Generals Work For The Crown


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Thursday May 16, 2013

Special Guest: Michael Bost – Illinois State Representative

Illinois Representative Mike Bost took a stand last year against the  Speaker of the House of Illinois Representative’s because he was given a massive bill just minutes before he was expected to vote on it. A freshman legislator named Scott Drury drew fire this time from Representative Bost because of his comments regarding other Republican members of the House and their stand on the Second Amendment.


Rep Mike Bost (born December 30, 1960) is a Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives, representing the 115th district where he has served since 1995.

Bost was a firefighter before entering politics and becoming a full-time state legislator and business owner. He graduated from Murphysboro High School, attended the University of Illinois Certified Firefighter II Academy, and served in the United States Marine Corps (1979–82). He and his wife Tracy have three children and six grandchildren.

Bost sponsors many firearm bills in support of the right to bear arms. He was a passionate opponent of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. In May 2012, upset over a bill to overhaul state pensions, Bost screamed and threw papers on the Illinois House floor because the House was only given twenty minutes to review and vote on a two-hundred page bill.

He has 3 children with his wife Tracy.


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Tom Hansen is a former trader on the NYSE floor, financial expert, and one of the most opinionated world critics to ever infiltrate the 1 percent. World famous for his train-wreck of the week.

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>11:00am – 11:30am Thursday May 16, 2013

11:03 I already feel a headache coming on. Who the F is Barry Soetoro?

11:05 We heard about Bill Ayers, Muslim Brotherhood, Chicago Mafia, we ignored that..

11:06 Then he said we can and the he said no you can’t. Yea, he’s been something else.

11:07 The most appropriate question… Who the Fuck is Barry Soetoro?

We ignored that too, we find out that his birth certificate isn’t any where around.

11:08 Read her tramp stamp, that chick had problems. Who knows what she had go in her.

11:09 Not going to have Donald Trump on the show, I would rather have James Fetzer on.

Donald Trump just your typical used car salesman. The worst spokesperson.

11:14 They are saying that the case is closed at the White House. Don’t think they are going to be as forthcoming.

11:15 I am not supposed to say anything. What if he’s a Communist? Everyone is working for their pensions.. FBI, Law Enforcement. “just doing our jobs”

11:16 Say “assassination”, they send m-wraps. Can’t ask for that documentation, it’s political.

11:17 I say we take a million people to the White House and push the fence down.

11:18 She’s a bad bad girl, subliminally telling me she is hot. The inference is that the teacher is really hot, diddling horny 17 years old.

11:19 Here are the wing-nuts a the Tea Party rally. Guess what that is the state of your union.

Let’s take action, take the fence down.. Swat team him, he’s a racist.

11:20 Very good NeoCon Christian voice you have. We went retro and we played that song. We had Canadians asking that question.

11:21 Don’t cuss either, you are on the radio. We are going to pummel your ass, can’t talk violence. Only us, we are the only ones allowed.

11:22 FSA cuts the lung, thought it was a liver and bit into it. Disgusting..

11:23 What does that have to do with BS, we are supplying AL-Qaeda. Do not threaten McCain, because we want peace. We can only threaten in a foreign land. A bunch of hypocrites.

11:25 Steve: Accurate depiction of the US, our country is hijacked, down the tubes. In the meantime you keep paying your taxes and your traffic ticket.

11:26 Set up a super efficient automated way. Camera’s manufactured by an Australian country. Milking everything they can before they pull the trigger. They’re just doing their job. This is the country they built for their grandchildren.

11:27 Used to wear a suit and tie before. This guy named Mike Bost, snapped trying to defend 2nd Amendment.

11:29 God Damn America! not God Bless…


> 11:30am-12:00am Mike Bost –

11:34 Want you to hear an impassioned excerpt that he gave (sound clip)

11:35 You bring a whole bill that has questions. The process is really messed up.

11:36 Want to commend you for your efforts to speak up. What are we doing about our nation? You have first hand exposure.

11:38 We the people are having our voices stifled. What do you and I need to do to start arresting these people?

11:39 Members in general assembly are afraid to make waves. Sad reality of who we are. If you yell, you aren’t civilized.

11:40 Voters need to pay attention.. Person doing what’s right support them, if not. Taught not to talk about politics and religion.

Founders did speak openly, pretty rebellious group.

11:41 Have been screaming for years, fell on deaf ears. Time for us to stand up. What is the penalty for being un-constitutional.

11:42 Don’t have the answer for that.

11:43 Argue that a bill is un-constitutional, none of us here are Constitutional scholars. Wording is VERY clear.

People need to remember 2nd Amendment was not written for hunting, it is to protect us from government that would rise up and take that away.

11:44 After all of that was over, I then apologized to the chair. The vote failed… Mr. Speaker, I should never have to lose 2nd amendment right for expressing my 1st Amendment right.

11:45 “He’s a nice guy, doing his job” The vote failed miserably.

11:46 We have such a unique group, try to explain the 2nd Amendment. They said it is drafted for militia purposes. Live in a pocket of the U.S. that truly believe guns are evil and should be banned.

11:47 The 2nd Amendment is very clear. If you vote in opposition, you are breaking the ULTIMATE LAW. You are imposing. Almost participating in TYRANNY.

11:48 Taking away guns has no effect on criminals. Criminals are cowards, when you have a concealed carry law, they realize that there is a danger in committing a crime.

11:49 Bill Ayers, hand picked and groomed Barack Obama, still teaching and spewing his Communism.

11:50 If Marxism is taught it is a detriment.. Take you by your children not by war.

11:51 Human nature, I want to benefit from the work that I am doing. Others that are benefiting from the work that you are doing.

11:52 Bill Ayers, through his 1st Amendment rights, have circumvented the election system. So connected to the Chicago mafia.

All coming out of Illinois. All Attorney Generals go by code of conduct, beholden to the Crown in England, under the common laws.

11:53 Essentially 7 references all beholden to the Crown of England. Encourage you to dig into that. We continue to operate that way.

All the Attorney Generals know this. Lisa Madigan

11:54 Mike: This started Rod Blagojevich – things are not going to be the same. Corruption has filtered through to Federal Gov.

11:56 Last 55 year, only 2 Governors who have gone to jail. Laws don’t make you ethical.

Enthusiastic to get you on, talk about that nobody is held accountable.

11:58 If we don’t rise up then we will be submissive to them.

11:59 “Democratic” Republic will fall if we don’t stand up for our rights.


> 12:00-12:30pm Guest second segment

12:03 All attorney generals across the country follow the Illinois directive, beholden to the Crown.

12:04 Legislator who is not a Constitutional expert, passing legislations, that is violating the highest law of the land.

Direct Violation of the Law.

12:05 If I were Speaker I would stop the vote and seek the advice from a Constitutional expert. Why don’t we do that on the floor of the Senate.. If you vote in opposition, all Attorney General required to denounce the Royal Crown.

At the very least, change the wording Attorney General’s website. They are kind of proud of it, it’s a tradition from the beginning.

It’s a historical document. “under the protection and representation of the crown” Still in full force and effect.

12:08 Barack Obama taught Constitutional law, he knows what the implications are. He violating it through executive order.

Legacy handed down, they all try to find a way around it.

12:09 He is hard on himself and the people around. Bill Ayers is still infiltrating with Marxism. People need to read up on him.

12:10 They celebrated the 4th of July together. Bill Ayers was a very dangerous man. If they cannot be indoctrinated or be killed. Barack Obama was groomed for this time.

12:11 SoloFlight – Communism..

12:13 The whole idea needs to be stamped out for good. It is not freedom to have something that

12:14 Zero Hedge – IRS dragged feet for non-profit status. That’s music to the ears of a conservative.

12:16 Why is it we site here like a bunch of boiling frogs, not allowed to be vocal about it?

We adhere to the belief that the government is going to take care of us.

12:17 A President who is a comedian poking holes on the truth.

Why aren’t you allowed to? We have given them the power. We have allowed them.

12:18 Have you voted for Eric Holder, essentially you did, when you voted for Barack Obama.

Eric Holder special counsel to investigate Benghazi? NO

12:19 When I say the government has been hijacked by Communists, they have stacked the deck. Seal Team 6 families getting answers? NO

12:20 We can’t even investigate the people under him. When we try to exercise those options, we get called lunatics. Now alternative media is starting to jump on board.

12:21 Rep. Bost said, once you get elected they become afraid to say anything. We are all afraid to say anything.

12:22 We saw first had what happened to Rep Tremblay, she was getting death threats – “she’s crazy”

Billy- just a crazy dude. Investigating the 13th Amendment. Nobody receiving title from a foreign power forgo their citizenship, and cannot hold any position of power. Lincoln hid this, he was a lawyer. We knew we were still under British Rule.

12:25 Became law but it was hidden.

12:27 Today Obama called Congress called to increase security, White House asked the CIA to stand down. This is damage control.

12:28 It won’t matter that it happened after the fact.

*Zarniath left a note, scrawled a confession inside the hull of a boat. Revenge for actions against Muslims, called Boston Marathon victims collateral damage.

12:30 Biggest piece of propaganda that I have seen so far. We are not even fighting. Not allowed to.

12:31 Dave, perspective of a lobbyist: Shall or may in legislation. Shall meet once a year. Covert operation to change those words. Shall or may, opposing something just put may in there.


> 12:30- 1:00 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen

12:43 Appointed IRS Agents carrying firearms now. Tied in with Obama/care. Republicans new what was going on with the IRS

12:44 Political posturing, Congress holding information from us. The Supreme Courts’ decision last year, declaring Obamacare as a new tax.

12:44 Tommy- IRS can imagine that they would be the collector for Obama/care.

CSPAN, Issa and Holder said I don’t know whats going on. Maxine Waters…

12:46 Gets a little confusing.. 989 area code. Timmy – reason to bitch about this? We ALL have a reason.

12:47 Very delicate situation. Only once the shit starts, we will when we have to. Pass legislation to go after domestic enemies.

12:48 Was he born in America, question should be, a person with a non-American father, natural born citizens can only be President.

12:49 The big question, is Barack Obama Senior really this guys father? Mr. Frank Davis, you tell me who the daddy is.

He has no documentation whatsoever. Nothing exists. If Frank Davis is his father, is a natural born American citizen.

12:50 Why don’t they push that, (Frank Davis) Communist Card Carrier is the biggest secret.

12:51 What is putting us into this mess. Bill Ayers, Chicago Mafia, Barack Obama over Hilary?

12:52 Valerie Jarrett goes along with it, dual citizenship.

12:53 Gets in office kicks up Afghanistan.. Question about momma, CIA store fronts. Voting irregularities.

We’ve got Benghazi. Look at the Iran Hostage Crisis. We had an election within months. Helicopter was shot down.

George Bush running CIA.

12:54 What if Obama saw that coming, takes us back to Cuban Missile crisis.

12:55 CIA ties, AP wire tapping, Executive Ordering us into oblivion. The USA is filled with a bunch of obese people who don’t care about anything that I just mentioned.

12:56 I am here for the long run.. Born in 1966, I have watched this stuff happen. American people are too trusting. Why aren’t we pissed off enough to do anything.

12:57 Tommy, IRS messing with my phone.

12:58 What Obama did backfired, people can’t wrap their heads around certain things. But EVERYBODY hates the IRS. Call your local people. Amazing how they manipulated the whole elections. 500 groups targeted?

12:59 Latest scandal Drudge. Justice Dept. wire tapped, representatives. Out of Control.

1:15 Conversation continues with Tom Hansen

2:00 Show end


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  1. KiwiMan says:

    Hi Pete,

    The Illinois Attorney General site:
    does have:

    “While many of these powers now have a statutory basis, the significance of the common law powers still must be understood from the perspective of the interests represented. Representation of the Crown is translated in our system to representation of the People thus, serving the public interest is established as the paramount obligation of the Attorney General. Further, these powers fix the core of the powers to be exercised by the Attorney General. While they may be expanded upon, nothing in this basic core can be transferred or exercised by any other officer.”

    However, notice that there is crown and Crown with a capital C. These are different words with different meanings and thus closer research is needed to sort this all out.

    The below may be an attempt to mislead….

    “In considering the powers of the Attorney General, the supreme court, in Fergus v. Russel, noted:

    ” * * *

    * * * Under our form of government all of the prerogatives which pertain to the crown in England under the common law are here vested in the people, and if the Attorney General is vested by the constitution with all the common law powers of that officer and it devolves upon him to perform all the common law duties which were imposed upon that officer, then he becomes the law officer of the people, as represented in the State government, and its only legal representative in the courts, unless by the constitution itself or by some constitutional statute he has been divested of some of these powers and duties.”

    A closer study is needed to determine the meaning of the law without the explanation which is not included in the law and therefore has no bearing on it.

    Keep up the good work in getting the US Constitution adhered to and Rule of Law enforced.