Hillary Clinton Supplied Arms and Diplomatic Relief To Al Qaeda

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 Episode #424 – Hillary Clinton Supplied Arms and Diplomatic Relief To Al Qaeda

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VaginaGate: Pete Santilli Will Apologize To Hillary Clinton; Then Demand Her Indictment for Treason

Saturday May 18, 2013

Special Guest: David Lory Vanderbeek; The next Governor of Nevada

David Lory VanderBeek is a Independent American Party candidate for Governor of Nevada in the 2014 elections. David recently ran for Nevada State Senate
He is an American Mormon Family man and was raised in Idaho. His ancestors settled Nevada in Lincoln County before Nevada was even a state. His children are seventh generation Nevadans. He calls himself a Rocky Mountain boy. He is looking for the other patriots and he knows they are out there. He has stepped forward at this time in our history to help us save the Constitution and ready to go to jail for freedom’s cause.

Quote from official Nevada Governor candidate website: http://nevadagovernor2014.com/
I can say right now that I am prepared to fight to the death, endure torture, or a life in prison for your freedom and that of my children. What are you willing to do for your freedom? History will remember that there was a generation of patriots who stood fast against global tyranny and our grandchildren will remember that we were men and women of truth, honor, and integrity. The choice is quite simple. There is only one logical move when you have been backed into a corner. That is to go on a full offensive attack against your enemy, because you have nothing left to lose. If we do nothing, we will lose everything and we have. It is time to take back our lives, our land, our liberty.

The Bunker News-Break with Patrick Henningsen Patrick Henningsen is a Geo-Political Analyst, Investigative Journalist, and Human Rights Activist Patrick Henningsen, brings hardcore international headlines and commentary to The Pete Santilli Show. Un-compromised reporting, every single day.

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Show Chronology Courtesy Of: Jill Hornbeck

Chronology Episode 424 May 18, 2013 PST

11:00 – 11:30am Pete and Susannah greet everyone with a nice and lose start

11:10 Pete and Sue talk about different racist names

11:12 Pete talks about childhood fights

11:18 The press is reporting that Santilli has gone off the handle with his threats against Hillary Clinton

11:19 Pete plays the clip the press has been reporting about

11:27 Pete rants about Hillary

11:29 commercial break

11:34 David Lori Vanderbeak comes on the line with Pete

11:35 David is a candidate for governor of Nevada

11:38 David takes time out to do youtube and television videos to help people

11:39 Pete plays a clip from one of David’s shows

11:40 Pete plays a clip from Hillary Clinton about benghazi

11:42 David – runs down who was at fault in Benghazi, Obama, Clinton, Patraeous…

11:44 Pete goes down a list of facts in regards to Benghazi

11:45 Ambassador Stevens negotiated a deal to have arms shipped from Libya to Syria

11:55 commercial break

12:00 Pete and David continue to discuss the what happened in Benghazi

12:04 David wants to investigate all of Hillary Clinton’s illegal activities

12:05 Arms are being shipped from Libya to Al Qaeda, drug trafficking in Afghanistan all under Clinton, Obama, Panetta.. ect

12:07 Pete and David wants a trial and conviction, as to obtain full disclosure of the facts

12:10 David – we must have Obama and Clinton put through a trial

12:12 Pete – any one that supports the administration should be held accountable

12:13 Pierce admits that gun advocates have a point, that the 2nd amendment is to protect from Tyranny

12:14 Pete plays clip of Pierce Morgan

12:15 David is going to let the people of his state vote on taxes, a tax revolt

12:17 Joe Bannister is the example of how to deal with the IRS

12:20 David says it’s important to rebel in any way you can,
hack the voting machines to find out the real results

12:22 Will Roberts calls from LA, used to live in and Nevada and will spread the word

12:24 David lists all forms of ways to find him

12:25 there will be a scout fema drill on the Bechtel property in July, the scouts don’t know its going to happen

12:29 commercial break

12:33 Bunker News Break

12:35 We are big supporters of Before it’s News

12:36 Will Roberts is the newest addition to Guerilla Media Network

12:38 Pete plays a clip of Will Roberts

12:40 Pete and Will talk about how to work for the future, with their voices

12:47 Pete and Will talk about how the news spins everything and regurgitates it over and over

12:53 commercial break

1:00 Pete starts taking calls

1:00 Pete rants about the Bush’s and Clintons

1:06 Pete plays a clip that is a recording recommending people to stop listening to Pete, saying he was encouraging violence against women

1:10 Sue points out how often Pete has talked about Clinton needing to be tried and convicted, but they focus on Pete wanted to shoot her in the vagina, Pete talking about shooting Obama or Cheney in the balls never makes headlines

1:13 Pete and Sue talk about the fact that the people writing these headlines, never address the facts

1:19 Pete and Sue compare the hypocrisies out in the media

1:22 Lynx comes on the line and refers to Huffington Post comments about Pete

1:24 Hillary Clinton had the terrorist label removed from Al Qaeda in Iran

1:28 Jah Jah comes on the line with Pete, Susannah and Lynx

1:29 commercial break

1:32 Jah Jah talks about cutting off Hillary Clintons clit

1:37 Pete plays a clip of Hillary “what does it matter?” how these men were killed

1:39 Pete plays a George Carlin clip

1:41 Lynx – any publicity is good publicity

1:43 Tonight on Chaos Show with Nomessiah will be a religion show

1:47 Lynx and Pete talk about who the fuck is Barry Soetoro

1:49 Pete plays news reports that say the presidents birth certificate is a fake

1:51 Mike Zullo has proven that the birth certificate was never even a real document

1:52 Kenya was not called Kenya until 2 years after Obama was born

1:54 Nomessiah songs to the end :)


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