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American Patriots Are In Grave Danger

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by Pete Santilli, Host of The Pete Santilli Show

In 2012 / 2014, I was an independent media talk show host saying the same exact things back then about  “communists” in the Obama/Biden Administration that I’m saying today about the Biden/Obama regime.

Since then, I’ve researched, documented, and catalogued whistleblower testimony which clearly indicates that the Central Intelligence Agency and their domestic sister agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, have overthrown our Constitutional Republic.  Everything we think we know about the world we live in is based on lies propagated by the main stream media, which is nothing more than an operational division of the intelligence services.

Between 2012 and January 2016, I’m proud to say that I did everything in my then limited powers to bring the deep state to it’s knees, and they came after me with a vengeance.   For exposing the corruption at the FBI, CIA, and other federal law enforcement agencies, as well as relentlessly covering many “false flag” operations such as 9-11, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and Benghazi; The deep state retaliated by using the full force of the U.S. government to stop me from reaching millions of people with the truth.

On January 26, 2016, I was arrested in Oregon by the Federal Bureau of Investigations after then Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed off on my arrest warrant.  The FBI fabricated a fraudulent 302 investigative report which contained false witness testimony, and after 7 months of torturous solitary confinement my case was dismissed on the eve of trial.  When our legal team uncovered the corrupt methods employed by the FBI in obtaining my indictment, prosecutors offered me a misdemeanor which I immediately turned down. I told them, “I wouldn’t even take a parking ticket for what you’ve done…I will see you at trial”.  On the day before trial, the prosecutors dismissed my case.

In September 2016 after my dismissal in the Oregon United States vs Ammon Bundy,  I was immediately transferred  to await the next trial for my indictment in Nevada (United States vs Cliven Bundy).  I was facing four life sentences if convicted.  Four life sentences —  for broadcasting law enforcement abuse of unarmed protestors.

Let’s pause for a minute and step away from the minutia of my federal cases.  I was indicted for being a reporter at Bundy Ranch in 2014 and Oregon in 2016.  Along with 25 others and accused of crimes that I did not commit. The U.S. Government piled on so many charges that if convicted, I would never see the light of day as a free man.  Headlines and mainstream commentary about our arrests were exactly the same as they use today when reporting on the January 6th protests at the Capitol in Washington D.C.  We were, according to the media,  insurrectionists, seditionists, white supremacists, a “danger to society”, while the main stream media simply regurgitated the government-fed narrative via the U.S. Government’s most powerful blog — the court docket.

By the grace of God, and with the truth on our side, my fellow defendants and I stood our ground, refused to cave under the pressure of the full weight of the U.S. Government by insisting on going to trial.  Ultimately, we won dismissals and acquittals in Oregon, and exposed so much corruption & prosecutorial misconduct that a leftist Federal Judge was forced to dismiss the Nevada case.  Although I would never wish it upon any other American, 619 days of incarceration was a blessing in disguise because I am one of the very few Americans  able to see first hand the deep corruption and immorality of those we’ve entrusted with power.

After January 6th 2021, I now watch the same corrupt prosecutors at the DOJ, and law enforcement at the FBI in action once again.  Although Trump is out and Biden is in, not much has changed at the FBI & DOJ.  Same criminal intent and same old criminal methodology in pursuing their political opponents.  First they “investigate” potential violence in advance of an event, in this instance the January 6th rally, by employing thousands of online covert investigators publishing inflammatory, anonymous social media posts, then activate FBI informants with criminal backgrounds who provoke violence & engage in unlawful conduct with envelops of untraceable cash.   The FBI then activates the main stream media to demonize their target & glorify their self important & so-called “investigation”.

The violence & unlawful activity on January 6th was not incited by President Trump, nor was it intended by over a million Patriots who travelled to DC.  The violence was manufactured by the FBI.  The entire “investigation” after January 6th is a pre-planned step in a very sophisticated entrapment scheme.

Essentially, well before January 6th, the FBI and DOJ had already “reverse engineered” indictments.  They all knew well in advance that their political adversaries — Trump supporters — were traveling to DC to lawfully and peacefully redress grievance against their government and all they had to do was craft or manufacture a scenario whereby hundreds or even thousands of citizens would be charged with conspiracy & sedition.   The DOJ and FBI know they can get away with using informants, provocateurs, as well as other sources & methods which will never be discovered in open court because most Americans will never go to trial.  The law requires the prosecution to provide any exculpatory information to the defendant, as well as any information provided by informants.   Because 97 percent of Americans never take their cases to trial, the FBI and DOJ get way with hiding details of their corrupt methods & misconduct.  Sadly, in most cases that do go to trial they will continue to hide evidence and never get caught because lawyers who get assigned to these defendants could care less about their clients.

In the Oregon and Nevada cases, all defendants refused to plead out & demanded a trial.  We were all aware that the DOJ and FBI pile on charges, unconstitutionally detain their targets pre-trial for months (sometimes years), threaten defendants with decades of incarceration, and then “negotiate” a plea bargain.  This is all designed to guarantee a punishment of their target, but most importantly, cover-up U.S Government misconduct by preventing cases from going to trial.

With a 97% success rate in “winning” federal cases by these methods, in most criminal cases all the U.S. Attorneys care about is winning. In political prosecutions, the DOJ spares no expense in prosecuting their opponents.  In the Oregon and Nevada cases the U.S. Government spent upwards of $100 million dollars to prosecute.  If each of us were to hire private attorneys, it would have cost each of us upwards of $1.5 million to take our cases to trial.  The Criminal Justice Act provides federal court-appointed attorneys who have almost no trial experience.  Essentially, the CJA attorneys are paid by the U.S. Government to negotiate plea agreements by scaring their clients with the alternative — decades in prison.

It’s reported that there are an estimated 900 American Patriots who have been arrested, held without bail, and over-charged in their indictments concerning the January 6th protest in DC.  Simply put, most of those 900 are innocent of the crimes they have been over-charged with, and at the very least  may have committed  much less serious crimes of trespassing or interference on January 6th.

Right now these American Patriots as well as many other potential victims of prosecutorial misconduct are in very serious, grave danger.  They are being isolated from the public, cut off completely from the internet, and their attorneys are paid government employees.  If they are not given adequate legal counsel, they will unintentionally destroy their lives.  They’re under extreme duress, and it is imperative that their attorneys be well informed of what the DOJ and FBI will do to prosecute political adversaries.

Please help me get the word out to every American Patriot who has been indicted by this awful regime.   I’m very confident that I can break through to their attorneys with valuable legal strategies that will set each of them free — even if they committed lessor crimes.  Once the court discovers their misconduct, judges are forced to punish the prosecution and law enforcement for egregious misconduct.  Based on everything I’ve seen in the media, read in the indictments, and heard from the FBI, these are the same sleazy characters who pursued the Bundy defendants. Same methods.  Same tactics.  Same egregious misconduct, and ultimately, the truth will set each of them free if we are able to get the word out to their attorneys quickly.

I’m probably one of the most qualified, experienced and successful subject matter experts on political prosecutions and government misconduct.  When attorneys learn that I have two federal trials in the win column, almost all of them admit that they’ve never won 2 federal trials in their entire careers.  We’ve successfully defeated the deep state in 2 federal cases, had experienced U.S. Attorneys admonished for misconduct & removed from cases, and had countless federal law enforcement agents stripped of their guns & badges and walked out the door.

It’s urgent that we do the same for our fellow American Patriots.  Help me go around the corrupt main stream media to reach as many defendants as we possibly can. The word will spread like wildfire throughout the legal community.  Protestors who have been arrested and charged may be forced to plead to a lessor crime, and some may be dismissed.  Either way, a cover-up of the DOJ’s & FBI’s methods and sources for bringing such indictments is well underway.

I’m living proof that the real criminals are the one’s with badges, guns in federal law enforcement and law licenses at the U.S. Attorney’s Offices.

Since December 2011, Pete Santilli has been the Host of The Pete Santilli Show, a news commentary and analysis program which broadcasts live twice daily at 9am and 6pm EST.  (See links here). The Pete Santilli Show offers a daily dose of hard-hitting stories and current affairs, laced with brutal honesty. It attracts millions of listeners worldwide. Though an impressive feat, it’s not surprising: Santilli, together with his co-host, Deb Jordan, offer a no-holds-barred approach to political news, bringing a refreshingly edgy and powerful flavor to the table. The show has covered (arguably) some of the most controversial topics ever known—nothing is off limits.

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  1. I remember so well the Bundy case. I followed it closely and was very upset how those great Patriots were treated when protecting their livelihood. Dear God, please help those 900 individuals that are in custody today ! Its terrible injustice that so many have to suffer there isolated from the outside world. They must get help!

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