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Smoking Gun Evidence of Election Fraud Going to Supreme Court Over Dominion Voting Systems Using “Lawfare” to Violate First Amendment: Mike Lindell Interview

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Pete Santilli Interviews Special Guest: Mike Lindell; Inventor & CEO of My Pillow on June 9, 2021


“I think there’s been more crimes committed covering this up, than there has on the actual crime”; Mike Lindell


Mike Lindell speaks with Pete Santilli about his smoking gun evidence of China’s attack upon The United States of America. Mike explains the proof of China “hacking” into Dominion’s election machines, goes into detail about China flipping votes for the November 3, 2020 election, and discusses the indisputable evidence known as a “packet capture”. According to Mr. Lindell the evidence obtained by a White Hat hacker currently working for the United States Government can not be altered nor manipulated, that’s why this evidence is so damning. “It is like having the DNA blood at a crime scene and the video of the guy doing it, only here it’s like a whole bucket of blood.” The other audits being done around the country just validates even farther my case that is going to be going directly to the Supreme Court.

“We have the packet capture, Dominion’s done, I’ve had access to Dominion machines now for over a month and a half” Mike Lindell 

“Network packets hold useful information about network activities, and analyzing them helps in gathering and reporting network statistics and debug client-server communications. Network packet capture files store a lot of information about online user activity that can be useful in network forensics, such as visited websites and the time spent on browsing them, successful and unsuccessful login attempts, credentials, illegal file downloads, intellectual property abuse, etc. Packet files not only contain a wealth of in-formation, but data can be retrieved from them in various groupings, such as individual frames, client-server conversations, packet streams, flows, and sessions. In network forensics, packet analysis can be used to collect evidence for investigations of digital activities, and to detect malicious network traffic and behavior, including intrusion attempts and network misuse, and identify man-in-the-middle attacks and malware such as ransomware.” Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation “Packet analysis for network forensics: A comprehensive survey pg. 2 

Forensic Science International: Digital Investigation; Packet analysis for network forensics: A comprehensive survey by Leslie F. Sikos  states “Packet analysis is a primary traceback technique in network forensics, which, providing that the packet details captured are sufficiently detailed, can play back even the entire network traffic for a particular point in time. This can be used to find traces of nefarious online behavior, data breaches, unauthorized website access, malware infection, and intrusion attempts, and to reconstruct image files, documents, email attachments, etc. sent over the network.”

Other topics covered:

  • Mike Lindell’s personal lawsuit he brought against Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic International Holding
  • Dominion suing My Pillow
  • My Pillow lawsuit over 1st Amendment violations
  • Lawfare
  • Cancel Culture
  • Maricopa County and other audits
  • George Soros connected Sheriff
  • Republicans obstructing the truth
  • China, and how the Democrat Party was used by China
  • Joe Biden’s EO’s and the shutting down of the Pipelines
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey & their criminal activity
  • Hackers, ransom ware, Bitcoin


On many occasions Mr. Lindell has alleged that Dominion Voting Systems has been using lawfare to silence himself and others. Dominion Voting Systems appears to have aggressively used lawfare techniques in order to silence the truth about their manipulated machines, and intimidate corporate and independent media into silence. Has Dominion Voting Systems used lawfare to violate Mr. Lindell’s unalienable right to free speech, thus violating this 1st Amendment guaranteed right?

Lawfare is defined as “using legal systems and institutions to achieve a goal”. 

  • The misuse of legal systems and principles against an enemy, such as by damaging or delegitimizing them, wasting their time and money (e.g. SLAPP suits), or winning a public relations victory.
  • A tactic used by repressive regimes to label and discourage civil society or individuals from claiming their legal rights via national or international legal systems. This is especially common in situations when individuals and civil society use non-violent methods to highlight or oppose discrimination, corruption, lack of democracy, limiting freedom of speech, violations of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law.

Mike Lindell’s Lawsuit states: Ref: Page 4-5 (8)(9)(10)(11)

“8.     Fact: In response to Mike Lindell’s public statements about the evidence he had gathered, Dominion Voting Systems and its lawyers at Clare Locke, LLP (“Clare Locke”) threatened Mike Lindell with financial ruin if he did not cease his public expression of his political speech regarding the debacle that was the use of electronic voting machines in the 2020 General Election.”

“9. Fact: When Mike Lindell refused to be intimidated into giving up his First Amendment right to political free speech, Dominion sued him for $1.3 billion in federal court in Washington, D.C.—a jurisdiction where neither Lindell nor Dominion reside, and outside the jurisdiction where Lindell made the vast majority of the statements Dominion complains about.”

“10. Fact: Dominion has weaponized the legal process and intimidated witnesses to election fraud by suing or threatening to sue over 150 private individuals or organizations, including dozens of citizen volunteer poll watchers, with baseless defamation lawsuits or “cease and desist” letters from Dominion’s lawyers at Clare Locke. Dominion further publicly boasts of doing so—merely because those citizens signed affidavits regarding fraudulent or illegal activities they personally observed during the November 2020 general election. Dozens of those citizens never mentioned Dominion or issues with any electronic voting machines. Yet, Dominion and Clare Locke still threatened these witnesses—citizen volunteers performing a public service—with ruinous litigation and onerous demands that they preserve even private communications.”

“11. Fact: Smartmatic has engaged in similar weaponization of the court system to attack other individuals and news outlets, merely for publicly sharing information they have gathered regarding vulnerabilities in, and attacks on, electronic voting machines in the 2020 General Election.”

Whether Dominion Voting Systems is, or is not guilty of using lawfare in order to silence Michael J. Lindell and others is to be determined by a Jury. Mike expects his lawsuit to be brought before the Supreme Court in late July, and wants all the evidence to be seen by the public. Many people within the United States of America and around the world are waiting with baited breath for this case, it will certainly be the trial of the century. As Mr. Lindell alluded to when the truth comes forward in federal court, and the people become aware of the fact that China attacked us by hacking the November 3, 2020 election using the Democrat party, he believes it’s going to be the greatest uniting of the American people in the history of our country no matter what political affiliation you align with.

Dominion Voting Systems is used all over the world. If current allegations are true, then they have possibly been used to actively hijack many countries elections all around the world, placing many corrupt individuals in seats of power and destroying nations without firing a shot. No doubt if Mike Lindell wins his case this will create a real problem for Dominion Voting Systems in the United States and around the globe. This may turn from a 1st Amendment lawsuit into an international manhunt for the criminals to be held responsible for their crimes.

One does wonder if Dominion Voting Systems & Smartmatic are now regretting taking on this form of intimidation and bullying tactics?

As big business, corporate media, Big Tech, and social media platforms did everything they could to silence Mr. Lindell, he got to work. In an effort to ensure the people of America and around the world are able to hear how China hacked Dominion Voting Systems and stole the November 3, 2020 election. He created his own free speech platform refusing to be silenced. To see what some of the panic from Dominion Voting Systems is about watch “Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0”.

He has also created the Lindell Legal Offense Fund to help those needing financial support for lawsuits and projects in the battle to save our republic. Mike will be releasing a movie soon called “Absolute Coverup” to expose the depths of the conspiracy.

Mike Lindell’s life story is one that shows the American Dream still exists today. To read about his story “What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO” . Mr. Lindell shows his appreciation for what Jesus did for him by his philanthropic work. Due to his history with drug addiction, he created “LRN” the Lindell Recovery Network to help others struggling with drug addiction, at no cost to them. He only hopes to help set people free from the bondage of drugs, that is destroying their lives, homes, and families.

Mr. Lindell has a long history of giving to the needy, and using his wealth to help those less fortunate. One example is when he donated 1,000 My Pillows to the Salvation Army Harbor Light Shelter in 2016.

From sinner, to forgiven and saved, to a warrior for Jesus Christ. Mr. Lindell sets a living example we should all strive to follow. Charity, Honesty, Truth, Forgiveness, Hope, Gentleness, and most of all Faith. The best warriors for Jesus Christ have always been those that were forged in fire, and taken out of the ashes.

When you purchase My Pillow use promo code PETE to get 66% off your order. You are literally a foot soldier standing in the gap helping to stop communism from overtaking our republic. By supporting my pillow you also support independent media outlets reporting truth in the face of adversity. You are blockading communists that are actively coming after our union, ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. Without your financial support we will not be able to win this war.

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“Now is the most critical time to engage, we need all hands on deck” Peter Santilli 






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