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Fake News: Rolling Stone Labels ‘Leftist Authoritarian Eco-Fascist’ Buffalo Shooter A ‘Mainstream Republican’

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via Infowars  May 16, 2022 at 02:40PM Fake News: Rolling Stone Labels ‘Leftist Authoritarian Eco-Fascist’ Buffalo Shooter A ‘Mainstream Republican’

Rolling Stone magazine is using the Buffalo shooter as a political cudgel to demonize conservatives, falsely characterizing him as a “mainstream Republican.”

In Rolling Stone‘s article “The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf.’ He’s a Mainstream Republican“, the magazine attempts to frame the 18-year old Buffalo shooter as a right-wing white supremacist influenced by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and former President Donald Trump.

“The gnawing fear of a minority-white America has utterly consumed conservative politics for the past half-decade, creating a Republican party whose dual obsessions with nativism and white fertility have engendered a suite of policies engineered to change the nature of the body politic. What unites murderers like Gendron, and the long list of white supremacist attackers he cited with admiration, with the mainstream of the Republican party is the dream of a white nation,” wrote Talia Lavin.

Lavin goes on to argue that Trump’s populist politics and Fox News‘ coverage of white replacement in America set the stage for racist violence perpetrated by the likes of the Buffalo shooter.

“Donald Trump’s ascendance was a key marker of the force of white racial panic; from the moment he launched his candidacy, his overt racism set the party’s agenda, and from the very first, his rhetoric directly provoked racist violence,” Lavin wrote.

“The Republican Party’s embrace of nativism has been more of a full-on dash than a slow slide, and it has been catalyzed by the vast constellation of right-wing media. Chief among these is the juggernaut that is Fox News. As a New York Times analysis revealed, the network’s flagship prime-time show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, has an obsession with replacement theory: In more than 400 shows the newspaper analyzed, Carlson evoked the idea of forced demographic change through immigration and other methods.”

But Rolling Stone glosses over two very important facts.

First, the Buffalo shooter not only rejected conservative politics and media like Fox News, but described himself in a 180-page manifesto censored online as a “leftist authoritarian” and a “green nationalist” who subscribed to communism.

Not exactly the tenets of a “mainstream Republican.”

Second, Rolling Stone claims that the “Great Replacement”, the hypothesis that white people in America are being deliberately and systematically replaced by immigrants and nonwhites, is a “conspiracy theory.”

But the demographic data shows that are whites slowly being phased out as the majority in America due to immigration (legal and illegal) and declining birth rates.

Additionally, the United Nations has even drafted a now-deleted plan called “Replacement Migration” which aims to flood the Western world with 600 million third world migrants by 2050 to phase out whites in the name of combating “aging populations.”

And the Biden administration has vowed to ramp up the release of illegal aliens into the U.S. by a whopping 800%.

To add insult to injury, media pundits and other left-wing zealots openly celebrate these facts, such as Washington Post contributor Jennifer Rubin, who’s praised the decline of the white population in America as “fabulous news.”

CNN‘s Anderson Cooper claimed it’s “exciting” to see the decline of the white population in America.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” he said in 2019.

Why does the liberal media celebrate this so-called “conspiracy theory” with divisive rhetoric?

Imagine a scenario where white people openly celebrated the decline of nonwhite races on television. Pretty insane, right?

Well that’s essentially what’s happening, but talking about it puts you in the “conspiracy theorist” and “white supremacist” camp.

Instead of addressing the root of these manufactured demographic changes, which are the radical liberal policies themselves, the Buffalo shooter, unfortunately, chose to embrace violence instead, and that’s terrible for the country, but great for the media to use as a weapon against its political opposition.

In fact, Demcorats are already exploiting the tragic shooting to ram through their gun control, censorship, and surveillance agenda.

It’s all part of the Democrat maxim: Never let a crisis go to waste.

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