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DHS Shuts Down Biden’s Ministry of Truth After Fierce Backlash

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May 18, 2022 at 04:39PM  DHS Shuts Down Biden’s Ministry of Truth After Fierce Backlash

The Biden administration is putting its Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board on “pause” just three weeks after rolling it out.

Multiple employees with the Department of Homeland Security said that its Disinformation Governance Board has been shut down on Monday, according to The Washington Post.

Its chair, Nina Jankowicz aka the “Mary Poppins of Disinformation”, submitted her letter of resignation a day later.

“But Tuesday night, Jankowicz was pulled into an urgent call with DHS officials who gave her the choice to stay on, even as the department’s work was put on hold because of the backlash it faced, according to multiple people with knowledge of the call,” The Post reported.

The DHS lashed out against free speech advocates following the board’s shutdown, vowing to continue its “disinformation work” one way or another:

“Nina Jankowicz has been subjected to unjustified and vile personal attacks and physical threats,” a DHS spokesperson told WaPo in a statement. “In congressional hearings and in media interviews, the Secretary has repeatedly defended her as eminently qualified and underscored the importance of the Department’s disinformation work, and he will continue to do so.”

The Disinformation Governance Board faced intense criticism as soon as it was announced last April, prompting DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas to come out in defense of the board, claiming it wouldn’t police free speech.

“It’s clear, I mean, those criticisms are precisely the opposite of what this small working group within the Department of Homeland Security will do,” Mayorkas said. “And I think we probably could have done a better job of communicating what it does and does not do. The fact is that disinformation that creates a threat to the security of the homeland is our responsibility to address. And this department has been addressing it for years.”

The DHS announcement of the board came just days after billionaire Elon Musk declared he would buy Twitter to restore free speech.

Jankowicz’s ridiculous antics and accusations that anybody who doesn’t subscribe to the official government narrative are “conspiracy theorists” also compounded the backlash.

The Biden administration’s blatant effort to censor free speech was so egregious that 20 attorneys general demanded the DHS disband the disinformation board.

The coup de grace came Monday when Revolver News released a damning report revealing that Jankowicz and the board itself are a product of a now-defunct clandestine psychological operation project funded by NATO called the “Integrity Initiative.”

“The Integrity Initiative ‘defended democracy’ by recruiting secretive ‘clusters’ of academics, national security bureaucrats, journalists, think tankers, and lobbyists in multiple European countries. These clusters would then be engaged in various ways to address nation-specific threats of so-called ‘Russian disinformation,’” Revolver News reported.

Infamous doxxer Taylor Lorenz blamed the Ministry of Truth’s demise on social media in the WaPo article titled, “How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts.”

“Jankowicz’s experience is a prime example of how the right-wing Internet apparatus operates, where far-right influencers attempt to identify a target, present a narrative and then repeat mischaracterizations across social media and websites with the aim of discrediting and attacking anyone who seeks to challenge them,” Lorenz wrote Wednesday.

Learn more about Jankowicz’s shady disinformation dealing regarding Russia in this powerful report:

Jankowicz admitted in a phone call with Jason Goodman of Crowdsource The Truth that she began work for the now-shuttered disinformation board as early as March:

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