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Here Are The Only “Papers” You’ll Need During A Lockdown

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Remember “2 weeks to flatten the curve”? 

For 2 years entire bureaucracies and even the medical industrial complex violated our Constitutional rights, and We The People were virtually helpless.  Americans were harassed, intimidated, ostracized, arrested and even abused by law enforcement, and individuals really had no recourse. 

Repeat the following after me: “NEVER AGAIN!” 

Pastor Tony Spell kept his church doors opened, but he paid the price – he was arrested multiple times, charged & faced 18 years in prison, but he never backed down from standing up for our First Amendment.  Last week, the Louisiana Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling upholding the LAW:  Governments shall make no law infringing upon our right to exercise our religious freedoms.

That’s right — it’s the LAW — so whenever “law enforcement” tells you that you are breaking the law by ignoring a fake-pandemic  lockdown or curfew, show them Pastor Spells Supreme Court Ruling.  IT’s THE LAW.

Download or save this link on your phone, show it to anyone who interferes with your right to go to and from church, and politely tell them to buzz off.



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  1. COVID-19, all adverse reactions to COVID 19 and monkey pox will now be referred to Bill Gates POX

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