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WalMart’s Untenable CCP Dependence Makes Them A Major National Security Risk

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This week Walmart notified’s CEO Mike Lindell it was pulling his products from their shelves. The CEO has now publicly stated that MyPillow sales has proven to be a top performing brand in WalMart stores across the Country, considering the advertising budget that helps boost brand awareness and sales which not only produce brand awareness but drives direct traffic to Walmart stores. In turn this drive generates additional profits to Walmart from impulse purchases of higher margin items marketed in-store.

When consumers see a MyPillow “on sale for $19.88 at Walmart in a “As Seen On TV” advertisement Walmart anticipates your arrival, and places pallets of merchandise between the front door and the My Pillow display in the home goods section located deep inside the store. Although Walmart only makes a few dollars on the sale of each pillow, they know that consumers will place 4-5 items in their cart as they tend to impulse shop on the way to get that MyPillow for $19.88. If you’ve ever gone to Walmart specifically to get a tube of (XYZ) toothpaste for $1.49 and ended up spending $250.00 at the register, you understand the basics of impulse buying.

So the question is why would Walmart decide to cancel MyPillow knowing that the impact on direct sales would cause them to lose of hundreds of thousands of dollars in traffic-driving advertising, and additional potential of millions in profits from impulse buys? More puzzling is the question, why would Walmart make such a profit-killing decision right in the middle of an economic downturn where consumer confidence and spending is plummeting?

The answer could possibly be as simple as, “because China said so” …

By now it is certainly obvious China Knows Mike Lindell has the data from the 2020 election which forensically proves that the heavily invested country was involved in overthrowing our election.

Over the past several decades Walmart has slowly morphed from a “Buy-American” advocate to becoming a full blown CPP retail store front. Walmart not only sells cheap chinese-slave-made products manufactured by 10,000 plus vendors; Walmart has literally setup & runs manufacturing facilities in China to produce and ship their own private label merchandise.

Here’s how devious their business model is: Walmart corporate buyers offer their 10,000+ vendors better placement of their products on store shelves and displays based on how much the company advertises, and how low they will go with their wholesale price (or cost for purchase to Walmart). Walmart buyers setup the deal with American companies, squeeze them on every penny of potential profit, and then press the company to advertise product sales. As a result of print, radio & tv advertising, American consumers pull into a local Walmart, park their car grab a cart and proceed through the front door. Customers will immediately start throwing merchandise displayed at the “cart rail” into their cart as they make their way to get the merchandise they were triggered to buy in the ads they saw this week.

Here’s the kicker, and I’ll use MyPillow as an example in this scenario …

What I do know from personal first-hand experience dealing with (CCP-Walmart) as a sales executive for Coca-Cola, is the sale of Walmart’s branded products manufactured in China are by far what matters most.

When Walmart sets up a small display of “Coca-Cola” they build a huge multi-pallet display of Walmart branded cola bottled in China for an even lower price, or they drop 10 pallets Walmart private label cola at the “cart rail” to intercept the Coca-Cola sale before the customer even makes it to the first aisle. Essentially, Coca-Cola spent millions in advertising as one of the world’s most recognizable brands and caused people to drive to Wal-Mart to get “Coca-Cola” at the specially advertised price, only to be “bait & switched” to purchase Walmart-branded beverages bottled in China. Walmart earns 60% more profit, sells 180% more merchandise with the lower price-point, and a portion of net profits roll all the way up to CCP officials who are earning BILLIONS on the backs of American consumers, American companies, Chinese slave-laborers, and of course 10’s of thousands of part-time workers (part-timers are much cheaper than paying benefits to full-time workers), or other employees Walmart has been forced by the courts to pay 10’s of millions for wage & hour violations — such as working them off the clock.

Walmart wage & hour violations are not limited to the U.S. workers. According to three reports released in 2005 by labor monitoring groups Wal-Mart Stores Inc. used Chinese factories that denied workers overtime pay and maternity leave and paid them less than the local minimum wage and serious human right violations continue unabated year after year at the Lungcheong Toy factory [part of Lung Cheong International]…which produced toys for Wal-Mart.

As late as 2021 the world’s largest retailer, became the latest Western company to face scrutiny over its business involving Xinjiang, and forced-labor and human-rights concerns. In 2020, the Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB) added five goods produced by forced labor by Muslim minorities in China to the 2020 edition of the TVPRA List. These goods include gloves, hair products, textiles, thread/yarn, and tomato products. In 2021, ILAB added an additional good, Polysilicon.

China is home to 434 Walmart and Sam’s Club stores, covering more than 69 million square feet, as of the end of January 2021, making China Walmart’s second-largest international market by retail square footage, according to the company’s most recent annual report—second only to Mexico. Joe Biden signed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act into law, following its near-unanimous passage in Congress. The law bans all imports to the U.S. from the region unless companies can certify that such products are free from forced labor. The Wall Street Journal found no Xinjiang product listings on Walmart and Sam’s Club’s e-commerce stores but a visit to a Walmart store in Beijing’s central business district found red dates and other products still being sourced from Xinjiang and stocked on its shelves. So, while Wal-Mart like so many other Companies may not stock items from Xinjiang on American shelves they continue to sell those products to the Chinese people.

Wal-Mart would never tell the public that they’re essentially a CCP storefront wrapped in an American name and flag. All of this is legal, but its typical Chinese CCP deception which has literally created countless CCP official billionaires who must be laughing at the stupidity of the American consumer.

As an American consumer, imagine pulling your wallet out of your back pocket and handing hundreds of dollars to some CCP official or Chinese military officer who then spends it on bio-weapons or high-tech aircraft carriers to be utilized to kill your son or daughter. Of course, you’d never allow that! Instead, you hand your money to the CCP operatives/minions — AMERICANS — at Walmart after you pass the door greeter & make your way to the American cashier (part time, extremely exploited hourly worker) to pay for the hundreds of dollars of cheap, chinese-made stuff you just threw in your cart impulsively. Never once have you run into a communist Chinaman, because the money is simply wired to his bank account overnight….from Bentonville, Arkansas.

This all sounds deceptive, egregious, and you might even be in a state of denial by proclaiming that you “only get what you need & get out” when you go to Walmart, but I haven’t even gotten to the core reason for this article, and I assure you, even if you “get in and get out” you have not escaped the communist Chinese control & enslavement grid.

Click Image to See Walmart’s “Emergency Operation Center”

In 2015, Walmart tested a system which scanned the face of everyone entering several of its stores, identified suspected shoplifters, and instantly alerted store security on their mobile devices but since 2015 technology has gotten much better and far more advanced. Today when you walk through the front door of a Wal-Mart, you pass a pin-hole camera which scans your face and captures your body-movement signature which can is used to identify you with 99% accuracy even if you’re wearing a mask. The data is stored to their Walmart’s local server, and a “loss prevention” or “Asset Protection” associate is immediately notified if you’re a known convict, shoplifter, or maybe even a radical deplorable who might own a gun, and therefore categorized as a potential active-shooter. You may be asking, “wow, Pete, this is pretty far-fetched…how do you know they are doing this?” Because I have a very high level source who worked for WalMart corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas and was directly involved in developing the system which has actually been installed in every Walmart around the world. Additionally, my source helped build Wal-Mart’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC); the central data-hub collecting and storing every Wal-Mart customer’s facial recognition profile, as well as their transaction history at every register. By the way, WalMart’s “EOC” facial recognition database is reportedly transmitted real-time to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency. So, for those of you who “get in and get out” without spending more than you planned, you certainly gave Walmart, the U.S. Government, and possibly Chinese CCP much more than you realize — they may not have earned much profit on your $25 “get in and get out” transaction, but they certainly acquired potentially thousands of dollars worth of data they’ve sold to the U.S. Government and potentially other corporate “partners” without your knowledge and consent. Walmart collects data including purchase transactions, buying habits and facial recognition of over 80% of the population in the United States, conservatively, all of it sold and/or transmitted to the U.S. Government, potentially — and with extreme high probability — intercepted by the CCP intelligence complex —– unless, or course, Walmart servers in China are not connected to the internet.

Click Image to See Walmart’s “Disaster Preparedness & Repose” Policy

My source, a 22+ year corporate veteran of Walmart in Bentonville Arkansas, has not only been involved in the development in this immersive and extremely intrusive data collection scheme as a U.S. government actor, he was directly responsible for setting up Walmart’s relationship with FEMA. Right after Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Government wanted to partner with Walmart because they had an established supply chain infrastructure in the event of a natural disaster. It all began with “pallets of water” delivered to Katrina victims, and has since morphed into a private-public partnership that can only be defined as full-blown fascism.

Walmart’s infrastructure, supply chain, customer data and market capture has put them in a more powerful position than the U.S. Government. What’s even more frightening is they have become so beholden to the communists in the CCP, when the CCP tells WalMart to cut off Mike Lindell’s profitable sales within Walmart retail stores, they do so without any consideration for the loss of business or profitability — Walmart’s entire system has been built out for benefit of advancing the Chinese Communist Party’s control grid and quest for global dominance.

Walmart is essentially the CCP’s front door greeter, and a very obvious national security risk we will not realize the full implcations for many years to come. For now, all we know is that they’re attempting to cover-up their involvement in overthrowing the November 2020 election, but when we consider the implications of everything I’ve mentioned in this article, November 3rd 2020 is only one small piece of the puzzle illustrating China’s invasion of the United States from within.

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