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‘Ukraine Has Lost This War’: Top Army Colonel Says West ‘Doubling Down on Failure’

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June 22, 2022 at 06:49AM ‘Ukraine Has Lost This War’: Top Army Colonel Says West ‘Doubling Down on Failure’

Ukraine has lost its war with Russia, but some Western leaders want to keep it going with the “real goal” of pulling the United States into a direct conflict with Russia, warned retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor.

“Ukraine has lost this war. I would argue it lost it some time ago,” MacGregor said Tuesday on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s podcast “Judging Freedom.”

“It’s now becoming so apparent that even the most ardent supporters of Ukraine’s war on Russia in London, Berlin, Paris, and Washington can’t really stand up and say anything else. I suppose some will, but the truth is the war is over.”

MacGregor painted a bleak picture of the Ukrainian military’s widespread logistical failures and Russia’s subsequent actions in the Donbas region.

“The Ukrainians are losing on a daily basis somewhere between 500 and 1,000 dead and wounded. Their army is effectively annihilated,” MacGregor explained. “They’re throwing reservists – the equivalent of what we would call National Guardsmen – into the buzzsaw. And the Russians are very calmly and methodically annihilating whatever shows up. The Russians have already begun consolidating their control over 25 to 30% of Ukraine where the Ukrainian forces were previously paused to attack Russia.”

And now that Russia controls the economically vital region of Ukraine, it will soon annex it into the Federation, he predicted.

“They now control territory that is responsible for roughly 80% of Ukraine’s gross national product. So I expect the Russians will hold onto this and incorporate it into Russia. It will be annexed. It was historically Russian, it is again,” MacGregor said.

MacGregor, a former senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense under Trump, warned that Western leaders are still in denial and some even want the war to continue in perpetuity with the “extremely dangerous” end goal of getting the U.S. directly involved in a hot war with Russia.

“As far as how this will end, we have a lot of people who seemed to be determined that it will not end. And that is extremely dangerous because the longer this lasts, the greater the potential for this regional conflict to widen and engulf more countries, and ultimately to drag us in, which some people think is the real goal — as incomprehensible as that may seem.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s cabinet is keeping him in the dark and “running the show” in Ukraine and “doubling down on failure” in the hopes that they can pull off a win to save their credibility, he claimed.

Our friend President Biden is sort of a mushroom: they keep him in a dark place and feed him crap. I think [Domestic Policy Council director] Susan Rice, [National Security Adviser] Jake Sullivan, [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken – oligarchs, frankly, rich powerful figures that control the Democrat party, and let’s face it, the large portions of Republican party who dominate Washington – they all have much more influence now than Americans realize.

They’re running the show. They’re not telling Joe Biden anything they don’t want him to know, but more important, they’re riding this train to oblivion. And they’re not going to get off, and they’re throwing more coal into the locomotive with each passing day. They’re doubling down on failure in the belief that if they just hang on long enough, somehow, miraculously, they’re going to win.

They’re destroying NATO, they’re tearing Europe apart, Europeans are finally beginning to wake up to the disaster. They’ve lost control of Eastern Europe.

“Ukraine is now a failed state. It’s collapsed,” he added. “People are being pushed at gunpoint into Russian fire. The whole thing is a disaster. But no one wants to admit failure because if they admit failure, they lose all credibility.”

This comes as Europeans are beginning to realize the protracted war in Ukraine cannot be won, as Russia reinforces economic ties with China and India, and the ruble hits a 5-year high despite Western sanctions which have so far only managed to hurt regular Americans and Europeans.

French President Emmanuel Macron called for the “Ukrainian president and his leaders” to “negotiate with Russia,” adding that the West has “done all we can.”

A German talk show also admitted that Russia has all but won the war in Ukraine and that Western leaders need to level with the public about that development and seek a diplomatic solution with Russia to end the conflict.

MacGregor first forecasted the Ukrainian military’s path to defeat as early as March 2nd, just a week after Russia first launched its military operation in Ukraine.

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