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Loving Liberal: Idaho News Anchor Suggests Jailed MAGA Granny Should Die

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Loving Liberal: Idaho News Anchor Suggests Jailed MAGA Granny Should Die

A local news reporter out of Idaho showed his true colors last week when he told a cancer-stricken grandmother to die because she was at the January 6th Capitol debacle.

KTVB anchor Brian Holmes responded to a Twitter post by Pam Hemphill, or MAGA Granny, where she explained she was afraid of going to prison.

“I’m very frightened, but my strength is remembering ‘Christ’ carry the cross for me, and I’m going to carry my cross for all January 6th prisoners! In God I trust!” she wrote.

In response to this positive post by the 69-year-old woman facing two months in jail, Holmes wrote, “Pam..perhaps you should just go gently, and quietly, into that good night.. You broke the admitted to said you’re not blaming anyone but’s not cross carrying..”

Going “gentle into that good night” is a phrase from the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas discussing death.

Holmes was urging the MAGA Granny to die since she “broke the law.”

If a conservative news anchor said anything like that to a liberal activist, the mob would get them fired from their job in a week.

On Tuesday, Hemphill’s daughter Jenifa Breeze delivered her mother to the FCI Dublin prison in California, a low-security, female prison in Alameda County where inmates have reported sexual attacks by prison guards.

Watch as MAGA Granny says goodbye to her daughter:

Meanwhile, provocateurs like Ray Epps who were caught on film breaching barricades and clashing with police remain free as the federal government selectively chooses who they punish in relation to January 6th.

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July 16, 2022 at 08:57AM

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