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“You Can’t Fake This!” Even Fake-News CNN Is Fed Up With Biden Recession-Deniers   

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CNN slammed the Joe Biden administration for denying the definition of a recession and said, “you can’t fake this!,” during a segment on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper on 7/25/2022.

A panel on CNN Monday slammed the Biden administration’s attempt to change the definition of a recession as incoming GDP numbers may signal an economic downturn. 

Data being released on Thursday will show whether the U.S. economy shrank for two consecutive quarters, which has long been how economists defined what a recession is. However, several White House officials have already pushed their talking points as a preemptive spin on the likely bad headlines they will face. 

On “The Lead,” CNN anchor Kasie Hunt began the discussion by telling the panel she’s “struggling” with what the White House is putting out there. 

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