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We Caught Them! August Will Be The Moment Of Truth

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August will be the moment of truth for our country, according to Pete Santilli. The long-time Conservative pundit and broadcaster has a bird’s eye view of emerging election details from experts- converging with known points of data about election corruption- just as they are coming together and about to explode on the election integrity front.

“When there is no transparency, they can do anything they want,” Jeff O’Donnell, the CIO of Ordros Analytics, said recently to Santilli.

Santilli published the following interview just when readers may have thought the discussion about the 2020 election could provide no path forward for American patriots. Santilli says we are about to level up into a whole new arena on the push to exterminate the underhanded vote tabulation machines that have plagued our nation- once and for all.

A coding expert, O’ Donnell, is one of the numerous determined Americans who is giving new hope to America that with the will of the rest of the American people, citizens can, in fact, demand a less expensive- hand counting- tabulation process for elections.


Santilli and O’Donnell made the case that American citizens actually have the duty- to join other courageous Americans in demanding paper ballots and a tabulation system of hand counting.

They call other Americans to make a stand alongside one Gold Star Mother, whose actions in the days after the 2020 election will become known as historically heroic.

In Colorado in 2020- that Mom, who refuses to give up her dead son’s promise to defend the socerginity of America, has roused the enemies of free and fair elections.

This month, we will hear her story about her commitment to placing her own life-now- on the line to merely have American votes honored with paper ballots and hand counting. And we will hear so much more.

Demanding paper ballots and hand-counting, “compared to other things that America has done in its prime is a minor, minor thing,” O’Donnell told Santilli in the monumental Santilli show interview.

But will the American people rise to the challenge?

That is all that is left unseen because at this point- with the assistance and heroic actions of Mike Lindell, American lawmakers have all the information we need to make the case that the vote tabulation machines are programmed to select our winners- that we are not actually electing our winners.

What we need now is for people to arise- and for lawmakers to care.

Santilli says that in the month of August, numerous important things are going to happen that will set this topic a blaze and which will bring this Santilli-O’Donnell interview into sharp focus.

And this isn’t ‘conspiracy theory’; Santilli, who is methodical in his own research, ‘brought the receipts’, meaning he provided the links and evidence to support his claims.

It is all there in the interview.

The details in this interview are paramount for all Americans to grasp and understand, as they provide the backdrop for what we are about to learn from other groups as new evidence comes pouring out.

O’Donnell told Santilli that he began his own election research after the 2021 Lindell Symposium in South Dakota and that he had been drawn to start his work by looking at what happened in the important state of Colorado, where Tina Peters-an elections clerk, who is a tenacious patriot and that Gold Star Mother mentioned above, began to emerge as an important figure in the fight to save the Republic.

Peters and what she did after the election with the election data from her Colorado precinct became essential points in O’Donnell’s research- because her data showed O’Donnell many suspicious things that he picked up on as a data analyst.

According to O’Donnell, in Colorado 2020, election workers were allowed to start tabulating vote totals in mid-Oct- weeks before the November election day; O’Donnell described to Santilli the disturbing details of his research into what happened in that state at the time of the election.

IMPORTANT: O’Donnell’s Research that Santilli and O’Donnell discuss in the interview can be seen here: BOMBSHELL PROOF OF ELECTION MACHINE MANIPULATION

O’Donnell told Santilli that his research (link above) shows something shocking happened in the early hours of early voting in Colorado, and that is where Peters’s data showed some bizarre- and what he described as “some software algorithm in the machine woke up and decided to recount 20,000 ballots that had already been counted.”

And the counting process changed somehow, O’Donnell said.

“And there is the evidence in that report that when these ballots were recounted they were not counted the same and therein lies the whole problem. Well, problem number one is what happened is completely unauthorized, because the fact is that it happened without a clerk doing anything. I don’t care what anyone says this was not initiated by a human being sitting at the computer in the county,” O’Donnell said.

So it sounds as if there is programming or coding that caused that. But how could that be? Is there any proof that has happened before?

“The fact that the machine had the ability on its own to do a reprocessing of the ballots is insane. There’s also evidence that votes were changed when that happened. Dominion and the Colorado Secretary of State sent people around a few months after the election to install a new process they called trusted build. Uh, paging George Orwell,” O’Donnell said.

And the Orwellian nature of the machine people got even more complex. Peters, who said it was her job as an election clerk to make a copy of the election data before sending disks to be wiped clean, was arrested for making a copy of the six disks of election data information before turning the disks over to the machine company.

Peters was arrested because the data belonged to the machine company, not the office she held representing the people.

Who made those laws?

“The trust build would have destroyed every single bit of evidence that showed what happened. In other words, if Tina Peters had not gotten that image before Dominion and the Colorado Secretary State representatives had basically wiped it clean to do the new update. Then I wouldn’t be here we wouldn’t the best evidence,” O’Donnell said.

IMPORTANT: Peters is such a pivotal character in the election integrity story that an unforgettable documentary titled Selection Code, with Lara Logan, will be released this August. Look for O’Donnell’s cameo in this film- along with a discussion about some of the other information that Santilli highlights in the O’Donnell interview.


Santilli, who has studied as many of the 2020 election details he could alongside Mike Lindell and the team at Frank Speech, and who has a background in coding from his days in the US Military, said that O’Donnell’s testimony and research about the elections codes are ‘unimpeachable,’ so this is an interview people will want to revisit.

IMPORTANT: (53:56) In the interview, Santilli brought up a number of points that O’Donnell agreed with him on, that Santilli said are also important to understand. One is that the source code and programming of election machines began as an idea – of the Republicans. And when the Democrats found out, they were aghast about it. The question is, what changed them into accepting the voter machine corruption?

Santilli explains:

“About the source code. I heard the testimony that Republicans designed this very devious scheme of putting the source coding in there. Clinton Curtis testified to it, and he did so on behalf of the Republicans, Tom Feeney. Curtis said it was rigging elections and went to the Democrats and they went to the media and railed about it. And when they figured out how the rigging was done, they adopted it. And they said, we’ll own that rigging. And they basically just took ownership of it.”

This is the interview Santilli was talking about:

IMPORTANT: The O’Donnell research shows us the machine was pre-programmed to switch votes, except a problem for them was the massive support for President Donald J. Trump, which forced the Democrat’s hand into brazen theft and noticeable corrupt activity. At (33:45) of the interview, Santilli also contributed his own graphic to the O’Donnell interview, which O’Donnell was impressed with; which explains the process of how machines count the votes:

“I designed this thing so that everybody could understand it. As I understand it, the pink block up here, software source code is designed to calculate 51 to 49% plus delete the forensic evidence right up here. The next column says machine count, we got 49,000 Trump votes, 51,000, you know, Biden votes. The actual ballot count is 49,000 Trump votes, but only 7,000 Biden, actual votes scan to that machine. Adjudication can help offset some of that. You could delete some of the Trump votes, make those go away, right. Maybe so that you don’t have to pull as many ballots out of the warehouse and maybe add 10,000 more,” Santilli said.

This is his graphic in which he talks about:

IMPORTANT: Other countries have detected that their election machines are problematic and have even passed laws to demand transparency after having issues with the machine companies. At (11:36) Santilli introduced the following clips into the interview to make the case that the Philippines are ahead of the United States of America.

So why are we behind? Santilli talks about it.
“The Philippines are well ahead of the curve. We need to find out what they discovered in 2016, Kalik exposed this. They, they did not, they set up transparency servers, they had access to the source code,” Santilli said.

The manipulation of Smartmatic was known:

All of these important details are essential to understand as the heat rises on election theft in August 2022. By the time the summer has come to end and the real work of the mid-term election goes into high gear, Santilli says even more things will happen that should ignite a movement of Americans to demand a better way of counting the ballots in elections.

Other events that are about to occur, according to Santilli, is a private event called- The Pit- and something that AZ Rep. Mark Finchem, who is also AZ Secretary of State candidate, told Santilli was a “20 megaton Bomb,” which he described as evidence of prosecutable crimes related to the Nov. 2020 election.

There is no doubt that explosions are about to happen with a multi-pronged attack on voter fraud in August.

According to Right Side Broadcasting: “True the Vote’s election intelligence specialist Gregg Phillips revealed during an interview this week on GraceTime TV that the group would release more evidence of election fraud in just a few weeks.

In cohesion with True the Vote’s founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, Phillips will present “devastating” information and evidence to a select group of invitees during an event called “The Pit.”

And it all comes just in time for Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, to have another Summit, similar to the one that inspired O’Donnell in the first place.

One can only wonder what will come out of the actions of determined patriots this summer. Stay tuned to the Pete Santilli show to find out.

If after listening to Peters, who lost her son in the service to America- talk about pouring out her blood to restore elections- doesn’t stir the consciousness of men and women in this country, then we may never have deserved the hope that was handed to us by our Founding Fathers in the first place.

Will America get the election transparency we deserve as our birthright in a beautiful and free Republic? Most likely, the answer is that it depends upon how many of us demand transparency of our civil servants and their machines.

Lindell and his teams are about to uncover the Moment of Truth when we will find out what we are really made up of- in the United States of America. Happy August- America.

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