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Pete Santilli Taunts FBI Who Seized Mike Lindell’s Phone, Tells Them To Grab Election Data Too [VIDEO]

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Santilli texted a personal message to the FBI, who are digging through Lindell's phone

Pete Santilli wasted no time living up to his moniker as a ‘Conservative Provocateur’ on Wednesday morning’s show when he responded to the FBI agents who seized the personal phone of the CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell.

Santilli texted a personal message to the FBI, who are digging through Lindell’s phone, taunting them to not be like other raiders- when the FBI literally ignored damaging evidence against Democrats, only to grab up information damaging to Democrats’ political opponents.

Santilli called them out.

Santilli reminded the FBI since they were going after election issues, not to forget to look at the essential election data they had been avoiding -when grabbing Lindell’s property:

Santilli is on a personal mission to get information to the public about Dennis Montgomery and his research; however, it is doubtful that the FBI is going to pay attention to Santilli’s bait – because it will lead them to see corruption they do not want to acknowledge.

KEYPOINT: According to his BIO- Dennis Lee Montgomery is an American software designer and former medical technician who sold computer programs to federal officials that he claimed would decode secret Al-Qaeda messages hidden in Al Jazeera broadcasts and identify terrorists based on Predator drone videos.

You are going to hear a lot more about Montgomery on the Pete Santilli show– which is shown on numerous streaming platforms, including GETTR and FrankSpeech TV. 8-11AM and 6-9PM

Are the FBO going to cover the issue fairly- or are they are too busy hunting Americans and taking our property and calling us terrorists for our activism and for waving a ‘Betsy Ross’ flag?

Lindell appeared in Santilli’s live stream on Tuesday to announce the breaking news that the FBI from the Colorado field office had boxed Lindell’s car into place in a parking lot while he was traveling home from a hunting trip and was stopped to get a hamburger for lunch. That is where the FBI detained Lindell long enough to take his property which was his personal phone he said he runs five different businesses on- and even uses for his hearing aids!


The outrageous overreach of the FBI just moved Santilli into action, inspired of course, by the outrageous story of a similar style Gestapo raid on the home of Rudy Guiliani, when the FBI took everything – except for the data that came from the laptop of Democrat Joe Biden’s son-Hunter Biden.

Flashback to April 30, 2021 as reported by The Independent:

“Rudy Giuliani says he offered FBI agents Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drives during the early morning raid at his New York apartment.

Donald Trump’s lawyer told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that despite his offer, the agents refused to take the hard drives from him.”

But just like the Hunter Biden Laptop – the election evidence is just being pushed away. Of course, Santilli – as his viewers know-he is no stranger to the clown show of the FBI. He has seen years of it.

Hopefully, the FBI doesn’t nab Santilli’s phone next.

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