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The People’s Music ‘I Feel Good’: Underground Hip Hop Blazes Charts With Christian Conservative Values

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Hip Hop artist Topher describes his music as the essence of that same kind of underground Hip Hop/ Old School tunes that was igniting populist political movements in the late 1970s and 1980s before the Music biz got ahold of it all and directed everything to the Marxist – Left.

“What the Marxists are doing is what I call controlled demolition of our culture. They are controlling the fall of the American people and their families. Hip Hop was music to a lot of fatherless kids at a time when we were also losing a lot of leaders and hip hop became that leadership until it was taken over by horrible messages of the Marxists. Now we want to take that power back, and we are underground,” Topher said about the power of the new Christian patriotic Conservative rappers.

Toper, an Airforce Veteran who served as Cryptologic Linguist with a specialty in Hebrew, is a part of a Christian patriotic Conservative hip hop movement, and he is about to drop another promised hit, “I Feel Good”, which will be available wherever tunes are sold on Sept 23.

I Feel Good, Topher said is a song about why he feels good to be a Black American as he recalls the lessons his parents taught him about hard work and the opportunities in the US for hard workers like himself.

In a recent social media post, Topher chimed in on something deeply offensive to him as a Dad of a little girl, as a Black American, and as a Patriot.

About that Black Disney mermaid, he is not impressed:

Topher talked about the dangerous concept of ‘worshiping skin color over Christ’ and of other people needing to see themselves represented in places before they believed they could do anything for themselves.

“Can we ever escape racism and raise our children to believe in themselves and work hard for what they desire?” Topher said to me. “Blacks are not being helped by seeing a Black person in a movie. We have to want things for ourselves; that is what my Mom taught me. I made my own way, and that is the grassroots hip hop movement. We had the drive and got it done. The Communists have this idea of representation – meaning that the people have to see themselves to be able to do something. How can we be first doing anything- if we are stuck thinking we can’t do that thing- unless someone who looks like us hasn’t done it before,” he said.

“How could Obama have been the first Black President if he had waited until someone Black had been President?” Topher said.

That was the brilliant stuff you can expect from Topher in his tunes too. It is also what he taught his daughter when she wanted to be the little mermaid long before Disney got a Black mermaid.

“Christ is my Lord and Savior and I think people need to be free and that is what these Christ -centered rappers are all about. I want people to know they can be conservatives and still make money and be good at their craft. We don’t need a label to be an artist and we don’t have to push anyone else’s agenda. You don’t have to give up your values,” Topher said, the man who purchased an expensive birthday party for his little mermaid daughter.

“I wanted to give her a very special day and treat everyone well, so we fed everyone really well and had a great time, and my daughter was the little mermaid without needing anyone to tell her she could. She didn’t wait until she saw a Black woman doing it, ” he said about his daughter’s recent special day, which inspired the above post.

With such huge mountains to climb to get his message about race, as a Black Conservative, how does Toper stay happy, I asked.

“I rejoice in being alive and I feel happy and positive about the future. I want people to know if you feel bad, come on over here to our side and hear about why we feel better,” he said, encouraging a whole new audience of people to join him.

Topher is a chart-topper too, which he says is just another opportunity to flip the bird to the music establishment who has censored rappers and other music artists like himself.

Toper has some ideas that he has put in his music, it is sure to make get censor trigger happy but you can find him on Sept. 23 where tunes are sold.

I feel happy is a great upbeat and positive tune.

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