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GUNS AND AMMO STOLEN! Explosive Audit Results Show ATF And Admin State Is Unsafe

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Here is why we need to regularly audit all public institutions:

What do we know about the ATF? Media reports have confirmed there were ATF agents working undercover at Jan. 6th… but what about their agency?  Is it safe? Do they protect the weapons they take from Americans- because that is their job- and they are not doing well.

Here is how we know they are not doing it well:

A new explosive OIG report shows that the government workers in Washington DC are a clown show and also a serious disaster for our safety. While the tyrants in DC talk about stealing guns out of the hands of law-abiding Americans- for self-defense- they are also getting paid to safeguard gun and ammo stockpiles, which they have allowed to be stolen by the bus load.

Check this out from a September 2022 audit of the ATF:

“The OIG undertook this audit following the discovery that thousands of firearms, firearm parts and ammunition had been stolen from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) National Destruction Branch (NDB) facility in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Our audit objectives were to: (1) assess the adequacy of the
ATF’s controls over firearms approved for disposal, and (2) evaluate the ATF’s processes for ensuring all firearms sent to its disposal facility are ultimately destroyed. This audit covers the ATF’s firearm disposal practices at its NDB facility from March 2019 through April 2022.”

From the report, here is what caused the audit:

“Since September 2015, the NDB has been responsible for disposing of thousands of ATF-owned firearms and
firearms seized for forfeiture each year by the ATF and other Department law enforcement agencies. In August 2019, a former contract security guard stationed at the ATF facility in Martinsburg was sentenced to 14 years in prison for stealing thousands of firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition from the NDB facility from 2016 to 2019.

The events that led to this conviction triggered two internal ATF inspections of the NDB facility and an OIG investigation that resulted in the identification of several vulnerabilities that enabled the thefts to occur undetected, as well as recommendations for corrective action by the ATF’s internal inspection groups.”

Here is what the auditor found was the problem:

“We found that NDB staff does not consistently adhere to established operating procedures in place to mitigate risk of firearms being lost or stolen. Specifically, we observed NDB staff: (1) propping open doors into secure areas of the facility solely for the sake of convenience, (2) allowing visitors to enter the facility through doorways other than the main entrance and drive their cars into the facility to unload firearms, and (3) permitting unauthorized individuals to access NDB vault storage spaces.
Failure to strictly adhere to established operating procedures not only undermines the NDB’s security protocol, but unnecessarily places firearms in NDB custody at risk of loss or theft.”

Here is how they got away with being reckless criminals with it before the audit:

“We identified blind spots in the NDB’s surveillance camera coverage of both the interior and exterior areas of the facility that could be exploited by an individual seeking to conceal illicit activity. We also found that the low resolution of some of the surveillance video does not allow the viewer to identify individuals or discern activities conducted within certain secure areas of the facility. In
addition, we found that 1 of the 13 cameras covering the facility was not functioning. This issue went unnoticed until we pointed it out to the ATF’s Physical Security Programs Branch, indicating that the ATF is not regularly inspecting surveillance cameras at the NDB to ensure they are functioning”

So while the ATF is busy harassing Americans, they are literally letting guns go right out the front door and into the hands of criminals.

Check out what Markwayne Mullin reported, along with Republicans who are watching the ATF:

Read the full report from the OIG here: REPORT

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