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CCP Sanctions American Defense Contractors In Their Grab Of Taiwan

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There is a Communist crackdown on Taiwan – as we can plainly see by indicators reported in the media, including recent reports about sanctions on American defense suppliers.

At the same time the CCP is persecuting people in Hong Kong, another free country they believe they own.

For some great background: There is a great new documentary called The Hong Kongers that explains the history of the CCP power grab on the island as people there try to adjust to the political imprisonment of leader Jimmy Lai. Taiwan is experiencing the same sort of power grab by the Communists as the corrupt regime asserts itself throughout the globe.

We know that the CCP is threatening Hong Kong and the freedom movement that is established. We also know that the CCP are also gunning for control of Taiwan because of recent reports.

Miles Gu talked about the connections between all the countries recently on his social media, including his predictions for US involvement.

However, the White House is setting out all sorts of conflicting messages.

On the heels of very confusing statements by Democrat Joe Biden this week, the topic of the Communist interference in Taiwan and also the US reaction and involvement there is confusing and, therefore, necessary to understand for all Americans.

Expert on the CCP, Gordon Chang, posted a story about Biden’s confusing actions and the reaction from the White House about it all:

And now, this confusing situation has come to the shores of the United States and it impacts America’s plans to help defend Taiwan.

“China announced sanctions on Friday against the chief executives of American defense contractors Raytheon and Boeing Defense over a major U.S. arms sale to rival Taiwan,” reported Defense News.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning did not specify what the sanctions would be against Gregory Hayes, chairman and CEO of Raytheon Technologies, and Ted Colbert, president and CEO of Boeing Defense, Space and Security.

According to their report:

“It wasn’t immediately clear what impact they would have on the executives or their companies, but such sanctions are often mainly symbolic in nature.

The U.S. announced a $1.09 billion arms sale to Taiwan last week, including $355 million for Boeing’s Harpoon missiles and $85 million for Raytheon’s Sidewinder missiles.

“We once again urge the U.S. government and relevant parties to … stop arms sales to Taiwan and military contact with Taiwan, and stop creating new factors that could lead to tensions in the Taiwan Strait,” Mao said at a daily briefing.

China claims Taiwan, a self-governing island of 23 million people off its east coast, as its territory and says it must eventually come under its control. Taiwan and China split in 1949 during a civil war that brought the Communist Party to power in Beijing.

The U.S. does not formally recognize Taiwan under its one-China policy but is the island’s main supplier of military equipment and is bound by its own laws to ensure Taiwan can defend itself.

Mao also expressed China’s opposition to an upcoming Taiwan trip by Czech lawmakers. A 14-member delegation is to arrive Sunday for a six-day visit, according to Taiwan media reports.

“China is firmly opposed to any form of official contact between Taiwan and countries having diplomatic relations with China,” Mao said.

She called on the Czech lawmakers “to refrain from sending the wrong signals to the separatist forces of Taiwan independence and to stop undermining … bilateral relations.”

In February, China announced sanctions on Raytheon and Lockheed Martin over a $100 million deal for maintenance of Taiwan’s missile defense systems by the two companies.

China also protested a bill that was approved by a U.S. Senate committee this week that could significantly increase American military support for Taiwan.”

“It’s (the FBI’s) opened domestic terrorism investigations all over the country, most of them against innocent people. Now, we have proof that many of these investigations are entirely fraudulent, they’e political. This is so wrong. This should not be happening,” he explained.

Mr Carlson’s words came in the wake of an alleged FBI whistleblower who, according to right wing congressman Jim Jordan, accused the federal bureau of creating a “false and misleading” narrative around the threat of domestic violence facing the US as a result of the agency pursuing multiple cases tied to January 6.

“Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio sent a letter to the FBI director, Christopher Wray – who should be ashamed of himself – outlining the evidence. The evidence comes from a whistleblower within the FBI,” Mr Carlson told viewers, before adding that “the FBI is breaking its own procedures to create the illusion that new domestic extremism cases are popping up all over the United States.”

He continued: “In reality, virtually all of these cases are about Jan. 6, which was a nonviolent election justice protest and covered, of course, by the Constitution of the United States, excluding the people who committed vandalism. You have a right to assemble if you want.”

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