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FIREY! Need An Adrenaline Surge? This Episode Of The Pete Santilli Show Is Your Huckleberry

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Pete Santilli, host of the Pete Santilli show, had a number of controversial topics on his mind on Monday and just ‘let it all hang out’ on his morning show, speaking boldly about news where he is disappointed with President Donald J. Trump.

“I am about to turn on President Trump. Kevin McCarthy took almost a million dollars from a candidate who Trump endorsed. Where is Trump? He needs to have a rally in this guy’s backyard and we have nothing,” Santilli said, all fired up.

“We got nothing from the Republicans, so screw you guys. I am turning on the whole Republican Party and start the bozo the clown party. We can get a response from them,” he said.

“Oh! Obama looked like Jumpsuit Susie when he pulled up in a limo to get Sushi this weekend,” Santilli said, showing the mood he was in. It was genuinely firey!

Santilli was especially upset about the attacks on Republican-Trump-endorsed candidate for US House for Ohio- JR Majewski. Then, Pete and co-host Deb Jordan, who always agree perfectly on every topic and political candidate, talked about the details of a number of frustrating and shocking stories that will likely hit a nerve with many irate Americans.

Santilli had talked about the situation late last week:

Pete was also not happy about Trump’s endorsement of Dr. Oz in PA either.

“We are going to stick a great big BBQ fork in the United States. We are done,” Santilli said out of frustration about the fleeting idea of replacing the voting machines in time for the 2022 mid-terms, and he slammed US Rep for Ohio Jim Jordan even.

Later in the show, Santilli slammed the Democrats, so no one felt left out.

“The Biden goons are making arrests and sticking guns in the faces of Pastors, and that is an unfair advantage because they know pastors will not meet them with guns,” he told audiences before expressing his annoyance over the Communists.

“We have to be pro-Americans and against anti-Republican obstructionists, the Republican party itself. They are our opponents. They raised money to fight election fraud and what has happened? Nothing,” he said.

Santilli reconfirmed his battle with the Chinese Communist Party over all else and was frustrated at the idea of the Republican Party trashing Conservative candidates.

Trump has made several endorsements in their home state- of Ohio- and the neighboring state of PA, that does not seem to resonate well with the MAGA movement causing grave concern as the country feels like it is careening out of control toward Communism.

Pete was on fire today, also talking about the corrupt FBI who arrested a man for his defense of life, and Pete also talked about the betrayal of the Republican Party. They stand by and watch all this corruption and appear to be focused on keeping their cushy jobs.

“Where is President Trump? He doesn’t want yes men all around him. We need him to step up. Trump will thank me for challenging him because they are just laying down and letting the Communists take over,” Santilli said.

“Ohio is red, for sure, it is Communist red,” Deb said, getting Santill all charged up all over again.


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